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this is a joke blog right? all the posts are so out of character that it hurts

we all know it is you, prince abubu. hiding in the shadows. the banners tell you not to fucking interact yet here you are

 i am better than you, runt. i once played minecraft for 46 hours straight and built a house out of diamond. survival mode. hardcore. stop with your demeaning nature at once or face my eternal wrath. i will kill you and also iago with my left shoe.

- Mod Jafar

My brother, inspired by the Marth pentagram post, made a pentagram out of glow-in-the-dark duct tape in hopes of summoning Camilla. Instead he got a 5-star Takumi. The irony of it. The Camilla pentagram summoned Takumi. He was attracted by all the Nohrian Scum

UPDATE: he finally got Camilla everyone

A continuous aquarium. This is built into a house near Manalapan, Florida. Known as the Bali Hai house due to its Polynesian design theme. This house sold for $15,500,000 in 2010.


Whimsical hobbit house built by Stuart Grant. Located near Tomich, Scotland, he constructed his own real-life Hobbit house with a magical-looking outside and impressive interior. Built in the 1980s, the exterior of the home is completely covered in moss and has a large rounded door. Low ceilings and cozy furnishings make you feel like you’re living among the underground. Outside you can enjoy a cheery pond and greenhouse.

Val D'Ultimo in South Tyrol, Italy

More than 150 years ago this house was built on ground-level. In 1882, a rogue flood caused by a near stream swept away the surroundings, but the cabin has withstood the flood. Surprisingly a giant rock appeared under the cabin, which saved the house and its residents from being swept away.

Submitted by Stefan Mahlknecht / @stefan_mahl

Things I have learned tonight:
  1. Our kitchen extractor fan is worthless.
  2. Our ADT smoke alarm on the other hand works really well.
  3. If you don’t answer the phone right away when ADT calls you cause you’re busy trying to get the smoke out of your house from a burnt pot of caramel, ADT will dispatch the fire department to your house immediately.
  4. Our local fire department are really nice people…