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voice actors with their characters!




Great Ways to Ask Out a Girl

•Will you be in a duet with me?
•Will you be the harmony to my melody?
•Will you blow my horn?
•Wanna learn some new fingerings?
•Will you be the drum to my major?
•Wanna get picco-low?
•Will you be my first chair?

•Will you be the major to my minor?
John Oliver 40th Birthday Video

Tomorrow, April 23rd is John Oliver’s 40th birthday. It is going to be a busy day at LWT tomorrow between them finishing the script, taping, and probably also celebrating John’s birthday so I am sharing the video now. The more we spread it online (especially Twitter) the more likely he will see it before his birthday tomorrow is over.

I have sent it to some of the writers but the best publicity is still just sharing it.

I want to deeply thank everyone who participated. This wouldn’t have been possible without your support. I hope you all like the finished product.

Also a special thank you to Dan Gutman (author of The Kid Who Ran for President-a book featured on Last Week Tonight) and Dawn Porter (director of the movie Trapped-featured in the Last Week Tonight piece on abortions) for their participation.