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how to do prom on a budget

Because not everyone can afford to spend a ridiculous amount of money on one high school dance, but that absolutely does not mean that you can’t enjoy your evening to the fullest. 

  • Your prom dress definitely does not have to cost several hundred dollars. has some really nice formal dresses, and most of them are in the $50-100 range! (I know there are other websites specifically for discount prom dresses, but in my experience Amazon has better quality and lower prices. Plus prime shipping can be a lifesaver if you’re in a rush.)
  • And if fifty bucks is still out of your price range (and I know that it is for a lot of people), check your local thrift stores. Second-hand prom dresses sell for a fraction of their original price, and they’ve usually only been worn once or twice. Seriously, I got my first prom dress at a thrift store; it was a very pretty, very well-made dress, and I payed $15 for it. Check. Thrift. Stores. 
  • Or, if you just don’t like second-hand clothes or if you couldn’t find anything good in the thrift stores, check Ross or a similar store. (Ross is just what we have in my hometown.) They usually stock some formal dresses around prom season, and they’re almost all in the $20-30 range. I’ve gone to formal events in dresses from Ross before, and they hold up really well and look great in pictures.
  • All of the stores I just mentioned are also really good places to get shoes, jewelry, ect. to go with your dress. Even stores like Walmart and Target might be good places to look for shoes, bags, and other accessories. And definitely check your own wardrobe – you might already own stuff that will look good with your dress. (I’ve worn the same pair of heels to, like, three different proms at this point tbh.) 
  • Get a dress that fits you well without alterations. Seriously, tailors are so pricey – you’ll probably end up paying several times more for alterations than you did for the dress itself. You’ll save yourself a lot of money if you just buy a dress that already fits and looks good. 
  • Do your own hair and makeup. There are approximately two billion “prom hair and makeup” tutorials on YouTube – find one that you like and practice it a couple of times before the big night. 
  • And if you aren’t confident enough to do it yourself, call in a friend for help. I’m totally useless when it comes to hair, but my best friend is a hair genius. We would always get ready for dances together, and we’d do a trade-off; she’d do my hair for me, and I’d help her with her makeup, and then we’d both go to the dance looking amazing. It’s a good system, and makes getting ready a lot more fun.
  • Or, if you don’t want to do your own makeup and don’t have a friend you can ask, a lot of department stores that have makeup counters (Macy’s, Belk, ect.) will do free makeovers, even if you don’t buy any of the products! I had a friend in high school who always got her makeup done at Belk for school dances. I don’t like trusting a stranger to do my makeup, but it is an option if you want to get it done professionally without spending a lot of money. (MAC and Sephora both do “free” makeovers, but only if you make a $50 purchase first, so probably not the best option if you’re trying to save money. Always make sure that the makeover service really is free before you sit down in the makeup chair.)
  • Also, you absolutely do not have to wear dramatic makeup or complicated hairstyles to prom if you don’t want to. If bold makeup isn’t your thing, you can just do mascara and a little bit of lip gloss. If you don’t want to spend two hours on your hair, just wear it down, or pin it up in a really simple bun, or whatever works for you. You don’t even have to wear a dress if you don’t want to – if renting a tux is more your speed, then rent a tux. Feeling comfortable and confident in how you look is more important than following trends. 

Goth On A Budget Part 1 - Skirts

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The most important thing to have when building a goth wardrobe on a budget is imagination. There are thousands of completely mainstream items available online for super cheap, you just have to picture them styled and accessorised in your own way. Don’t get caught in the trap of only buying items specifically labelled goth!

some makeup tips for lower-budget beginners

hello younger girls, trans girls, and anyone who wants to learn how to do makeup and doesn’t have $3k to drop on a kit, here’s a compilation of things i’ve learned doing makeup on myself and others over the years, and overspending on like, everything

- if you’re going to invest in anything, invest in foundation that won’t clog your pores/irritate your skin
- nyx has good eyeshadow singles
- nyx primer is also a+
- nyx is just great ok
- morphe palettes are twice as big as sephora palettes and half the price, and they’re almost (if not equally) as good.
- if you’re spending over 8$ on mascara you probably have something to prove
- take care of your skin your makeup will look 10x better if you do
- makeup wipes are convenient but overpriced and wasteful: garnier miscellar water is like $6.50, works better, and lasts a long time. put it on a paper towel or a kleenex or a cotton pad.
- beauty blenders are just fancy sponges that soak up your product and grow bacteria. don’t let instagram tell you you need one
- all the brushes you need: foundation (there are lots of kinds, my favorite is a japonesque round tapered synthetic brush), big fluffy powder, little fluffy blender for crease, little flat one for eyelid, medium fluffy cheek brush, eyeliner brush (angle or tiny skinny one, whichever you like better. sephora has an amazing angle liner brush for ~$14), brow brush if your aren’t using gel. the rest are great but you can do a full face with just those 7.
- don’t use creams with natural hair brushes. morphe + real techniques have great synthetic ones.
- maybelline 24 hour tattoo gel eyeliner is $9 and better than every gel liner i’ve ever used
- light-medium foundation with buildable coverage: one foundation for everyday and full glam
- colourpop’s lip products are ~$6 each and they’re amazing
- spray brush cleaner!!!!!!!!! (you can use rubbing alcohol but it can dry out natural hair brushes, and make sure it’s dry before putting it near your eyes bc that shit hurts)
- buy lashes online, buy duo lash glue at cvs
- HALLOWEEN STORE GLITTER (make sure it’s cosmetic grade!)

Cosmo crunches the numbers, examines which of the top 100 actors working today have worked (or not worked) with women directors

Overall, it appears that leading men are generally less likely to work with female directors in their peak salary years. Mark Wahlberg hasn’t acted in a film with a woman director since Penny Marshall gave him his first film role in 1994’s Renaissance Man. Nicolas Cage hasn’t acted in a film directed by a woman since Martha Coolidge gave him his first lead role in 1983’s low-budget Valley Girl. Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Adam Sandler, Denzel Washington, and Bruce Willis have not acted in a film directed by a woman in over two decades.

I love how some animes put so much budget into some girl eating food in the most ridiculous and convoluted way possible just to show off the fluidity of the animation, yet looks absolutely nothing like how the common man eats their food.


Goth On A Budget Part 2 - Wednesday Addams Vibes

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Every time I buy a white collared dress Jake complains I already have a million. My answer is always “BUT THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT, I DON’T HAVE ONE LIKE THIS” :’)

The most important thing to have when building a goth wardrobe on a budget is imagination. There are thousands of completely mainstream items available online for super cheap, you just have to picture them styled and accessorised in your own way. Don’t get caught in the trap of only buying items specifically labelled goth!


Košice, Slovakia 12.09.16

i had a surprisingly good week in košice. it was kinda intended as a buffer week between the mountains and meeting my friend zita in budapest. i worried that there wouldn’t be much to do because of the relatively small old town, and admittedly i had to do a LOT of research and digging, but i found some really cool places. i also used the extra spare time ive had to apply to a ton of internships to places that are and aren’t looking for interns lol. it was mentally exhausting but im glad ive done it :)

im in budapest now! i already love it here
l8r allig8rs xx


Goth On A Budget Part 3 - All Velvet Everything

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No Goth wardrobe is complete without some velvety goodness!

The most important thing to have when building a goth wardrobe on a budget is imagination. There are thousands of completely mainstream items available online for super cheap, you just have to picture them styled and accessorised in your own way. Don’t get caught in the trap of only buying items specifically labelled goth!

fuck i love it so much this might be one of my favorite comebacks its just so NICE everything is great omg support laboum

The Devil’s Wives, Part Three

Part One 

Part Two

Gray walls, gray floors, gray food.

Mashed potatoes were not supposed to be gray.

Veronica swallowed her vitamins and poked at the wilted peas with her fork. “No wonder we’re having so many pills shoved down our throats. There’s nothing nutritional in these meals.”

She had been so petite before, no more than five feet tall and probably under a hundred pounds. Now she was visibly along in her pregnancy and exhausted. Part lack of makeup and part being trapped as a piece of flesh that scientists poked at for the last several months had drained her, and everyone else.

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Budgeting Tips and Tricks for Broke College Students

You’re in college  - enough said, especially when it comes to money. If there’s one thing that is true about college students all over the world, it’s that they are usually low on funds. There are some tips and tricks that can help you get through those years when it feels like scrapping to get by is a foregone conclusion.  Try these budgeting tips to make your life easier and keep a little money in your pocket:

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Throwback to my first music video ever 6 years ago. Where there’s no fun costumes. No fun make up and hair. No fun sets. No huge production. No extras. No dance routines. No big budget.
Just a girl, her violin, and her friend with a camera. Minimal (terrible) dancing. Normal every day clothes. And outdoor public locations because they didn’t cost money to rent.
Oh how time flies.

Places I Shop:Plus Size Edition

Review: Torrid is a great place for when I want long lasting clothes, especially for jeans! Although you are paying a little more than most of the places on this list, Torrid always serve high quality products that never disappoint.

Style: The modern day working woman with a dash of Diva Casual.

Need to Know:

  • Sizes range from 12-28 /4X
  • Prices range for clothing from low teens to 130$.  
  • Their shoes are always fashionable. Their heels are built to definitely withstand my weight AND make my feet feel at ease.
  • TONS of different styles of Jeans to help you find the perfect fit for your bottom half!

Review: The top place to find fashion at an insanely cheap price! I’ve been shopping at this place since I was a young’in! 

Style: Saucy Street Fashion

Need to Know:

  • Sizes Range from 12-24 
  • You HAVE to check the Clearance Rack! They have multiple ones! I’ve found a dress for 3$ here!
  • If you like eyeglass wear, you can find Top-Notch Sunglasses and faux glasses with sunflowers
  • Loud ‘n Proud fashion prints that are guaranteed to make a statement in the quietest of environments
  • If you’re looking for Silver and Gold jewelry, they got you covered! They literally have a wall full of accessories!
  • At least half of the dresses already come with jewelry! 

Review: Over the past few years, I have seen an dramatic increase in fashionable products at Bealls Outlet! Bealls Outlet has literally become of of my Favorite places to shop!

Style: Witty Gal mixed with Creative Chic

Need to Know:

  • Sizes go up to 28/3X
  • One of my favorite places to shop!
  • Also goes under the name of Burkes Outlet
  • Cruise the ENTIRE STORE. Just because it says ‘Men’s Screen Tees’ doesn’t mean you can’t shop in that section. Not only are the tees humorous, they’re also cheaper than the female oriented shirts.
  • This place has a BIG collection of Some Super Shady Screen Tees
  • Beallls Outlet does NOT have Online Shopping

Review: A new edition to the ever-growing business that is plus size fashion. Introduced early in 2015, Charlotte Russe has been making a name of its own with their styles and clothes.

Style: Prep Debutante meets Edgy VIP Beauty Queen

Need to Know:

  • Sizes range up to 20/3X
  • 15$ Clothes rack
  • Updated fashion trends
  • Flashy accessories and Eyeglass Wear
  • There’s a Shirt in their stores right now that says “No’mastay in Bed”. I couldn’t stop laughing. I’m a sucker for a good pun

Review: Old Navy is the perfect place to shop when you want to dress relaxed and still look up-to-date while doing so!

Style: Casual Clothing for anything

Need to Know:

  • Sizes range up to 20/3X
  • Online stores carry up to 4X
  • If you find a size in the store that they don’t normally carry, it’s automatically 50% off, but it’s non-returnable. That is not a bad deal AT ALL.
  • Have quite a collection on Super Hero Tees in the Men’s Section 

Review: JCPenney carries an array of styles. 

Style: Modern Business Attire with a hint of Modesty

Need to Know:

  • Sizes Range from 24/3X
  • You can easily find Youthful Clothing within their racks
  • Nice Evening Gowns
  • Cute purses!

Review: Leading Plus size with affordable fashion. I don’t know what to really say. It’s forever 21. The brand recognition speaks for itself. 

Style: Trendy Mainstream Must-haves

Need to Know:

  • Sizes go up to 20/3X
  • Prices range from the teens to early 40$
  • Cute Bathing Suits
  • Colorful collection on beanies (You can find them in the Men’s section

Review: Carries some of the most beautiful Evening Wear Outfits! You’ll look Sleek and Polished whenever you wear one of their dresses!

Style: Elegant dresses and Business Classy

Need to Know:

  • Sizes go up to 24/3X
  • Scan the prices. I know that whenever I see an outfit that I really like, I check the tag. The prices are so much cheaper than they are on the tag! I got a dress for 39$, when it was originally 130$!
  • I love the American Rags Plus Size collection because it is the exact same outfits in the Juniors selection
  • The 60% off Clearance racks hold the most sacred of clothing

Review: One of the top places to go and buy crop tops at a crazy cheap price!

Style: Clubbing or walking down the street, either is appropriate

Need to Know:

  • Goes Up to XL
  • Based in Jacksonville, Florida
  • Closed all its stores except for the one at Orange Park Mall 
  • Wide selection of Crop tops
  • Just because it only goes up to XL doesn’t mean you can’t fit into it. If it stretches, it fits XDD
  • 2$ Jewelry!!!

It all depends on what you’re shopping for. You can find amazing deals at every one of these places! The best way to find them is to go into the store itself and cruise all of the racks!

Don’t forget that the best accessory to your clothing is your smile! When you are happy and feeling confident, you’ll radiate in anything you’re wearing! XDD

-This review was done by a plus size girl ballin’ on a budget