the buck tooth wonders

scandalous_13 It feels like yesterday I held you for the first time; this newly born Smurf coloured blob of gorgeousness. If feels like yesterday I danced with you like no one was watching, this buck toothed wonder at my cousins wedding in Spain. It feels like yesterday we sang Black Betty like sugared up maniacs every night in Florida, we zip wired through caves in Wales & travelled the length of England with you as my shit PA…. I know the older you get the less cool it will be to hang with daddy, the older you get the more you’ll head off exploring the world and the infinite potential of your life. But until then, until I one day wave you off, if it’s ok with you I think I’m gonna hold your hand a little tighter this year. Until it feels like yesterday…Love Daddy #ShoulderDance #DadDance #BirthdayWkd #ManUnitedRedDevils #Scanlans