the btw ball tour

Dear Lord, please let Gaga snatch so many wigs tonight at Coachella that Freddy doesn’t have to make a single one for #LG6. If she does the Beyoncé medley may her range be on point & her voice well trained. May the visuals be fire & the choreography dope. & the costuming fierce as ever. Amen Fashion.

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I know it’s two hours.
But I hiiiiiiighly recommend - whenever you have time, watch this video:
It’s a full Lady Gaga concert, The Born This Way Ball - It’s a fan made compilation of the best shots beautifully edited together.

A must watch for music and talent lovers. :D

“her momentum undone by poor song choices and a coarse promotional plug that made the whole show feel like a mere inducement to buy something”

“charisma lacking from last year’s so-so “Joanne” album and her disappointing performance at the Super Bowl halftime show”

“Then she did the even snoozier “Teeth,” of all things, a deeper cut than that German-titled song that didn’t have the advantage of a melody”

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GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP deciding what look to serve at the #JoanneWorldTour in Philly!!!

1, 2, or 3? If I do look 1 I’m going to do the toga in a pale pink color instead bc Joanne. Option 2 would be a combo of Mary Jane & this ArtRave look. Look 3 would be a BTW Ball inspired look with the UV neon green wig.

Reply or reblog with your opinion! Or drop by my ask. Thanks guys!



H is a 14 y/o Monster battling Osteosarcoma & his final wish is to meet Gaga. Or Skype with her at the very least. Let’s band together like we do & make this happen!

They have a Twitter page you can follow & retweet from! @HelpHMeetGaga! Make sure you tag Gaga & members of the Haus!

I also got permission from them to make a post on the Little Monsters app! So if any of you that have the app can go on, find this post, & boost the hell out of it! If it is featured there is a higher chance Gaga will see it!