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Bisexual (Riverdale Gang x Reader)

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 hi, first off, i really liked your first fic on here. somehow I have gotten completly obsessed with this new show. could you write an image of squad x reader (completly beautiful platonic friendship) where the reader is sassy and swears a lot and is hanging with them and comes out as bi to them?

Word Count: 700 +

I’m sorry if this offends anyone that is bisexual.  I really don’t mean for it to, I’m just trying my best.

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Of course the first person you told about your bisexuality was Kevin.  While you loved your tight group of friends, you weren’t sure how they were going to react.

“You’ll have to tell them eventually (Y/n/n).  I can tell it’s bugging you.”

“I’m fine Kev.” You told him reassuringly, yet even you didn’t believe yourself.

“Oh I know honey.  You are fine as hell with that ass of yours, but you need to tell them, get that weight off your chest.” He smirked at your dropped jaw, as you slapped his arm.

“Asshole!” You giggled.

“I’m just saying that there is more opportunity to find the right one, that extra special someone when you let your friends know that you dig both guys and girls.” He smiled up at you. “Plus, how else would you find your perfect match without your buddies setting you up all the time.”

“I’d die alone probably.” You state.

“How dare you doubt yourself.” He waved his hand in front of your face. “The wonder bunch is coming at you at 12 O’Clock.”


You watched as the four of them approached, Betty waving gleefully at you.  When they reached you Kevin stood up abruptly.

“I have to go (Y/n/n), but I’ll see you later.  Remember what we talked about.” He winked.

“Already wiping it from my memory.” You retorted. “Bye Kev.”

“What was that about?” Archie asked as he sat down, followed by Jughead, Betty, and Veronica.

“Oh you know.  Just Kevin being Kevin.”

Your friends immersed in conversation as you all sipped at your milkshakes.  Jughead watched you carefully, putting down his burger, and observing the fact that you had barely touched your milkshake.

Kevin’s words rang through your head. ‘What if they don’t accept me.’ ‘Surely to god they would.’

What the hell is the matter with you?” Jughead suddenly blurted, ceasing all conversation in the group.

“It’s nothing.” You waved him off as he raised a brow at you.

“It’s not nothing (L/n).”  Jughead always used your last name when he was serious about something.  Well, even more serious than usual.

“Kevin told me I should tell you.” Archie had a worried look on his face.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m just peachy.” You sassed him. “Just trying to find the best way to tell my best friends in the entire world that I’m bisexual.”

Veronica laughed. “That’s what you’ve been so worked up about?”

You looked down and realization dawned on Archie’s features.

“Don’t you dare think that for a minute (Y/n) (L/n).” He was reading you like a book.  “We will always, and I mean always, love you.” He paused for a brief moment. “No matter what.”

You smiled at his words.  “Thanks Archiekins.  I love you too.”

“Now (Y/n), you must tell.  Who do you have your pretty little eyes set on?” Veronica’s voice was teasing, and you could tell she was really happy for you.

“I don’t know.” You said truthfully.

“Well that won’t do.” Betty fluttered her hand in front of her face exaggerating the expression mildly.  You giggled slightly.

“Oh no.  Don’t get that look in your face.” You stared at Jughead as his smirk grew.

“Well if we’re talking about sexuality.” He paused and smiled, feeling comfortable for the first time in a while.  “I’m asexual.”  

You had known for a while that Jughead was asexual.

“Juggy I’m so proud of you.” You smiled wrapping your hand in his.

“Figured we were spilling secrets, and I couldn’t let my favourite lady reveal hers without me revealing mine.”

“Picking favourites Jug?  I thought I was your favourite.”  Betty mocked hurt.

“I love you guys.” You said.

“To feeling safe.” Archie said easing up his milkshake. “And to believing in yourself.”

“To feeling safe, and believing in yourself.” The five of you repeated together.

And truly, you had never felt more safe, and accepted in your life. 

  • France: everyone look! I made a new element, it's amazing, oui?
  • England: what? You created it??
  • France: I was experimenting with a couple of elements a few days ago and discovered an entirely new molecular structure!
  • China: ...can we cook it?
  • America: can we eat it?
  • Russia: can we play with it?
  • England: it's not magic, so it's lame.
  • France: why do I even bother telling you guys anything...

hetabook series: #4 
     france, prussia, and spain are a force to be reckoned with on facebook

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How would the BTT members feel about their S/o being mad at them, so to get back at them they become the biggest tease. ( trailing their hand in places they liked to be touched, wearing seductive things when they are around, etc.)

I DECIDED TO ADD DENMARK EVEN THOUGH HE IS NOT A BTT. I wasn’t sure who you wanted to be the teaser/teasee so I went with both! I apologize is this went a little too NSFW.

Teaser/Teasee with S/O (NSFW)

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt

He didn’t mean to make you upset, really! It’s not his fault his friends dragged him to the bar for drink. And it also wasn’t his fault he came home drunk once again, even after you repeatedly told him not to. However, this was the final straw and you began giving him the cold shoulder. Even after his repeated please for forgiveness and promises to do better, you did not fall for it. The Prussian loved attention, so when his you wasn’t giving him any it really caused him to go into despair. However, after awhile he knew he could get you to crack. It only started with dirty words whispered in your ear here and there at meetings. Or maybe when his hands would wander up your skirt under the table at a meeting, just to retreat and act as if nothing happened. Of course you knew he was doing it on purpose! Two can play at this game. Then Gilbert decided to kick it up a notch by purposely rubbing his bulge onto your backside while you bent over just to laugh and walk away. Finally you have had enough and just gave in by pulling the german man into the closest closet for you both to let out all your frustration. Maybe the teasing wasn’t such a bad thing after all? 

Spain/ Antonio Fernández Carriedo

He really was sorry for what he did. He never liked to see you upset, and especially didn’t like it when that anger was directed to him. But he knew you were a forgiving person and knew this silly argument would blow over. Until you began teasing him. Always pawing at his clothed crotch while eating dinner with friends, or whispering dirty words in Spanish into his ear. At first he decided to play along, until you would retreat from your teasing and completely ignore him. Your teasing would leave him painfully hard and blue balled, it was starting to become unbearable for the lovable Spanish man. The way you would strut around the house in nothing but his T-Shirt or new lingerie you had bought. Oh how he wanted nothing more than to just tear them off and ravage you right then and there. It wasn’t until he heard your faint moans in the bedroom did he finally have enough with your games. To tease him was one thing, but to pleasure yourself without him is sinful in his eyes! Well, don’t worry amour. He will show you exactly who is in charge now. 

France/Francis Bonnefoy

Francis couldn’t help that he was liked by multiple women. Yes, he loved you and only you. But who is he to deny giving a compliment here and there to a young woman? After all, he is known as the country of love. So when you finally had enough of his flirting, you just flat out ignored the french man. Even after countless roses sent to your door, you still kept up the act. However, the French man had other plans. Ever time he saw you, he would tease you. No, not the usual teasing and flirting. But the kind of teasing that is almost like foreplay. He would shamelessly whisper into your ear all the things he would do to you on the table in the conference room, or how lovely you would look in the new lingerie set he bought you. Even going as far as to grip onto your waist and buck onto your clothed hips to simulate all the things he wanted to do to you. What broke the silence between you was when he kissed your neck on the special spot he knew oh so well. Don’t worry, he will make it up to you for what he did and more.

Denmark/ Mathias Køhler

It all started when he came home drunk, again. Normally this wouldn’t bother you because you knew of the Danish mans heavy drinking. But he completely ignored all your text messages and calls, worrying you all night about his well being. Of course after he sobered up the next day you began your little punishment. He was forced to sleep on the couch, which at first didn’t seem like much of a penalty to him until he heard your faint moans in the bedroom from pleasuring yourself. You decided to step it up and began to wear more figure-fitting clothes. You would wear short dresses that would hug your curves in all the right ways, then tell Mathias you would go for a girls night out, immediately making his blood boil. Oh, but what topped it all off was the way you would flirt shamelessly with Sweden. He immediately hoisted you over his shoulder and make his way to the bedroom where he will show you what Vikings are capable of. Let’s just say, you learned your lesson as well. 

France: Honhonhonhonhonhon~

France: Honhonhonhonhonhon~

France: Honhonhonhonhonhon~

Prussia: Kesesesesesesesese~

Prussia: Kesesesesesesesese~

Prussia: Kesesesesesesesese~


Spain: … :) 

Spain: Tomatomatomatomatomato-


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