the bryan ferry story

anonymous asked:

And Brian Ferry?

Anon I like these questions. Ferry has forged such an interesting solo career, hasn’t he? His biggest hit was a cover. Or as he,an art student at heart would call cover songs, “readymades” like Duchamp or Rauschenberg. Everything is multilayered with Bryan Ferry; you’ll find references to art, artists (Degas, Duchamp, Richard Hamilton, Manet, Warhol), movie stars (such as 2HB for Bogart), and old Hollywood glamour throughout his songs, his album art, his stage presentation. His voice is so distinctive that he makes any song he covers “his song” - see “Let’s Stick Together”, “Jealous Guy”, “The In Crowd”, more. While I regard him as a complex artist, his music is completely accessible. And, he presents himself like a character from a Fitzgerald story. In Bryan Ferry world, the time is always 1929. Thanks.