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I do not but I’d love to know

it’s dope as fuck. So how it works is it’s a DnD game where I create the world and multiple groups can play in it.

So basically let’s say we have 12 players, and since 4 players is a good group, we have around 3 potential groups. If someone wanted to play, that person would be responsible for setting up a session with me and then gathering up any willing players to join them (so in essence it’s kinda like going to a tavern looking to hire some adventurers on a journey)

Once the assembled team is ready, I will give you a few options on the surrounding area on where you can go to explore and fight and find treasure, etc. normal scenario adventure stuff. However, whatever you do in that scenario will affect every other player in some way.

For example, say your team explores a nearby ruin and you come back with a nice haul of treasure. Well, that ruin was cleared of zombies or whatever, and the treasure is taken, so if say another team were to in there, the area would be the same but maybe bandits moved in after you cleared it of monsters, or maybe a lich moved in, or something like that. So basically whatever you do will take effect with the other players. And of course you never have to stick with the same team, you can switch out party members for each scenario as long as everyone is willing.

That’s why it’s so cool cus it’s like….a focus on your character because you never have the same group so you can kinda create your own adventure, all of the things you do can have a lasting impact on the game world, and on othe rplayers too