the bruery fruet

New Beer Review: The Bruery Fruet (Bottle)

Celebrating only their 4th Anniversary, the Bruery released this special limited old ale aged in bourbon barrels. Somewhat deceptively named, the beer doesn’t seem to actually have any fruit in it, but it certainly makes up for it with alcohol: 15.5% ABV. Upon first waft of aroma I can tell that this beer is something special: huge bourbon sweetness and caramel. On to the first sip: OH MY GOD this is fucking unbelievable. This is one of the richest, smoothest, and tastiest bourbon aged beers I’ve ever had. Very little heat, all creamy buttery decadent bourbon sweetness: perfect. The rest of the beer is sweet but balanced: dark fruits like raspberry, fig, pomegranate, with some brown sugar/caramel, vanilla, and custard rounding it all out. This beer is so drinkable its alcohol content is almost as astonishing as its flavor profile. This is right up there near KBS in terms of great bourbon barrel aged beers, and provides a phenomenal alternative to the stout if you want a rich dessert beer. It’s very pricey, but worth every penny. If you can find it, and you enjoy bourbon barrel aged beers, buy it no matter the cost.

Niko (FF) Score = 10/10

Alex (GS) Score = 10/10

OVERALL = 10/10