the browning version (1985)


Frank Hunter’s (Michael Kitchen) closed posture, with his arms folded across his chest, really ought to be telling Millie Crocker-Harris (Judi Dench) all she needs to know about their relationship, but she’s not heeding the signals.

I confess to feeling sorry for Millie, even though she’s brought much on herself - she’s clearly a very unhappy woman who hasn’t adjusted to her life expectations not being met. Which doesn’t make her treatment of her husband any more acceptable, just understandable.

(The Browning Version: 1985)


Frank Hunter (Michael Kitchen) discovers just how awkward it is to have a conversation with your friend when you’re busy cuckolding him behind his back and his wife is in the room at the same time. And the awkwardness is surely more than doubled by the realisation that said wife is really not a very nice woman and your infatuation is rapidly waning…

(The Browning Version: 1985)