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harlots // charlotte’s fuchsia dress


G r y f f i n d o r.


After a LONG time, here we have a new Get The Look post!

James Erskine was not only a handsome dude but also a Scottish Judge and (for my eyes at least) a master in mixing brown and blue.

Photos from top:

  1. “James Erskine, Lord Barjarg and Alva”, 1750, Allan Ramsay, Scottish National Portrait Gallery.
  2. Formal coat, 1740s, England, Victoria & Albert Museum.
  3. Embroidered waistcoat, 1740-49, Great Britain, Victoria & Albert Museum.
  4. Linen shirt, 18th century, American, Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  5. Tricorne hat, mid-18th century, Italy, Metropolitan Museum of Art.