the brothers cousland

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Origins companions meeting Warden Cousland's brother Fergus for the first time. With romanced Alistair, if it's not too much trouble.

Thank you for requesting anon!  Let’s go!

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Alistair: He would act in typical Alistair fashion, almost similarly to how the Warden met Alistair.  He would smile and say something witty, but ultimately he would try his best to get along well with his friend’s brother.  Romanced: Would be an absolute nervous mess.  The Warden would have to keep reassuring him beforehand, but he wanted to make the best first impression on the love of his life’s family.  He will try to be as respectful as possible on the first meeting, but some of the awkward Alistair will definitely show itself often.

Morrigan: She questioned why the Warden wanted her to meet their brother, she wasn’t exactly the most pleasant person to meet for the first time.  She does not completely change her attitude on the first meeting, but she will be consciously aware of her behaviour even if she doesn’t change it.  Romanced: A similar reaction but is even more conscious of her behaviour, and she feels slightly nervous.  She wonders what their brother will think about their sibling being in a relationship with a “Witch of the Wilds,” especially since they are a noble family.

Leliana: She would display her best and most charming self to the Warden’s brother.  Her bard training would help her make a good first impression, and she will ultimately keep the same disposition that she had when she first met the Warden.  Romanced: Would feel nervous, but would not let it show to the Warden or their brother.  She would be very conscious of her accent and what she said, as she wanted to make the best impression she possibly could.

Zevran: He, like Leliana, would also be his regular charming self to the Warden’s brother.  However there is a possibility that may rub Fergus the wrong way or make him suspicious, especially once he finds out Zevran was an assassin sent to kill their sibling.  He would ultimately do his best to make a good impression, but does not worry too much about it if he doesn’t, as he cannot change his opinion so quickly.  Romanced: Will worry about the brother’s opinion of him quietly, and think on it more if he doesn’t seem to like him.  But ultimately the Warden’s opinion of him is all that matters.

Wynne: It was a lovely meeting overall.  No one could resist Wynne’s kind disposition and soft spoken words.  She was polite and respectful, and made a good impression to the Warden’s brother.

Sten: The Warden seemed excited to introduce their brother to him, and he respects the Warden enough to grudgingly stand through the meeting.  If Fergus is wary of the fact Sten is a Qunari, he either doesn’t do anything or doesn’t care.  It was the Warden’s choice to introduce them.

Oghren: The first meeting would not be the best one.  The Warden would be lucky if he wasn’t drunk, and if he wasn’t, Oghren would still be the same crude and grumpy self he always usually was.  It would take more than one meeting for their brother to warm to Oghren.

Shale: Meeting another human?  Shale didn’t care much about meeting the Warden’s brother, and didn’t understand why they wanted them to.  There was barely any conversation, and Shale was hardly concerned of their opinion of them.

Dog: They were excited to see a familiar face again, and was very enthusiastic and friendly toward the Warden’s brother.  Their tongue would be hanging out of their mouth, and they would be wagging their behind.

- Elvhen Glory


@becausedragonage @raymurata Here are the rest of my Warden OCs!

First up is Ri Brosca, two handed warrior and a ball of sunshine. She likes to use weapons that are her size - as in, the same size as her.

Next are the twins, Harian and Hethorn Tabris. Harian is the archetypical rogue; he works with Slim as a pickpocket and thief extraordinaire, he’ll gladly talk someone’s ear off to keep them distracted, and he has a habit of vanishing into thin air only to appear on a nearby roof. Hethorn is a quiet, introverted ice mage who ends up becoming an Arcane Warrior/Rogue. They like to switch places often once they get matching sets of armour, and probably have some kind of codependency issues to sort through.

Then it’s Ava Cousland, the Brienne of Tarth of Thedas. She’s very tall, and as used to swinging a sword around the middle of the battlefield as she is negotiating political arrangements like her former upcoming betrothal to Nathaniel Howe. She’s also very protective of her younger brother once they’re reunited, to his growing irritation, but it’s understandable given she watched her entire family die.

Said younger brother is Brynn Cousland, the baby of the family until Fergus had a son. His parents were naturally worried when he turned out to be a mage, and after a few years of being privately tutored he was sent to the Circle to continue his studies. Under Wynne’s guidance, he becomes a great healer, and shows a budding interest in what electricity can do to the nervous system.

Last is Tempest Amell, a rather immature but deadly pyromancer and eventual shapeshifter. He has several well-kept secrets from the group, one of them being his disastrous life before the Circle gave him a fresh start and the ability to craft a new identity as a trans male.

The Lady Cousland (Prince!Alistair AU) Part 7

I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long!! I promise more regular updates from now on, I’m finally getting back into writing again :3 Dedicated to anon-omis and eeveevie for being the worlds coolest friends and putting up with my long ass writers block XD

Elissa wakes the next morning to heavy handed knocks on her door, followed by the whining of Alistair as he tried to get her to wake. She giggles, throwing back the covers to rush to the door, feeling her heart flutter at the thought of seeing him.

It had only been a few days since he’d come to her in the forest, but they’d become closer quicker than she’d thought impossible. The two of them were inseparable, and not only just as a couple, but as friends too. The two of them had so much in common it seemed possible, their jokes the same, many of their interests the same as well, they had spent many of their days out of doors, riding through the surrounding country side, climbing trees and swimming in lakes they found during their adventures.

She swings open the door with a wide grin, his balled fist hanging in the air where the door had just been, his eyes blinking in confusion as he looks down at her, all wild red curls and sleepy eyes. His golden eyes zone in on her very bare legs, she laughs as he freezes, his gaze running down the bare expanse of her legs and the freckled shoulder that peeked out from the tunic she wore. She rolls her eyes at his blush, finding his flushed cheeks and fumbling hands endearing. She pulls him into her room, amidst his loud protests, giggling quietly to herself at his stuttered words.

She presses her hand over his mouth to quiet him, watching his eyes soften as he gazes down at her smiling features. She draws her hand away from his mouth, sliding her arms up to lock behind his neck, grinning even wider when his hands slide tentatively around her waist. She leans up on her toes, gently pressing her lips to his in perhaps one of the sweetest kisses they’d ever shared. He hums against her lips, his hands tightening around her waist to draw her close, his thumbs rubbing circles against her back.

Elissa pulls away with her eyes still closed, licking her lips to taste him. “Mmmm, good morning.” She whispers, her eyes slowly sliding open to his dazed puppy face, a goofy grin written across his features. “Good morning.” He sighs, drawing her into an embrace, nuzzling his nose against her hair, peppering kisses to her temple as he squeezes her tighter. He draws back with a chuckle, brushing back a lock of her hair.

“So your highness, what are we going to do today?” She asks, pulling away to enter the washroom attached to her bedroom. She hears him flop onto her bed and grins, imagining him splayed out, arms and legs wide as he gazes up at the ceiling. She hears him humming in though, and she knows he’s swinging his legs back and forth, he always shifted his legs when he was thinking. Elissa grabs a new pair of leather leggings, sliding them on and wriggling her hips to pull them up. She tucks her white shirt in, pulling up the sleeve so it rests over her shoulders, before pulling her long hair up with her familiar green ribbon.

She walks back out to see Alistair lying comfortably against her pillows, Fenrir’s head cushioned against Alistair’s stomach, tail happily wagging back and forth as Alistair idly scratches behind his ears. Elissa stops and leans against the door, arms crossed as she watches the two of them, Alistair humming the familiar tune of the remigold under his breath, Fenrir chuffing contentedly every so often. She feels her heart flutter at the sight, unsure as to why the sight of the two of them melted her heart, and had her stomach twisting in delight. Her whole body felt lighter than air as she watches the two of them.

“My boys.” She sighs, pushing off the wall with a soft smile as Alistair looks up with a grin, turning his head to watch her stride across the room, crawling over to them on the bed to rest her head against Alistair’s shoulder, tucking her leg between his, breathing him in as he throws his arm around her waist, drawing her tight against him. “I could get used to this.” She sighs, snuggling closer to him with a blissful smile. He grins into her hair, nuzzling closer.  

“I say we just do this all day.” He sighs, and she nods sleepily into his shoulder, eyelids drooping as she snuggles deeper against his warm body. Fenrir chuffs happily, nudging his wet nose against her arm, whining happily when she reaches over to sling her arm over his neck, scratching at his ears, before Alistair catches her hand, threading their fingers together.

Elissa starts as a light knock comes from the door. She’s instantly confused, looking up at Alistair with her brows furrowed, shaking her head ruefully when he shrugs his shoulders, before turning back to Fenrir’s ears, scratching behind them contentedly.

She sits up and swings her legs over the bed, striding towards her large wooden doors apprehensively. The servants knew to always wait till she’d left, granted she was almost always gone before this time unless it was a weekend. Plus the guards never disturbed her, and her family wouldn’t have given her the courtesy of knocking first.

She swings the door open with caution, her hand falling off the door in dumfounded awe at the man standing at the door before her.

“P-Prince Cailan!” She stutters, stepping forward and angling the door so he wouldn’t be able to see his brother.

“My lady Cousland.” He drawls, his arms held behind his back. “I hope I’m not disturbing you my Lady?” he asks, raising an eyebrow when she giggles nervously and steps forward again, bringing the door with her.

No… No!” She almost shouts, before composing herself. “I’m fine.” Cailan looks confused, peering down his nose at her, but he nods curtly.

“I was wondering if you might accompany me for a walk of the gardens?” He asks, but by the way he speaks, she knows theres no room for argument.

“Of… of course.” She mumbles, looking down, before jumping a little as she realised she was still wearing riding leathers and muddy boots. “I’ll, just go change first.” She whispers bashfully, slinking back to slam the door closed with her back, breathing heavily as she looks at Alistair with wide, incredulous eyes.

Andrastes tits!” She mouths at him, watching as he slowly blinks, his mouth gaping open as he looks from the door, to her and back. He shakes out of it as she pushes forward off the door and towards her wardrobe, hastily yanking off the first semi-presentable dress she sees, darting away to the bathroom to yank her shirt off, trying to quell the confused turning of her stomach.

What was Cailan of all people doing at her door, and asking her for a walk through the gardens of all places! She knew that she had to accept, lest she have to deal with her mother’s scorn, and possibly the scorn of her king.

She emerges from her bathroom to see Alistair siting up on the bed, wringing his hands slightly. She smiles at his nerves, and quickly strides over to him, taking his hands between hers, squeezing tighter when his gold eyes flick up to meet her own.

“I’ll get away as soon as I can, Maker knows I’d rather it be you.” She whispers, sliding her hand up to cup his cheek. His eyes brighten slightly, and he leans down to press his lips sweetly to hers, squeezing her hands lovingly when she pulls away.

“Wait for me?” She asks shyly, peeking up at him from under her eyelashes. He blushes brilliantly, a smile curving against his lips as he nods and lets her hands go, quickly pressing his lips to her forehead as a goodbye.

She feels her heart flutter, cheeks warming as she tries to quell a giggle, she always felt lighter than air whenever she was around Alistair, the sheer thought of being so close to him was enough to brighten her day.

Elissa turns from him reluctantly, dropping her hand as she turns back to the door, sliding out quickly before shutting it, throwing a wobbly smile towards the older Theirin Prince. He holds out his arm expectantly, and she takes it, resting her hand against his arm as he leads them towards the gardens.

She cannot help but wish for the thundering of hooves and bronze hair flickering through the trees.

She wishes for the Prince she left alone.


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