the brothers bray

My brother told me something a few weeks ago that I found brilliant. We were talking about Bray and Finn and I told him that I wished the Demon King came back and that maybe Bray would be the one to make him appear again, because of all the supernatural thing.
So then he told me that it was going to happen and that it would happen at SummerSlam, because the last time we saw the Demon was one year ago at Brooklyn, SummerSlam. He died there. The Demon died there. Finn came back after Wrestlemania this year, not the Demon. He needed something or someone to provoke the Demon to come back and he found that on Bray.
The Demon King is gonna come back to life in the same place, one year after we saw the last of him.
And that my friends, it’s brilliant.

Lamb; Part Two

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper/Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirst Party Saturday, tally-ho! Tagging our Wyatt Family Specialist @hardcorewwetrash as well as the fearless @toxiicpop and @oraclegazes. Trigger warnings are listed inside. Enjoy!

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Different time, same destiny for AmbReigns 😊💕
I hope to a different result for Roman, however 😬🙏

Make Me A Believer

Bray Wyatt/Reader/Luke Harper/Erick Rowan
790 words; Smut/Explicit

There is some slightly dubious consent in this.


Bray never touches you.

Bray’s never touched you, not once, not in all the time you’ve spent with the Wyatts, and lately you’ve been spending a considerable amount of time with the Wyatts, ending up in their shared hotel room every night after shows.

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Demon Roman (pt. 4]
  • Bray Wyatt: Roman, what do you want from me?
  • Roman: I want you to stay away from me and my brothers!
  • Bray Wyatt : I'll do anything, just don't hurt me!
  • Roman: I'm not gonna hurt you, I'm just gonna *demonic voice* DESTROY YOU!
  • Roman: (hits Bray Wyatt in the face with a crowbar, then hits his ribs with a tv)
  • Roman: You leave my brothers alone!
  • Seth: Roman is the best!
  • Dean: That's what you get!
Sweet Dreams[Blade,Dean,Bray]


Blade ran at the Wyatt family to save his brother Dean Ambrose but Bray looked at Blade causing him to stop and fall to his hands and knees shaking with fear and noting up Blade’s gut”T-The h-hell is wrong with me..”then he yelled in pain as Bray snapped his fingers together causing Blade to yell in the worst pain ever while the Wyatt family made Dean watch as Brau abused his brother”M-M-Moxie…”said Blade trying to reach for Dean but Bray kicked Blade in the face with his boot.

“Your weak Blade,you lost everything and everyone you loved your mentor Eddie Guraro,your little shield family,your mother,father,and the woman you love Becky Lynch,but I can help you get that all back if you join me”said Bray looking at Blade smirking evil like then he saw Dean trying to free himself”Don’t do that my dear child or I will make you and your brother suffer more.”

The Demon Inside (Open, Possession/True Form AU)

She had known from a young age the terror of demons and the like. Samael had been there for her brother Bray, had seduced him into the darker walk of life. Though she was afraid when her own came to call for her, she felt honored.

Lilith wanted her as the host.

She had decided to say yes, after all, you couldn’t really deny a demon. So since she was young, she had been living with the demon inside of her. Her touch could burn the world but that kiss? That kiss could save it.

Now if only she saw something that was worth saving in the world. That had brought her all over the globe, yet nothing seemed important enough to her.

However, she had a feeling that would change.