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'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Scandal,' 'How to Get Away With Murder' Renewed | THR

The entire TGIT lineup will return with new seasons in the 2017-18 season.
ABC’s Channing Dungey is making her mark with some high-profile early renewals.

Shonda Rhimes-produced Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder have all been renewed for the 2017-18 broadcast season, the Disney-owned network announced Friday.

The early pickups — typically reserved for the most high-profile shows from important producers — will bring Grey’s into its 14th season, Scandal to its seventh and Murder to its fourth. The fate of fellow Rhimes-produced drama The Catch has not yet been announced as the series will not premiere until Murder ends its run this season.

The early pickups comes as Scandal’s return has helped solidify ABC’s Thursday night, which also marked the return of the network’s “TGIT” branding. Since Scandal’s return, the TGIT lineup has helped ABC win Thursday night for the past three weeks in the core adults 18-49 demographic. Scandal’s Jan. 26 return — which featured the show’s president-elect murdered as he was giving his acceptance speech — helped fuel ABC to season highs.

“Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder continue to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and wanting more. I’m thrilled to bring back these shows and the OMG moments that come with them,” Dungey said of the early pickups.

Grey’s, starring Ellen Pompeo,ranks as ABC’s No. 1 show among the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demo, an impressive feat for a show in its 13th season. It’s also a top 10 series in the demo and the No. 3 drama on all of broadcast. Its midseason return on Jan. 26 marked its most-watched telecast since September 2014.

Scandal, starring Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn, was bumped to midseason to accommodate star Washington’s second pregnancy. Rhimes has noted that the series will likely feature a reduced episode order as the drama likely heads toward its endgame. The prolific producer has also noted that Scandal isn’t a show that will have the same longevity as a show like Grey’s given the rate in which it burns through plot. (Scandal scripts are 20 pages longer than the typical drama.) The series will mark its 100th episode this season and Dungey told THR in January that they’ve talked about an endgame. “It’s really going to be up to Shonda because she’s the person who really knows where she wants the story to go and where it will play out. I have always said that I will take as much Scandal as she will give me. We are in a universe where she’s comfortable with slightly shorter seasons but my plan is Scandal is back next year and after that, it’ll be a conversation that we’ll have to have.”

Murder, starring Viola Davis and from exec producer and Shondaland disciple Pete Nowalk, returned last month to a season high and its best performance in a year — driven largely by its Scandal lead-in.

Without Scandal at 9 p.m., ABC limped until its return in the slot after opening the season with freshman drama Notorious in the coveted post-Grey’s slot. The drama, which had its order reduced, is not expected to return.

All three shows are produced by Shondaland and exec producer Betsy Beers. They’re from ABC’s sibling studio, ABC Studios, where Rhimes and Beers’ Shondaland banner is under a lucrative overall deal. The company also has Still Star-Crossed (which will change its title) due later this season as well as a drama pilot in contention.

For ABC, these are the first drama renewals for the 2017-18 broadcast season. They join comedy The Middle, produced by Warner Bros. Television, as having scored early pickups. ABC also has at least one new show ordered straight to series for next season in Marvel’s The Inhumans, which will debut in Imax theaters over Labor Day before launching in September with expanded episodes on ABC.

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pilferingapples  asked:

((hugs)) I hope you feel better soon! Ficlet prompts-- Joly, Grantaire, lunchtime?

“I do hope you’re aware this is absolutely not a meal between friends,” said Grantaire, extending his arm over the table to offer Joly a glass of wine. 

“Of course,” said Joly dutifully. 

“You don’t look nearly frightened enough,” decided Grantaire after observing him critically for a few seconds. “I’m going to presume Lesgles didn’t warn you properly; he would have turned the whole thing into a joke - a terrible habit of his. Monsieur Joly, we are not sharing a meal today, we’re going to a trial, and you’re the accused; I must play the role of the prosecutor, and the judge, and i take the responsibility with great sorrow. You must know I would love to be your friend, but Lesgles will not permit it: his father is dead, his mother is too old, he has no siblings, and as such I’m the only one here who can decide in all fairness if you are good enough for a man such as him. That’s the sort of things long-time friends must do for each other. You understand I cannot feel any kinship for you during the exercice, since I must stay completely objective.”

“Your dedication to his well-being is extremely honorable,” said Joly, his lips twitching, though his tone of voice was very serious. “How should I defend myself, then? I am a medicine student, not a lawyer. Must I explain how dearly I care for him? That I have his best attentions in heart?”

Grantaire snorted. 

“I would leave before we even ordered if you did such a thing; we’re not in a romance novel, Monsieur Joly. Besides, the best liars have the most innocent faces, and yours is terribly pretty and naive. No, I have very little patience for words. Let’s settle this like men.”

“By fighting?” Joly asked, sounding slightly apprehensive for the first time since he arrived. 

“By drinking,” Grantaire corrected, and raised his own glass of wine. “à la vôtre, Monsieur Joly. May the best drinker win.”