the broome times

I am in my own Harry Potter AU hell.

And just because I can:


Malfoy looked up from his desk, quill poised over the parchment as his son hovered by the study door. Aware that he was frowning, Draco lifted his expression into something more neutral. He was vaguely aware of his own father always frowning whenever he’d tried to talk to him as a boy, and he didn’t want Scorpius to one day think the same about him.

“Come in, come in. Shut the door, you’ll let the heat out.” 

The Greengrass estate was a crumbling ruin compared to Malfoy Manner, with only half the library and none of the artifacts Draco had spent the last few years archiving and putting safely away behind spelled glass. But for now it was home, chilly stone walls and all.

“Did you want something?”

“Yes.” Scorpius replied, pausing to tug at the hem of his dark shirt. There’s still a bruise under his eye, faded to be sure, but the mere presence of it made Draco’s heart skip a beat. When he’d seen Severus Potter crawling out of the rubble, face covered in blood and no sign of his own son, he’d known terror like no other.

And Draco Malfoy was intimately familiar with the machinations of terror. He’d been hugged by it once.

“Well,” he prompted, setting aside his work entirely and giving his full attention to his son. “What is it?”

“I want my friends to come visit.”

Draco blinked. Whatever he’d been expecting, it wasn’t that. “Your…friends?”

“Albus Potter and Rosie Granger-Weasley. I would like them to come stay.”

Draco blinked again. Later he’d laugh—somewhat despairingly into a decanter of fire brandy—at the absurdity of the notion that his boy, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, was best friends with a Potter and the hybrid off-spring of a Granger Weasley, but the threat of impeding hysterics was quelled under the defiant gaze of his son, narrow chin lifting at some unspoken challenge. 

“I see. For how long?”

“A…a week…maybe two…They’re going to France for the Quiditch Cup Primaries…” he glanced down and Draco spied the curled up parchment hidden up his sleeve. “So it wouldn’t be for long.”

Draco glanced at his desk, to the fireplace, then back to his son. “I don’t…”

I want my friends…friendshow often had Astoria lamented his lack of playmates as a child, how often had she fretted that Scorpius’ only interaction had been with adults—or books, or enchanting his own toys for someone to play with. And how quickly had Scorpius’ face crumpled at the utterance of two simple syllables. 

“…know if two weeks would be wise, given your mother’s health. She’s still recovering from the move. But I shall discuss it with her, and see what can be done.”

Scorpius stilled, the beaming smile on his face reigned in to something calmer, even now, not wanting to get his hopes up too much. “Thank you. For what it’s worth, we will be good.”

Draco snorted at that, remembering the last time a Malfoy, a Potter and a Granger and a Weasley had been together at their age. “Somehow I doubt it. Go on off you go, go see what your mother is up to. She’s enjoying having you home.”

“And I am enjoying being here,” Scorpius replied, in that curiously courteous and stiff way of speaking he’d always had, even as an infant learning his words. “I am happy to be here, with you, and mother.”

“I’m…very glad to hear it.” Draco replied, unsure what else he was supposed to say to such an open admission said so politely like one was discussing the weather. “Now go on, off you go, I need to finish this manuscript before I lose the thought.”

“You’ll talk to mother though, wont you?” Scorpius pressed from his space by the door. “You’ll ask…”

“Yes, yes.” Draco waved a hand, “I’ll ask if the Potter spawn can come stay with us. Just for a little bit. To say thank you for…everything.”

Reassured, Scorpius left, closing the door behind himself with a firm click. 

Draco waited several more moments, counting to a hundred before opening up the top desk of his drawer and pulling out his correspondence folder, flipping through them until he found the appropriate manila envelope, writing the address of the Ministry Neatly to the front. 

Clearing his throat politely, he composed himself, then tapped it to life with his wand.

“Hello Potter,” he spat with a vicious familiar glee, unable to keep from laughing, “I’m not sure which one of us is going to be more surprised by this turn of events, but I swear to gods if you break my son’s heart by saying no, I will personally send you a red Howler on the hour every hour till the day one of us dies. Now, about dates, the last week in June works well for us…”

  • So the patronus isn’t straight up taught in Hogwarts, as a wise professor once said, it’s a ‘highly advanced spell, well beyond O.W.L level’
  • But you know, this is the marauders, the rebellious little nerds that we all know and love.
  • So James got hold of a book from  the library one day about how to do the patronus and it seemed very cool. Not the whole fighting dementors part, but the distant and simple communication? priceless for a marauder.
  • And so they all stayed up one night trying to learn how to do it.
  • Sirius was actually the first to successfully do the spell. He had spent the last hour lavishly flinging his wand in the air shouting ‘Expecto Patronum!’ to no avail. Them Remus told him he should try to think of a happier memory.
  • He thought of the first time he had called Euphemia Potter ‘mum’. It had been an accident and had really just slipped out. He had been so embarrassed. But none of the Potter’s seemed to have noticed. A few moments later James had turned over to Sirius and said.’Could you pass your brother the salt then?’
  • And Sirius had never felt more part of a family in his life.
  • He was so engrossed in the memory he didn’t even notice the frantic black dog shoot out to his wand and knock Peter onto his backside.
  • Peter was next, he was thinking of the moment when some of the Slytherins had been bullying him earlier one day in first year and he had been crying down by the lake all afternoon, only to have Remus come up and sit behind him, rubbing his back and comforting him. Then Sirius and James had pushed the Slytherins into the Black lake right in front of him. How they had laughed. Real friends.
  • The small rat that scurried out of Peter’s wand that night was the first and last one Peter could ever produce. This was 6th year and soon the war became to much for the young boy.
  • Standing next to a struggling James, Remus was viciously whispering and flicking his wrists over and over again. ‘Expecto Patronum. Expecto Patronum. Expecto f’fucks sake. This is hopeless.’
  • ‘You can do it Moony.’ Sirius smiled.
  • Remus thought about the first time he had kissed the stupid black haired Gryffindor in front of him. Sirius had been stealing something out of one of the cupboards along the school corridors when Remus had caught him on prefect rounds.
  • Looking back on it Remus couldn’t help but laugh at how unsubtle Sirius had been about the whole thing. ‘Oh, we seem to have bumped into each other Moons’ ‘What a coincidence.’ Remus of course had just assumed Sirius was trying to tease him into giving him detention, something Remus would never do, and had ended up getting pretty annoyed and flustered about being this close to Sirius in a small space and omg he could feel the heat of his skin and ah this was too much and he couldn’t stop talking.
  • Until Sirius closed that little gap between them to shut him up.
  • And Remus had never been happier. And he had never looked back.
  • And then a large animal came running out of the end of his wand, and Remus thought to himself.
  • ‘It’s a dog! Sirius and I have the same Patronus!’
  • Only Remus’ was much bigger than Sirius’ dog… and it’s tail was bushier.. and did it just howl?
  • No. This wasn’t fair. Not this. That wasn’t how this was supposed t be. It was meant to be a happy memory. This wasn’t fair, after all this time, the one thing he thought he could share with his boyfriend.. and this was what he gets… another reminder about how imperfect and unworthy and unwanted…
  • And then there was Sirius standing next to him, sliding his arm around his back and kissing him gently on the cheek.
  • ‘I love it.’ He whispered.
  • ‘ ‘s not fair.’ Remus mumbled.
  • ‘Remus look.’ Sirius replied. ‘it’s not that. It’s a wolf. A normal wolf. A loyal and pack having, friendly wolf.’
  • And Sirius was grinning.
  • But Remus just shrugged.
  • James was having the most trouble of them all.
  • Something was wrong, he just couldn’t seem to do it. He kept thinking of happy memories, first time he rode a broom, first time Sirius came to stay, first time he transformed into a stag.
  • And still nothing.
  • Tiny wisps of silver.
  • And then nothing.
  • ‘It’s fine James, we already know what it’s going to be.’
  • ‘I know,’ James replied through gritted teeth. ‘I just want to see it.’
  • And he was so fustrated.
  • And making a crap load of noise about it too.
  • So much noise in fact, that he started to wake the other residents of the Gryffindor tower up from their slumber.
  • And so a very grumpy and tired Lily Evans came storming down the staircase.
  • ‘What in Merlin’s name are you twats doing now!’
  • ‘Ah Evans.’ Sirius grinned. ‘care to join us?’
  • ‘It’s three in the fucking morning Black! I’m supposed to be sleeping, except someone has been screaming for the past half hour about how hard this is and he trying but it’s not working, and I can’t tell if James is finally losing his virginity or doing his homework for once, but what I do know is that it’s stopping me from being able to enjoy the few hours of the day that I don’t have to be around you lot.’
  • A rather deeply embarrassed James pushed past a bent-over-with-laughter Sirius.
  • ‘Actually Lily,’ he said, trying to act suave and like he hand’t just heard the last bit. ‘We are trying to do the patronus charm.’
  • This had peaked Lily’s interest, and although she knew better, she asked. ‘Really? The patronus charm? Wow. A proper one?’
  • ‘Yepp.’ peter chimed in. ‘And we’ve all been able to do it, except for James.’
  • Lily cocked her eyebrow.
  • ‘Oh.’ She smiled. ‘Let me try then.’
  • James, not wanting to be shown up any more by the fiery red head who was hopelessly in love with, quickly butted in. ‘No no. I mean, you can try.. but its really hard and took everyone ages to master and you’ll be up all night trying and-’
  • ‘Potter.’ She replied sternly.
  • It only took her three attempts.
  • And there it was.
  • A beautiful silver shimmering doe burst through the tip of her wand and gracefully ran across the common room, galloping past it occupants before turning and vanishing as Lily dropped her arm. She grinned.
  • ‘See? Not so hard then.’
  • James just stared. Open mouthed. Like the rest of the marauders. Dumb-founded in total and complete shock, until Lily just gave up on them and went back off to bed.
  • James didn’t have any trouble producing a Patronus after that.

James Potter splattering cake all over his parents, and continuing to then face plant in the cake on his first birthday. James Potter giggling uncontrollably when his cousins put him on a toy broom for the first time on his second birthday. James Potter accidentally enchanting his own glasses and watching, fascinated, as they zoom out the window on his fifth birthday. James Potter being all smug on his tenth birthday because he’s reached double digits. James Potter’s three new friends: Sirius, Remus, and Peter, throwing cream pies at his face across the Great Hall at eleven. James Potter hopelessly pining for a certain redhead instead of doing a birthday prank with the Marauders at age fourteen. James Potter getting the best gift possible from his fiery girlfriend at seventeen (Sirius proceeding to tease him endlessly about it the next morning). James Potter walking up to his pregnant wife and kissing her senseless on his nineteenth birthday. James Potter throwing baby Harry up and down as Lily watches, taking photographs at twenty. James Potter standing at the alter as Sirius’s best man, watching as his two best friends promise to love each other forever when he is twenty two. James Potter tearing up when Sirius and Remus announce that they’re adopting a beautiful baby girl on his twenty-fifth birthday. James Potter laughing hysterically when Harry gets him a pranking kit for his thirtieth birthday. James Potter hugging Harry, Ron, and Hermione when they graduate from Hogwarts on his thirty-seventh birthday. James Potter conducting “happy birthday”, as his family sings to him at age forty. James Potter smiling and crying and laughing when he discovers he’ll be a grandfather at forty-five. James Potter having a quiet birthday with Lily, the love of his life, at forty-nine. James Potter nervously asking Lily to go out on a date with him on his fifty-fifth birthday. James Potter surrounded by the people he loves as they wish him a happy fifty-seventh birthday.

James Potter growing up to be an old man. James Potter living.

Tell Me You’re Okay

Request from anon: Hello! Could I please request a fic where Draco gets injured playing quidditch and tries to hide it from the Reader so he doesn’t seem weak in front of her but she finds out and looks after him because she secretly loves him? 

Thanks for the request :) ~reminder that I’m offline until the 16th June, these are all queued posts~

Originally posted by staycuteandcozy

You were sat in the Gryffindor stand with your scarf wrapped tightly around your  body. Even though today’s game was Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw, you, Seamus, Dean, Fred, George, Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny insisted on turning up to support the teams. Although you didn’t tell anyone, you were secretly there just to watch Draco Malfoy. You’d promised him you’d be there despite the freezing conditions; the hail and snow was pelting down upon the players and the wind was making them swerve unexpectedly. “Talk about team spirit.” Ron muttered when another gust of wind washed over all of you. You shivered, but you knew the players had it worse off. “We’re here to support them…” Hermione replied, her voice cracking through her chapped lips. “Are you sure it’s not just so that Harry can watch Cho?” Seamus asks, laughing. Harry turns a shade of crimson before replying. “Shut up, I’m just observing her… tactics.” You shake your head, trying to obscure the fact that you’re only there for the Slytherin Seeker.

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domestic linny

for @hpfemslashnw

  • ginny takes luna out her broom all the time - and it’s the most romantic thing ever 
  • they move in together in a nice flat in london when they’re around 21
  • luna doesn’t know what she wants to be yet, she kinda just goes with the flow, but ginny definitely wants to be a professional quidditch player
  • nights in!!! luna cooks!!! romantic dinners!!!
  • they want to explore the muggle world, so they take walks around in london and go to muggle bars and the movies and all the things muggles to in their free time
  • luna draws everywhere - both the walls in their flat and ginny’s hands are full of ink
  • every sunday they have dinners at the burrow
  • luna is definitely the big spoon, and there is nothing ginny loves more than laying in luna’s arms, listening to the quietness of their flat and the distant sounds of london
  • luna comes to every one of ginny’s quidditch matches
  • lazy mornings with music and cuddling and breakfast in bed is their jam
  • ginny sings - in the shower, on the table, while folding clothes and while making dinner - and luna loves it
  • luna constantly reminds ginny how much she loves her - out of the blue she’ll just say “ginny, i love you so much i don’t know what to do with myself” like she’s commenting on the weather, and ginny just melts
  • they’re just so happy and content and love each other so much oh my god
got7 as hogwarts students
  • mark: slytherin | once turned mrs. norris into a rat but nobody cld tell it was him who did it
  • jb: ravenclaw | was jinxed by an unknown slytherin to act cute for a whole day. hated it.
  • jackson: gryffindor | constantly flashing his muscles in quidditch games. gets distracted and falls off his broom several times. madam pomfrey hates him
  • jinyoung: slytherin | got house points for looking handsome
  • youngjae: hufflepuff | accidentally flew into dumbledore's office when he rode the broom for the first time
  • bambam: slytherin | once flirted with someone who was actually a metamorphagus pretending to be a girl
  • yugyeom: hufflepuff | attempted to turn jinyoung into a snake but the spell accidentally hit youngjae

actually thinking back, the moment percy/vex rocketed up to Hoo Boy I Definitely Ship This territory was episode 50, because of their cute nat20 tinkering date with the broom and “we should do this again some time!” “maybe we should! :)”

Arkos Pregnancy Au

here it is folks. What started out as a way of making me feel less depressed spiralled out into this beautiful au.

are you ready??? (also please keep in mind that I only did some research into pregnancy so if something is wildly inaccurate its because I’m lazy)

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Private Affairs- Tom Hiddleston x reader |Part one|

Requested by the ever lovely @cute-mirei

Sorry that I took so long with this Jo! I hope it’s what you wanted!

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“Don’t forget, Miss L/n. Ms Jefferson’s room, make sure everything is okay in there before she arrives tonight.”
“Yes sir, I’ll be over in a few minutes,” Y/n says through the phone, before hanging up with a sigh. She closes the door of her temporary flat, preparing to make the twenty minute walk to her work place. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very grateful for this job, because trust me, people would kill to be where she was right now. It’s a tough road, but student employment was the best way to pay her tuition fees. The job pays well, really well. She could still chuck money into her savings account and have enough to dance the tap.
Sephia Beach Resort, it’s a pretty big thing… Okay, it’s a huge thing. One of the largest beach resorts around, and it will stay that way because privacy is one of it’s Aces. No cameras, no paparazzi, just a bunch of famous people being themselves with the amount of time that they’ve got to do so. Since working there, Y/n had seen a lot of her childhood Idols pass through, she had even met a few. She was so lucky when the manager had sent a letter to her collage saying that they needed workers for the summer, a few of them were picked and sent over.
It was on the Northern side of California, just a good way from Pebble beach. It looked pretty much like a giant hotel, there’s a few beach houses along the property, a broad walk that leads to the beach itself. Y/n walks along the broad walk, the sun was coming up over the far hills, a soft wind blowing by. Though this was not much of a vacation, Y/n was glad she got a bit of something. She works from six to eight for the week, and gets the weekends to herself, and on those days she mostly rests or lay around doing nothing.
The morning was fairly busy, mostly people are leaving to catch a flight back home, kicking back into their regular lives. Or they’re coming in to relax and be normal like every one else. It’s more of the former, seeing that it’s summer and filming is more likely to be going on now.
Sometimes, Y/n wonders how celebrities keep up with their lives in the first place. Always up and about, never really settling, they can’t stay still.
Sephia hotel was coming up, the large building casting a shadow over the road. Y/n checks her wrist watch, walking a little faster, stepping down onto asphalt, she crosses the road to the building.
Going through the large glass double doors, she just has to stop and marvel. Though she’s been working there for more than two weeks already, stepping through those doors had never ceased to take her breath away. It was like stepping into a movie, a movie with an extremely expensive hotel.
From the entrance, expands a very long red carpet that stops at two elevators and that cursed staircase. On the very far right is a breakfast and bar, where some of the staff members are putting out the breakfast items. The lounge alone was huge, there was the receptionist area, where Martha was, a woman who had been working there for a few good years. Y/n shakes her head, reminding herself that she did have work to do, she walks down the two small steps and walk over to Martha. “Mornin’ Martha,” Y/n greets cheerfully, watching as the brunette picks her head up from the book she was looking through, “Ah, Y/n. Good Morning,” She smiles, before reaching beneath the counter to hand her the key to the employee area. “Oh, Y/n.. Mr Francis wants you at the pool for two, okay?” She informs her to which she nods, walking on to the door on the left of the reception area. Most of the staff was extra busy today, tomorrow is the resort’s fifteenth anniversary, and Mr Francis is throwing a beach party. Honestly, Y/n didn’t feel like going, it’s a Saturday, and she loves her sleep, though she doubts she’d get any because there’d be fireworks.

“Don’t you just love working the bar?" 

"No, but I love the idea of going home now," 

Jenna, one of the girls who came along for the job too was standing next to Y/n behind the bar counter. Back at school, they’ve barely spoken to each other, but over the past two weeks, Y/n’d like to think she’s made a decent friend.
Though Y/n felt like dying, being on her feet all day, that and having to deal with rowdy children at the pool. It’s not like she could tell them anything, firstly, it’s not her place, and secondly, she’d rather not lose her job because she pissed off some actor by telling their kids not to run around the pool. But after that, having to clean some of the rooms and tidy them up and such, she has a very defined headache and wants nothing more than to plant face first into her soft pillows. But, duty calls. She still has a job to do, and right now, that’s serving drinks to any poor bastard that wonders into the hotel bar. Just, grinning and bearing it.
Y/n was pulled out of her thoughts by a tapping on her shoulder, Jenna was grinning at her, her pale blue eyes sparkling with mischief. "Y/n.. Don’t look now,” she says lowly, as if she was telling a million dollar secret.
“What?” Y/n’s eyebrows scrunch together, gazing at Jenna with confusion. She barely heard what she said, Jenna who was packing away glasses under the counter wiggles her dark eyebrows with a smirk.
“Okay, look now.” she says, pointing a perfectly manicured nail to the entrance, making Y/n follow her line of sight, turning her head in time to see Tom Hiddleston walk in. Looking all too good in a dark tee and grey sweats.
“Holy shit.”
Every nerve in Y/n’s body was telling her to hide, stay low. But he’s already seen her, he’s already smiled and waved in greeting. “Oh God,” Y/n rubs her temples, all the while, Jenna was giggling like a school girl who had just hit her first blunt. When she had told Jenna about what happened, the girl couldn’t stop laughing, though Y/n didn’t find it very amusing.
“Goodnight, Mr. Hiddleston,” Jenna greets cheerfully, and Y/n feels her nudging at her foot with her own. “Hello Jenna, Y/n,” Though Y/n’s stomach could flip trying to gather butterflies from the way her name just rolled off his tongue, she just couldn’t ignore the fact that the bruise is still above his left eyebrow. And she still feels guilty, it was her fault really. Though he insisted on taking the blame, because he did scare her, accidentally or not. Okay, so, Y/n was cleaning the room he was occupying earlier today. She had gone in thinking he was out, and she carried on sweeping about, minding her own business. When all of a sudden, he came out of the bathroom and said a polite ‘Good Evening,’. Y/n was perfectly certain that she had locked the door behind her, was thoroughly scared shitless, swung the broom stick like an uncoordinated Jedi.
“What can we get you?” Y/n asks, smiling lightly. He chuckles, running a hand through his brown hair.

No, no. Stop that.

“Bourbon, please,” Next to Y/n, Jenna lets out a hum, and Y/n catches her knowing glance. No doubt, they were probably thinking the same thing, he was drinking strong to get rid of the splitting headache he was surely having. While Jenna leans against the marble surface of the counter top, Y/n pours his requested drink in a glass. “Thank you,” Tom says when the girl places the glass in front of him. Before their unfortunate meeting, Y/n and Tom didn’t talk, and why would they? She just works there. They had seen each other around though, mostly on early mornings during the week or on the weekends when they’d both be out for a run. But it doesn’t extend beyond a friendly Hello or a nod. But all that changed after whacking him with a broom.
“So, are you two coming to the beach party tomorrow night?” Tom asks, raising an eyebrow his eyes darting between both girls. Before Y/n could open her mouth to decline, Jenna pipes up, “Yeah! We are, we’ll be there,” she smiles, nodding excitedly. Tom smiles back before downing the remaining alcohol, “Great!”
Y/n tries not to let it get to her, but the way he looked into her eyes at that moment, she just knew that he was talking to her, “See you then,”
When he left the room, Jenna’s squeal pulls her to reality. “why?” Y/n questions, and Jenna grins. “What do you mean why? Are you kidding me?”
“Uh, I don’t follow… ”
Jenna sighs, putting her both hands on Y/n’s shoulders, giving them a gentle squeeze. “If whacking a guy with a broom scores me a date, I would’ve whacked a cute one already.” she laughs, “Girl, Tom Hiddleston just said he wanted to hang out with you.”
Y/n laughs, shaking her head at her friend. That’s silly, he just said he’d see them. That doesn’t mean he wants to hang out, for all she knows, the guy has a girlfriend back home. Maybe he wants to whack her back with a broom.
When it was time for them to go home, the two girls walked together. Jenna saying that she’s come over to hers tomorrow so they could prepare for the beach party.

“How about this?” Jenna asks, holding up yet another bikini top, Y/n scrunches up her nose in distaste at the shade of pink. “No.” Jenna sighs, rolling her eyes as she drops the top in the pile next to her feet. The two had been at this for twenty minutes, trying to find the right beach wear to go to the party that kicks off in an hour. Jenna was already dressed, wearing a tank top and jeans shorts over her black bikini that looked perfect against her pale skin. Clearly she has plans to go into the water.
“Y/n, it’s not like he’s going to see it. It’s gonna be under your clothes,” Jenna says, as she digs through Y/n’s clothes, “Oh you have got to wear this one,” the dark haired girl smiles, pulling a emerald green top from her drawer. The green fabric was dotted with gold, and suddenly, Y/n knew exactly why she picked it.
“He’s not gonna see it….Well… unless you decide to get frisky.” Jenna wiggles her eyebrows, throwing the top at her, and Y/n rolls her eyes but caves anyway. “Fine, okay. And no one’s getting frisky.”
Later the two were walking down the broad walk towards the beach, the air was a bit chilly for early July, but nothing Y/n couldn’t handle. “This is gonna be so much fun. Thank god we don’t work on the weekend, I’d hate to be serving drinks when I could be drinking.” Jenna says, “I almost feel sorry for Caleb,” she says, talking about one of the boys who Y/n is quite familiar with. When they finally got to the beach, Jenna immediately went to grab them drinks.
The beach was completely decked out, there was tables filled with refreshments, and anything else you could think of. Chairs was set up under white tents, Christmas lights every where, casting a perfect soft glow, music blasting, and a huge bonfire roaring not far away from everything else. The soft crashing of waves in the background of it all. People were scattered about, chatting with each other, drinking or eating. Jenna soon returns with two strawberry margaritas, handing one to Y/n. “Well, this is quiet… ” she mutters, taking a sip from her drink.
“It’ll pick up soon,” a voice says behind the girls, causing them both to jump. “Sorry,” It was Tom, chuckling to himself, holding a drink of his own. Jenna waves it off, “It’s alright, luckily for you, she doesn’t have a broom,”
Jenna looks between the both of them, “Oh, right. We were avoiding that…. sorry…. I’ll just um…yeah.” the girl then excuses her self awkwardly, turning on her heels before walking over to the refreshment area. Tom and Y/n watches as she does so, “Is she always that awkward?”
“Not when she’s embarrassing me, no.” Y/n chuckles, taking a long drink from her margarita. Tom chuckles, coming to stand next to her, “So you came,” he mutters. “I did, why wouldn’t I?”
“Well, yesterday you gave the impression that you didn’t want to… ”

Well I just had to, after hitting you with a broom and all…

“Do you…uh, wanna take a walk?” Tom asks, tilting his chin towards the other end of the beach where it was quiet. “Yeah sure,” Y/n shrugs smiling up at him. The began walking and Y/n tried hard to ignore Jenna’s loud whistle and her shout of, “Go get 'em!
Tom and Y/n stops walking when the music to them was a soft lull and there was nothing but the moonlight and the relaxing crash of the ocean. Their walk was filled with lighthearted jokes and conversation. Y/n leans against a large rock, narrowing her eyes at him, “You haven’t brought me all the way out here to kill me have you?” Tom chuckles, shaking his head, “No, no. We’re not far enough, people would hear you scream.”
What?” Y/n was ready to back away and run for her life but he gives her a dashing smile, “I’m kidding Darling,”


“Oh,” Y/n laughs, her empty glass forgotten now. “Hey, sorry about the broom thing..” Tom waves her off, leaning against the rock too, telling her that it was totally okay. For a moment, the two just enjoy the comfortable silence between them, contented with watching the waves. Y/n wondering why he asked her to walk all the way out there anyway, “You know, Y/n…I’m really glad you did hit me that one time.” Tom says, his eyes looking at the vast expansion of ocean. “Really? I thought you’d be wanting to whack me back,” the girl jokes lightly, nudging him with her shoulder. “No, but I could throw you in the ocean,”
“I’d like to see you try Tom,” And with that, the girl bolts, running away from him. With a short laugh, Tom chase’s after her.
Y/n didn’t get far though, Tom’s legs being way longer than hers and the fact that he was running faster. As weird as it was, to Y/n, this all felt almost natural, like it was just common for him to he around her. When hr caught her, Y/n couldn’t help but laugh when his arms wrapped around her waist and he begins walking backwards to the sea. “Wait you were serious?”
“Yes, think of it as pay back,” he says right in her ear, his warm breath ghosting across her neck. Y/n was suddenly dropped, engulfed by cold water, her clothes was now soaked and as she surfaced she could hear Tom laughing. 

This was in fact, the start of something very beautiful.

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