the broome times

vex: [attempts to shoot from the broom for the first time back in 47]

percy: OKAY, you’re not holding onto the broom anymore……….

vex: no no no no!!! i’ve been practicing!!!!

percy, panicking: has it not occurred to you that you’re not going to be able to fly…………………

vex: NO NO NO look!! i’m not holding on percy!! look at me not holding on!!


domestic linny

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  • ginny takes luna out her broom all the time - and it’s the most romantic thing ever 
  • they move in together in a nice flat in london when they’re around 21
  • luna doesn’t know what she wants to be yet, she kinda just goes with the flow, but ginny definitely wants to be a professional quidditch player
  • nights in!!! luna cooks!!! romantic dinners!!!
  • they want to explore the muggle world, so they take walks around in london and go to muggle bars and the movies and all the things muggles to in their free time
  • luna draws everywhere - both the walls in their flat and ginny’s hands are full of ink
  • every sunday they have dinners at the burrow
  • luna is definitely the big spoon, and there is nothing ginny loves more than laying in luna’s arms, listening to the quietness of their flat and the distant sounds of london
  • luna comes to every one of ginny’s quidditch matches
  • lazy mornings with music and cuddling and breakfast in bed is their jam
  • ginny sings - in the shower, on the table, while folding clothes and while making dinner - and luna loves it
  • luna constantly reminds ginny how much she loves her - out of the blue she’ll just say “ginny, i love you so much i don’t know what to do with myself” like she’s commenting on the weather, and ginny just melts
  • they’re just so happy and content and love each other so much oh my god

drew brett in hufflepuff quidditch uniform bc the bae @kcoupedegrace wanted to see it uvu complimentary bellamy who is blushing (with his pretty pretty eyes like how?)

What I’d give to have heard Marcus Flint after Draco’s first match.

“What the hell, Malfoy?! That expensive broom doesn’t do us any good if you aren’t riding it! Keep your thoughts on riding your broom, not Potter! Next time, you keep your eyes on the game, not Potter’s arse. Flirt with him all you want off this pitch. But not on my time. Does Diggory get you fluffed up too because I WILL NOT LOSE TO HUFFLEPUFF”

Unexpected - Draco x Reader

SURPRISE!! I can update more than once in a week!! Let me know what you think!! :)

Request - anon: Would it be weird if I asked for like a sad one? Like, she and Draco fight and it turns into an actual wand fight but shes not trying to actually hurt him then he turns a spell on her and she almost dies? Sorry haha

Warnings - Cussing, let me know if there are more! 

Draco Malfoy and Y/F/N Y/L/N weren’t a couple, but they weren’t just friends either. They’d made out in broom closets several times. They’d had several moments to themselves where sweet words were exchanged, but neither wanted to be in a relationship - so they weren’t.

They stuck close to each other and if one didn’t know any better, they assumed they were dating. Draco’s hand was always on the small of Y/N’s back. She always walked as close to him as possible. He was always whispering in her ear. Their legs were always entangled under the dining tables or desks. His hand was in her hair more often than not. On the weekends, they could be found cuddling on the couch in the Slytherin common room or hanging out by the Quidditch pitch.

Although all of these seemed like “couple” things to do, neither one would admit it. Y/N would never admit that she had real feelings for Draco. Draco would never admit that he had real feelings for Y/N. They were both stubborn. They also didn’t know what they were. The two were most definitely not a couple, but they were closer than most friends were.

Y/N shouldn’t have been surprised when she first heard the rumors about Draco and Astoria kissing. She shouldn’t have been surprised when she’d found out the rumors were true. Draco didn’t belong to her. He had every right to kiss whomever he’d liked. Except, Y/N was upset and she was angry. They’d never strayed from each other before and this seemed out of the blue.

When Draco suggested that they take a trip to Hogsmeade together, Y/N happily agreed. Maybe the whole Astoria issue was solved. Maybe Draco didn’t have any feelings for her. However, Y/N quickly realized that all Draco wanted to talk about was him and Astoria on their trip.

“You and I have just got to stop being so close, you know? Astoria and I are really interested in each other and she doesn’t like that you and I are so comfortable with each other. Plus, Father likes her and well, you know, what he says goes.” Draco explained as they walked through the small village.

“Is this a joke? Draco, I thought we were closer than that. You’re really going to let your father and his choice of girls come between us? That’s pathetic.” Y/N scoffed and walked a little bit faster. Suddenly, she didn’t want Draco’s presence anymore. In fact, she wanted him to leave her alone.

“It is not pathetic. You’re pathetic. You can’t even get a boyfriend. What, are you jealous of Astoria and me?”

“I can’t believe you’d even suggest that! That makes me sound like some crazy girl. I’m not crazy. You and I both know the reason I don’t have a boyfriend. We’re just too scared to admit it out loud.”

“You’re pissing me off.”

Y/N let out a frustrated sigh as she stopped by the Shrieking Shack. At least up here, no one would hear them arguing.
“What’s gotten into you anyway? Why are you so determined to make your father proud of you all of the sudden?” she asked as she faced him. Draco looked down and tugged on his left jacket sleeve. Her E/C eyes followed his gaze and her jaw dropped.

“It’s nothing.” he muttered.

“You have it, don’t you? You have the Dark Mark?”

“Stop. Don’t ask me questions you don’t want the answers to.”

Y/N shook her head. Her breathing came faster and tears came to her eyes. She thought Draco was on her side - the good side. How could he betray her like that? Why would he even be interested in joining Voldemort? Draco was evil and she had been wrong about him for so long. Y/N felt betrayed. She pulled her wand out and pointed it towards him. She couldn’t trust him anymore.

“What are you doing?” Draco asked, eyeing her wand.

She shot a spell at him. He ducked, knowing this wasn’t a fight that would end well. After a few spells were shot back and forth - none of them hitting the other - Draco was filled with rage. Why was she being so stupid? What was her issue? Why had she pulled out her wand in the first place? He was a good guy, she knew that.

She shot a spell that knocked Draco backward. Before he could register the words that came from his mouth, he shouted an unforgivable curse. He gasped as Y/N fell to her knees, screaming. Draco threw his wand away from him in disgust. Her screams had stopped and she was lying on the ground. What had he done?


Y/N’s body ached. She felt like she’d just had the work out of her lifetime. Her limbs were sore and her joints felt like they hadn’t moved in ages. It took all her energy to open her eyes. The last thing she remembered was falling into the snow after Draco had shouted a spell at her.

“Hi.” she heard a familiar voice say. Draco was standing at the end of her hospital wing bed. She sat up and crossed her arms in front of her. She didn’t want to be alone with him anymore - not after what she’d found out.

“Please leave. I don’t want -“ she tried, but was interrupted.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to-“ Draco rushed.

“Save it, Draco. You’re so stereotypical. You’re just like them! Get out! Get out and don’t ever talk to me again.” Y/N responded.

“I love you though! That has to mean something to you. I’m doing the right thing right now. I’m on the side I need to be on. You don’t understand that, but you will one day - I promise you that. He’s going to kill my family and - and you - if I don’t do something. I love you. I don’t want to see you hurt. Does that mean anything to you?” he pleaded.

“No, it means nothing. I’ve always wanted to hear those three words come from your mouth, but I don’t anymore. It was before I knew that you were on the wrong side. Go have fun with Astoria and have fun fighting for a worthless cause.”

Draco felt defeated as he walked away from Y/N. He felt like he’d lost the last good thing in his life - and he could never get it back.

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Listen: Akko practices flying and becoming steadier when Andrew rides with her.

“Trust me, you’ll see magic is awesome when you fly a broom for the first time. Come on, hop on.”

“Haven’t you not flown one before?”

“Pfft, details.”

Legit though, this would be super cute if it happened. What I love the idea of more is Andrew joining Luna Nova and being as terrible at magic or even worse than Akko. And they’re always taking remedial lessons together. And neither of them can fly a broom. Akko learns first, and she offers Andrew a ride. He holds on to her. They fly around. And even though her first flight was rough, her second flight with Andrew was much smoother.

The first time Teddy calls Harry dad, it’s an accident. He’s nine, and Harry had just dropped his broom off in his room after he left it at the Burrow. 

“Here’s your broom Ted, I’m not picking it up next time.” 

“Thanks Dad.” 

It happened quickly, and as soon as it came out, Teddy took Harry’s shocked expression for one of dislike. 

“I mean -”

“It’s alright son.” Harry said, a fond smile on his face. “Just remember your broom next time please, otherwise I’ll give it to Victoire.”

Of course, being Harry Potter, he tried to play it off casual, but as soon as he found Ginny, he was all “He called me Dad, Gin!!!!”

Of course, Ginny didn’t quite understand exactly how Harry was feeling, until it happened to her.

“Teddy!” Ginny cried a couple of days later after tripping on a pile of clothes in Teddy’s bedroom as she tried to put away his washing. “I swear to Merlin, if you don’t clean this room by tonight, then you are not coming to my game tomorrow!”

“But Muuum! -” He stops again, worried about his outburst. Ginny isn’t like Harry, instead she just pulls him into a hug, and is reminded by the little boy of her pink haired friend. 

Everything You Need To Know About FP

Name: Flying Professor or FP (i might actually name them later)

Age: …old enough (idk man)

Any Special Positions: Quidditch Referee and general training coach

Previous House While at Hogwarts: Gryffindor

What They Teach: Flying Lessons

Sexuality: AroAce - They’re only attracted to Quidditch

Interests: Quidditch, Asking Lots of Questions, Yelling

Favorite animal: Flying Seahorses

Something You Couldn’t Live Without: Homemade Broom

Favorite Time of Day: Morning (it’s when they are they most productive)

Pet Peeve: People beating around the bush

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Hearing the Slytherin’s hoot and holler your name gave you a good feeling. You knew your entire house was rooting for you. Some even had buttons (made by Draco Malfoy who seemed to be a master at button making) with your name on it.

You waved to a few of your house mates as you stepped on to your broom. Time to beat Ravenclaw and make your house proud.


From the “Urban Reflections” series.

Taken at the opening of the “Blickwinkel Zeitzeichen” exhibition on May, 3rd, at “Kulturbahnhof Kassel” (Germany).

The exhibition will be open until May, 31st. Guided tours on weekends, as stated in the original post:

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The Harry Potter Series isn’t perfect

like, it is such a simple statement.

I love Harry Potter. I have loved it since I was 7 years old. I have all the books and the blu rays. I have a wand and a broom and a time turner, a robe and a scarf, I have a tattoo. I’ve written founders roleplays and next gen fanfictions, and slash fiction from drarry and wolfstar. I have wizard wrock on my playlists. I remember potter puppet pals and the very potter musical. I’ve read My Immortal. I’ve been to the theme park. I went to midnight book releases and midnight movie premiers. I love Harry Potter. 

And the Harry Potter Series isn’t perfect. It just isn’t. 

Like, we can admit that, right?

We can admit that there is a clear shift between books 4 and 5 when JKR figured out how the books were going to end and that there are plot threads from the first 4 books that were dropped because of that. We can talk about how the representation of real life minorities is AWFUL. We can critique how the books preach “house unity” and then fail to  adequately humanize the Slytherins meaningfully. We can point out the flaws in the world building. 

People, it is one of the single largest media franchises of our generation, of the century. We are allowed to be honest about its failings while we praise it for its strengths.