the brooks twin

What if...

Most people think that Tom Hiddleston is going to be like the 4th secret brother of Mycroft, Sherlock and Eurus. But I think the writers might do something a lot more crazier. What if Benedict Cumberbatch will have a double role? What if he’s going to play Sherlock AND Sherrinford?

Think about this. If Sian Brooke could play 3 different characters on this show, why can’t he? He’s done that before. (for example in Doctor Strange he plays obviously Dr. Strange but also Dormamu)

Wouldn’t that be something shocking? He not only has a sibling but a twin. And you know what Sherlock says - it’s never twins. Are we sure there are no twins? No. But hey, in just about 5-6 days we’ll find out on our own (if someone won’t spoil it on Thursday)