the bronze blonde bombshell


Before Beyoncé, Joyce Bryant was the sensual, sexy, seductive black diva of her time. Pinned as the “The Bronze Blonde Bombshell”, in 1952 she released single “Drunk With Love” with was banned from radio play due to their provocative lyrics, which deal with love, passion and sex.

She advocated for entertainers to fight against Jim Crow laws, becoming the first black singer to perform at the Miami Beach hotel and Casino Royal in DC. She worked with Martin Luther King Jr who was a fan of her singing to organize fundraiser story for blacks to buy food, clothing, and medicine and performed concerts wearing her natural black hair with no make to raise for her church. 1954 alongside Lena Horn, Hilda Eartha Kitt and Dorothy Dandrige was name by Ebony magazine as five of the most beautiful black women in the world. Bryant and counterparts paved the way for many black woman entertainers that we enjoy today. #drunkwithlove #drunkinlove #nosurfboarding

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