the bromance that never stops

“she wont want to talk to me.” Bucky stated.

“of course she will.” Steve said.

“what if she doesnt love me anymore.”

Steve reached out and patted Bucky’s shoulder, “she never stopped loving you.”


the bromance though

SO many many months ago, I sketched out two Ganlink stands that I was planning on working on but never did … until now! huhu >v> ;;; 

This is just a WIP, but at least I got the lineart done, right??  (´꒳`∗) 

It took me so long bc I was having difficulties with the damn chest and Link’s’ face but I have fixed it to the point where I’m satisfied for now

anonymous asked:

Do you think it is bad that I am starting dislike Jensen as well because of these destiel shippers bashing jared in Jensen's name? I can't help it. I was always a Jared girl and loved Jensen but since I got tumblr - the hate for Jared is real :(

Hi, nonnie!

I don’t blame you and I don’t think it’s bad. You are safe to talk to me. :)

I only want to point out that all the hate Dessies and “cockles shippers” throw at Jared has nothing to do with Jensen; it’s not like he’s encouraging them to hate on his S.O., no way (the guy we’re talking about has gone whole protective only because someone said Jared had a “bad hair day”) . But I guess your point is that Jensen didn’t do anything to stop it either, and you blame him for his certain “pandering” behavior since last year has nudged Cockles shippers and made them feel entitled enough to hate on Jared – which I tend to agree with you, but not completely, for I don’t think Jensen should be blamed for minions’ behaviors and it might be a little bit unfair to him.

Most pandering, as you may have seen, is on MC.

Notice how he tried to put his head on Jensen’s shoulder in the “Red Meat” livestream and Jensen changed his mood to being annoyed and started snapping at the phone? Notice how MC tried to get close to Jensen in the “Gashwish” livestream (at the beginning of S12 filming) and only stopped and kept his distance because Jensen stared him down? Notice how Jensen wouldn’t even want to put his arm around MC’s shoulder while singing at SNS if it wasn’t for Jared who forced him to (because Jared wanted to touch his S.O. but he couldn’t reach Jensen when he kept his arms all to himself)? Notice how MC rested himself on Jensen’s shoulder at the end of the creation campaign video and then Jensen’s face turned cold? Notice how Jensen’s frown grew bigger and got even closer to Jared (even though there’s already no space between them and Jared’s hair was already on Jensen’s face) when MC “casually” rested his elbow on Jensen’s shoulder?

It seems to me that MC has learned by now that without the delusional ship “destiel” he is nothing in this fandom and will not be cared about even by his own “fans”, so that he figured out the only way to keep him popular and relevant is to seize every minute that he got to see the Js or Jensen to create some “cockles” moment to encourage his minions to ship “destiel” and “cockles”. It’s manipulative, desperate, and pathetic – especially when you think about the most recent PS picture that he shamelessly promoted about and that both Js have reposted. But don’t forget that MC used to want to be a politician, and manipulation is what he’s good at. 

I believe the Js and MC used to be okay cordial co-workers, maybe they’re not as close as the Js are with Rob but they should be pretty friendly with each other. But you can see the atmosphere has changed recently and the change is not for better. The Js kicking MC’s cutout on stage for fun and Jensen calling MC “small”? Jensen kept ignoring MC completely as if MC didn’t exist when Jensen didn’t have the obligation to interact with him and when he wasn’t aware he’s on camera? Those are definitely not good signs for those supposedly friendly co-workers. It seems to me that the Js think Mc has crossed the line by having cased too much mess for them and have started to get seriously annoyed by MC’s OTT pandering.

I despise MC for all the messes he’s caused for both Js – the “homophobe” accusation he brought on Jensen, and the hate bigger than life that his minions aiming at Jared simply because of Jared’s existence.

MC encouraged Dessies’ obsession with the delusional ship “Destiel” and encouraged their outlaw behaviors to try pushing it canon. So when Jensen disagreed with that and told the truth that the delusional “ship” had been “blown out of proportion”, Jensen became a “homophobe” for no good reasons.

You should see how hard those pissed, desperate minions were pushing the “homophobe” train and for a while when you tried to google Jensen, the “is Jensen Ackles a homophobe” would show in your searching bar automatically.  

Judging by the certain circumstance, I don’t blame Jensen and his mgmt for having tried to create a seemingly “friendly” atmosphere between Jensen and MC to try eliminating the bad impact MC and the delusional ship that he had pushed brought on Jensen. 

Here’s the timeline of Jensen’s “pandering”, which started soon after he signed his new mgmt. (disclaimer: the amazingly detailed timeline wasn’t made by me).

Just like you don’t need to work for Spilo to know what he’s up to, you don’t need to work for Gersh to see what they are doing, the timeline fits:
1) 9-30-14 Gersh announced Jensen signed with them
2)11-22-2014 TV Guide website published an article that SPN is queerbaiting and implied Jensen is a homophobe
3) 3-09-2015 Jensen tweets a sunset picture of himself and Misha, later that same month he tweets another picture with Misha
4) 8-16-2015  the Jensen/Misha boatride to celebrate the TCA chemistry win
5) 10-16-2015 Creation has YANA in the works and used Jensen/Misha picture with a AKF tagline to advertise the Chicago con.  
6) 10-21-2015  Jensen directed a Cas-centric episode and made sure to play up the D/C friendship.
7) 10-26-2015 quote from this comm “I remember a few months ago Misha had really toned down on his des/cockles pandering.  Why he and Jensen are picking it up now is anyone’s guess.”
8) 1-06-2015 Jensen wins the PCA and said TPTB made him do a video with Misha
9) 2-11-2016 YANA is launched by Jensen and Misha with heavy ship baiting promotion.
10) 3-24-2016  quote from this comm: “Jensen goes from never hanging with Misha outside of work, consistently insulting the man and his contribution to supernatural into irrelevance, to a family boat ride on the day they receive a shipping award as well as teaming with him to do a campaign for mental health.  There has even been tons more stories at cons recently of Jensen trying to be cutisie with Misha, fixing his hair, jumping on his back, and picking things out of his teeth, all in front of fans.  For whatever reason, Jensen has suddenly changed the way he acts with Misha but only in front of fans and cameras. This is the definition of pandering and we are just not sure what prompted it.”
11) Around the time fans noticed that “Jensen is a homophobe” is no longer the top search result is when Jensen stopped bromancing with Misha and never mentions YANA again.

You can see the “pandering” was supposed to be a “win-win” arrangement, from which Jensen could eliminate the name of “homophobe” Destiellers had forced on him and MC could be satisfied with the huge ego-boost that his minions give him by pairing him with one of the stars of the show.

However, MC is greedy. He and his BFF Philip Scheider (who’s somehow in charge of creation) figured that “cockles/Destiel” is the only thing appealing to MC’s fans, and without being paired with Jensen, MC is nothing – his photo ops can’t sell, and his Cass calendars sell directly into the next year and end up being either given away for free or stocked in a warehouse, while the Js’ have already sold out long time ago. So since now Jensen has gotten what he and his mgmt wanted, which is to eliminate the “homophobe”, and gone back to his old ways to mock MC and to ignore him completely, MC is alone on the pandering route, for he doesn’t want to get off the gravy train just yet, and SPN and its brainless fandom are the last chance for him to line his pocket (Seriously, nobody asks the question that what happened to the money that he’s gained from YANA campaign and the tons of money that the Js gave him from their Pack fund? And nobody cares about what happened to that so-called “hot-line”? MC and Creation can’t be trusted, and i don’t blame the Js if they got money out of those hypocritical campaigns by Creation and MC as well, for they need it to band-aid their wound caused by MC). In order to keep up the one-side pandering, MC keeps doing all those embarrassing queer-baits and encouraging his batshit minions to keep up the PS and the Jared hating. It’s disgusting, and I can’t imagine how desperate a human being must be to do something so despicable. 

I honestly think the Js have been fed up with MC by now, and if they used to be cordial co-workers with MC before, they don’t seem like it anymore.

Sorry for the long reply, but I guess my overall point is that you’re entitled to express your opinions and you could call Jensen out when he did pander – despite IMO he had some legit reasons to have done so. But I think it might be a little bit unfair to blame Jensen for the hate minions throw at Jared – it’s not like he has control over that. Remember just recently at a convention that Jensen changed into an AKF shirt specially for the “cockles” photo op? Well, I guess that’s the best silent protest he was able to do.

I think deciding to work together with MC was a mistake of Jensen and his mgmt’s from the beginning (it’s not like they had another choice at the moment), because MC is a leech that you can’t get rid of him when the deal is end, and working with him is like opening a jar of worms – you don’t know how to clean up the table afterward. However, I guess the Js have learned their lesson and it’s not the first time that they made stupid decisions and won’t be the last time either. The Lucky thing is the Js are there for each other in every stupid decision. And I’m sure Jensen is there for Jared to get over those unreasonable hate minions throw at him – they’re there for each other in real life and the hateful comments on the internet couldn’t hurt them as long as they don’t look at them – which is exactly what they do nowadays.   

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I’m sorry, but them trying to make that bromance between him and whatshisface is– just, like, just stop. There will never be another zankie. Everyone just calm down. It’s not going to happen. So calm. Calm yourself. There will NEVER be another showmance, bromance…like mine. So that’s all I have to say about that.