the broken spoke

“You’re broken.” You softly spoke to Sam, watching his eyes as the glossy shade of hazel remained breathtaking. Though the dark circles sagged and his mind was driven past exhaustion, you knew he wasn’t going to give up. He wasn’t going to slow down.

Without responding, he gently took a hold of your hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the backside of it and letting a pair of tears slip down his cold cheeks. “Sam,” You said quietly and gripped his fingers tighter. You were right.

He was broken.

Cesar and Christian came in to get their bikes fixed so they can continue riding down to the beach to go fishing. Between their two bikes, we: • fixed an impressive EIGHT broken spokes • added brakes • adjusted a bottom bracket We wish you guys years of fishing adventures on your newly fixed-up bikes! #BikeRepair via Instagram

The Bicycle Tree: nonprofit community bike center, Santa Ana, CA. Instagram. facebook. twitter. Pinterest.

I was just- brushing my teeth when I got a sudden phone call from my mom from her work place and she said they are having English customers over and since she doesn’t understand English she asked me to translate

so she handed over the phone to the customer while I STILL had my mouth FULL OF tooth paste (the customer probably also heard how I opened the tap to wash out my mouth quickly)

and when I got ready to talk to the person, I realized she was French and spoke broken English and didn’t understand me