the brocode


Brocode có nghĩa là nếu thằng bạn mình để ý một người con gái nào trước thì mình phải hiểu mà rút lui hoặc tạo điều kiện cho 2 bạn đến với nhau, đảm bảo tình cảm anh em.

Lần đó đang chuẩn bị tới sân tập thì thằng bạn gọi rủ anh đi ăn sushi và huỷ bữa tập hôm đó nha, tới ăn với nó và cô bạn mới quen. Anh nghe là nghi ngờ rồi, anh chối liền, thôi ông đi với bạn gái tui không muốn làm kỳ đà cản mũi đâu, nhưng nó biểu anh cứ tới đi, mặc kệ chuyện anh đã thay đồ tập hết trơn rồi. Hơi khó chịu trong bụng nhưng vì là bạn thân của mình nên anh đành bắt taxi tới chỗ hẹn để chiều nó. Bước vào thì thấy nó đang ngồi với một bạn gái rất xinh, má hây hây hồng, mới chào xã giao xong thì bạn ấy hỏi liền một câu:

  • Anh có đang đọc một cuốn sách nào không?

Hơi bất ngờ, nhưng vẫn trả lời là anh đang đọc “Ngàn Mặt Trời Rực Rỡ” của Khaled Hosseini. Trước khi anh kịp phản ứng gì, thì không lỡ một nhịp nào cả, bạn gái đó cúi xuống bàn, mở khoá kéo, lấy từ trong túi ra cuốn sách Ngàn Mặt Trời Rực Rỡ…

Từ lúc đó về sau cuộc trò chuyện của bọn anh tại quán sushi gần như không còn sự tồn tại của thằng bạn thân nữa.. Hehe

Each house as: sitcoms
  • Gryffindor: How I Met Your Mother - the never-ending brocode tale
  • Hufflepuff: The Muppets - nostalgic meme generator
  • Ravenclaw: The Big Bang Theory - a bunch of adorable nerds
  • Slytherin: VEEP - Local Sass Master Tired Of Your Bullshit

So I’ve been re-watching all of Blindspot, and I get up to THAT moment (S2E21) and right after they are interrupted (again) i manage to pause it on this…

Wellers hand and Janes face… omg you guys.
Kurt be all like “Dudes, seriously? You are BREAKING the Bro code!
I was finally getting some face time with this gorgeous woman! Get lost!

Texts Between Bros- Brocode Edition

Elias: Yo

Yousef: hey man. what’s up?

It actually took me half a second to realize that this wasn’t the gc

Elias: yeah sorry just didn’t think they needed to be a part of this convo and it’s kinda awkward in person

Yousef: well now I’m nervous lol

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Elias: nah man don’t be. its nothing bad

just like


Yousef: …is she okay?

Elias: shes fine. literally watching her sing in the kitchen with chocolate smeared on her mouth. 

she looks ridiculous

Yousef: :’D she singing ed sheeran?

Elias: wtf? idk

is there anything going on with you and Sana

Yousef: i don’t get what you mean

Elias: idk i just think that she’s really young and you know… she’s my sister. It’d be weird if you and her were to… idk get together or whatever.

Yousef: i mean, she’s 17. and smart. and her own person

Elias: dude that’s not the point

Yousef: ….are you warning me off Sana?

Elias: do I need to?


“H-He really.... He really...”

If you didn’t like the chapter then FIGHT ME

Haha kidding! Finallyyyy! Here’s the link for The Keys of Fire chapter 41

//I’m telling you I was squealing the whole time. As in the WHOLE time. I sounded like a tortured pig omg.

Always Been You // Damien Haas

For anonymous

Warnings: Swear words and bullying and shit

Pairing: Damien Haas x Reader (gender neutral {there’s one female pronoun in all of this, sorry about that but idk how else to word it})

Word Count: 1,273


From the moment you met her, you knew that you would be destined to dislike each other. After all, it was apparent that both of you liked the same guy, although you didn’t know if she had ulterior motives. You knew to keep your distance from Damien, because you wanted him to be happy in his relationships, but it was by pure coincidence that you were going over a script with Damien when she came to see him, which made you regret talking to him in the first place.

“Hey, babe! I just thought I’d visit you at work and see how you’re doing!” She cheered in an over-enthusiastic tone, although that quickly changed as she stared you down. “Who’s this?”

“Oh, this is one of my coworkers, Y/N.” Damien smiled at you both, unaware of the tension surrounding the two of you. “Y/N, this is my girlfriend.”

“Hi, I’m Lydia.” She stuck out her hand and you hesitantly shook it, as her nails dug into your hand as a type of warning.

“How about you two ladies chat for a bit while I go grab something.” The moment he left, she turned hostile.

“I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but if you know what’s good for you you’ll stay away from my boyfriend, slut.” You stared, wide-eyed.

“Excuse me?” You managed to say in disbelief.

“You heard me. Don’t think I don’t see you trying to steal my boyfriend like the whore you are.” She growled, and you felt tears prick your eyes.

“I’m not trying to steal your boyfriend.” You muttered and quickly walked in the opposite direction you saw Damien coming from, hiding behind a wall to hear their conversation.

“Hey, why’d Y/N leave so quickly? Did you two become friends?” You scoffed, as if.

“Oh, she said she had urgent business she had to take care of, but we’re totally friends now!” How easily she lied made you want to throw up.

“That’s awesome! Here, let me give you her number.” You almost cried right then and there.

You didn’t feel like getting up anymore. What was the point if all you got was being tortured by Damien’s stupid girlfriend while he was unaware. Fans had started to notice your absence in videos, and so did most of your coworkers, but you didn’t care, it wasn’t like you were getting out of bed anytime soon. Making sure to call into work, you stared at the ceiling wondering what the hell your problem was, why did this stranger make your life hell.

It only got worse when she found your private instagram. She continously sent messages about how fat and ugly you were and how much no one would miss you if you were to kill yourself. Everything made you feel like shit. Ignoring several calls from those around the office, you cried as long as you could, just wishing you had someone to be there for you. In most cases, it would be Damien. He was your best friend after all, but it was like he didn’t even care anymore with Lydia around.

When there was a loud knock on your door, you quieted your sobbing and tried to wipe away the tears with a tissue, knowing it wouldn’t work. You came face to face with Shayne when you opened the door, and as soon as you saw him, you were pulled into a hug as you started to sob into his shirt.

“Hey, shh, shh.” He quietly calmed you down and led you towards your couch where you detached yourself from him and grabbed another tissue. “Wanna tell me what’s going on? You haven’t replied to any of us and we got worried.”

“I just… what am I doing wrong? Why does she hate me?” You asked in sadness.

“You’re not doing anything wrong, Y/N. Who hates you?” He spoke calmly.

“Damien’s bitch of a girlfriend, Lydia.” You told him and gave him your phone to look through your messages. “It’s like she made it her sole mission to just make me feel like absolute shit.”

“Have you told Damien about this, Y/N? I mean, I’ve always disliked her, but this is just absolute bullshit, what does he see in her?”

“I can’t tell Damien, Shayne. He’s happy with her, I’m not going to get in the way of that.” You told him, sighing as you finally stopped crying.

“But he’s not happy, Y/N.” Shayne told you, and you stared at him confused.


“I shouldn’t be telling you this because of the bullshit brocode or whatever, but Damien told me a few weeks ago that he liked you, but didn’t think you liked him back.” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing.

“That fucking idiot. Of course I like him, I always have.” You laughed, despite the situation. “But now he’s with Lydia, and I can’t do anything.”

“Show Damien the messages, Y/N. Tell him the truth, and maybe things will work out then.” You hugged him.

“When did you get so smart?” You teased.

“I’m not, maybe everyone else is just too stupid.” He joked and you smiled through teary eyes.

“Thank you, Shayne.”

“Anything for you. Now go get your man!”

Walking back into the office was a task in itself. Everyone wanted to chat with you and ask you about why you didn’t come in for a few days, but you just politely brushes them off, only looking for one person in particular. When he saw you, he stopped what he was doing and rushed towards you, pulling you into a giant hug, where you slowly returned it.

“Hey, what happened? Shayne said he stopped by your place but won’t tell me what went on.” He questioned you as you tried to piece together what you were going to say.

“Um, I don’t know how to say this really, but something happened. Something with Lydia.” You managed to get out, as he turned his head in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“Well… I think it’s probably better for you to just look for yourself.” You opened your messages and handed you phone over to him, watching him read the conversations.

“She did this to you?” He said angrily, and you nodded hesitantly.

“Yeah. One more thing… Shayne mentioned something else. I don’t know if it’s true or not but…”

“What is it?”

“He said that you liked me.”

“That bastard.” Damien huffed.

“Is it true?” You asked, hoping with every fibre of your being that it was.

“Well, yeah. But I know you don’t like me back so-”

“You idiot!” You cut him off.

“What?” He said in total confusion.

Making a split decision choice that would either greatly benefit you, or make you regret every day you had left living, you tugged on his shirt and pulled him down towards you and kissed him. A gesture which was very in the moment, and you knew it was only a matter of time before you messed everything up.

“Woah.” Was all he said.

“Seriously? I show you that I have feelings for you and that’s all you have to say?” You teased.

“Oh god, sorry. No, um… do you want to be my girlfriend?” You laughed and shook your head.

“How about you break up with one before you ask out another, you player.” He nodded and smiled lazily.

“I’ll be back, and I’ll bring flowers!” He shouted as he ran away from you.

“Well wasn’t that dramatic.” You turned to see Shayne standing nearby.

“He better bring me some good looking flowers.”

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yoonjin moments compilation - bon voyage edition

as requested by anon a few weeks ago asking me to do a compilation for yoonjin from bon voyage, so here i go again with another words vomit.

WARNING: things are not in order but i hope you’ll still get my point, super long post, overflowing domestic feels ahead, might give you chronic cavities

ps: i didn’t made this post for antis to read so if you don’t like yoonjin, you better skip this. but if you’re curious enough, don’t tell me i didn’t warn you :)

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Feel the Laughter

A/N: Based off of this prompt. Hope you like it Nonie!

There was absolutely nothing better than being able to see…well, feel, color. It was the most breathtaking experience in Iggy’s life. Iggy had three favorite colors; red, blue, and orange. Red was warm, sometimes hot to the touch. Blue was cool, feeling wet most of the time. And orange was so bright, lighting up everything around and pulsating happiness and cheer. Out of those three, Iggly loved orange the most. Each color felt different and it was very easy to differentiate between each color now. The Flock was more than happy to allow Iggy free reign to touch them in order to strengthen this new skill.

Iggy was clutching a bright orange mug at the moment, brimming with hot chocolate from Dr. Martinez. Max’s mom was always well stocked with food and drinks. Angel and Nudge were in their room, probably working on a plan for world domination. Gazzy was asleep on the couch, his head in Max’s lap and their leader was carding her fingers through the younger’s hair. It was sweet. And Fang was in his room, still avoiding Max like the plague. Iggy couldn’t help but sigh loudly, Max and Fang were like a married couple already so he didn’t know why they (mainly Max, let’s be honest) were so damn stubborn about their feelings for one another.

Iggy downed the rest of his hot chocolate and grabbed a bag of chips, then headed to Fang’s room. Fang didn’t talk much to anyone, but he would talk to Iggy because they were brothers and best friends. It was part of the brocode or something, Iggy was sure. Iggy didn’t waste time with knocking and he launched himself on the bed, (dark grey sheets and comforter, they felt like melting snow) landing right next to Fang.

“Iggy.” Fang greeted.

“Broodster.” Iggy replied, ignoring the exasperation in Fang’s voice.

“M’not brooding.”

Iggy snorted. “Yeah, and I’m not blind.”

Fang said nothing, but grabbed a couple of chips when Iggy held the bag out to him. The bag was blue and had bits of yellow and white on it. Iggy couldn’t help but grin as he ate, reveling in the fact he could see.

“What’re you so happy about?” Fang asked.

“The bag of chips is blue and yellow and white and your sheets are dark grey.”

“Yes they are.”

“And your aura is black, like your soul.”

“I’m rolling my eyes Iggy.” Fang muttered, but Iggy could hear the small smile in his voice.

“Twenty bucks says you’re wearing a black shirt too,” said Iggy. “You’re so predictable.” He added as he reached over and felt for Fang’s shirt. Fang tried to twist away as Iggy’s fingers brushed against his ribs as he grabbed for Fang’s shirt. It was black alright, it felt like the air during the fall at night. But black didn’t have a sound, so why did Iggy hear a squawk?

“Did you just make a noise?” Iggy asked, sitting up.

“No.” Fang immediately denied.

“Yes you did, you like…screeched. Like a real bird.”

“I did not screech.”

Iggy reached over and brushed against Fang’s ribs once more, checking for injury. “You’re not hurt are you?”

“No! Get ohoff!” Fang pushed at Iggy’s hands and suddenly a light bulb went off in Iggy’s mind.

“Holy mutated bird kid, Batman! You’re ticklish!”

“Am not!”

“You are so ticklish!” Iggy cackled, quickly pinning Fang down and digging his fingers into the (only slightly) older boy’s sides.

“Iggy!” Fang shouted before he promptly shut his mouth. Iggy knew that Fang would do whatever it took to keep from laughing, but Iggy didn’t care. Fang could try all he wanted to keep his dignity in tact, but it was no use because Iggy didn’t stop.

“Oh man, wait until I tell the others!”

“No! Stahap!” Fang growled, although he didn’t sound very threatening at all, what with the panting and escaping giggles.

“Where’re you most ticklish?” Iggy asked, moving his fingers from Fang’s sides to his ribs.


It didn’t take much longer for Fang to finally crack. Less than ten seconds later and Fang was outright laughing, deep, belly laughs that Iggy had never heard from him before.

“Oh man! This is too precious!” Iggy teased.

“Iggy, plehehehease!” Fang begged.

“Okay, so ribs are obviously a good spot. What about your stomach?” Iggy moved his hands lower and clawed at Fang’s stomach. Fang did his best to try and suck in his stomach, but it was no use. Iggy was ruthless, using his wings to keep Fang’s hands out of his way and switching from poking to clawing to wiggling his fingers all over the sensitive skin.

Iggy thoroughly researched Fang’s ticklish spots. As soon as Iggy catalogued Fang’s torso, his stomach and ribs were easily the most ticklish, he moved to his underarms. Fang let out a shriek of laughter and clamped his down as tight to his body as he could get. Iggy was not deterred of course, and simply dug in harder.


“You know, I bet your wings are like, terribly ticklish.” Iggy commented and then wriggled his fingers all over the black, downy feathers.

And Fang screeched.


Iggy cackled like a mad man as he continued wiggling his fingers on the ligaments and scratching at the feathers. Fang was fighting harder than ever and he managed to flip over and try to crawl away on his stomach, which was a mistake because Iggy used it as an opportunity to tickle the joint where wing met back. Fang was begging and pleading, tears coming out of his eyes, or at least Iggy figured tears were coming out of his eyes.

“Holy crow, Fang’s ticklish?!”

Iggy turned and grinned at Gazzy. “Wickedly ticklish.”


“Try his knees next.” A new voice said, passing by the door.


“Thanks Max,” Iggy called. “Wanna help Gazzy?”

“Oh yeah.”

Fang laughed and laughed and laughed consistently for the next hour. Iggy could feel the difference in Fang now, even though his brother punched him rather hard in his shoulder. Fang had promised retribution, but Iggy knew it would be worth it when it came around. Especially because even though Fang was wearing a black shirt, Iggy could see nothing but orange surrounding him.

How Charming

I tried to fit in everything to one chapter but it’d be way too long and I doubt I’d have gotten it done tonight so I split them and I’m working on the ficlet btw there’ll be a little surprise in it for you Dev. Did I mention that watching boys drink is kind of a turn-on for me?

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

After waking up and pulling on some clothes you realised you needed to take out the trash. You sighed as you tied the garbage bag and headed out to dispose it.

Much to your embarrassment, you ran into Erica on the way back. She was clad in one of Boyd’s t-shirts and she smirked at you knowingly.

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anonymous asked:

Me. heterosexual male. 21 yo.have a male bestfriend who I dearly love. it is not in a sexual way. I am close to my friends so I hug and kiss them. Other men get real offensive when they realise how close we are. Idc jealousy. against the brocode?


if you dont think nishinoya and tanaka get into intense debates about beyonce vs. niki minaj with oikawa and kuroo while simultaneously dragging everyone on their teams into their war ur living the wrong life my brocode

Exo react to Baek and Chen liking the same girl but instead she likes Chanyeol~

Omo if you ask this nicely, of course!^_^

Here goes! And thx for requesting anon !

I’m going to try a different style for this request :)


‘’Wait wait wait wait wait! You like Y/N!? But I liked her first! I thought we’re friends?! Don’t you know anything about the brocode?!’’

Chen: ‘’Say what? I was the first one to like her!! Not you!’’

Tao: ‘’Wait what… you both like Y/N?’’

Chanyeol: ‘’Everyone knew that already Tao…’

Tao: ‘’Why didn’t anyone let me in on this!?’’

D.O: ‘’Ugh, now we have to deal with two hormone driven beagles, oh joy.’’

BK&Chen: ‘’YA!!!’’

Kai: ‘’ But didn’t she already say she likes someone else?’’

Exo: ‘’?!WHO?! WHO DOES SHE LIKE!?’’

Kai: ‘’Ahh uhm…uh..shiet what to do’’

Kris: ‘’It’s obvious isn’t it?’’

Exo: ‘’Just… don’t..’’


*Not interested in the conversation and fell asleep after a short while.*

Luhan: ‘’Didn’t she confess to Chanyeol-ah..?’’

‘’She what?’’


‘’Shit Luhan why did you tell them, they’re going to kill me now. Oh my god. I’m so getting revenge for this.’’

Sehun: *Can’t wait for what’s going to happen next* ‘’This is going to be gold.’’

Suho: ‘’Gurl said what?!’’ *Totally knew it*


BK: ‘’Well I can understand why she fell for him, he’s perfect and ugh just so awesome, BUT I’m more gorgeous than him. Chanyeol-ah you better run for your life.’’

Chen: ‘’Yea man get ready and take it like a man.’’

CY: ‘’Wa-wait why are you teaming up against me?! I’m innocent!! I don’t have a thing for her!!’’


*Hears screeching noises and screams from the far distance and someone shouting for help.*

‘’Oh well, not my problem.’’


*Chanyeol as Luhan and the glorious face he made, after Chen and Baekhyun got him.*

Baekhyun & Chen: ‘’Don’t mess with us.’’

D.O: ‘’ Why are we staring into the camera like this?’’

Baek: ‘’Shush, no one has to know.’’

Lol idk this is weird XDDD But I thought it would fit best for this request haha I hope you like it anon !^_^

I make EXO and BTS reactions! My ASKBOXX is OPEN again :D