the british do comedy better than americans

anonymous asked:

Hi, totally random, but your reblog of the This Morning interview made me curious. I'm American too, and I feel like the Harry Styles we see in British Interviews is much more laid back and open than the Harry Styles we see in American interviews. Do you notice this too? Just thought it was interesting.

oh that is interesting!  i hadn’t really noticed, but it makes sense to me that it might be that way.  First of all, @100percentsassy sometimes talk about how it seems like in general, the british are raised to be better at banter than we are.  Like, they have all those great panel shows and the comedy is a little different. So, I can see it being some kind of subconscious thing where he feels even more like “i know the jokes to make!  I know how this interaction will go!” while he’s there.  

I mean, there’s just something about being home!!  Home, where you know what it’s like!