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Are there any shows or movies you guys are looking forward to in 2017? :)


I’m really looking forward to see Hidden Figures (released so late in here, 24th February!), Dunkirk (I’m not a fan of war movies, but I’m curious at Nolan’s take as a director and also because it’s not that common - at least I think so - to see American directors making a II WW movie that’s not about USA involvement, so double my curiosity!), Murder on the Orient Express (I love Agatha Christie’s books and this one is one of the best, also Kennet Branagh as Poirot… strange, but might work? I have to see it!), Loving Vincent (I’m really proud that this project was co-created by a Polish woman, but I’m also interested of the final effect of fully painted movie, and because it’s Van Gogh). As for TV shows, Britannia (mostly because it will explore a period that is very rarely seen in period dramas), Still Star-Crossed (I love the concept of telling a story from a minor character’s point of view, and I’m excited about the casting), Feud (the cast! the premise!) and a Polish show called Belle Epoque (Polish period drama that is not set during one of the wars? unheard of! joking ofc). I’m so sorry if this got long! - Eliza

I’m watching Hidden Figures this weekend, and I’m really excited! I’m also looking forward to see Their Finest (I love the premise, Lone Scherfig’s directing skills and the trailer left me wanting more), My Cousin Rachel (I haven’t read the original novel, but the plot sounds really intriging), and Murder on the Orient Express (’cause I’m a sucker for Agatha Cristie, honestly). And regarding Tv Shows, I’m really excited about Harlots (the all female directors and the promise of seeing everything from the prostitutes’ point of view sounds amazing, and, honestly, pretty refreshing), Feud: Bette and Joan (I was excited since I heard it was happening; but after the first teasers and seeing Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange in costume? Just give it to me), Z: The Beginning of Everything (I think Zelda Fitzgerald is a fascinating figure, and her life would make an amazing tv show, honestly; I watched the pilot and I was convinced, so now I really want to see the rest - and just hope Amazon will have a little more of patience and won’t kill it without giving it a chance, like they did with Good Girls Revolt), I have a lot of hope on Cable Girls (Las chicas del cable), the first Spanish production for Netflix: set in the 20s and focused on female characters, it sounds promising. I’m also intrigued about The Miniaturist (it might end up being a 2018 show, tho) and Still Star-Crossed (like Eliza, I think the idea of having a story as well-known as Romeo and Juliet from secondary characters is so appealing, I really want to see how it works out, it looks really promising.) - María

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ancients most embarassing moments as childs

Britannia: I wanted to cut my hair one time, cuz it was getting longer, but then I accidentally shaved part of it off… it was horrible considered it was almost winter!!

China: I almost peed myself when Greece showed me a very detailed drawing of Cerberus… 

Iberia: I remembered I befriended this turtle with Carthage. One time the turtle feel into a lake, and I spent the next seconds crying my eyes out and screaming because I thought it died~

Rome: … the time when I thought Britannia was pretty… that was weirddddd

Ancient Greece: when I thought Persia was a friend… 

Ancient Egypt: I was caught in the flood of the Nile River, and I had to come back home covered in mud. 

Carthage: now that I think about it, I used to ask my sister for piggy-back rides because I didn’t want to walk on the hot ground… 

Gaul: I once tried to help Belgae learn to swim… in the end, I was the one who needed help from drowning in a pond…

Germania: … I got lost in the forest one day, and so everyone had to come and find me… 

Scandia: hmmmmm… nope, couldn’t think a thing!

Aestii: I had woodland creatures sleep on my head because it was as fluffy as a nest… and some even pooped… 

  • person: i hate you
  • me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • person: i hate your favorite character
  • me: (ง'̀-'́)ง

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Is it normal to sleep next to a sword every night or is that just me

Britannia: what? You mean not a lot of people do that??? Odd…

Rome: the fuck- how are you supposed to be comfortable like that???

Germania: as long as you and your sword are safe, comfort isn’t at most important.

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¡¡JESUS CHRIST!! i just found the awesome reincarnaition of prussia!! just put this "imagens-wp/2014/02/jp0004-500x331" in your google image search and you will see :3, also ancients reacts to this, specially germania x3

Germania: … that’s adorable… 

Britannia: awwww, I remembered how Prussia was this cute!! 

Rome: … he was??

China: to be honest I thought you were going to put the devil or Guzma… but that works…

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