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Prompt: Beca comes out to her father, it doesn't go well. Chloe is there to comfort her.

“What… what are you saying Beca?” Her dad said, putting his glass down with a forced air of calm.

Beca’s eyes stayed fixed on her un-touched plate of food.

“I’m bi,” she said. “And… and there’s a girl I like. A girl I want to date.”

She heard a sigh and she looked up to see her dad pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Why do you have to do things like this? Why can’t you just…” he let out a huff of frustration.

“Just what, dad? Be normal?”

“Well, yes! What’s so wrong with that? You say you’re… bi or whatever which means you like boys too right? So why can’t you just date that Jesse kid? He seems nice,” he said. He sounded exasperated. Like Beca was doing this to annoy him. He’d had the same reaction when she’d told him she thought she might be depressed.

“Why does it matter? I don’t like Jesse like that. Why can’t I date a person I actually like?” Beca said.

“It’s just… it’s always something with you! You can’t do anything normal. And now when people ask me who my daughter is dating, I have to tell them you’re dating a girl? And deal with all their comments and jokes?”

“If it makes it easier,” Beca said, standing up, “just tell them you don’t have a daughter.”

She managed to leave her dad’s house and climb into her car before she started crying.

She didn’t know what she’d expected, but she’d hoped he’d be okay with it.

She wiped her eyes on the back of her hand and drove back to the Bellas house.

She was met with the usual level of noise for a Friday night, but she didn’t have the energy to pretend to be okay. So she slipped upstairs to her room while the rest of the girls argued about which movie to watch.

She’d only been back for about half an hour when she heard the gentle knock on her door.

“Come in,” Beca said. She knew who it would be, and she wasn’t surprised when Chloe came in and sat down on her bed beside her.

“How did it go?” Chloe asked. She had been the only person Beca had told that she was going to come out to her dad.

Beca just shook her head. “He doesn’t get it. He thinks I’m doing it deliberately to be different. To be difficult.”

“I’m sorry Becs,” she said.

“It’s okay. I know what he’s like, I knew he wouldn’t be cool with this.”

“That doesn’t make it okay. You deserve to be accepted for the awesome, beautiful, person you are,” Chloe said, squeezing her hand.

Beca smiled before resting her head on Chloe’s shoulder.

“Hey Chlo’?”


“Would you like to go on a date with me?”

“I’d love to.”

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Angst scenario with Kise where he has a clingy and insecure s/o who often needs to be assured that she's loved, but Kise is the type who doesn't want to be tied down, but he stays because he knows she's going to be broken if he leaves her.

“Are you sure there’s nothing bothering you?”

Kise couldn’t stop the sigh from leaving his lips, the sound just a touch annoyed. He tried not to set his gaze in your direction, knowing that if he did, there would be a slight glare to his look. Pinching the bridge of his nose, feigning a slight headache, he tried his best to sound evenly toned when he answered.

“I already told you,” he started off slow, voice calm. “I’m fine ____cchi.”

“I just want to make sure,” you responded quietly. He could hear the dejection in your voice and it irked him a little.

When had you become this dependent on his reassurance? Kise didn’t remember you always being like this. It had been cute the first couple of times and Kise would always answer you with a smile and sweet words, but now it had started to become exasperating. Couldn’t you tell the very same questions you were asking were the things pushing him farther away?

What did you want from him?

“I love you,” you said after a while, out of the blue like it usually was.

“I love you, too, ____.” Neither of you mentioned how he’d dropped the cutesy honorific.

When had it become a lie?

Vas: “We’re going to have to put someone either under or close to the bridge to light the gunpowder we’ll be hiding down there.”

Aracelli: “I could light the fuse with an arrow.”

DM OOC: “…Roll a Diplomacy check–”

Taber: “Vas? I would like to point out that Aracelli was the one who cut the noose that had been around your neck. With an arrow.”

Vas: “…You know what? Good point. She has my vote, guys.”

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Mute!Bones AU. Everything is the similar. Jim has known Bones for the longest and doesn't even need sign language. Uhura is the fastest at signing. All of the nurses in Med-bay can translate Bones' angry signing. Spock just started constantly using touch telepathy because he's done being insulted by a second party.

Imagine Bones having ‘a look’ which everyone knows to mean ‘it’s time for your physical, get your ass to medbay NOW.’

Sometimes he goes to the bridge and just starts glaring everyone down, as one by one they leave to go check in with Chapel.

It had been going on for weeks. After the inspection by his father, Ren had begun to harass Hux almost daily. The knight would sweep close to him, lean over, and whisper into his ear. Stupid, worthless words like ‘you’ve done well, you’re better than him,’ and worst of all: ‘you’re perfect.’ It wasn’t long before Hux snapped.

The next time the knight came near him, he turned, shoving Ren away violently before he had a chance to speak. “Stop!”

Ren tilted his head, Hux could tell he wore a confused expression under the mask. “What am I-”

“Stop patronizing me.” Hux stepped back, further distancing himself from Ren. “I do my duty, I don’t need your false compliments!” He was yelling now. You’ve made me sink to your level, he thought at Ren.

The outburst baffled Kylo. He thought that, after years of being put down by his father, Houx would enjoy having someone recognize his efforts, acknowledge when he did well. “I thought…” He stuttered out.

Clenching his fists he decided to go on the offensive. “You always preach about getting stronger, gaining more power. If you’re truly powerful you don’t need other people to verify your self worth!” Hux shook, blinking back tears that had started to burn at his eyes. “I am a general of the First Order! I don’t need you to validate me! I don’t need you!” I don’t need anyone. He spun and walked briskly to his own quarters, just barely resisting the urge to break into a sprint.

The instant the door sealed behind him he slid down the wall, furiously wiping at his eyes, refusing to let himself cry. You may not need it, but you want it, a voice inside him insisted. It feels good to know that other people see you

Hux shook his head, shouting down such childish thoughts in a voice that sounded suspiciously like his father’s. It’s never going to happen. There’s no point wanting something if there isn’t a chance in hell that you’re going to get it. He took a breath and pulled himself off the floor, yanking his uniform firmly into place before heading to the bridge.