the bride of frankenstien


A little short side thing to show off her Nightmare Night costume I’ve had a few asks about cx and the idea thanks to likeable pony~!

Bride of Frankenstien ftw! Based her look off the original Bride of Frankie its plain but fits ~ the chest scar is the real one. I really need to get some zzz’s i’ll have her leaving the hospital tomm. ASAP and i’ll open the ask box again now.

aparigraha  asked:

What are your favorite fall/halloween themed movies? And do you have any great halloween costume ideas?

ahahha YAYYY I love these questions!

Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween Town

Hocus Pocus

Trick R’ Treat

Practical Magic

Pan’s Labyrinth


Beetle Juice

The Village

Little Princess

28 Days later

Series of Unfortunate Events

ALL Harry Potter Eyes

The Conjuring

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Corpse Bride

Donnie Darko

Return to Oz



House of The Devil


CostumesMoonrise Kingdom Characters

The Sanderson Sisters

Morton’s Salt Girl

Marcaline Vampire Queen

professor trelawney

Silent Film Characters

Marry Poppins

Ramona Flowers


Corpse Bride

Margot Tenenbaum

Mia Wallace



Sleep Hallow

Young Frankenstien


The Crow

James and The Giant Peach