the bride mask


Okay so like this is my first time actually putting lots of effort into a cosplay, and I’m proud that I made this shit from scratch. (No joke, I made the original “framework” out of pieces of a cereal box, masking tape, and aluminum foil.)

I’m hoping to start really developing some nifty techniques and start challenging myself with more elaborate projects for cons.

Chise Hatori and Elias Ainsworth will see y'all at ACEN ‘17. 🙂

Hanna Ulvan as the Mirror Bride, from her Instagram:

Caption reads “Bare 10 föreställninger kvar med den här bruden”, which is a pun as brud in Swedish both literaly means bride, but it’s also slang for “chick”. So it can mean “Only 10 performances left with this bride” or “Only 10 performances left with this chick”.

knappl replied to your post “how………………… embarrassing would it be……………… if i drew a genyatta…”

But it’s a good idea

@knappl you know what

you’re absolutely right


What should I say? I love crossovers so much X3

I had this idea when I was sketching something of Villainous with an animated villains songs playlist on youtube then “Mother knows best” from Tangled started to play and my mind did the rest ^w^U

Choosing Black Hat clothes was hard but I liked how they turned out. I took a inspiration from Westley from the movie “The princess bride” to do Flug’s mask. Pascal here is Demencia’s hat but alive

I’ll definitely make more drawings about this AU; besides, I really love Flugmencia so I can’t leave this concept just like that. Okay, I hope you like it and sorry if my English sucks