the brest fortress

Ok first off. Go fucking watch this because i found the full movie on youtube for free. Second, its a Russian war movie so yeah read the subtitles you lazy person. Reading is good for you. Anyways The Brest Fortress. Very intense war movie about a Russians defending a fortress from there German invaders. It is a very lengthy movie, about more then 2 hours worth so yeah you’re doing alot of reading. Like any war movie it is very graphic and gut clinching. Seeing hundreds of civilians being shot, seeing a tank crunch over there dead bodies. Seeing the sick and wounded be burned alive. So yes this is a Russian movie. A lot of bad things happened to the Russians during WW2. Technically speaking they did alot of the hard work and lost more soldiers and civilians then all of the other country’s fighting in the war. For ever 1 American soldier that died in the war is equal to 23 Russian soldiers dying….Back to the movie. It does have its satisfying battle scenes and tense moments that can decide the fate of the many lives. I even liked the little love story they added in between two kids and another older Russian worker with his love interest. Of course like any other foriegn film ive watched i understand that i dont understand the culture they have. So i personally tried to look past it all. Again this is a very sad, death filled movie. You will see a lot of dead bodies. A lot of heroic fighting and a lot of heroic moments. I did honestly feel pride for these amazing actors in the end who filled in the shoes of these commanders during the battle. I felt like they did and exciting job. It was a little slow to get used to, but you get a hang of it after a while. The Brest Fortress is a very good war movie that i’d recommend to anyone. 8/10