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New Years Eve: Also Known As How Marinette Broke Chat

So, this ridiculously fluffy piece is my gift to @mr-hawkmoth, as a thank you for all the amazing pieces they right and things they post! :D You are really awesome, and I think you should get more love! Sorry for how poorly written this is, but I hope you enjoy it! ;) Pairing is MariChat, with a bit of reverse lovesquare at the end XD

“You know, you’re kinda becoming a stalker, kid.”

Adrien glared at his kwami, the tips of his ears burning red with embarrassment as he lingered in the shadows of the statue of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

It was New Years Eve, and his father had been called away on pressing business the day after Christmas, meaning Adrien had been alone for most of the week. Normally, he would have been taking advantage of this sudden freedom, but Nino, the only friend he was close enough with to actually call up at a moment’s notice, had already left town to go and visit his grandparents in the countryside. While so many of his schoolmates had shown up to celebrate Christmas with him, not once had he really spent time with any of them outside of the presence of his best friend, aside from Chloe.

At one point he almost thought about calling her, only to remember that the last time he’d spent New Years with her, he’d had to hide in the men’s restroom at the hotel when midnight struck just to avoid having to kiss her. Adrien wasn’t oblivious, he knew how she felt about him, but he also knew that while her friendship with him was genuine, her pursuit of him was shallow at best. No way was he going to encourage any misunderstandings this year just because he was lonely. Thus, he had been wandering around the city as Chat Noir, trying to distract himself from the ceaseless boredom that had been plaguing him, when he had found himself headed towards the bakery by the school.


An image of the spunky girl who sat behind him at school flashed through his mind, and Chat felt his heart lighten immediately. She had been kind enough to make him a beautiful hat for Christmas this year, and even though it hadn’t been fixed with Ladybug’s miraculous, Adrien had really been touched by the amount of time and thought she had put into it. Honestly, he had been quite disappointed when he realized that her gift to him had been destroyed entirely, and hadn’t been able to even thank her for it yet as a result. Landing in the park, strategically out of sight behind the statue dedicated to Ladybug and himself, Chat debated with himself.

I mean, I do need to thank her… plus, her family was so welcoming the last time I was over. And maybe we could play some video games! I have been practicing— maybe this time I could actually beat her!’

Mind made up, he released his transformation, and had been in the middle of explaining things to Plagg when he heard her voice from across the street.

“Don’t worry mom, I’ll be careful,” Marinette called cheerfully, a box with the bakery’s name stamped on the side carefully balanced on her hip. “It’s only a few blocks, I’ll be back before you know it!”

And so he found himself hesitating, watching as she headed off along the sidewalk to make what was probably a delivery to someone.

Leave it to Plagg to find a way to turn the innocent circumstances into opportunity to tease him. Although… maybe stalking Marinette wasn’t such a bad idea. It was already close to midnight, and the direction she was headed was not well lit at the moment, making a lone girl easy prey for unsavory individuals. Decision made, he transformed once more and chased after her, surprised to realize that while he had been debating on what to do she had managed to vanish from his sight.

By the time he did catch up to her, the direction she was headed became pretty clear, and Chat felt himself frown in confusion.

Why is she headed to my house?’

Concealing himself behind a tree, he watched as she approached the locked gates to the mansion’s compound and pressed the intercom button. He felt a little bad for not being inside to answer her, but his instincts were urging him to keep her in sight, and so he watched as she shifted nervously from foot to foot, waiting for an answer that wasn’t going to come. She tried the intercom a few more times, and as the minutes ticked by with no response, her face dropped into a frown.

Great,’ he thought with a hint of sarcasm, ‘I’ve upset her.’

Shoulders slumping, Chat watched as she pressed her face into the gaps between the bars, looking for something that she apparently didn’t find. Body drooping with apparent defeat, the girl turned to go back the way she had come, but this time her pace was much slower.

Chat waited until she’d put some distance between them before he started to follow her again, this time on foot. Ducking from shadow to shadow, his thoughts raced. Why had she come over to his place with a delivery from the bakery? Did she get the address wrong? Why had she looked so upset? Did she think he had called in a crank order and then just not answered? Anxiety bubbled around his heart at the thought of another misunderstanding coming between them, especially after she’d been nice enough to give him a Christmas gift when none of his other friends had.

So distracted was he by his own thoughts, it took him a moment to realize he could no longer see Marinette in front of him. When it finally registered, he froze, eyes darting around to try and see where she had disappeared. Unease crept over him as he vaulted up to the nearest building, head whipping back and forth trying to locate movement. Unfortunately, even with his night vision, Chat couldn’t find a trace of her. Twisting around to retrace his steps, concern turning into panic, he was almost to the next roof when he heard them.

A group of voices, distinctly male.

And one rather annoyed female voice.

It had come from the alley around the other side of the building, and he quickly made his way to the edge of the roof. Looking down, he could see Marinette blocked into the darkened breezeway by 3 men. Sharp eyes taking in every detail, he noticed the leering expressions on their faces as they looked at the girl, and could smell the liquor coming off of them from where he crouched, ready to move if need be. Disgust choking him as he practically read their intentions, Chat couldn’t help but glance back at Marinette’s face, to see how she was handling the situation. Her expression made him want to flinch back, pure fury radiating from every line of her body.

Apparently, the males below were to dense to read the situation, and Chat listened as the one directly in front of his friend rasped suggestively, “Seriously babe, it’s almost midnight- don’t you want luck in love for the new year?”

“Yeah, and with three of us…” another one slurred, eyeing her like a piece of meat.

“…we can guarantee you’ll get lucky.” The last one finished the vulgar innuendo while moving uncomfortably closer to her, hand reaching out to grab her.

Oh hell no. Chat felt time slow to a crawl as the lecherous hand drew closer to Marinette, outrage and fear suffusing every fiber of his being. Moving on pure reflex, the need to protect the girl below from harm driving him forward, the outraged super hero could only think of one thing as he landed quietly behind the drunkards.

He was going to break that hand.

Before he could follow through on that thought though, a loud crack followed by a shriek of pain echoed around them. Emerald eyes widened in surprise as the man who had been reaching for the seemingly helpless young girl dropped to his knees, his now broken hand still clenched firmly by the not-so-distressed damsel.

His friends were equally frozen, but shook it off much more quickly than Chat could. Both lunged for her at the same time, growled curses and insults spilling from their vile mouths. Marinette, still holding the injured hand of the leader, ducked a wild swing from one while simultaneously bringing her foot up to slam into the throat of the other. Off balanced, the first stumbled to the ground, his own momentum and inebriated state leaving him kissing nothing but concrete, while the second fell backwards, clutching at his throat as he gasped for breath.

Fury still spilling from every inch of her, the girl wasted no time ins turning on the hapless brute behind her, who had yet to regain his bearings and had barely managed to roll over. Finally releasing the leader from her iron grip, the deceptively petit Marinette swung her leg out once more, this time whipping in a full revolution that had her foot making contact with both men’s jaws in quick succession.

Both fell to the ground, unconscious, while the third was still wheezing for air, eyes wide and fearful as he watched how easily she dispatched his buddies. When she finally looked back in his direction, the man squeaked in terror, quickly getting to his feet and running past Chat and into the night.

For his part, Chat Noir could only stare in amazement, heart thumping in his chest. He hadn’t moved an inch, his eyes wide and jaw hanging open as she effortlessly took down her attackers. Not only had Marinette not needed him, Chat was pretty sure she hadn’t even noticed him. Even now, she had yet to look up at him, and instead had made her way over to the side of the alley bending down to collect something he hadn’t noticed when he first came upon them.

The box.

Pastries and candies spilled out in various directions on the ground from where the box looked to have been thrown against the wall. Chat watched her pick up a half-crushed macaroon, anger fading to be replaced with…

“Don’t cry, Princess,” he murmured, the sight of her tears urging him into action finally. She jumped upon hearing his voice, blue eyes flashing towards him as he knelt beside her.

“Chat Noir…?”

He ignored the question in her voice, instead asking, “What were you doing out this late?”

She had stopped crying, but at his question her expression twisted once more with sadness. Her gaze dropped back down to the ruined sweets below and she shrugged.

“I have this friend and… well, I found out earlier that he’s spending New Year’s Eve alone. So I wanted to take him some treats, and…” she replied, a light flush to her cheeks as she avoided looking at him.

“…and see if maybe he wanted some company.”

Chat felt his heart stutter within his chest even as he kept his expression neutral. That’s why she had gone to his house. Sweet, thoughtful, awkward Marinette had been thinking of him, gone through all this trouble for him, just to make sure he wasn’t lonely. His thoughts were interrupted as she continued, having taken his silence as a request for more details.

“B-but he wasn’t home, and so I was just going to take them by tomorrow. But then these,” here she gestured at the bodies still lying in the alley with them, annoyance clear in her tone. “These goons, well… they thought they were entitled to a kiss just because it was New Year’s Eve, and I tried to just leave but… I mean I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, but they ruined the treats I had made for Adrien and now, I mean…”

A sigh left her lips as she fell silent, clearly worn out by the events of the night as her gaze drifted to the hands in her lap. Chat’s brain was racing though. Because not only had she been trying to do something nice for him, she had kicked three grown men’s asses for him, for ruining the gifts she had made for him. And, oh how she had kicked their asses. Honestly, Chat didn’t know anyone besides Ladybug who could move with so much grace and strength at the same time. Yet, here was Marinette, wrecking three guys like it was nothing, all in his name. Not to protect herself, although that’s what he had initially thought, but simply because they had destroyed something that had been made for him.

That she had made for him.

He felt himself swoon a little at the thought.

Chat smiled, reaching for her hands and drawing her to her feet. She met his eyes as he winked at her, a plan having already formed in his mind.

“Well, purr-rincess, I don’t think you need to worry about your friend!”

At her puzzled expression, he adopted a stage whisper as he continued, “I’m pretty sure I saw him making his way towards your place earlier while I was on patrol.”

He felt triumphant at the look of delight she was giving him. Based on where they were, it would be easy to make it back to the bakery and de-transform before Marinette got there. Besides, that was where he had wanted to be in the first place, no harm in using his “inside knowledge” to cheer her up right now.


“Pawsitively!” He thrilled at the light giggle she let out at his pun, feeling giddy in the face of his accomplishment. He was about to bid her a good night, so he could make his way over to the bakery when he heard muffled shouts coming from the surrounding buildings.


“You had better get home! You don’t want to bring in the Mew Year with the embodiment of bad luck!”


He turned to go, but felt a tug on his hand. Looking back, he saw Marinette smiling at him as she stepped closer.


Chat was frozen as she lifted his hand…


and soft, warm lips pressed with aching deliberateness to his knuckles, the dark sweep of her lashes standing out against her pale, freckled cheeks as her eyes closed with the action. Even through the leather of his glove, Chat could feel the heat of her mouth, the tickle of her lips as they slowly pulled away and she pinned him with her sapphire gaze once more.

“Happy New Year, minou,” she murmured, smiling at him softly.

Chat could only nod, face flushing as she released his hand after giving it a light squeeze, and made her way around him and out of the alley. He couldn’t move for several moments, mind sluggish under the engulfing realization that was Marinette.

Marinette, who just kissed his hand like he did Ladybug’s.

Marinette, who beat up three thugs because they ruined a gift she made for him.

Marinette, who had thought of him when he was all alone.

Marinette, who had made him a beautiful Christmas gift.

Marinette, who played video games with him and welcomed him into her home.


Jerking back into awareness, Chat quickly vaulted to back to the rooftops, sprinting in the direction of the bakery so as to make it there before the girl who, after what he saw tonight, clearly had a good handle on a number of things.

His heart being one of them.


Rowan goes out with the Cadre after work one night and has a few too many. // AU/AH // Domestic Fluff //

Please enjoy a cute, little oneshot based on an actual event that happened to me.


Aelin had probably only been asleep for about an hour when she heard a knocking on her apartment door. Wearing nothing but one of Rowan’s oversized t-shirts, she grabbed a pair of leggings off the floor and jerked them on as she crossed the threshold into the living room. Fleetfoot was snoozing on the couch, oblivious to the unexpected guests they were having at 1:15 in the morning. Some guard dog she was. As she got closer to the door, she could hear muffled voices and even the occasional “shhh”.

Standing on her tiptoes, she peered out of the peephole and suppressed a groan.

When Rowan mentioned that he was going out with the guys, Aelin didn’t think much of it. It was a pretty common occurrence for them to all meet up after work, have a few beers and unwind from the work week. But whatever had happened tonight, it was clear that Rowan had had more than “just a few beers”.

Aelin flung the door open, finding a giggling Fenrys, a scowling Lorcan, and a sheepish Aedion who was supporting a very, very drunk Rowan.

Rowan’s head snapped up when the light from the apartment poured out onto the breezeway. “Fireheart,” he breathed, stepping away from Aedion to press a surprisingly tender kiss to her forehead before stumbling into the apartment around her and flopping onto the couch next to Fleetfoot, who barely moved to cast an annoyed glance his way.

Aelin glanced at Rowan behind her before turning back to glare at her cousin and friends. Aedion was already holding his hands up in surrender.

“Before you get mad, if you think he’s bad, you should see Dorian,” he said, a slight slur to his words, as he jerked his head in the direction of the car, indicating her best friend.

Taking a calming breath, Aelin pinched the bridge of her nose. “Give me the cliffnotes version of the evening.”

Aelin was looking at Aedion, but Lorcan was the one who answered. His voice was clear and his eyes didn’t have the hint of fuzziness everyone else’s had. It was obvious who the designated driver had been tonight. “Gavriel got a promotion, Dorian passed his final in his biochemical engineering class and Westfall is going to propose to Nesryn in the next couple of days. Guess it was a night for celebrating.”

“Well, thank you for getting him home, and tell everyone congratulations,” Aelin said, leaning against the door frame. The three large men said their goodbyes and made their way down the stairs and out of sight.

Aelin sighed, ready to somehow lug Rowan off the couch and into their bed, but when she turned around, only a fluffy tail was visible over the top of the cushions.

Aelin called out “Rowan?” right about the same time she heard a cabinet slam in their bathroom.

She headed into their bedroom and leaned against the bathroom’s door frame, watching as Rowan brushed his teeth, suds and foam pouring out of his mouth. After he rinsed his mouth and spit, he looked up into the mirror, seeing the reflection of his girlfriend behind him in the doorway.

“Not a word,” he said, the sexy timber of his voice lower than normal, thanks to the alcohol, an eyebrow raised.

“Someone’s wasted.”

“No’m not,” he said, turning around to rest his hip on the bathroom counter, folding his arms across his chest. He even pouted.

Aelin had never seen Rowan drunk and after tonight, she was sure she probably never would again. And honestly, she was loving it. A small laugh snorted out before she could stop it and Rowan’s eyes narrowed.

“Come to bed, boozey,” she said, turning around and climbing back onto the mattress.

“Not that drunk,” she heard him mumble as he came back into the bedroom, fumbling with the buttons on his button-up. Rolling her eyes, she just turned the TV on, choosing a movie from Netflix at random. She didn’t expect either of them to be awake much longer to watch it. Setting the remote down on the nightstand, she heard a quiet “Son of a bitch” under Rowan’s breath. Glancing up at him, she saw that he’d successfully unbuttoned the top few buttons, but had given up and was tugging his shoes off instead. He was hopping around on one leg, trying to undo the laces of his other foot at the same time.

Aelin’s entire body was shaking with laughter. She watched as he got his shoes off and was back to working on his shirt.

“Do you want some help?”


Rowan was stubborn on a good day, but it seemed being drunk made him even more so. Reaching for her phone, she sent Lysandra a quick text, warning her of Aedion’s inebriation.

“Told you I wasn’t too drunk.”

Aelin looked up to find Rowan standing at the edge of their bed in nothing but his boxer-briefs. His clothes were dropped unceremoniously on the floor. His hands were on his hips and his hair was a mess. He stumbled around to his side of the bed and collapsed next to Aelin, staring up at her with pride on his face.

Aelin couldn’t help but laugh as she took the pillow out from under his head and smacked him in the face with it.

“S’not very nice,” Rowan said, pine green eyes narrowed at her.

“I think you’ll live,” Aelin replied, snuggling down into the covers.

“It’s a good thing you’re hot,” he said, laying down.

Aelin laughed again. “You’re wasted.”

He didn’t respond and Aelin assumed he had fallen asleep. Rolling over on her side, she settled in letting sleep claim her, but not before two warm arms wrapped around her and Rowan nuzzled into the back of her neck.

“Guess what,” he whispered, his breath tickling her ear.

“What, Rowan?”

She heard him snicker. “I think I like you a little bit.”

Aelin smiled, scooting back into his warm embrace. “I think I like you too.”

everything stays

pairing: snowbaz
words: 2400
summary: baz and penelope try to surprise simon at christmas and on his birthday, but simon is the one who ends up surprising them. a story about the slow process of recovery and some thoughts on the nature of hope. (inspired by this song from adventure time.)
genre: mostly fluff, a touch of hurt/comfort and a little angst that (spoiler) turns out ok
notes: this is the first fic i’ve posted on this blog and it’s pretty important to me, seeing as i am firmly in the Simon Snow Salisbury Deserved Better camp when it comes to the ending of carry on, so here is my revisionist self adding post-canon simon angst (plus resolution to said angst) and snowbaz fluffiness.

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TrekFest 2017

Word Count: 1000
Tags: @outside-the-government, @pinkamour1588
Prompt & Author’s note: So, last night, I found the amazing miracle of panties with pockets (photo at the end of the story), and well… it made my day, and yeah… so @pinkamour1588 requested a fic featuring the panties with pockets. Here it is…

It was an away mission from hell, as far as you were concerned. The weather had turned on you, you and Jim had somehow become separated from the rest of the team, comms were out, and night was falling rapidly. A night that Spock had told you before leaving would last 68 hours and had the potential of a temperature drop of 80 degrees.

You were going to freeze to death with your captain. Not your idea of a good way to go. At least you could huddle for warmth before you died? At least then you’d get in on some of the legendary Jim Kirk action you’d been hearing about since you were assigned to the Enterprise. A last request, as it were?

Jim led you toward a sheltered copse of trees and set about industriously clearing a spot, digging a small hole with his hands, and ringing the hole with rocks. He then used his phaser to start a fire with the dead undergrowth he’d collected from around you. Not to be outdone, you started cutting down branches from the soft evergreens and making a lean-to. You became aware that Jim was staring at you and stopped, turning back to face him.


“Where did you get a jack knife and twine?” He asked, a look of complete confusion on his face.

“My pocket?” You replied. He continued to look baffled, but said nothing, returning to his chosen task of collecting more firewood.

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A Chance in Hell (Biadore) - Chapter 3 - Heather

Adore’s birthday bash paves the way for an interesting and sexy after party.

content advice: drugs/alcohol use.

A/N:  I wanna give a big shoutout to all the readers out there who inspire me to continue this fic!  The next chapter will be a lot more smutty, trust and believe.

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when the light came through (r, 2.5k)

for grace ❤️

They leave the bunker just as dawn begins to ease over the horizon, until the sky above the Kansas plains is smudged with pale rose-gold. A soft mist hangs low, catching on the bare, bristly grass poking through the thin smattering of snow. Castiel has seen many sunrises in his time, but he thinks this is the most beautiful. Perhaps because of where he’s going, or who he’s going there with.

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anonymous asked:

Can you combine these AUs - My cat only keeps going to your apartment because you feed him, you know… It’s like you’re encouraging him on purpose..’ AU‘ & I suspect you might be my favourite reclusive author but I’ve heard you’re notoriously shy and I don’t know how to be cool about this’ AU - where Nico is a shy author who loves his neighbor's (Will's) cat

I got like five messages for the cat one you guys are such cat nerds lmao I love you. 

It wasn’t normal for Will’s cat to be gone. Granted, it was a cat and he lived on the first floor of the apartment buildings and the cat was always left on the porch because for some reason pets weren’t allowed inside, but… still. Kit-Kat was the kind of lazy cat that lounged in same spot of shade all day every day. He only moved when he heard Will coming out to the porch to feed him.

Now all of a sudden, his cat was disappearing for hours at a time each day. He’d come back, but still it was odd behavior for Kit-Kat.

One day, Will was coming back from throwing out the trash when he saw Kit-Kat fitting his obese body between the bars of the patio railing. “Where do you think you’re going?” he chided, stepping in front of it. His cat looked up at him with bored green eyes mixed with gold from the reflecting sun. It was slightly unnerving. “Get back in the patio.”

The cat meowed and pranced past him. Will sighed and mentally berated himself for not getting a dog instead. He turned and saw Kit-Kat jumping up the stairs to the second floor apartments. “Really? You’re going to make me exert myself and exercise to catch you, you rotten cat?” Will muttered. He went up the stairs and nearly caught his cat on the top step.

Then it dashed down the breezeway much to Will’s frustration. He groaned and glared in its direction. “I’m going get you a leash,” he threatened. He walked down the breezeway, but before he could call for his cat, he heard another voice.

“Hey, kitty. Are you hungry?” Will stopped walking before turning the corner and waited. “There’s a good kitty. I wonder if your owner knows you’re here.” Slowly, Will peeked around the corner to see who was talking to Kit-Kat.

When he saw the mess of black hair he gasped and ran back down the breezeway. He was about ninety percent sure that the author of one of his favorite independent novels was living in the apartments, but he hadn’t thought he’d live so close. And he was… feeding Will’s cat?

That bloody cat had better luck than Will ever would. Of course, Will wasn’t completely sure, but he’d seen the guy when he was on his way to work and he was eerily similar to the black and white picture in the back of Will’s book. He was dying to know if it was him, but he had no idea how to ask or explain himself, and he didn’t want to look like an idiot if it wasn’t him. Besides, he’d read on a blog that the author liked to keep a low profile because he was incredibly shy.

He hesitated as he looked down the hall. Maybe this was his chance.

Slowly, nervously, he walked back down the breezeway until he reached the corner. Before he could turn, Kit-Kat came prancing back. He meowed at Will and continued down the breezeway like he hadn’t just been fed by the best author Will had ever read. He looked around the corner and to his dismay, the door was shut and the possible author was nowhere to be seen.

He could knock on the door….

Nope, it wasn’t happening.

He stomped back to his apartment and rolled his eyes when he saw Kit-Kat laying in the shade of the patio. “You’re an ungrateful little shit you know that, buddy?” Kit-Kat meowed lazily and Will went back into his apartment.

That’s how Will ended up stalking his cat and in turn his neighbor. Although, stalking was a strong word. If Will happened to catch his cat leaving the patio, he followed him to be sure he wasn’t getting hurt, of course. Then Kit-Kat would stop at his neighbor’s door. It was almost like the guy was expecting the cat to show up.

Each time, he’d croon at Kit-Kat and talk idly about nothing in particular with a voice that soothed Will. He tried to build up the nerve to talk to him or at least tell him it was his cat he was feeding, but he never could. When he thought he’d mustered the courage, it would dissipate or his cat would come turning the corner and rub against Will’s leg almost mockingly.

Finally, one day Will saw Kit-Kat missing and went out to get him. Will wanted to shower him before he had to go meet his friends at the mall. “Kit-Kat,” he called down the hall. Of course, he didn’t come back. He wasn’t a dog.

With a surrendering sigh, Will trudged forward calling for his cat. He turned the corner and saw his raven haired neighbor sitting beside Kit-Kat stroking his gray fur as he ate from a small bowl that had been set out.

“O-oh, hello,” he said in a timid voice. “Is… this your cat?” he asked. Will bit his lip and nodded. “I hope it’s okay I’ve been feeding him. I like the company.”

“It’s completely fine. He comes back every time.” It was suddenly hard to breathe. Not because this guy might have been the author Will adored, but because he was absolutely gorgeous. His eyes were dark and mysterious, the shy smile on his face made his heart stutter, the tone of his skin, his cheekbones, his jawline. This guy could be a role model.

“What’s your name?”

“Will,” he answered, maybe a little too quickly. He cleared his throat. “Yours?”

“Nico,” he said with a smile.

Will’s heart nearly stopped. “Um… Nico… di Angelo?” he asked hopefully.

Immediately, Nico’s face turned bright red. “Ah… you read my book.” Will nodded, unable to form words anymore. “I’m uh…. Look I’d appreciate if people didn’t come knocking on my door asking me-”

“I wasn’t… I wasn’t going to tell. I won’t even ask for an autograph.”

Nico nodded and stood up. “Okay…. Um you have a really nice cat. Sorry for… feeding him. Goodbye.” Nico turned away and into his house, leaving Will feeling deflated. Kit-Kat meowed at him and maybe Will imagined it, but there was a tinge of annoyance in the sound.

He ducked down and scooped his cat up. Before leaving he looked at the door forlornly, wishing he hadn’t opened his mouth.

The next day when he got back from work, he found his cat missing again. He sighed and went up the stairs and down the breezeway. He turned the corner and saw Nico sitting beside Kit-Kat, stroking his fur, and the same little bowl the cat ate from.

“So you’re the one encouraging my cat to abandon me.” Nico jumped and looked up at Will. Before he say anything, Will said, “I’ve been wondering where he was going off to. I’m Will. Who are you?”

Nico furrowed his eyebrows and looked at him oddly. “What are you….?”

Will gave him a rueful smile. “I made you uncomfortable yesterday. So I’m making up for it by pretending it didn’t happen.” He held out his hand. “What’s your name?”

Nico stood and slowly shook his hand. “Nico….”

“Nico? Wow, I’ve never heard that name before. That’s a unique name, neighbor.” Nico tried to suppress a smile and failed. “The cat so greedily eating at your doorstep is Kit-Kat.”

“I gathered from the collar. You know cats don’t normally wear collars.” Will shrugged. “It’s a nice cat.”

Will smiled as Nico seemed less likely to disappear into his apartment this time. “Want to hear a funny story? I found him as a kitten on my way to the trash. I thought he was a girl at first and I named him Shishi.”

Nico’s eyebrows shot up and he chuckled. “How’d you find out he’s a boy?”

Will winced and heaved a sigh. “I was giving him a bath and realized he had testicles.” Nico snorted and covered his mouth trying to hold it back. “Yeah,” Will drawled. “Very interesting day. Anyway, he hates me. I think he enjoys clawing at me.”

“Well, he’s nice to me. Maybe you’re just not feeding him right,” Nico answered with a smile. Will laughed and shook his head. “It’s nature’s way of telling you you’re not a cat person.”

“That means so much to me, thank you,” Will answered with playful sarcasm. Nico laughed and looked up at him with a light blush in his cheeks. “I mean, we could share him. He seems to like you a lot, and I’m sort of attached.”

“I’d like that,” Nico answered softly. Kit-Kat purred against Will’s legs and Nico smiled. “See, he likes you.”

Will smiled at his white and gray cat. “Yeah, I guess it’s tough love.” Kit-Kat dashed back down the corridor. “Um, I think that’s my cue.” He turned back to Nico and smiled nervously. “It was nice meeting you, Nico.”

“Nice meeting you too,” he answered as he went back inside. “I’ll… see you around.” Will nodded and Nico shut the door. This time the last thing Will saw was his timid smile.

He walked back down the breezeway triumphantly and took the stairs two at a time. When he got to his door, he saw Kit-Kat lounging in the shade. Will scoffed and smiled. “I guess you’re not so bad, Kit-Kat.”


In one night, Cade was reminded why she did not like going home. She sat on her porch all Saturday evening, braiding her thickly coiled hair in the dusky warmth of June.  Boston wasn’t like this—a statement of truth that was both good and bad.

She didn’t miss Boston and she probably never would, no matter that she had spent four years of her life there; still, she missed home even less. She had resigned herself to being the kind of girl who is always leaving because no place feels quite right; no place feels safe enough or warm enough or true: not here, not anywhere.

Normally she would enjoy the buzz of cicadas and June bugs mating in the woods near her apartment building. However, the sound of her little stretch of nature was overwhelmed by the kids popping firecrackers across the way and the teenagers passing love taps and chasing each other in the breezeway across from her own.

The sunset was nice, though, and the heat of early June was not too stifling to send her seeking shelter. So she remained.  She thought about Boston often and how there was not enough sunlight there. The decision not to stay was taken from her, really. It was an act of nature, of climate, that no matter what time of year she lived in Boston, her vitamin d levels were always too low for her to function sanely. She really does love sunlight. The next place she lives must be a place where she can get as much sun as her delicate heart and dark skin could yearn for. And it must be a place where she never has to be a witness to what she witnessed on this night in early June.

By nightfall, the younger kids had all gone inside to eat and wash up. The teenagers remained. Night was the best time for shy boys and coy girls to make moves they wouldn’t make in the sunlight.

Of course, where cade lived, it was also the best time for group initiations and petty crimes to take place. She watched as four of the teenage boys who had been flirting all evening with the girls on the next block broke away from the haggle of teens and walked into the dark of the shadow of the building in front of hers.

The light that had illuminated the path had long since been blown out or shot out, who knows? No one in their right mind would go there fortuitously when there were well-lit breeze ways and street lights on the other side. No, these boys went into the darkness with intent.

She watched as they paired off, two tall lanky boys wearing white shirts paired up with a shorter, stockier boy wearing black. The walked into the darkness, one boy pausing because the shadow really was ominous and no one likes pitch-black darkness.

Still this white shirted boy with spiky hair couldn’t very well say he was afraid of the darkness, not when he was carrying what he was carrying. So, steps behind the others, he, too, drew into the darkness.

The four boys walked until Cade could not see them anymore—and maybe even farther.

Seconds passed and Cade continued to braid her coily hair, nearly finished now.

As she began to part the last two sections of hair, she heard four gunshots. Her heartbeat stuttered and her brown eyes searched the darkness for an answer, any answer.

Distantly, she could hear the teenagers run to their apartments, kids squealing with the unreality of gunshots that occasionally rang out here.

Still Cade’s eyes searched the endless darkness and she hoped against hope that she would not be a witness to four murders. Or three. Or, really, any murders.

Several seconds passed since she heard the gunshots before the spiky haired, white shirted boy emerged from the dark pass, laughing loudly, nervous.

Then the other three came out, walking slowly, and visibly fidgeting. Still, they did not draw attention to themselves as the white shirted, spiky haired boy did. And surely, there was only one person whose attention they could have drawn—the only person who had remained glued to her spot until her mind had found answers—and certainly they had not even known she was there to begin with.

protips for UMBC freshmen:

I’ve noticed a lot of new folks in the tag talking about coming to UMBC for their first semester, so I thought I’d make you a handy list of things to do or not do:

  1. Do not under any circumstances call the dining hall “True Grit’s”. The only other acceptable term is “d-hall”.
  2. Do NOT eat Salsarita’s more than once each day. Actually, don’t even eat it more than once in two days. Your stomach and intestines will thank you. 
  3. Jow Jings. Don’t go there.
  4. Remember that there are two more food options on the mezzanine level of the Commons.
  5. Do not get grilled cheese from the d-hall during late night. You’ll be able to feel the contents of your stomach separating due to the ridiculous amount of grease in those nasty sandwiches. 
  6. VEGETARIANS: When the d-hall fails you, check out kosher corner across from the tray conveyor belt thing. While they do serve meat, anything that contains dairy products will be safe for you to eat. 
  7. There’s a cafe on the first floor of the Admin building. They make pretty great wraps. 
  8. There’s a Subway in the BW Tech park down the street. It’s for when you can’t stomach any more sub-par sandwiches from Mondo’s. 
  9. Need some fresh air and adventure? There are paths and creeks and a tyre swing in the woods on the other side of the circle behind the res halls. There is also a cool pond between UMBC and the tech park. There is also the CERA, which includes a nice long trail for walking/bike riding. 
  10. Make use of the FREE shuttles that UMBC offers. They don’t really go anywhere important or particularly interesting, but it’s still better than being on campus 24/7. 
  11. Do not confuse the Engineering building (ENG) with the Information Technology and Engineering building (ITE)
  12. The Fine Arts building is an endless maze of wonder and despair. 
  13. If you’re having trouble dealing with something, go to the counselling center and talk it out with someone. 
  14. There is usually free stuff somewhere on campus on any given day. 
  15. Always go to (seb) tables in the Breezeway. They will give you snacks. 
  16. Currently, hold your breath when you walk by the pond. They’re dragging their feet in repairing it, so now it smells like decaying algae and it’s rather unpleasant. 
  17. Go to the plays that the theatre department does. They’re always great. 
  18. Join a club. It will help you make friends. 
  19. The Yum Shoppe is located below the bookstore. Go there instead of Outtakes. They have a wider selection and lower prices, but they close at 6pm. 
  20. Play pool in the commons game room. Second floor. 
  21. The salad place in the commons is super underrated. I get most of my campus meals there. 
  22. Falafel day at Fresh Fusions. 
  23. Speaking of Fresh Fusions, they always have a vegan option. 
  24. Check your email before you head to classes every morning. You don’t want to walk all the way to your classroom only to find that the professor cancelled and sent an email about it. 
  25. If you need a day off to catch up on work and the weekend is insufficient, skip a Friday, not a Monday. Don’t beat yourself up about skipping once in a while (and I mean ONCE IN A WHILE, NOT EVERY WEEK). Sometimes you need a breather. 
  26. Do. Your. Fucking. Homework. 
  27. If you’re an arts/humanities major and you aren’t required to take a specific math class and you hate math with a passion, take STAT 121. It’s statistics for non-STEM majors and it won’t make you pull your hair out. 
  28. Keep fruit or cereal in your dorm room in case of power outages, and especially in the winter when campus might close for snow. When the power goes out, that means the d-hall (and other food providers on campus) can’t function. You don’t want the shitty bagged sandwiches that they’ll be serving in the event of a power outage. 
  29. Exercise. Whether you go for a walk or work out at the gym or dance around your room for half an hour, exercise is important and you should probably be doing it at some point. 
  30. You’re paying for the gym whether you use it or not. Might as well go there every now and then when you have time. Walk around the indoor track. Use the weight room. Play basketball. Have fun. 
  31. Winter session is a great time to take your PE credits. They won’t interfere with  your regular class schedule and you can knock both classes out at once. 
  32. Don’t bother posting in the myUMBC forums unless it’s important. You’ll just attract trolls. 
  33. The squirrels here are hella bold, and they will straight up steal your fries at Chick-fil-A. 
  34. Go all-out for Hallowe'en. It’s fun. There are costume contests and parties on campus, plus loads of people run around in costume all day (me included). 
  35. Campus is pretty dead on weekends. Use the time to explore elsewhere. Go into the city. Go anywhere. 
  36. Keep track of events on myUMBC. You never know what weirdly awesome thing will be happening. Also, the (seb) bus trips are usually pretty cool. 

I’ll probably add to this if I think of anything else.

How NOT to be a dud student when seeing practice.

Whether it be work experience for your vet school application or compulsory prac as a requirement for your degree, you should always strive to be the very best student you can be.

Now, I am not saying you need to be a walking encyclopedia and answer every question the vet poses to you with 110% accuracy, have a wealth of knowledge on every case that walks through the clinic door and have the most precise surgery skills going, you are a student, not a scholar. You are there to learn and gain valuable experience. The vets know you are a student (even though sometimes it seems like they don’t and make you feel like the stupidest person alive), and don’t expect you to know and do everything completely correctly. What I am saying is be engaged, in every aspect, when seeing practice.

If you want to be an equine vet, don’t just stand there looking bored when seeing practice at a smallies clinic. Try and actively listen and engage. You may learn some handy tips and tricks that you can apply to your work in equine land. A cattle vet once told us, “if you know how to spey a dog, you can get a job anywhere”. Meaning, experience in different fields can be extremely valuable one day! You may end up working in a mixed practice, even though your focus is on cattle reproduction and you may have to cover for a vet in the smallies side of the clinic who has 3 dog speys scheduled for that day.

Don’t be the student who thinks that because they are going to be a vet and not a nurse that it is acceptable for them to sit on their bums whilst the nurses are frantically tidying up after surgery whilst answering 104 phone calls at the same time, all whilst under staffed. Don’t be the student who aims to leave on time, everyday, regardless of if the practice has just had 3 walk ins at 6pm with one being an emergency. Don’t be the student who is rude to the nurses and thinks they are higher up in the veterinary hierarchy (trust me, you are not). These are the students who are remembered for the wrong reasons, aren’t considered for jobs upon graduation and who also reflect poorly on the vet school.

Be the student who is proactive. Pick up a broom and sweep the breezeway in the clinic barn if there aren’t many cases in hospital, but there is lots of tidy up to do. Ask to be involved in the work-up for tricky cases, do your research, you never know when your input may end up being extremely useful. What I find is extremely important is saying thank you. Bring a small gift, a cake or chocolates, and write a card expressing your gratitude to the clinic for letting you see practice with them. Leave a positive, lasting impression, you don’t know how your performance at one practice may affect your career in the future.

Because I was starving after not eating for two days and my dorm neighbor gave me her taco:

Nico hadn’t realized he was hungry until his sister had started a video chat with him and chided him for not eating.

“What do you want me to do, I’m not hungry,” he protested.

“You’ll get sick if you don’t eat, Nico.” She moved her phone and the image blurred for a moment before refocusing. “What’d you eat yesterday?”

“Just a salad. Didn’t feel too good after.” Bianca gave him a reprimanding look and he shrugged. “My stomach has been weird.”

“You’re just homesick. It happened to me too.” He raised an eyebrow. “Okay, I have to go to the store. Meanwhile, you need to go find something to eat, okay?”

“Sure. The café had these little sandwiches earlier. I’ll get one of those since the cafeteria is closed.”

“I want a picture of you eating!” she said. “Okay, love you, bye!”

“Bye,” he answered. He hung up the video call and slumped into his bed. His stomach was still burning from the salad the night before. Maybe Bianca was right. It was just him being homesick. And nervous.

This was the first time he was completely on his own. He was hours away from home, in a city he didn’t know, with no relatives. It was terrifying. He missed his sisters. He missed his own bed, his own room- which Hazel had immediately claimed when they got back. She sent a picture.

Heaving a sigh, he got off his bed and left the dorm. His roommate was gone, so he locked it before going to the elevator down the hall to get down to the third floor. Over the last two days, he’d gotten used to the campus layout. Thankfully, the café and cafeteria were close to his dorm hall.

He crossed the street and walked under the shaded breezeway that led to the doors of the café on the left side and to the doors of the bookstore on the right. He went into the café which was loud with chatter of people who had already made friends, the mellow rock blaring through the speakers, and the blenders making coffees for customers.

To his disappointment there were no sandwiches, and he had actually hoped to get one. They looked pretty good. Still, his hopes didn’t make any new ones appear in the glass door fridge. The cafeteria was closed and he wasn’t sure where the other dining hall was at or if it was even open. He stood in line and asked the barista if they would restock the sandwiches soon.

Sadly, they wouldn’t until the next day when classes started. He thanked her and went back to his dorm, suddenly hungry. His stomach was growling. As he went back up the elevator, he figured he could either check online to see if anyone knew when the other dining hall would open or suck it up and eat a granola bar.

He went into his room and got on the university’s media page to ask. Surprisingly he was answered quickly- they don’t open until tomorrow.

He cursed under his breath and sighed.

Then he heard a few laughing voices outside his dorm. Nico wasn’t a person who socialized easily, but he figured it’d be better for him to force himself rather than starve for the rest of the day.

Steeling himself, he walked over to the door, took a breath and looked out. There were three guys walking down the hall with smiles on their faces, obviously already friends.

“Um, hi,” Nico said. Three pairs of eyes flickered to him, two dark, one a startling blue. Nico cleared his throat and managed a terse smile. “Do you guys happen to know where I could get food nearby?”

“Oh we just came from eating,” one said. He had cornrows, dark skin, dark jeans, and a shirt with Kenny G on it. “Do you have a car? We could-” Nico shook his head, causing him to trail off.

“Well, there’s a café nearby in the Rag Center,” another said. He had a Brazilian flag bandana tied on his wrist, long, straight, glossy black hair and a tank top with shorts. There were two jagged pale marks on his shoulders, but Nico quickly looked away.

“Um, yeah I tried that, they don’t have any solid food right now.” He chuckled nervously. “I was just hungry, and apparently none of the dining halls are open.”

“Well, we were just getting used to the layout of the city,” the last one said. He had a slight drawl in his voice that suggested he was from the south. It was subtle and pleasant. He was blond and wore khaki shorts with a House of Blues shirt. “There’s a small coffee shop near the East hall but it’s a bit of a walk.” Nico nodded, unable to find words with those blue eyes looking right at him. The more he looked the more he noticed.

The freckles splattered on his face, the way one corner of his mouth seemed to curl up in a half smile, the fullness of his lips, the raspy undertone to his voice. “Oh, I’ve got a taco,” he recalled suddenly. “Can I see the bag, Austin?”

The boy with the Kenny G shirt handed over a large paper shopping bag filled with miscellaneous things for the dorms. The blond looked inside and pulled out a taco wrapped in red checkered papers. “I got it from the café earlier. Do you want it?”

“Uh, y-yeah. I’m starving.” The blond smiled and handed it over, causing Nico to blush slightly.

“I’m Will,” he said, extending a hand. Nico shook it and smiled.


“I’m Austin,” the boy with the dreads said.

“I’m Paolo,” the one with the bandana said. “Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you guys,” he nodded.

“We’re all roommates here in this dorm right across from you,” Will said.

“Oh, okay. Wow. My roommate isn’t here.” He chuckled. “Um, but thank you. Thank you so much, really.”

“No problem,” Will smiled. The other two went inside and Nico figured he should too. But before he could take a step back, Will took one forward. “Oh, hey, there’s a mandatory hall meeting later today. At seven.”

“Yeah I saw the signs,” he answered, feeling his hands begin to shake.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you there then.”

Nico nodded and smiled nervously. “Thanks. For the uh taco.”

Will chuckled and rubbed his neck. “If you ever want to check the city out or… uh, if you want someone to go eat with, just…. You know.” He gestured to his door.

“Oh. Oh! Yeah, sure! That’d be nice.” Nico bit his lip. “Thanks. Uh, I’ve said that a lot. Um… yeah, I’ll let you know….”

“Okay, cool,” Will smiled. “Um, bye.” Nico nodded and ducked back into his dorm as Will went into his own.

“Woah, there.” Hide slipped his fingers into Kaneki’s belt loop and pulled him back under the breezeway.


Hide would always be impressed by how Kaneki could say his name like the word itself was an admonishment. He looped his arms around Kaneki’s waist and pulled him against his chest. “I can’t believe you were going to leave without kissing me goodbye,” he pouted.

Kaneki blushed and lowered his eyes, looking away. “Not here.”

“Why not?”

“Someone could see.”

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Care Giver Pt 15 by Y. Black & Dscurve

Sorry for the wait but its here. @dscurve preciate the patience love.


    I had the best poker face. Hearing the word “pussy” out of Kelvin’s mouth was like adding fire to dry wood! If I got off this counter there was bound to be a wet spot! Kelvin walked back over standing in front of me with his eyes looking through to my soul. He looked down at my thighs crossed tight and I began to breathe shallow. My erect nipples sitting at attention as my eyes stayed glued on him. I hadn’t put a lick of clothing on today and it was almost after 10am! He walked closer to me never breaking eye contact, “You know I handle my pussy.” His teeth sank into his bottom lip as his eyes dropped down to my nipples. I couldn’t even speak I was trapped in a fog. “You know what I like to do to wet… tight… pussy?” he was inches away from me as goose bumps traveled up my arm, his lips grazed my earlobe as he groped my breasts. I moaned as Helen’s satin robe dropped silently to the floor. Softly she walked over to me just as Kelvin pulled my hips forward to the edge of the counter. “Let me show you what I love to do to pussy…. Pretty pussy….” His middle finger slips between my pink folds and I close my eyes as it slides up and down my juices coat his finger. “Fucking wet pussy…” He rubbed just inside my pussy lips as this sexual high engulfed me, Helen’s soft lips suctioned around my right nipple and I instinctively place a hand on her head and watch as she sucks and rolls her tongue across my nipple. “Aaaaaahhh…” I moan as Kelvin bends over and pulls his sweats down, gripping his dick with his left hand he begins stroking it, leaning over he takes my left breast into his mouth and mimics Helen’s tongue. “O God…..” I moan as Helen’s manicured finger slides in and out of my pussy. My chest rises and falls heavily as they moan and suck on my breasts. Kelvin slides his sweats completely off kicking them to the side and kneeling between my thighs. He’s careful to put my stiletto foot on his shoulder as his tongue dives inside my pussy! “OOOOoooo!” I moan as Helen steps back Kelvin’s tongue glides along my walls as his tongue presses against my clit. “Ooooooooo!” I moan watching Helen run her fingers up Kelvin’s back, gripping his shoulders as she leans forward her breasts sit on the back of his head, her soft lips clasp around my clit! “FUCK!” I yell as the two of them torture my senses I grip the counter edge tight fighting against gravity! “OOOOOooo… OOOooooo…” I’m so close to cumming but I don’t want them stop. I lift my ass sitting it down barely on the edge of the counter as Kelvin wraps his arms beneath my thighs securing my position. Helen finally releases her hold on me and drops to her knees behind Kelvin. He stops eating my pussy to look down as she parts his legs and slides between them on her back. I smile as she sits up taking his dick into her mouth. “FUCK!” Kelvin says looking at me with such passion. “I’m going to suck the hell out of this pussy!” I begin panting again, “Do it Kelvin” I beg leaning back as his tongue cradles inside my pussy, it darts back and forth, in a circle, around my clit…. He’s pulling out all his tricks as his tongue demands my cream I grind on his face as I moan loudly. I can hear Helen moaning on his dick, Kelvin begins moaning into my pussy as he draws closer to his nut. He suddenly sucks hard on my clit and I scream in excitement but I won’t give him what he wants yet he can’t hold his nut and moans hard on my clit as Helen swallows his load! “AAAAAAAAHH!” his muffled moan rattles my clit as I sit up on my elbows and rock my hips. Helen lies down on the floor and laughs, my ass above her head as she strokes his dick he buries his tongue deep inside me again. “Give me that sweet cream…. I want that pussy cream…. That sweet tasting pussy cream…” I close my eyes and lean my head back, “Stop saying pussy please…” I can feel the muscles in face move against my thighs as he smiles, then I jump suddenly as Helen’s hot wet tongue glides across my asshole! “Wait!” I say unsure if I can handle all this but neither listen as Kelvin sinks his tongue deep I can’t help but grind on it as Helen’s tongue slides inside me I cry out in pleasure! “OOOOOO YYYYEEESS! FUCK! Don’t stop Kelvin! Don’t…. OOOOOOOooooo! OOOOOOOoooo! OOOOOOOOOOO!” My body shakes on the counter, my stiletto heel scraps his back as he slurps up my cream! “O MY GOD!” I moan breathing hard on the counter as he licks me clean. Finally the cool air hits my pussy as he stands to his feet. I look down to see his veiny dick hard in his hand as he looks at me menacing. He thrusts his dick hard inside my soaking wet pussy, grabbing my thighs tight as he leans back on heels and pumps his dick! “AAAAAAHH Yes! FUCK! FUCK Janay! That wet pussy fucking feel good! Helen moans and Kelvin looks down as I see her hands palm his ass, she sucks on his balls…. He begins panting loud as she sucks each one, I become so aroused watching his senses heightened! “AAAAAaahhh…. AAaaaaaah…” He keeps moaning, pulling me hard to the end of the counter again, and my lower back now on the edge bangs hard against it as he pumps his dick in and out of my pussy! “FUCK Janay! I know you like this hard fucking dick!” I moan and then squeal as I feel Helen tongue on my lower pussy, it slides on Kelvin’s shaft as it goes in and out my pussy, her nose against my asshole as I squeeze the marble for dear life Kelvin moans louder! “FUCK! FUCK!” He buries his dick deep inside me thrusting as Helen resumes sucking the bottom of his shaft, massaging his balls. “O FUCK! O FUCK!” he yells, my nails sink into his forearms as I yell and cum with him. “OOOOOOO KELVIN!” He muscles flex as he keeps me from falling, small thrusts inside my pussy. He pulls me to him as he kisses me. “I love how your body reacts to me.” I smile, lowering my feet to the floor, Helen quickly gets out of the way as I use Kelvin to steady myself as I slip out of them. I lean towards his ear and whisper softly so Helen can’t hear me. He smiles and looks at her and I feel his dick grow stiff again. Helen is on her knees looking at us puzzled as I walk over to her and push her shoulders down to the floor. She smiles excited as Kelvin grabs her hips roughly, spreading her legs wide as he elevates her ass to his thighs, he enters her pussy at an angle and immediately begins thrusting fast and deep! “OOOOOOO!” she moans as her eyes light up, the death grip on her thighs leaves deep red marks as his balls bang against her. I arch my back and aim my mouth right for her clit, suction my lips around it and hold it tight as I suck on it and roll my tongue against it as Kelvin fucks her! “O FUCK!” she screams slapping me hard on my ass! I jump surprised by the unexpectedly slap but maintain my lock as I continue my method her body bucks wildly. “OOOOOO FUCK! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” She screams loud as water squirts out from her pussy! I release my hold kissing her pussy mound as Kelvin groans and pulls out I open my mouth eager as he thrusts his dick into my mouth I bob on it as he grips my head tight, driving his dick down past my tonsils, pumping his hips fast…. “Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!” His dick fills my throats as nut slides into my stomach. I hold my breath for a few seconds as his dick throbs in my throat, slowly he pulls out sitting back on his heels. I sit up wiping the edge of my mouth and again I’m surprised when Kelvin pulls me to him and kisses me. I lean back in his embrace to see his face to find him deep in my eyes. “Please… be my girlfriend.” I shocked and scared as I search his eyes for deception I fail capturing only honesty and love. “O…Okay. I’ll be your girlfriend.” He kisses me again as Helen gets to her feet. This man has truly got me sprung.


I quickly went for my robe and was poised to make my exit. They’d gotten real sentimental real quick. I didn’t want to make this awkward. I threw my robe on and was reaching for the door. As soon as my hand clutched the knob I was pulled back. “And where are you going?” Janay questioned me. I was a bit surprised and hesitated. “Umm I’m headed home; you guys look to be well pleased and need to work some things out.” I really didn’t know any other way to put it. There was a bit of a silence as she looked back at Kelvin. Without looking at me she said “We want you to stay, we have to discuss you as well.” I was shocked to say the least. I had messed with girls and guys but this all of a sudden felt like something different.  I was game to figure things out though.


Shit was running a smooth as you could imagine. It had been a couple weeks since the whole little squabble in the breezeway. I was getting comfortable in my new office and hospital. Things were looking pretty swell these days. Wait; let me back up for y’all. So that day we got it poppin’ in the foyer, the conversation got into some real depth. How Janay was really feelin me, but she like the dynamic Helen brought to the bedroom. But she also expressed how the joy that they together brought me and she didn’t want that to go way. I was floored to be completely honest but my poker face is strong. But I wasn’t expecting none of this; and for her to initiate all of it was even more mind boggling. After the whole debacle with Marissa I would have never been in this position. So as I understood and took it was we were trying a poly situation. Shit was new for us all but I liked it thus far. I was just optimistic about everything. I was getting the pills back out to cuzzo so we were making that side of things pop. His store was booming. Everything was on the up and up.

I would rarely see Nay while on the clock. She too was still getting her feet wet at Regional Med. Even though that wouldn’t stop my mind from drifting in my spare time. I missed our little run-ins at the old hospital.  Shit today I was craving lil mama exceptionally bad. I decided to take a break from computer and office and go on a bit of a scavenger hunt. I’d looked Janay up in the hospital directory and found out she was on floor 4. I took my horny ass up there with at with all kinds of naught intentions running through my mind. I gave half ass smiles as I made my way to her quarters. When I arrived at her door it was still P-touched labeled with her name. I guess they hadn’t made the official door label. I quietly twisted the knob opening the door slowly; stepping inside; I wanted to surprise her. I crept in and inched the door closed behind me. I looked by her desk but her computer was on screensaver mode like she had been MIA for a while but, her door was unlocked. I found it odd but I didn’t read too much into it. I headed back towards the exit.  That was until I heard a whimper; I froze for a split second. Shaking my head I dismissed the sound, chalking it up to my own overzealous horniness. As my hot hand gripped the frigid knob I heard it again. This time I followed the melody, as it seemed to beckon for my attention. I had noticed the door when I first panned the room but I figured it was but a coat closet. I leaned in and put my ear to the door.  I could vividly hear slurping of what I could only imagine to be pussy lips followed by muffled moans. My scrubs did absolutely nothing to impede my stiffening dick. I couldn’t help but grab my shit as I tuned in. I wonder who was eating who. I knew it had to be Helen and Janay. I mean how could it not be? I was convinced till Janay walked thru her door and scared the fuck out of me.  “Kelvin!” She shot at me… “Shhhh… wait if you’re here then who’s in there?” “What are you talking about boy?” I waved her over to the door. “Come listen I whispered.” She strutted over and planted her ear to the door. Pulling her ear back she gave me a (what the fuck) kind of glare. I just raised my eyebrows and smirked. She reached for the knob but I redirected her hand to my own knob. She gripped it making firm eye contact with me. Slowly she began massaging me. “Mmmm… Put your ear back to the door and caress me in rhythm with the sounds they make baby.” I commanded in a whisper.  My good girl obeyed as we both listened in. Wasn’t long before my hands began to roam and fondle my lady. Her breathing began to deepen as our bodies drew near one another. “Baby I want you.” She muttered. “I want you too mama.” I spoke into her neck. “Shit we can’t do this here with them in my office.” She sobbed a bit.  “Oh but we can baby. You just have to keep it down. You remember how we had fun at the other hospital right.” My baby nodded. “So let’s indulge in each other, they’ve struck a match. Let’s give them a real flame.” Her skirt became scrunched up around her waist and her panties pushed to the side. Her pussy was already soaking wet. My mouth started salivating at the sensation between her thighs. With her ear still to the door she dug her nails into my flesh. I rubbed her clit making her knees weak. We made our way to her desk and were well past rounding third-base as the head of my dick was grazing her lips preparing for entry. Before I could get it in past the tip we heard the door opened and I froze. Janay popped up to a sitting position. I heard someone behind me say “Oh shit.” I was nervous as shit. Janay’s facial expression was confused and that didn’t help my nerves. I finally turned around. Man it was two whole grown ass men hanging their heads and shame. I was tempted to hang my head right along with them. I didn’t know how to feel. That shit fucked me all the way up. I looked back a Janay and she was trying everything he power to contain her laugh. “Really you two?” I put my dick back in my pants as any excitement he had was gone.  She was completely rolling. The two dudes slipped towards the door and threw their hands up in apology. I just nodded as big head was just completely beside herself. “Man I’ll see you later.” I walked out of her office feeling awkward as shit.

I meddled through the rest of the day. I couldn’t really focus much after that. Though I had to admit that was funny as fuck, when I sat back and thought about it. Initially the hyper-masculine side of me had me questioning myself and shit. But honestly how could I have known. I called Janay and she immediately began chuckling when she picked up. I let her know I was headed home and I was going to check on Helen and what not. She acknowledged what the game plan was and said she would stop by after work to see me. I made a mention of dinner for us later in the week and she was with it, just had to get lil mama take on it before I penciled it in. As I exited the door I felt like someone was extremely close behind me going into the garage. I stepped to the side. The person passed me and turned around quickly to face me.  “Kelvin we need to talk.” It was Marissa’s ass. I couldn’t fathom why she would even be here. “Naw I’m good there’s nothing to be said Marissa.”