the breaking down

i really love the idea that like

vile is this scary superpowered evil necromancer who flattens enemy armies and levels cities all by himself and everyone including the guys on his own side are afraid of him and he doesn’t really talk and has that ‘tall dark and really fucking intimidating’ thing going on

but when there’s nothing really going on

and they’re all waiting for the next big battle

and mevolent has called his generals back to him in preparation for what comes next and there’s five minutes for them to just sit around in mevolent’s castle and be bored

lord vile picks on baron vengeous

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Monsta x reaction to their s/o who's always been reserved and never shared her emotions (hasn't even cried during marley and me) suddenly breaking down infront of them.

Lol I’m back guys, excuse my hiatus. If y’all are angry at me for disappearing, you should be angry at my school and parents instead lmao. But dw, I’m back in the groove again, so expect some steady uploads ;)

Btw Marley and Me had me bawling for hours. Oh those memories…


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“Babe, what’s wrong?”

Coming home to see you in tears was not what Hyunwoo planned your night in to be. You were usually calm and rather stoic, so your sudden action threw him off the rails. He’d sit you down and would listen to anything you had to say, pulling you in for a silent hug and kissing you on the forehead after.

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*Worried af* “Hey, are you crying?”

Hoseok never expected you to break down all of a sudden. He was telling you about some work he had done that day, before he noticed you were sobbing. Naturally, he’d be extremely concerned and would try and get you to tell him why, but careful not to push it as this was a first for him. After that, he’d take you out, wanting you to erase whatever it was that you kept to yourself for so long.

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Minhyuk wouldn’t bother asking you any questions, since he didn’t want to overwhelm you with any and he could tell you’re not comfortable expressing your emotions. However, he’d try and lift your mood up instead, so you’d at least know that he’s there for whatever you’re going through.

“Smile for me, jagi~”

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Concerned, Kihyun would press you for answers to your behaviour, worsening the situation. This was only because he’d never thought such thing could ever happen and that he really does love you. But after he realised that you weren’t gonna speak any time soon, he’d just silently comfort you instead, with a whole lot of cuddles and kisses. But don’t think that he’d forget about it easily.

“Ya. What happened?”

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“Huh? Why are you crying so suddenly?”

You had enough with life at the moment. Assignments were piling up and your work was taking away from any time for you to properly take a rest. You barely had time to speak with Hyungwon as a result as well. So to have you break down as you were having your long awaited date, he’d freeze in his spot and would just stare at you. It’ll take him a moment before he could gather himself and begin comforting you.

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Much like Minhyuk, Jooheon would rather focus on making you feel better, before asking you anything. After, he’d tell you how you shouldn’t keep things to yourself and let him share your struggles as well. He’d go on about how he’s always going to be there to support you, so better spill all that you got inside. This boy is willing to listen because he cares about you.

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Lost was probably the best word to describe what Changkyun felt, seeing you in tears on the floor, knees brought up to your chest. If he could remember correctly, you were fine an hour ago, so this would really shock him. He’d drop down to where you were, softly asking you what the matter was. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell him, so he held you close instead, caressing you softly the whole time.

NCT 127+Ten Reacting To Their S/O Having an Eating Disorder

Anon: Hey this is a sensitive topic so you don’t have to do it if it makes you uncomfortable or anything like that but if it doesn’t, can you do NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their s/o opening up about their eating disorder and breaking down crying in front of them? Thanks ☺

A/N: I think this topic should be talked about more rather than it being ignored because people will get offended. So here it is. Enjoy xx


Taeyong would hear it all about it and would be glad that you opened up to him about a matter so personal. He’ll hug you and tell you it’s okay and let you cry in his arms as much as you want. “I will never leave you no matter what.” He stated when you told him about your fear of him finding out and abandoning you.

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Jaehyun would instantly dry your tears and smile at you, kissing your forehead and pulling you in a comfy hug. He would stroke your hair and let you let it all out. You ended up sleeping in his arms and he kept on checking on you through the night to see if you were okay.

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Doyoung would seriously hear you out and hold a tissue box. He’ll want you to cry till you feel better about it and then he’ll tell you its okay and that you both will get through it together.

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Taeil would hold you in his arms and stroke your hair. “I never knew how strong you were,” he’d say. “I’m so lucky to have you in my life y/n.” He could see your smile slowly creeping up on your soaking face. He kissed your lips and looked deep into your eyes. “I love you,” he whispered and kissed you again.

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Ten wouldn’t be able to see you cry and would break down as well. Before you know it you both are a weeping mess. He would hold your hands, sniffing and promise you he’ll help you through this and that you both were in this together.


Mark would be shocked for the first few seconds and then he’ll see breaking down into tears and snap out of his shock. He’ll have you sit down next to him and listen to you. He’ll hug you and kiss your forehead, wanting to stay like that until you feel better.

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Johnny would feel a pang of pain when he’d see you cry. He will instantly hold you in his arms and stroke your hair to make you feel better. He’ll try to soften your mood with his corny jokes and will try to make you feel better by watching movies and being two lil dorks.

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Yuta will try to be really gentle with you and will caress you with his sweet touches and he’ll smile bright at you telling you he’s always going to be by your side battling your demons with you. Just having him there makes you feel 100x better.

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Winwin would just listen to you and will be at a loss for words. He’ll want to say something but would be too scared to do so incase he offended you or hurt you in anyway.

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Haechan would hug you and bring out his ‘nice’ side. He’ll immediately feel guilty for roasting you all those times and promise you he’ll stop.”Please don’t cry Y/N,” he said sniffing.

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Decided to use these ‘concept’ posts as an inspiration for a challenge for myself.
I’m going to try creating a concept for myself for each week and breaking it down to to-do-lists to achieve the concept.
The goal is to find my best version I guess. Or at least having fun trying out different things and seeing how they affect me.
I’m going to document it on here to not forget doing it so I hope you all don’t mind too much. 🌸
Does Gameplay Still Matter?
A lot of people seem to think gameplay doesn’t matter in games anymore. Let’s talk about it. Hello! My name is Captain Studley, and I'm a filthy casual gamer...

Does gameplay matter in games anymore? let’s break it down.


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Today is Mother's day and this year it fell on the anniversary of my mum's passing, I am trying my best not to break down, and I think I would have done well, if I wasn't being dragged round my aunts, who I don't get along with. Please, help me find a way not to burst into tears at the dinner table.

I’m really sorry, that’s absolutely horrible, just remember the good times. But also if you’re struggling ask to be excused, explain that you’re having a hard time, that you just want to leave the table for a minute, ask to go to the toilet and have a few moments to yourself. 

You’re allowed to ask for a time out. You’re allowed to leave the table and spend sometime looking after yourself. It’s not going to be easy, but ultimately if you need to leave the table and go to a separate room then do that, make sure you look after yourself okay? It’s not going to be easy and i’d be lying if I told you that, but you can do this. You’re going to be okay and there’s not shame in crying, no shame in needing to leave the dinner table. xx

I like to ask men why they don’t shave their legs and underarms and see their reactions. Like, if they’re wearing shorts or something and I happen to notice their hairy legs.

Why would I? They ask, full of confusion.

Or if they’ve got a blemish or something and they complain about it I offer them concealer.

They turn me down with almost visible question marks above their heads.

Very small way to break down gender constructs but I like it

asoue is totally nabokov for kids

  • the unauthorized autobiography is, in full, the index from pale fire, packed with intentional errors and misquotes that tell the story better than something crisp and clear
  • snicket adopts the “don’t look, don’t care, don’t investigate” attitude of nabokov’s public persona, while both authors are writing about narrators breaking down from their indifferent pose and going through heart-shattering sorrow
  • the layering of narrator upon narrator telling story upon story. my understanding of asoue before i started reading them was that lemony was a cute, mysterious device and little more, but to actually dive into it and see what handler does with the conceit is really amazing
Hope is not a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky. It is an axe you break down doors with in an emergency. Hope should shove you out the door, because it will take everything you have to steer the future away from endless war, from the annihilation of the earth’s treasures and the grinding down of the poor and marginal… To hope is to give yourself to the future - and that commitment to the future is what makes the present inhabitable.
—  Rebecca Solnit

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Hi friend. I don't feel well today. I just want to break down & cry. I thought I had my depression beat. I had struggled with it for about 8 years and then I was saved and for about a year it just all kinda went away??? I didn't even have to see my doctors but every 3 months but it's back now for about a mont and idk I feel myself slipping. God is my help, I know but I feel so useless. What if He hates me and has abandoned me? I kno the Bible tells me differently but I can't do this without Him

my love, i’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. i’d wrap you in a blanket and give you a beverage of your choice, if i could. i feel like i’m a terrible person to talk to about this, because i’ve never dealt with depression. (i wanna say @aubscares has? also a very solid Christian, would love her to weigh in!)

here’s what i do know: God will not ever hate you or abandon you. God did not suffer and die just to drop you now. Tim Keller put it this way: “The gospel is this: We are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared believe, yet at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.”

have your doctors recommended any medicines to help you? God uses means; use them and thank Him for that gift.

remember that your suffering is not pointless. i’m sorry you have to go through this, but i know that it’s for your ultimate good and for God’s ultimate glory. how can He be glorified through your depression? i don’t know, but He does.

study God. study the Bible. meditate on what makes Him God. i learned this saying recently, and i’m quite fond of it: “right theology informs right thinking. right thinking informs right feeling.”

i hope that helps a bit? please feel free to talk to me any time, my friend. i’ll be praying for you <3

How much has your taste in character types changed? (Anime edition)

One of the more intriguing things about growing up in the anime and comic book scene is looking back at the particular types of characters you most loved as a kid in the shows you grew up with and comparing them to what kind of archetypes and character types you like more today as an adult in those same shows. An easy example of this is going back and watching old animes and remembering who your favorite character was as a kid vs who your favorite is now as an adult and comparing the reasoning behind it. Often when was watched as a kid influences our tastes and interests and even expectations for what we watch in the future. As a character designer who’s focus is on archetypal and story development, I spend a lot of time taking characters and breaking them down to their very basic workings, figuring out why they are the way they are and how certain experiences make them do the things they do.

Another side of me is highly interest in the changing of archetypes, aesthetics and stylized preference of art and animation. BOTH of which often play an important role in who, as a character, we tend to gravitate towards at first sight.

HERE IS A CHALLENGE: list 10 animes that inspired you most as a kid (from young to high school. it’s fine), and list your fave characters from those shows.

- try to limit the character count to top 3 faves per show. Male, Female or anything in between, all’s fair game, even animal characters.

- try to choose animes either that have stuck with you all your life but perhaps your views have changed over time OR shows you watched years ago and may not have seen in the last 5 years or so.

- they don’t necessarily have to be your FAVORITE animes, just highly influential ones in your life (example: I don’t especially like Naruto or Pokemon, but I can still relate characters and archetypes from them that I liked as a kid and how they influenced my interests today)

- explain why you liked them, whether it be for personality, or a certain way of acting or thinking, or maybe just aesthetically pleasing traits, whatever. The point is to compare your interests then to how you think/feel today, using characters from the same show as the tool to express those changes. If you don’t like the same character you did as a kid, explain why and who better reflects your interests in that same show today. (this can be very loose in that maybe you only liked 1 kind of character for 1 reason in that anime and that’s fine, OR you can list out what it is you intend to explain; kid aesthetic vs. adult aesthetic then kid personality interest vs. adult personality interest, etc. However detailed you wish to be.)

- be as short and to the point or as detailed as you like. I personally enjoy reading what people say about the types of characters they liked and why. Characters we see in shows like anime often influence how we create our own art and written works later in life.

- USE PICTURES IF YOU WANT. Sometimes a visual of something helps people understand where you’re coming from more.

NOTE: This is a reflection exercise. Use it as a means to relate what you liked as a kid and see how much you’ve changed over the years, how your interests or expectations in character development has changed or what you prefer to see reflected in an idea today vs. what may have been of more importance to you as a child. Perhaps today you prefer a character with a more dramatic back story where as when you were a kid you just really liked outspoken, goofy characters. Or perhaps you like more mature looking aesthetics now and gravitate more towards older characters who wear suits and sharp, tight fit clothing where as when you were a kid you liked teenage kids who wore really cool baggy pants and crazy colored shirts or something. really explore the mediums you were interested in then and how that’s changed over the years to influence your taste today.

do u ever wake up from a nightmare at 1:30 AM and then a bunch of random shit hits u and u have a mental break down and then get really really sad cuz same

let go.