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Birthday Boy - Draco x Reader

Hey guys! In celebration of our favorite boy’s birthday on the 5th, I decided to write a birthday imagine!! It’s a bit long, but I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what ya think! Thank you!!!!

Warnings - None that I am aware of!!! 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!” Y/N yelled as she jumped on to Draco’s bed.

 He groaned and rolled over on to his stomach. Pulling the blankets off of him, she straddled his back. Leaning down, she placed a gentle kiss behind his ear. He let out a soft sigh in response. Taking it as a sign to continue, she pressed another one at the back of his hairline and continued down the back of his neck.

“Draco, get up. We have a busy day and I’m trying to make this your best birthday ever - which I know seems impossible since last year’s was pretty great, but this one will be the best one yet, I promise.” Y/N whispered as she pressed her hands into his back.

With Y/N moving her hands - and mouth - up and down his shoulders and back, this was was the most relaxed Draco had been in days. Between maintaining his “bad boy” image and dealing with whatever his father needed him to do, Draco had slipped into a minor depression - not that he’d tell anyone. But the only thing that ever came close to making him relax and see the good in the world was her. 

“I don’t want to.” Draco mumbled and closed his eyes tighter.

“I know that, Draco. But I have a whole day planned so get up and get dressed.” She placed another kiss behind his ear and the dormitory door swung open. Y/N jumped and Draco swung his head towards the door.

“Happy birthday, Draco!” Pansy shouted, dragging a tired looking Blaise behind her.

Draco groaned and his head found its way under his pillow.

“I thought I told you guys to wait downstairs.” Y/N rolled her eyes and swung herself off of Draco.

Pansy crossed her arms and cocked a hip.

“You were taking too long. I’m ready to get this day started!”

“Okay, okay! Draco, please get up and get dressed. Wear something casual, alright? We’ll be downstairs.” Y/N said and ushered Blaise and Pansy out of the room.

They only had to wait thirty minutes for Draco to finally drag himself down the long steps and into the Slytherin common room. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of dark black pants and although Y/N had known Draco for years, she still got butterflies when she saw him. He slung on arm around her, pulling her close, and planted a kiss on her temple. She smiled.

“Where to first then?” Draco asked.

The hike to Hogsmeade wasn’t as bad in June as it was in December - mainly because it wasn’t snowing. It didn’t take the four of them long to reach their first stop in the town. Y/N led the way with Draco holding her hand and following closely behind her. She stopped at the little station in front of the building.

“Hi, I have a reservation for four under the name Malfoy at ten?” she informed the girl behind the station. The girl smiled at the four of them and her eyes lingered a little too long on a certain platinum haired boy.

“Of course, follow me!” she exclaimed and led the four of them to their table.

 “Malfoy, huh?” Draco smirked down at his girlfriend and gently elbowed her in the ribs.

“For you. It was the only way they’d let me make a reservation.” she whispered back.

“How’d you do it? Did you take a polyjuice potion? Or did you just tell them you’re my mom? Did you take my last name as your own? Tell them we’re married? What’d you do?”

“I’m not admitting what I did or didn’t do to you, Draco. Assume what you will, but if I told you, I’m afraid I’d have to kill you.”

Draco chuckled and pulled out the chair for Y/N as they reached their table. Blaise did the same for Pansy and the boys sat down across from each other.

“Is this breakfast all you have planned today, Y/N?” Draco inquired while he stretched an arm around the back of her chair. Y/N shook her head left to right as she looked over the menu that had appeared in front of each of them.

“This is all she has planned with us, anyway.” Pansy muttered. Draco shot Y/N a questioning look then turned to Pansy.

“What do you mean by that, Pansy?” he asked.

“I mean that after this, you guys are going to explore Hogsmeade some more while Blaise and I go back to Hogwarts.”

The four teenagers enjoyed their breakfast. They sat and talked about big upcoming exams and how none of them really felt prepared for them - but did they ever? The four talked of their summer plans and how now that Voldemort was officially back, were they all coming back next year? Or were they staying home to help out their families? None of them knew for sure exactly what would happen. After an hour or so of dreary conversation, Y/N made them change the topic. This was a birthday breakfast after all.

The group finished their meals and went their separate ways. Draco held Y/N’s hand tightly as they went in and out of shops. She insisted on buying him something, but there was no way he was letting her do that.

Draco Malfoy was not very fond of his birthday. The only reason Y/N knew about it was because they had celebrated it a couple times when they were kids. Y/N took it upon herself to continue to make his birthdays a big deal once they got to Hogwarts. He wasn’t sure why she was so insistent on the topic. He didn’t understand. He was just a year older - no big deal.

Y/N led Draco to a small and quiet cafe. She knew he hated his birthday, but that’s the exact reason she made it such a big deal. To her, Draco had made it another year alive and for that, she was eternally grateful. She didn’t understand why he liked to sweep it under the rug. He hated presents and he hated surprises. She did both for him. She pulled out the box she had been hiding in her sweater pocket.

“I got this for you. Don’t say anything Draco, please. I wanted to do this for you. You’re my boyfriend and I love you. I know you hate presents, but I just had to.” she explained and set the small box down on the table. Draco eyed her then slid it to him.

Inside the box was a plain black ring. From far away, it looked extremely simple. Up close, though, it was carved with extremely intricate designs. There were swirls and snakes and when the light hit it just right, you could see the fangs on the snakes’ teeth. Picking it out of the box, the sun caught on some silver writing on the inside of it. He noticed his initials carved next to Y/N’s. His eyes filled with tears, but he held them back. This gift was automatically better than everything that Draco had ever been given.

“Is it okay? Do you like it? I know it’s not much, and you might think it’s stupid, but my family knows a guy who makes jewelry and such, and I asked him to make it for you. There’s a protection spell on it, so whenever you’re in danger, it sends a signal to a necklace I have back in my room and I’ll know you’re in trouble. It also protects you from any harm or at least-“

Y/N’s rambling was cut short by Draco’s lips on hers. His hands slid to her cheeks. He tried to convey how extremely grateful he was to have her in his life through that kiss. She pulled back a little and smiled.

“So you like it then? I know it’s kind of girly but-”

 “Of course I do, babe. Don’t worry. This is the best thing I’ve ever gotten and I’m so glad you care enough about me to at least try and make my birthday a special day. I love you so much, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” Draco whispered.

“I love you too.” she kissed him briefly again. “It’s time for your next activity, are you ready to come on an adventure with me?”

“Every day is an adventure with you. Let’s go.”

Y/N led Draco back to Hogwarts. They held hands and Draco glared at everyone that looked at the pair. Y/N made it seem like she was oblivious to this fact, but she secretly liked that Draco got so easily agitated. It made people leave them alone. It also helped that he was a Malfoy and people feared the Malfoys.

As they climbed staircase after staircase, Draco’s curiosity got the best of him. They’d passed the Room of Requirement and they had definitely passed the Slytherin common room.

At the sixth floor, Y/N made a right and continued down a long, dark hallway. About halfway down the hall, she stopped and entered a classroom. It looked like it hadn’t been used in years. There was dust everywhere and a strange machine sat in the middle of the room. Y/N let go of Draco’s hand and he stayed where he was.

Y/N pressed the ‘on’ button of the projector and it roared to life. The lightbulb flickered once before gaining its strength to steady out. She pointed it at a wall while the opening credits of a movie played.

“What is that?” Draco asked skeptically.

“It shows movies or uh - moving pictures with sound, I guess. A couple of muggles showed it to me two years ago. I wanted to show you my favorite one.” she answered quietly, trying to gauge her boyfriend’s reaction.

“That’s a muggle device then?”


Draco crossed the room until he was standing in front of his girlfriend.

“Oh, Y/F/N Y/L/N, if my father only knew how much of a bad girl you really are.” he smirked and pulled out his wand.

With a flick and a swish, there was a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor. Snacks were piled by a corner of the blankets. The room looked sparkling clean. Y/N smiled and dropped onto the pile of blankets. Draco sat next to her and pulled her close. He wasn’t normally so easily convinced to do anything muggle related, but if Y/N liked it then it couldn’t be too bad.

Five hours and two movies later, Draco was whining as Y/N pulled him from the room. He pulled on her hand and tried to make her go back into that quiet and relaxing room with him, but she wouldn’t budge. She just kept leading him back down several flights of stairs. They reached the Slytherin common room and stopped right outside the door.

“Don’t get mad at me.” Y/N breathed. Draco rose an eyebrow and muttered the new password.

“SURPRISE!” a big group of people shouted.

Draco stopped just inside the door with Y/N following closely behind him. He hadn’t expected anything like this - not that he minded though. Draco Malfoy was always up for a good party. He smiled and waved as everyone went back to whatever it was they had been doing before the couple had entered the room. He turned around to his girlfriend.

“Why on earth would I be mad at you?” he asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Y/N leaned back a little and looked up into Draco’s blue eyes.

“I know you don’t like doing big things for your birthday, but I just had to, babe. I wanted you to be able to celebrate with all of your friends - not just me.” she explained.

He kissed her forehead, then her nose, then kissed her lips.

“Happy birthday, dude! Why didn’t you tell us?” Theodore Nott interrupted as he strode up to the couple. Draco disentangled from Y/N. He settled for his arm around her shoulders.

“I don’t know, Theo. I just don’t think it’s a big deal.” Draco explained. Theo rolled his eyes and made his way to one of the drink tables.

Draco and Y/N pushed and shoved through the crowd and to the couches. They hadn’t had a decent conversation since they’d stepped in the place. Everyone wanted to wish Draco Malfoy a happy birthday. The couch was their usual hangout at parties in the Common Room and sure enough their were two seats left open.

After several hours of drinking and party games, everyone decided to head up to bed. In doing so, they also left the place a complete mess. Draco and Y/N had barely moved from their spot on the couch. The lights had gone out and they were sitting in front of the fire place enjoying the now quiet atmosphere. Her head was in his lap and he was playing with her hair.

“So tell me Draco Malfoy, did you enjoy you birthday party?” Y/N murmured.

 “If only because I got to spend it with you, love.” he whispered back.

“Please stop being cheesy for one second and be honest. Was your birthday everything and more?”

“Of course it was. Thank you for the best birthday ever,” he paused to lean down and kiss her cheek. “and for being the best girlfriend ever. I love you, Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

“I love you too, Draco Malfoy.”

They left the cleaning to the house elves and the two fell into a peaceful sleep on the couch in the Slytherin Common Room.

Open Wide

2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “No decision should ever be made at 2am!“

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Requested by: @dustycelt

“Morning, Sammy!” Dean bellows cheerfully strolling into the kitchen.

“Wow, you’re in a good mood considering it’s before noon.” The younger Winchester responds with a smirk.

“I have a stupid study group thing.” Dean groans, rubbing his hand over his face.

“That’s…new.” Sam quirks an eyebrow suspiciously.

“I’m doing awful in my Econ class, man. It’s the only reason I’m putting myself through that cruel and unusual punishment.”

“Ahh gotcha.”

“At least I can have a heavenly slice of apple pie before I go. I literally woke up craving it.” Dean licks his plump lips practically drooling at the thought.

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Word Count: 1713

A/N: Here’s the long-ass fanfiction I have been working on for you beans. I’ve gotten a few requests to post it from the summary I posted. It was mostly @darlingimafangirl who pushed me over the edge to actaully post it! So thank her, beans! 

Part 1/?

Being a superhero isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. You know this firsthand, well maybe second hand? You can see the exhaustion in all the Avenger’s eyes when you bring them their necessities. Or the stress that is burrowed deep within their minds when you remind them to eat, drink or sleep. They’re constantly on edge, jumping when you touch them or unexpectedly walk behind them. You may just be an employee to the group, but you see the effects of saving the world up close. And it isn’t good.

Being an employee of the Avengers can be hard. You were entrusted to this job after running into a very hurt Black Widow. You forced her into a side alley and patched her up, even through all her complaints. It was surprising that you were able to get close to the assassin. But she was hurt, so she couldn’t exactly fight you as much as she wanted to. You were an intern at a company that provided in-home hospice care. So you were, thankfully, caring the necessary tools to patch just about everything. After a little over an hour in the cramped alley, Black Widow had stitches where needed, bandages and the whole 9 yards. She thanked you before disappearing. Two weeks later, Tony Stark came by and basically demanded you work for him. You took it without any hesitation.

| January 5th, 2017 |

Your alarm rudely pulls you out of a dream about you being a superhero. Being a lowly human without any cool parlor tricks can be a bummer sometimes when you’re surrounded by amazing people who can kick some serious ass.

Your day starts at 6 a.m., your alarm going off at 5:30 so that you can get ready.  You cook breakfast for the group, never fully sure of how many will be coming. There’s almost always left over. Today is pancakes, bacon, eggs, sliced apples, whole carrots, and plenty of coffee. You try to incorporate the main food groups so that the heroes are able to be their best. You aren’t the world’s greatest cook, but with a few classes and plenty of practice, you were able to make good meals for the group.

Tony had made the job sound like an assistance of sorts, but that’s far from what you do. You cook their meals, clean the tower, act as an in-home nurse which means waking up at 4 a.m. after missions to do stitches or bandage broken ribs, do plenty of PR work (making your face well known), bring/buy anything necessary for the Avengers and whip up reports when needed. You’re like the house mom, secretary, nurse, and assistant in one fun bundle. You do this all the while being 16. Admittedly, you rounded up to 18 when telling Tony. But your secret came out very quickly when he did a background check. He let you stay, making you do online schooling when you’re not working. He said something about you being too valuable.

Tony is the first to wander into the kitchen this morning. You smile at him and hand him a plate and a cup, after working for a little over 2 years, you’ve remember their eating patterns. Tony usually doesn’t eat much in the morning, so you put 1 pancake, 2 slices of bacon, a scoop of eggs, handful of carrots and a few apple slices. Paired with a very large cup of coffee. “Here you go, Mr. Stark.” You tell him, he waves you away before sitting down.

Clint wanders in next, surprising you slightly. He usually doesn’t stay the night, since he’s “retired”. You nod at him as you hand him a plate piled high with food. Clint loves his breakfast and you know that pancakes is his favorite. “Mr. Barton. Glad you’re joining us today.” You grin, showing your one dimple. Clint is one of your favorite people. He’s always so nice to you, making you consider him a father of sorts. “Clint,” He says roughly, a smile sneaking up on him before sitting down.

Bucky and Steve come in together, Steve smiling. “Good morning, Mrs. (Y/L/N). How’d you sleep?” Steve asks, looking down at you.

“Good, as always.” You tell him, “You know, I’m pretty sure I got the best room in the tower, Mr. Rodgers.” You wink at him while handing him and Bucky a plate of equal food. They’ve both got the same appetite, yet if one finishes first, the other will just throw away the rest of the food. They always like to be done at the same time. Steve laughs at your comment, shaking his head. “You always say that.” He mentions before sitting down with his best friend.

Natasha and Bruce come in together, making you smile slightly. You always liked their friendship, it seemed perfect for what they were looking for in companions. “Ms. Romanova, Mr. Banner, good morning to you both.” You say, holding a plate out for Natasha and a giant cup of coffee for Bruce. They gladly take them, both nodding at you.

“Pancakes? I’ll have one this morning.” Bruce tells you, glancing down at the food. You nod, surprised. It always surprises you when one strays from the typical routine. You wished you were a mind reader so that you could be prepared for whatever happened. You nod, grabbing a plate and putting one on, putting eggs and carrots on, even though he didn’t ask. He tends to enjoy your eggs and he’s a fan of carrots, so he should enjoy them. You hand him the plate and he nods, grateful. The two sit down.

Wanda and Vision tend to stay in their rooms till lunch. So that should be everyone. You glance at everyone at the table and nod. You slowly begin to shut off the oven, pulling out tuber ware to put the food in.

A boy, around your age, runs in. Your eyes widen and you freeze, staring at him. He freezes as well, connecting his brown eyes with yours. You stare at each other for an uncomfortable minute before Tony speaks up. “Spiderling, meet (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N). She’s an employee here. (Y/N), meet Peter Parker.” You finally come to your senses and nod, your cheeks burning.

“Of course, I’m sorry for being so terribly rude. My name’s (Y/N). Nice to meet you, Mr. Parker. My official job description says I’m an assistant, but I’m really anything needed at the time.” You shake his hand, still fumbling to gain control over the situation. “Did you want any food?” You ask, waving a hand at the table.

He clears his throat before nodding. “You can call me P-Peter, um.. can I have a few pancakes, bacon and eggs. Apple slices too?” You smile at him, before quickly getting the plate together.

“Coffee?” You hold up the pot, he shakes his head no. You take note that he seems to not like coffee. Good to know…

You hand him the plate, your fingers brushing for a second. Enough to make your cheeks turn red again. He takes his plate and walks/stumbles to the table, taking a seat and chowing down. You return to the task of putting away the left overs.

“How old is she?” You hear Peter whisper to Tony. You turn around, trying to act cool while ease dropping on the conversation. You watch as Tony’s eyes narrow at the boy.

“16. Why?” He asks, his voice filled with suspicion.

Peter puts his hands up, “Just wondering. She just seems young for the job that she has.”

Clint scoffs into his food, glancing at Peter out of the corner of his eye. “Yeah, well, she lied when Tony first asked her about it. We all thought she was 18. She certainly has her shit together enough to be 18.”

Natasha nods, her eyes rolling before landing on the young boy. “She does online schooling in the afternoon when we need her the least. But she’s very well educated and does her job well. Better than any other person Tony has hired in the past.” She points her fork at Peter, “That being said, if you try anything. I’ll stab your eyes out.”

“Natasha was the reason (Y/N) got the job.” Clint tells Peter, giving him a sympathetic look.

You finish cleaning everything up, no longer interested in the conversation about you. You knew deep down that Natasha was protective over you. You were the reason why you were brought into their world. If you get hurt, it’s on her. Of course, you don’t think this, but you know that’s what she thinks.

You grab the coffee pot and fill up the group’s almost empty cup. Coffee has to be the thing that you all spend the most on. There’s no doubt in your mind. They all stare at you as you fill up the cups, you meet each of their eyes, smiling.

You gently lay a hand on Natasha’s shoulder, gently squeezing it before pulling your hand away. Sometimes you believe that she needs a reassurance that she did the right thing. Which of course she did. Your home life wasn’t the best in the world. Your mother skipped town once you gave birth and your father has been struggling ever since. Once he realized that you were going to get food, housing and a great education, he knew that it was for the best. He let you go for a real chance to do something in this life. Which you’re forever grateful for. He visits you twice a month. The first and third Thursday. You always get off for that.

“While it is true that Ms. Romanova was able to bring this opportunity to light for me, I’m the one who decided to take the job. I am young, but I do my job and I do it well. If you have a problem, Mr. Parker, you can speak to me about it privately. Mr. Stark doesn’t need such worries on his already full plate.” You say, speaking to the group, but addressing Peter. He looks like you just reprimanded him, but you don’t pay a lot of attention to it.

You set the pot on its stand before walking out of the room.

It’s nearing the end of his second year when suddenly rumors pop up about how Headmaster Dumbledore had convinced someone famous to visit for Career Day. Charlie didn’t pay much mind to the excited whispers and loud debates about who the famous wizard - because wizard not witch is the only thing that everyone seemed to agree on - visiting was and what job they’d be talking about.

“Maybe it’s Mad-Eye Moody,” Charlie had said when his roommates had asked him, starting an argument about whether the Auror was considered ‘famous’ or not.

They found out he was wrong on a Monday - because even though it was called Career Day, it usually spanned over the time of a week due to the guests’ hectic schedules - when a woman called Amelia Bones, Senior Auror she introduced herself, came to represent the DMLE. The talk of potential job prospects - and the electives and grades they’d have to get to be accepted - at the DMLE was followed by a very stern lecture on the consequences of disobeying the law that morphed into the presentations of other Ministry workers.

Ministry Monday, his roommates had called it.

(Really, Charlie was just pleased to see his dad for a bit - sure some of the jobs seemed interesting, certainly they were important, but-…)

Tuesday consisted of the residents of Hogsmede making the trip up to Hogwarts to talk about the jobs there, from things like working at the Three Broomsticks to crafts like carpentry. Wednesday consisted of several people from Diagon Alley showing up such as Madam Malkin who spoke of creating clothing and running a self-own shop to a Gringotts employee who spoke of the kind of work that goblins would have you do - something Bill was so interested in that he skipped classes just to visit (and drag Charlie along) the room the employee had set up shop in.

The most interesting thing about Wednesday, though, had to be when he wandered into the Daily Prophet’s designated room by accident and, within minutes, watched as the wizard talking about the wonders of journalism was hounded by a seventh year witch named Rita Skeeter about a job post-graduation.

Thursday, really, was tame given it was the Hogwarts staff whom took time to speak about their jobs in their free time - Charlie quite liked following Hagrid about as the man showed the tasks he did for the school. Feeding the Giant Squid and help grooming the Hippogriffs who decided to make their home on the grounds was very interesting and, while everyone else made fun of the time he’d 'wasted’ following Hagrid around for the day, Grounds Keeper seemed to be the most interesting job he’d heard about so far.

Friday came and with it the farther flung people, such as a Potioneer who came from Brazil to speak and a professional Broom Racer who’d gotten fifth place in the European Relay, along with Whispers about the 'famous’ person.

Wrote one of the textbooks - Care of Magical Creatures, Charlie heard during breakfast by a group of passing Ravenclaws.

Slytherins, when he was trailing them to listen to the Potioneer, muttered, Works with animals - oh, the shame his family must have felt!

Don’t see how it’s famous, a roommate complained to him at lunch, Sure he wrote a book but it’s a textbook and it’s about animals - it’s nothing interesting like an Auror or the racer!

“He was a Hufflepuff too!” a Hufflepuff said to her friend as they exited a room, “Really, he’s quite nice and his work seems interesting but…I don’t think it’s for me.”

Charlie paused to look at the room the pair had exited, it was empty save for an older wizard who smiled when he saw him, “Oh, hello. Are you lost?”

I was just passing by, was on the tip of his tongue but something - maybe it was the various dismissals of the man’s work he’d heard throughout the day, maybe it was how easily the man assumed that his coming was a mistake - had Charlie shaking his head and going further into the room. “No,” he said instead, “I wanted to learn more.”

“Oh, well, Magizoology isn’t a very popular - or, uh, lucrative - field, not like being an Auror or Quidditch Player.” the man started hesitantly, almost like he expected Charlie to turn around and leave at once. Charlie took a seat. “But, in my years, I’ve never once found it boring.”

Never be unkind, his mother had told them and it was the reason why he entered the room. It wasn’t the reason he stayed, though.

No, that was all genuine interest in what the man - Charlie really wished he’d asked the wizard his name but it seemed kind of awkward to ask now, besides the wizard was talking about a Thunderbird named Frank of all things - was saying. It was like the time spent with Hagrid, except more because the moment with the Giant Squid and the Hippogriffs were fleeting because there were so many other things to being a Grounds Keeper the animal care but this - Magizoology - was all about the animals.

A mention of his time yesterday with the Hippogriffs had the man launching into an excited tangent about the Hippogriff herd - “Though sometimes you’ll hear a group referred to as a 'flock’ but seeing as the horse half of them are the more social bit, it’s commonly agreed that a group is a herd.” the man said - and how it had originated from the wizard’s family’s own herd. Apparently, a group of younger Hippogriffs decided they wanted to try making their own herd and, in an effort to keep the groups from fighting in territorial disputes and from the new herd from being endangered, were relocated to Hogwarts.

Then, the wizard started talking about dragons.

This, Charlie knew deep in his bones as surely as he had known he was a wizard, this is what I want to do when I grow up.

It was startling when Professor McGonagall interrupted them just when they were about to debate if the Horned Serpent might be related to the Hungarian Horntail by way of a common ancestor, “Mr. Weasley, your brother has been looking for you since you missed dinner - it’s past curfew.”

“Oh,” Charlie hunched slightly because he just knew Bill was going to lecture him about not taking proper care of himself. If he was lucky, he’d manage to convince his brother not to owl their mother about him 'starving’ himself - again.

“He’s not in trouble, I hope," the man said hurriedly, "It was really my fault, I lost track of time-”

Professor McGonagall glanced at the papers strewn about - at some point they’d both wound up sitting on the floor as the wizard spread out notes and sketches of creatures to emphasize a point - and said, in a very even voice that made him flush, “So I see.”

It was somewhat relieving to see that the wizard wasn’t immune to Professor McGonagall’s tone, looking rather abashed as he returned the papers with a wave of his wand.

“And no, Mr. Weasley’s not in trouble since, I suppose, he didn’t technically break a rule seeing as he had adult supervision the entire time,” she said, then looked at him sternly, “That being said, it is time for him to go to bed - I will escort you back to Gryffindor tower.”

“It was nice meeting you, I really enjoyed talking to you.” Charlie said, then blurted, “But I never got your name.”

The wizard blinked then laughed, smiling and answering once he calmed, “Newt - my name is Newt Scamander and the pleasure was all mine.”


You know, canon.

Bless these anti-social wilderness babies. Stalking people all day and all night before finally deciding to approach them.

I accidentally turned on a few layers at once and got this adorable huddle. Hahaha. 

sleepover with exo


  • freezes the members’ underwear
  • just an all around prankster who refuses to go to sleep
  • sings at the top of his lungs at midnight
  • crashes after a sugar high at 4 in the morning


  • draws on the members’ faces when they’re asleep
  • “let’s tell scary stories”
  • starts massive pillow fights
  • absolutely refuses to wake up in the morning


  • too old for this shit
  • tries to sleep but always wakes up bc of jongdae’s laughter
  • screams at jongin’s scary stories
  • wins every single round of bs


  • refuses to move from the couch
  • brings a stuffed animal to sleep with, maybe two
  • falls asleep first
  • wakes up first and takes pictures of the other members sleeping


  • hogs all the candy
  • challenges pcy to a rap battle, loses
  • asks random questions when everyone’s about to go to sleep
  • “do you think fish can feel pain”


  • brings all the food
  • pillow fights with him can get violent
  • wears the fluffiest pajamas that make him look like a baby penguin
  • the only one who actually stays up all night


  • busy trying to keep his kids under control
  • “no we cannot play strip poker”
  • probably hosts the sleepover
  • won’t stop laughing at his own dad jokes


  • “let’s play truth or dare”
  • secretly helps bbh plan and execute pranks but gets away with it
  • plays “chogiwa” on repeat on the speakers
  • doesn’t fit in his sleeping bag


  • always gets pranked by pcy and bbh
  • came out here to have a good time and is honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • tries to redeem himself in another high note competition, fails
  • cooks breakfast for the group the morning after

After a wild Saturday night with the gang, the one thing that was always part of the schedule was for them to crash at yours and Harry’s place. You were usually the one who didn’t get as wasted as everyone else, so you really didn’t mind having to wake up and make breakfast for the group.

“Mornin’.” You turned your head slightly as you heard the kitchen door swing open, a sleepy smile gracing your features as Harry walked over. 

“Morning!” You chirped, poking at the scrambled eggs before reaching over to turn the stove off. “Is everyone awake already?” Harry nodded in response as his arms wrapped around you from behind, propping his chin up on your shoulder. 

“Mm. They’re in the living room now.. I told you I could’ve woken up early to help make breakfast.” Harry reached over and snatched a slice of crispy bacon from the plate, bringing it to his mouth. 

“You’re already grumpy in the morning. I don’t want a grumpy and hungover person in my kitchen.” You laughed lightly, Harry scowling before finishing off the bacon. “I lost count of how many shots you had downed - You were drunk off your ass!” 

“I was sober enough to remember I made you cum at least four times in an hour.” Harry muttered lowly, beginning to sponge kisses to the side of your neck as his warm hand slid under your shirt. “And I know for sure you’d let me take you across the counter if-” 

“Y/N, we’re gonna watch TV!” Niall called out from the living room, making you and Harry jump apart almost immediately. 

“Yep! Alright, you guys do that.” You cleared your throat, suddenly remembering you were supposed to be making breakfast. “Uh, help yourself to whatever DVDs are on the shelf.” 

“..Who even owns DVDs anymore?” Niall snorted, making you roll your eyes. Sure, anyone could watch anything online nowadays, but you liked keeping a shelf of DVDs in case the wifi ever went out or something. All of a sudden, the sound of moans echoed around the house, making you freeze on the spot. 

“What the- Are you guys seriously watching porn right now? It’s 9 in the morning!” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion before you turned to Harry, who gave you a shrug. 

“You’ll never understand the struggles of mornin’ wood, love.” Harry grinned, before taking note of your unimpressed expression. “I’ll tell them to stop.” And then you heard something else. 

Fuck, Harry..” Huh. What a coincidence that the porn star’s name was Harry. She kinda sounded like you. 

Yeah? Yeh like tha’, don’ yeh?” Harry immediately rushed into the living room, his eyes widening as he stood there in shock, his eyes glued to the screen. A hand clasped over his mouth when he finally realized what exactly the boys had popped into the DVD machine. 

“T’is definitely isn’t Snow White.” 

Your heart dropped to your stomach when you finally made your way to the living room. So.. Maybe you and Harry had made a drunk sex tape a while back, and you two decided to get it processed just for the memories, but you hid the disc in one of your Disney movie cases so no one would suspect anything. And whenever people came over, they’d just take advantage of your Netflix, never your DVDs. Of course, you had just told Niall to help himself to the DVDs, so.. 

“O-Okay, we’re not- It’s breakfast time, everyone in the kitchen!” By the time you had finally snapped yourself out of it, the boys looked very much engrossed in what was happening in the video. (Let’s just say Harry had pulled out the handcuffs.) 

H-Harry, gonna cu-” A collective groan was heard when the screen went black, the DVD machine whirring as you pushed the off button. Your cheeks were bright red, your heart pounding in your chest. You clicked the disc back into the case before shoving it into the shelf once again, turning around to see the boys staring ahead in pure shock. Harry, on the other hand, was hiding a huge grin behind his hand. 

“You heard me. Breakfast is waiting.” Your voice wavered, still trying to process the fact that your friends had just seen your sex tape. Your drunk sex tape. 

“..Who even owns DVDs anymore?” 


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hey y’all i know it’s been a while but i am back with a new fic! it’s one of my favorites and stars my love George Weasley. i have a bunch of new fics coming with peter parker, remus lupin, and barry allen. so, enough chatting, time for the fic! ps. request are open and feel free to send me your thoughts on my writing!!

     I was awaken from a peaceful slumber by loud yelling and my bed being jumped upon. Groggily, I rolled over and shoved my face into my pillow while groaning. The jumping and screaming on grew louder as the culprits notice I was waking up.

      “Come on!! Get up, it’s Saturday! It’s Hogsmeade day!” whined a familiar voice. I recognized the voice right away. It was my roommate and good friend, Ginny Weasley. That could only mean that the other person jumping on my bed was her partner in crime, Hermione Granger. Begrudging, I turned and forced my eyes open only to see two glowing smiles. Those smiles rapidly turned wicked as they yanked my sheets away and pulled me to the floor. The ginger and her curly haired friend looked down at me as I glared at them.

      “Let’s go! Breakfast starts in 20 minutes! Hurry!” rushed Hermione, glancing at the clock on my dresser. I pulled my tired body off the ground and began to get ready. I brushed my knotty hair into a neat ponytail. I changed my cozy pajamas into a pair of cropped leggings and my boyfriend’s old quidditch. I headed into the bathroom and started to brush my teeth when Ginny asked if I could be ready in five minutes. I nodded and quickly brushed my teeth then grabbed my wand.

    “Ready ladies?” I asked my two friends who were patiently waiting for me. They grabbed their things and we descended down the stairs. As soon as we reached the bottom of the staircase, we were greeted by a familiar set of ginger twins.

     “There they are! We were starting to think you all were gonna sleep the day away!” said Fred, the slightly shorter twin. Standing next to him was my boyfriend, George Weasley. I walked closer to the lanky twin I had the pleasure of calling my boyfriend the past 4 years.

    “Well good morning sunshine! How’d ya sleep?” he asked, grinning and wrapping me into a tight hug. I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his torso.

     “Mornin’ Georgie. I slept pretty well despite my rude awakening.” I told him, throwing shade at my two best friends, “So, how did you sleep hun?”.

    “It was okay but I would have slept better if I had you in my arms.”he remarked, being rather cheeky and sending me a sly wink. I giggled at his goofiness while our friends around us pretended to gag at our affection.

    “Ugh, we get it. You two are adorable, it’s disgusting, Now, can we get some breakfast before I vomit?” asked Fred, gesturing toward the exit. We all laughed and agreed, making our way to the Great Hall. As usual, the Hall was packed with fellow students enjoying a delicious breakfast. The group of us found our usual seat, Hermione and Ginny sitting with Harry and Ron, the twins and I meeting up with Lee, Katie, and Angelina. Right away, we helped ourselves to plenty of food and started up a casual conversation. George draped an arm around my shoulder as we enjoyed breakfast. I leaned into his embrace, resting against his firm chest. It was a comfortable morning, the hall was buzzing with excitement for the Hogsmeade trip later in the day. I sat in silence, nodding along to the conversation around me and appreciated my friends company. After everyone finished their breakfast, the group of us headed back towards the common room. George and I hung back a little and walked behind the rest of our friends.

     “You’ve been awfully quiet today, is everything okay?” George asked softly, his arm still around my shoulders.

    “Perfectly fine, just still a little sleepy.” I smiled up at him in reply.

    “Good, I don’t want you sick for Hogsmeade today.”

    “Do you have plans for Hogsmeade?” I asked the the tall boy.

    “My only plan is to take my gorgeous girlfriend on a date today. That’s only if you don’t have other plans.” he shot me another sparkling smile.

     “Of course not. I’d be honored to go on another date with you.”I responded, laying my head on his shoulder. He let out a celebratory “whoop!”, which made me laugh immensely. We walked the rest of the way to the common room with smiles etched onto our faces. When we walked in, our friends were already there, sitting around the fire. They were packed onto the couches like sardines.

    “Oh hey! Look who finally showed up! The lovebirds!” Lee exclaimed, causing the rest of the group to yell in response. George waltzed in, giving them a dramatic queen wave as he walked and plopped into the only open armchair. I stood and smiled at all my friends. I caught George staring at me with a cocked eyebrow. Once he caught my attention, he waved me over. I strolled over to him and once I stopped in front of him, he latched his arms onto my waist. He continued to pull me down onto his lap. I leaned against his chest as his hands rested on my hips. We slowly joined the ongoing conversation.

     “I’m just saying that the Hollyhead Harpies are far superior to any team.” claimed Fred, smoothly making his point. A heated debate quickly erupted from the group. I enjoyed the yelling and laughed as I watched the arguments fly. I felt myself get sleepier as the minutes ticked by, snuggling closer to the boy behind me. I closed my eyes and gently drifted off to sleep.

    “George, we leave for Hogsmeade in two minutes. I think you should wake up sleeping beauty now.” Katie Bell suggested from another couch.

    “Nah, you guys can head out. I want her to get a bit more sleep, we can met up later.” replied my boyfriend nonchalantly.

    “Well okay then, suit yourself pal. See ya later.” stated Angelina, standing up and following the rest of our friends out the door.

    “Peace out bro.” called Fred to his twin from the door.

    “See ya dude.” quietly replied George. In my sleepy daze, I nuzzled my head closer into George’s neck. “Okay, let’s get this sleepy head up to bed.” he whispered to himself. He placed an arm under my knees and around my lower back. He then stood up, carrying me in his arms. He walked toward the stairway that lead up to the boy’s dorms. George stepped lightly, trying to make as little noise as possible. He tiptoed up the steps and into his shared room, gently closing the door behind him.

     “Hmm, Georgie?” I mumble in a daze.

     “Right here love, I gotcha.” he told me softly.

     “Where are we going?” I slurred, shifting gently in his arms.

     “We are in my dorm for a nap.” he grinned, laying me onto his bed.

     “Mmmm, k.” I lazily say, rolling over and stuffing my face into his pillows. They smelled like him, minty, musky, some peppermint with a hint of smoke. He chuckled at my sleepy state and began to change into comfy clothes. He pulled his christmas jumper over his head. Then, he slid off his blue jeans and put on a cozy pair of sweatpants. Lastly, he kicked off his shoes and laid next to me.

     “Well, hello there. Fancy meeting you here.” George goofed with a silly posh accent, turning his attention to me. I grinned at his words.

    “How ya doin’ Georgie.”

     “Well, I spent most of my day with the most beautiful girl in the world. So, I’d say it was pretty good. “ he flirted.

    “Oh hush!” I giggled, re-stuffing my face in his pillows to hide my reddening cheeks.

    “Hey! Who said I was talking about you?” asked an appalled George. I gasped dramatically at his statement.

     “How dare you! How could you?” I gasped, faking crying with loud, over dramatic sobs.

      “You know I’m kidding love. There isn’t anyone more gorgeous than you.” he reassured with a kiss on my nose then on my forehead. “Now it’s time for a nap.” I nodded and curled into his chest. The quiet was calming but unusual. Then it suddenly hit me.

     “Wait!” I yelled, flinging myself yup. George followed in suit, pani clear on his face. “What about Hogsmeade? You had a whole date planned!” I exclaimed, feeling awful about ruining the date he had planned. George visibly relaxed.

      “Oh don’t sweat it. Honestly, this is so much better than anything I had planned. Much better than having to be social.”he explained, “I mean, if you really want to we can go.” he shrugged.

      “Do you wanna go? I can go change real quick and be ready to go.” I say.

      “Nope, I’m perfectly fine with staying in bed with my girl all day.” he told me, laying a kiss on my head and draping an arm around me. I rolled over and layed my head on his chest.

     “Well okay then. Are you sure that’s what you want?” I agreed, double checking that he was sure.

     “There’s nothing I’d love more in the world.” he beamed, kissing me on the head once more. I smiled lightly at the red haired boy who rested next to me.

      “Nothing more in the world? Really?” I teased, picking his brain.

      “Hmm….There is one thing.” he hinted.

      “Which is..?” I trailed over, motioning for him to finish.

      “Spending the rest of my life with you.” he told me sincerely, his cheeks slightly. I blushed bright red and hide my face in the crook of his neck. “Awww! Is somebody flustered?” he teased, making me blush even more.

     “Oh shut up you little punk!” I mumbled into his neck, smacking him lightly.

    “Oh! Okay! So that’s how this is going to go! This means war!”he declared, flipping over so he was hovering above me. Right away, his slender fingers wiggled into my sides. I started cackling instantly. I was insanely ticklish and George was using this against me.

    “Stop! Stop! Please! I’m sorry!” I yelled through my non-stop laughter.

    “Hmm, let me think? NOPE!” he announced. I squirmed desperately trying to escape George’s tickling fingers but tragically failed. I laughed and laughed until tears brimmed my eyes.

    “I take it back! I surrender!” I begged but his merciless tickling didn’t waver.

    “Say ‘George Weasley is the best boyfriend ever and has gorgeous hair’” he insisted.

    “George Weasley is the best boyfriend ever and has gorgeous hair!” I yelled, struggled to get the words out through my laughter. The second I finished the phrase, George’s terrible tickling stopped. I layed on the mattress, panting in attempt to catch my breath.

      “Aw thanks hun! You’re pretty okay too!” he pretended to gush at me, acting like nothing happened.

     “Really? After all of this, I’m only okay? Geez! How kind of you!” I said, rolling my eyes and speaking sarcastically.

     “I was kidding babe and you know that, you goof. You are the best person I’ve ever met.” he confided, pulling me closer to him once more.

   “You my favorite person, Georgie.” I told him as a snuggled closer to his side.

    “God I love you.” he sighed, wrapping me in his arms so he was now holding me.

     “I love you so much George.” I confessed. He kissed my forehead yet again. We sat in silence for a couple moments, enjoying each other’s presence. My eyes were drooping, sleep inching in.

      “Ya know, I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m gonna marry you someday. I imagine us old and grey, watching our grandkids run around the yard. I can’t picture my future without you.” George whispered, running his fingers through my hair. My heart swooned at his words, knowing exactly what he meant.

     “I know exactly what ya mean babe. I can us having three kids, growing up playing outside and being best friends with the family’s kids. Everything I plan for in the future has you in it.” I revealed, glancing up to meet him.

     “I can’t wait to spend forever with you.” he grinned. “Now, let’s take a nice nap. I’m pretty sure my tickle attack tuckered you out. “ he suggested.

    “That sounds great and I’m glad we both agree that it was an attack.” I agreed. He laughed at my words. I smiled up at him, loving the sound of his laughter.

     “Okay. Now, naptime. For real this time.” he said, calming down and closing his eyes. I stole one last glance at his relaxed state before closing my eyes. Slowly but surely, I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

      “Oh! So this is where you guys have been!” a loud voice yelled, interrupting our sleep a couple hours later. I heard George groan from beside me and felt him shift around.

      “Fred? What do you want? Go away.” he grumbled, clearly annoyed at his twin.

     “In case you forgot, my dear twin, this is also my room.” Fred replied in a smart aleck tone.

     “We’re trying to sleep, you ass.” George snarled.

     “Well, I can see that! We thought you guys went to Hogsmeade without us.” accused Fred. I could feel the irritation radiating off George in my sleepy state.

     “We didn’t go dummy. Now, can you leave us alone?” begged George, pulling the covers up higher.

    “Fine. Dinner starts in a half hour.” informed Fred.

     “K. Bye.” mumbled his brother. Fred left the room, grumbling about his brother being rude. George rolled from his back to his side. I was still wrapped in his arms so now we were laying face to face. My eyes were still sealed shut but I was awake enough to hear everything. He laid there quietly, gently breathing. This peaceful laying continued as I fell back to complete sleep.

      “Hey love, it’s time to get up.” a soft voice whispered, a hand running up and down my back softly.  I pulled myself from sleep and peeked my eyes open. George laid in front of me, watching me with tenderness and his hand rubbing my back.

     “Hmm?” I hummed, sliding closer to him.

     “Dinner starts in five minutes love, so you gotta get up.” he explained. I looked up at him to see him still gazing at me with adoring eyes and messy hair.

     “You are aware how impossibly cute you look right now, right?” I wondered.

     “You have no room to talk sweetheart, you look drop dead gorgeous.” he confessed. He leaned down and pressed a sweet kiss to my lips. It was a tender moment. “Now we have to get up and go to dinner, In case you forgot, you haven’t eaten since breakfast.” he reminded me.   

     “Fine. I guess if we have to.” I grumbled. George rolled out of bed and started to change. He yanked a random t-shirt over his head and swapped his pajama pants for a pair of casual sweatpants. I still laid on the bed, not bothering to change.

    “Are you gonna change?” questioned George.

    “Nah, this is fine.” I shrugged.

     “Do you want a jacket, it’s kinda chilly?” he suggested. I nodded and rolled out of bed. George dug his grey Quidditch hoodie out of his trunk and tossed it at me. The hoodie had marron writing on it and read George’s last name and number on the back. I pulled the sweater over my head.

   “I’m all Weasley-ed out.” I joked, gesturing to his old shirt that I was wearing under his jacket. He laughed in response. I redid my ponytail and slide on my shoes from earlier. When I finished, I noticed George watching me. “You ready?” I asked, walking over to him.

    “Yep.” he said, giving me a finally kiss and draping an arm around my shoulder. “Let’s head to dinner.”. We walked downstair, out of the common room, then to the Great Hall. We walked silently down the halls, still sleepy. Together, we pushed open the oak doors and headed into the buzzing dining hall.

      “So, I see the sleeping beauties decided to wake up.” remarked Hermione as we took our places at the table.

     “Did true love’s kiss wake you up George? Or was it true loves cuddle?” joked Ginny.

     “Hahaha. You’re sooo funny, Gin.” sarcastically laughed George, helping him to some chicken.

    “Don’t be ashamed my dear brother, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good cuddle session.” comforted Fred, who chimed in on the joke.

      “Oh shut it! Let a man take a nap with his girlfriend in peace!” George defended. I laughed at his weak defense statement.

    “Leave him alone, he can’t help his cuddly habit.” I told them, poking fun at him. The table laughed at the look of disbelief on his face, caused by my statement.

     “I thought you were on my side!” George exclaimed, flabbergasted. 

      “I am!” I claimed.

      “Okay, when did it become pick on George day?” he wondered. We all laughed then gradually changed the topic. Our friends told tales of their Hogsmeade adventures. Dinner was full of laughter and enjoyment.

     “You ready to go doll?” asked George. The question confused me.

     “Go where?”

      “I was thinking we could sneak out to Hogsmeade for dessert since we didn’t get to go earlier. Of course, we don’t have to if you don’t want to.” he elaborated.

     “I’d love to go babe”

     “Great! Wanna head out?”

      “Sure thing.” We stood up and bid our friends goodbye. George took my hand in his as we walked out of the Great Hall. “Should we stop and get you a jacket? You are wearing short sleeves and I don’t want you to catch a cold.” I told him, not wanting him to get sick.

      “I guess that would be smart. Thanks love.” he said, kissing the top of my head and heading to the common room. We reached the common room quickly and headed straight up to George’s dorm. I flopped onto his bed while he dug out a jacket. He grabbed a hoodie and pulled it over his head.

     “You ready babe?” I asked.

      “Yup but do you want pants to put on? It’s chilly out.” he suggested, “You can wear a pair of mine if you’d like dear.”.

     “Sure, thanks Georgie.” I replied, sitting up from the bed. George tossed me a pair of black sweatpants.

      “These are small on me, so they should fit better.” he explained. I nodded and pulled the pants on over my thin cropped leggings. They were kinda baggy but very comfy.

      “Perfectly fine.” I announced, standing up. George didn’t answer, he just stared at me. “Uhh, George? Hun?” I asked, but he keep on staring, “Everything okay?”. George snapped out of his daze.

     “What? Huh? Everything’s fine.” he told me, blinking twice.

     “You sure? You were staring at me.” I informed my boyfriend.

      “You just look impossibly cute in my clothes.” he confessed, walking up to me and wrapping his arms around my body.

     “Do I now?” I teased, reaching up on my tiptoes and draping my arms around his neck. He smiled down at me and hummed in response. I leaned up and met his lips. The kiss was soft and sweet. He tasted like mint and had a gentle touch. We detached lips and touched foreheads.

    “Hey babe?” asked George.

   “Yeah Georgie?”

      “I love you.”

      “I love you, George.”. He leaned down and kissed me again. The rest of the night went smoothly. We had a peaceful dessert date and an easy night. Dessert was delightful as we had simple conversation on our way back to George’s dorm. Our friends were nowhere to be seen so we headed straight up to bed. George and I cuddled up and closed our eyes as another day at Hogwarts drew to a close.   

coldfront-queen  asked:

okay but imagine that jesse is like really good at using all sorts of nicknames to fluster hanzo (like sweetie-pie, honey-bee, etc. (i hc that hanzo's not used to any sort of terms of endearment and is very vulnerable to them)), and hanzo wants to do something to return the favor, so one morning over like group breakfast or something hanzo just says (after a few moments of gathering his courage) "/Love of my life/, could you pass the salt?" like he's all casual about it, as if (1)

as if it’s just something he /says/ and hasn’t been trying to get the nerve to say for like a month now. And jesse is just. Floored. Doesn’t even register what he asked, just sits there and blushes (sorry i just had this idea in my head and wanted to share) (2)

this is the most beautiful thing how dare you come into my house and kill me with it

Out of Focus

Steven and the Gems take a trip to the mall to see if a new Purple Puma wrestling shirt is in stock at the Interesting Subject store. After leaving the store, Pearl notices that Peridot has gone missing. The gang splits up to try to find her, believing she may have simply gotten lost or could have possibly even been kidnapped by Homeworld agents. It’s not until Peridot resurfaces hours later that she reveals she suffered a fate far worse than they imagined; she had been pulled aside by marketers to be in a focus group rating breakfast cereals.

But I Will Fly (Part 2 of He Clipped My Wings;)

Part Two of He Clipped My Wings! Requested by @angielmao-blog !!! Thank you all for being so patient! I love you all my little starlings! Now here’s my warnings.

Depictions of Torture and beatings

Phantom Limb and Phantom Pain

Insecure Feelings

Suicidal Thoughts

Self Deprecation

Please enjoy the finale of He Clipped My Wings!!!

           Lance didn’t know where he was, it almost felt like he was floating. Like when he’d sneak into the ocean of his home and despite his mother’s warnings, let his head slip beneath the surface. It was just irresistible. The way the ocean would flutter on its surface, rippling the streams of light that braved the waves and light up its depths. The colorful fish that would swim past him. Unafraid of the foreign visited. The color of the water was the color of his wings. He felt at home in the ocean.

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A Flower’s Path | Final

GIF Credit to: ygo-gx

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2

Pairing: Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han) X Reader

Genre: angst, coming-of-age, slight!romance

Word Count: 4,712

Request: Hi! For the Hwarang scenarios, what about one where you are a great enough fighter that you are asked to be the ONLY female hwarang (but against your will). Once inside, Ban Ryu is constantly complaining about how you shouldn’t be there and how it’s a disgrace for a woman to be in the Hwarang house. The two of you keep bashing heads bc even though you didn’t want to be there, you weren’t going to take that from him. Once the princess gets there she gets jealous that most of the hwarang gets close with the female hwarang and tries to get rid of her. - @starbooks13

I’m going to kill Ban Ryu. I seriously cannot think of any other reason why he would be near the bathhouse when it’s my scheduled time. Maybe he really is a pervert. I should expose him! Yeah. That’ll get him to leave me alone. He didn’t see anything, right? Ugh. I need to confront him about this or else it’s going to keep bothering me-

“Um, (Y/N).”

“Yeah?” your head shot up, and you found five pair of eyes on you. They were talking about the princess, right? “Oh yeah, sorry, the princess. I don’t know. Maybe she’s here to see how we’re doing to give intel to Her Majesty.”

Soo Ho leaned in closer to the table, causing the rest of you to do the same as if he was about to say something that should only be shared among your group. “I hear… that Her Highness is actually coming here in search of a great warrior to be betrothed to soon,” he whispered.

Your brows furrowed. “She wants to wed to a Hwarang? I thought that she would most likely be arranged to one of the princes of the other kingdoms.”

“She doesn’t want to be with a man who has always been sheltered inside his own castle,” Yeo Wool followed up with some realization. He usually caught on quickly. “Princess Sook Myung herself is great at fighting. I think she wants to be with someone like that, but I am not sure why the queen would allow it. Wouldn’t it be better to marry from another royal family to secure an alliance?”

“Her Majesty always has tricks up her sleeves,” Ji Dwi mumbled from the side.

After some more light-hearted conversations with the boys, when it was time to finish up dinner and call it a night, you and your friends cleaned up your trays of food and walked out of the dining room together.

The moon was full tonight, lighting up the sky with million of other stars. Sounds of crickets could be heard from around you. You couldn’t wait to get some sleep from another long day in the Hwarang House. “I’m still envious that you get your own room (Y/N),” Sun Woo revealed. “You don’t know how difficult it is to be together with these guys.”

“I know what you mean,” Soo Ho agreed, nodding his head.

“I am sure you don’t know what he means, Soo Ho,” Yeo Wool chuckled, “because I am sure he’s talking about you and Ban Ryu fighting all the time in the middle of the night. Right, Ji Dwi?”

Ji Dwi turned to you, a small smile his face. “You’re really lucky, (Y/N).” He was the first one to start walking back to the males’ room.

One by one, your friends bid you goodnight and followed each other back into their rooms for the night. Watching them from behind, you realized that you were lucky. Fate might have brought you into a group that you were hesitant to be a part of, but she also brought some people into your life that you can’t find yourself without anymore.

Before, you were usually stuck in your own household. The only person you could share things with was Soonja after your mother passed away. Your father was always busy with meeting with the other True Bones. When you went out to Okta where most of the other royal bloods hung out, it was difficult to get along with the other ladies as you were different from them. So, thinking back to what Master Wi Hwa said on your first day of arrival, you were gradually starting to see that this place would allow you to grow.

Most of the young elites were already heading in the same direction as the others, so you begin to walk to your own room which was in the opposite direction. The days were usually loud Master Wi Hwa teaching class in the morning and the martial arts or performing arts practices in the late afternoon. When the sun fell, making room for night, that’s when you were able to find some peace. The air was quite cool, making your walk more enjoyable.

You were only halfway when you felt a hand grab your shoulder. In surprise, you jumped up and immediately turned around. “Ban Ryu!” you exclaimed.

“Sh!” Ban Ryu placed a finger in front of his lips, signaling you to quiet down.

You looked behind him to see if anyone noticed, and when you found not a single person, you looked back to face the man in front of you. There were times when you both were in each other’s faces, but you never took the time to pay attention to his features more than the insults that were leaving his mouth.

Standing in a spot where the moon illuminated right onto his face, you can see why the other maidens would gush over Ban Ryu despite his cold demeanor. Though you would never let him hear it out loud, he was indeed handsome.

“Have you come to spite me one last time before the day ends?” you snapped. Then you figured you had a more important question. “No, actually, w-why did you enter the bathhouse when it wasn’t your time?”

As much as you hated bringing up that memory, you wanted an explanation. Your cheeks started to become warm again, and Ban Ryu also became flustered once more. You noticed his eyes has never met yours even once since the incident. His own ears were turning red. Who would believe you if you told that the tough, heartless Ban Ryu, son of Park Young Sil, had an expression that was mortified?

“That’s exactly what I wanted to discuss with you.” He was trying to sound as calm as possible, but you found the small waver in his voice. “I honestly didn’t know it was your time! Master Wi Hwa had told us that you had a different designated time from us, but he never specified in fear that some of the men would purposely find you in the shower. He just told us to stay away from the bathhouse until after dinner.”

“Which is making me more suspicious of you…”

“I thought it would be great if I didn’t have to wait to share the shower with the others at least once. I didn’t have any ill intentions, nor did I s-see anything.”

“Is this an apology, Ban Ryu?”

Ban Ryu closed his eyes and sighed. You wanted to laugh at his defeat.

“Alright, I’ll take it as an apology. If…”


“You stop calling me names. And thinking so lowly of me just because I am a woman.”

Ban Ryu finally looked at you, straightening his posture. “That is all you ask of me?” he asked.

“It seems like no big deal to you, but it would mean a lot to me,” you admitted. “I am daughter of Jung Young Sik, the last True Bone of my family. Because I have no brother to later take care of the family, I have decided to do what I can to protect my own. It is not my job as a lady, but I refuse to stay still and helpless. I can cook, I can clean, I can conceive a child. But my role right now is not to be pretty maiden trying to win attention of any royal blood. You have seen me fight during training, Ban Ryu. I am so much more.”

You felt your eyes start to water. Because if it wasn’t for the tough training here and enduring in a house of men, you wouldn’t have seen it for yourself. Whether you are in the queen’s game or not, maybe Father trusted you to become stronger in this place. Home was too small.

“Then I will do just that, (Y/N).”

For the first time, Ban Ryu called you by your name. Between the two of you, you finally felt some sign of respect. Trying to make light of things instead of letting your tears go in front of someone you had been mad at since the beginning, you joked, “Good. Because if you didn’t, I would’ve told everyone else about what you did.” Ban Ryu’s eyes widened. He started to say something but decided to turn around and hurry to his room. You let out a small laugh, watching his retreating back.

It was the day of the princess’ arrival.

After the long practices and training, you felt like you would actually to pull them off okay. Your morning started out great. The usual snarky remarks from Ban Ryu stopped, and you ate breakfast peacefully with your group of friends. Master Wi Hwa reiterated that all of the Hwarangs give Her Highness an outstanding performance.

More than the dance, you were quite nervous about the short sparring show you & Sun Woo would have to perform next. At first, it was going to be you and Soo Hoo as you two were the best warriors among the others, but after you noticed how much Sun Woo improved, you asked if he could take Soo Hoo’s place instead.

“Is it too late to have Soo Ho spar with you instead?” Sun Woo asked, standing next to you in line as you waited for the princess. You noticed how anxious he was by his fidgeting.

“Didn’t know you were such a scaredy-cat,” you said as you continued to look at the top red gazebo where Master Wi Hwa stood along with your martial arts instructor. “You’ll do just fine, Dog-Bird.”

When you saw your chief instructor and martial arts instructor turn in a direction and bowed, signaling the princess’ appearance, the rest of you followed suit. You soon looked up and found the Royal princess. Her aura alone gave off a vibe of authority. She did look like a warrior, just as you’ve heard from the others.

“So,” Princess Seokmyung started, “these are the Hwarangs.”

She quickly scanned each of you.

“Though you have gone through some tests to become a member, I have come today to observe you all myself. I’ll see if you have what it really takes to become a Hwarang. I have the greatest expectations.”

A chair was brought out, and Her Highness took a seat. Those who weren’t performing moved to the side so that those who were performing could take the center. You stood alongside with Sun Woo, and the both of you watched your other friends. “Yeo Wool definitely stands out,” you said while observing the dance.

“You think so?” Sun Woo chuckled. “Look at Soo Ho. I think he just made a mistake. That guy. He should just stick with swords in battle.”

“Ji Dwi and Han Sung look good, too. I saw those two practicing a lot.”

“Ban Ryu, too. I saw him dance by himself. He thought no one was watching, but I saw him on my way to Ah Ro,” Sun Woo commented. “Speaking of which, he’s been acting pretty weird lately.”

You looked from Han Sung to Ban Ryu. He was so focused on the performance, and you never really saw that side of him. You remembered how much he struggled and hated to be a part of the dance group. “Weird. How so?”

“How can you not know?” Sun Woo asked, taken aback. “Gosh, I thought you would be the first to think so considering he’s always verbally attacked you. It’s been two days since he hasn’t done so.”

“Oh. Yeah, I guess I’ve noticed.”

“So, what is it?” Sun Woo asked, a mischievous smile on his face. “Did you blackmail him or something? Did you finally beat him up?”

Instead of answering, the dance had finished, and you decided to ignore Sun Woo and applaud instead. Your heart thumped hard from inside your chest. You were next.

From above, the princess also applauded after the performance ended. Master Wi Hwa watched her expression. “We also have a sparring show for you, Your Highness. I hope you’ll enjoy it. They are great warriors.”

Everyone cleared way from you and Sun Woo. The both of you picked up your respective swords.

“A woman?” the princess questioned, finally taking interest in you when she saw you.

“Yes, Your Highness,” Master Wi Hwa answered. “(Y/N) is Jung Young Sik’s daughter. The other True Bones have spoken of his daughter’s exceptional skills. The Queen was the one who brought her in. She was also the one who brought in Sun Woo.”

“Her Majesty brought those two into the Hwarang House,” the princess said. She carefully watched as the two fighters from below swing their weapons at each other, blocking, striking, defending.

The match went on for another minute or two until you finally hung your sword right in front of Sun Woo, a few inches from his neck, ending the sparring. Everyone around you cheered, and you placed the sword back down at your side. Sun Woo shared a smile with you, patting your head for a job well done, and the both of you returned to your friends’ side who continued to cheer for you. “As expected of the cool (Y/N) and Sun Woo!” Han Sung exclaimed. “Wow!” He brought you into a hug, and the rest joined in. You all jumped around in celebration of a successful show.

Something pang in the princess’ chest from watching you all. She had no idea why she felt the way she did, but she didn’t like the sight of it. Especially knowing that her brother, the king, was among the men. His sister was finally here, but he’s probably giving his attention to another girl.

She continued to watch the group, and her eyes spotted one who wasn’t among the group of cheering joys. From a distance, his eyes was basically glued onto the female Hwarang.

“I don’t like it,” the princess said.

Master Wi Hwa was flustered. He spent all this time training and teaching. He really didn’t expect those words to be what came out. He was ready to be praised. His face fell. “Uh- What did you not like about it, Your Highness?”

“You think that if these group of Hwarangs go out into a battlefield that they’ll be ready to put their lives on the line? What good will a routine do for them? Battles are heartless, cold, raw. They need to fight like it’s life or death.”

“My apologies, Your Highness but-”

“And the woman? Take her out.”

“(Y/N) is one of the greatest fighters. I think her being a part of Hwarang is a great asset to us. I don’t understand why we need to do that. The Queen was the one who asked for us to bring (Y/N) in.”

“Her Majesty may not see it is a problem.” The princess murmured the following sentence. “She’ll do anything to keep the throne and protect herself.”

Her normal voice resumed. “But she does not see what I see. Keeping (Y/N) here will be a distraction to the rest of the Hwarangs. She may be good with weapons, but the whole group needs to be at its best. We can’t expect her to fight well and the others do the bare minimum. They all need to be focused. For the better of everyone, we can afford to lose the girl.”

You stopped jumping when you heard a throat clear from behind you. You quickly let go of the group circle and turned around to find Master Wi Hwa and the princess in front of you. Automatically, you bowed at her presence.

“Jung Young Sik’s daughter.”

“Your Highness.”

“Your fighting skill surprises me if I’m going to be honest. Who taught you how to hold a sword?” the princess asked.

“Thank you for the compliment, Your Highness. I started at very young myself but soon found myself a trainer for a while.”

“And you decided to fight instead of what you intentionally supposed to do as a royal blood? Was your father not against this?”

“At first, Your Highness, but he was the one who asked me to join Hwarang. I have decided to use my skills for a bigger purpose.”

The princess watched you without blinking an eye, and you secretly felt intimidated. Why was she interrogating you so much?

“I see. So, you did not intentionally want to become a part of Hwarang, but it was because of your father and the Queen. If you want, I can do you a favor and excuse you from being among these other elites.”

You shifted your position so that you were facing the princess. You frowned, and your brows knitted. You couldn’t tell if she was asking you or ordering you. It made you uncomfortable. The male Hwarangs stood quiet around you. “There seems to be a misunderstanding, Your Highness. It is true that I did not want to come here at first, but I have no resentment towards my father or Her Majesty for being here now. How could I? I… I have lots to learn, and I think I can be someone who can serve the kingdom as well as its people.”

“It has come to my attention that having a woman among a group of men will not help serve the kingdom nor its people,” the princes countered sternly. “We cannot risk having anything cause this group to fall through. You all are here to train and fight. Nothing else.”

“Your Highness,” a voice interrupted from nowhere. You looked to find Ji Dwi stepping up. “My apologies for speaking up. You say that Hwarang was only built as soldiers, but I believe that we are much more than that. We were not taught to kill. We were taught to be loyal to our country, to our parents and teachers, to each other. We don’t retreat from our enemies. We never kill without a cause. Before (Y/N) entered, most of us were arrogant and only thought of ourselves. Despite being judged by many, (Y/N) stuck through the difficult beginnings and showed us that we all have so much work to do.”

“Do you think those morals will help keep you alive in the case of a war?” the princess snapped, angry that someone would dare defend you and speak against her own words.

“How do we win a war if we can’t even work together?” Ji Dwi challenged. “It’s not every man for themselves. It’s us for a whole country, Your Highness.”

“And you don’t think you can do it without her?” The princess glared at Ji Dwi, but he refused to back down.

“As I have said, Your Highness. We were taught to have trust and brotherhood among friends. Since (Y/N) is here now, she is included.”

You were touched by Ji Dwi’s words though a part of you felt anxious that he was talking back to a member of the Royal Family. Did he not have fear?

“I disagree with you. I do not believe that (Y/N) should stay.” the princess said. You watched all eyes fall on you. “But.” You could barely breathe. The princess wanted you to leave Hwarang. You thought since she was a female warrior herself that she would’ve agreed to keeping you. “I will compromise. If (Y/N) can win against me in a sparring match, I will revoke my decision.”

“Your Highness, my apologies, but I do not think that-” Master Wi Hwa cut off his own words when the princess’ personal servant brought the princess a sword.

“This time, it’ll be a real combat. It is only when one of us gets cut that the fight stops.”

You froze. You knew that if you lost, you would have to leave right away. Even though the princess decided the rules, you knew if there was a chance that you cut her, it would still feel like a loss. How could you dare lay your sword on the princess?

Ban Ryu couldn’t believe the princess’ suggestion, either. When he heard how you might have to leave, his heart fell. In the beginning, he would’ve sided with the princess. But now?

You tightened your grip around your sword’s handle. A million thoughts ran through your mind, thinking of many ways this battle could end. You looked over at Master Wi Hwa who stood still, watching you. You looked over to your friends who couldn’t hide their worried expressions. From the side, you spotted Ah Ro who had been watching since your sparring with her brother. You even found Ban Ryu who had an expression you kind of wish you were able to read.

The gong sound rang out, and you quickly returned to your sight to the girl in front of you. You couldn’t afford to pay attention to anyone else except the very person in front of you. The princess stroked, leaving you to dodge her and then block her when she tried again. All anyone could hear was the sound of the two swords clashing with each other.

“I can’t watch this,”Han Sung said, hiding behind Sun Woo’s shoulder.

You could tell that the princess learned martial arts at a young age, too. She was good. Whatever the result, it would be fair. Out of all the opponents you faced, she was the toughest yet.

Avoiding her sword was easy as first, but as seconds went on, your own sword started to feel heavy in your hands. The sweat from your palm was making you lose grip in your sword. You hit Princess Seokmyung’s sword back and watched her grit her own teeth. You took the chance to breathe for a second as she also tried to regain control. Exhaustion hit both of you.

“We don’t have to fight, Your Highness,” you tried to reason.

The princess paused as if she was reconsidering the whole thing, but you heard a few of the guys on the sidelines cheer you on. The princess frowned and brought her sword up again. “I’ll let you know when we don’t have to fight any longer.”

As if ignited by a new fire, the princess pointed her sword at you and started to charge. Your quick reflex blocked the sword right away, but the princess continuously attacked you, pushing you back. Again and again she went until your hand couldn’t hold onto your weapon any longer, and it was knocked out.

Your sword clattered on the ground right next to you. “(Y/N)!” you heard a few voice cry out. You glanced down, thinking of how you were going to pick it back up since you were at a disadvantage. Princess Seokmyung swung her sword in front of you.

“Huh. Guess you weren’t as great as people were making you out to be,” the princess scoffed as if she’d already won. She took the moment to look away from you and at the other Hwarangs. “This is exactly how it’ll be outside. Don’t take your training lightly.”

In that same time, you took it as your moment to quickly retrieve your sword. From the side of your eyes, the princess caught you immediately and slashed her sword against your skin as you did to hers. Master Wi Hwa stepped in. “That will be enough!”

Feeling a pain on your right arm, you grimaced and pulled your sleeve up to reveal a cut. You looked up at the princess and found her doing the same. You exhaled, thanking that it was over though you were still afraid of what would happen next. Princess Seokmyung made eye contact with you. Everyone else stayed silent. Master Wi Hwa was about to say a word when the princess made her own words heard first. “Not many people are lucky enough to land a hit on me,” she said, looking at the blood on herself. Sure, she was jealous of you and the relationships you had with everyone at Hwarang House. The princess herself barely had any friends. Even the brother she was supposed to know, she had never even seen his face. Looking back at you, the princess knew it wouldn’t be right to remove you. “You have proven yourself, (Y/N).” She then called her servant to be take her back to the palace to be treated by the doctor of the Royal Family.

As she walked away, you bowed down to her. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

You watched her walk out of the Hwarang House. Once she disappeared, cheers surrounded you, and you were smothered in your close friends’ hugs. “Wait, wait!” you heard a female voice yell louder as it got closer to you. Ah Ro pulled the males away from you and took you out of the circle. She glared at the men. “Miss (Y/N) is hurt. I need to take care of her first.”

Smiling, you followed Ah Ro into her room and sat down. She sat right next to you and started to treat you right away. “You continue to amaze me, (Y/N),” Ah Ro said. “Even though I was standing quite far, I was so nervous watching you fighting with Her Highness. I’ll never be able to figure out why you enjoy combat so much! You should just learn sewing. I can teach you.”

You laughed. “I was scared, too. I’m just glad it ended okay.”

Ah Ro almost finished bandaging your wound when a knock appeared at the door. When you looked to see who was at the door, to your surprise, you found Ban Ryu standing. “Ban Ryu…” you said.

“I can finish for you Miss Ah Ro.” Ban Ryu walked into the room. Ah Ro had a look of confusion on her face at first but then stood up from her chair.

“Oh, y-yes. Thank you. I was going to go look for my brother anyway.” She handed Ba Ryu the bandages and then looked at you. “I’ll be right back, Miss (Y/N).”

When Ah Ro left, you didn’t know where to look. For some reason, it felt kind of embarassing to look at Ban Ryu. He took Ah Ro’s seat and continued to wrap the cloth around your arm quietly. You gulped, and licked your lips, finding it quite difficult to breathe. This was the closest you’ve ever been to him. You even felt his hand brush softly against your arm. What were you supposed to say to him? “What you did was really stupid today,” Ban Ryu said once he tied the bandage together so that’ll stay in place.


“Going against the princess?” Ban Ryu looked at you, but instead of the intense look he usually showed, his eyes were softer. “It was very stupid.”

“What was I supposed to do? I know everyone keeps wanting me to go, but-”

“You didn’t let me finish,” Ban Ryu told you. He took a breath. “Stupid… but brave. Sort of attractive.”


“Anyway, in a way, I don’t think I can do what you did. Everyone knows I have it tough with my stepfather. Whatever he says, I do. I follow his words and don’t ever think about doing otherwise. I just… I just wished you didn’t get hurt while doing so, (Y/N).”

You brushed the bandage on your arm. “It hurts, but it would’ve probably hurt me even more if I didn’t do anything. Before, I wanted to do things my way and make it easy for myself, training by myself at home. What kind of life would it be if things just came easy? Things will be tough, dirt and all. If I can stand all of the tough things that come my way, I’ll be rewarded with a lot of light in my life. I can grow to be more than just a daughter of a True Bone.”

Soil, water, sunlight - you needed them all.

A slight small smile appeared on Ban Ryu’s face. He nodded his head and stood up, getting ready to leave. Before that, he turned back and called your name. “Yes?”

This time, Ban Ryu avoided your eyes. “Well, you know how we’re free to go back home tomorrow? If you want, we can leave Hwarang House tomorrow. Maybe go to Okta? Anywhere, really.”

You smiled. “I’d really like that. Thank you for asking, Ban Ryu.”


Anker, Albert (1831-1910) - 1879 Serving Children Breakfast (Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland) by Milton Sonn

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />65 x 81 cm

Anker was a painter and illustrator who has been called the “national painter” of Switzerland because of his enduringly popular depictions of 19th-century Swiss village life. He took early drawing lessons with Louis Wallinger in 1845–48. In 1849–51, he attended the Gymnasium in Berne. Afterwards, he studied theology, in Berne and continuing in Germany. In Germany he was inspired by the great art collections, and in 1854 he convinced his father to agree to an artistic career. He moved to Paris, where he studied with Charles Gleyre and attended the Ecole Impériale et Spéciale des Beaux-Arts in 1855–60. In 1866, he was awarded a gold medal at the Paris Salon for Schlafendes Mädchen im Walde (1865) und Schreibunterricht (1865); in 1878 he was made a knight of the Légion d'honneur.

During his studies, Anker produced a series of works with historical and biblical themes. Soon after returning to Switzerland, though, he turned the everyday life of people in rural communities. His paintings depict his fellow citizens in an unpretentious and plain manner, without idealizing country life, but also without the critical examination of social conditions that can be found in the works of contemporaries such as Daumier, Courbet or Millet. Although Anker painted occasional scenes with a social significance, such as visits by usurers or charlatans to the village, his affirmative and idealistic Christian world-view did not include an inclination to issue any sort of overt challenge.

Anker was quick to reach his artistic objectives and never strayed from his chosen path. His works, though, exude a sense of conciliation and understanding as well as a calm trust in Swiss democracy; they are executed with great skill, providing brilliance to everyday scenes through subtle choices in coloring and lighting. His work made him Switzerland’s most popular genre painter of the 19th century, and his paintings have continued to enjoy a great popularity due to their general accessibility. Indeed, as a student, Anker summed up his approach to art as follows: “One has to shape an ideal in one’s imagination, and then one has to make that ideal accessible to the people.”

a few things i am consistently bewildered and delighted to remember that the Marquis de Carabas has done, in canon:

  • literally stolen candy from a baby (Neverwhere, ch. 6)
  • kept a large lump of fruitcake in his pocket for an unspecified amount of time, then shared said large lump of fruitcake with the rest of his group for breakfast (Neverwhere, ch. 6)
  • ended up naked in the clock tower of Big Ben with at least one other person on at least one occasion (How the Marquis Got His Coat Back)