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During his move to Washington, DC, Stiles made a number of realizations about life, the most prominent of which was that it was amazing what kind of hobbies a guy could pick up when his days weren’t packed full of running for his life from various supernatural horrors. Like trivia nights, for example. Stiles had a regular team and the entire bar groaned when they walked in because they knew they were about to get creamed.

Or the tabletop gaming club he joined, where everyone was just as competitive as he was, and punches had been thrown on more than one occasion.

Or like, Stiles jogged now.

Through the National Mall.

Like Captain America or some shit.

And with these hobbies came a sort of routine, and though most were on hold during the summer when his trivia team and gaming rivals were back home, the running stuck. It was calming and got his mind off things, gave him a chance to think about any papers he had to write, or de-stress about his FBI internship when it got a little hectic.

It was a good routine.

So every Saturday morning, Stiles got up a little earlier so he could get in his longer route, and left his dorm for his jog through the National Mall. On Saturdays, he took the path that went through the war memorials, down into West Potomac Park, and over to the Jefferson Memorial. It was his favorite place to take a breather because that early in the morning, there were rarely any tourists, and other joggers left him alone. It was nice and private, with a great view of the city across the water.

Stiles leaned back against the front steps and glanced around him casually, making sure there was no one too close before pulling out his little burner flip phone.

He had an old school drug dealer flip phone. His dad would be so proud.

There was only one number the phone ever called, so there was no need to save it under a name.

He waited for a few minutes, biding his time until the clock hit 7:15am, and then he called that number.

On the third ring, Derek picked up.

“Morning, sunshine!” Stiles greeted, already wide awake from his jog. Derek grunted back. He must’ve had a late night at the bar. “Any leads?”

Derek yawned loudly. “Still no werewolves with triskele tattoos, still wanted for murder.”

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🎞 Various 80's Movies Sentence Starters 🎞

• “Yeah, I gotta question.”
• “Do you want me to puke?”
• “Would you just listen to me?”
• “Because I have taste.”
• “You’re a bitch.”
• “What’s going on in there?”
• “Don’t mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns.”
• “Eat shit.”
• “Is there a problem?”
• “They ignore me.”
• “How bad is it?”
• “You don’t have any goals.”
• “I wanna be just like you.”
• “I figure all’s I need is…a lobotomy and some tights.”
• “If I have to come in here one more time, I’m crackin’ skulls!”
• “I don’t have any friends.”
• “I’d beat the shit out of you.”
• “Forget about it, everything’s cool.”
• “Wanna see a picture of a guy who has elephantitis of the nuts?”
• “I don’t want you to see where I live.”
• “Pretty had, huh?”
• “If I lose my temper, you’re totaled man.”
• “What would happen if I dicked you?”
• “You don’t want me to take me home, you don’t wanna go out, what do you want?”
• “He asked me all about you!”
• “I’m not that pristine.”
• “PS: kiss my ass!”
• “She’s being totally serious, asswipe.”
• “In short, I surrender.”
• “I want them to know that they didn’t break me.”
• “I woulda died for you– god..!”
• “But when he laid that kiss on me, I swear my thighs were on fire.”
• “Oh see, I knew you had to count.”
• “Take that ridiculous thing off your head.”
• “Would I dick you?”
• “My condolences.”
• “That ‘kid’s’ got a name.”
• “Oh yeah?”
• “Yeah. What’s your name?”
• “Are we gonna be like our parents?”
• “She’s lucky she has us.”
• “You swear you don’t know anything about it?”
• “I can’t believe it.”
• “They fucking forgot my birthday.”
• “You don’t have anything else you wanna say to me?”
• “Not me. Ever.”
• “You. Are a bitch!”
• “If you’re lying to me I’ll beat the crap out of you.”
• “What, cause I’m telling the truth? That makes me a bitch?”
• “Oh, obscene finger gestures from such a pristine girl.”
• “What are we supposed to do if we have to take a piss?”
• “You gotta go…you gotta go.”
• “Why is that door closed?”
• “I’m thinkin’ a tryin’ out for a scholarship.”
• “We’re done taking orders from you.”
• “Some of us are just better at hiding it.”
• “You mean why didn’t you have to drag my ass outta bed?”


i would love to see the south side serpents become a new family to jughead and watch betty on edge until one day she visits him in his foster home and there about twenty serpents crammed into one small dining table with home made pancakes, waffles and just this big ol’ community breakfast before school starts and his foster family with the rest of the serpents just gives her huge smiles and a bunch of hugs and welcome her for breakfast

and she just melts

and juggy keeps going on about how much he loves betty cooper and everyone just loses it until south side’s prince charming and his date is shipped and protected by everyone on the south side because betty is family by extension

that would just be my ultimate bughead fantasy 


Good Morning. I prepared my own simple but healthy breaskfast ft. my notes! ♡ Remember that academics are a must but your health is much more important! Don’t forget to take care of yourself and enjoy everything whilst learning! Have a great day everyone! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)੭ꠥ⁾⁾

September 21st, 2017

Good morning everyone! 8.05 a.m.
I barely slept last night; my mind was busy between trying to remember everything I know about Supernatural (my friend’s started the show yesterday and I’m good for a rewatch I guess) and my growing love for another Adam: Words on Bathroom Walls’ protagonist. 
And guess what? Today is finally my first day as masters student! We’re having a little get-together thing this afternoon and I won’t be on my own since it gathers first and second year (and one fourth of our undergrad quatuor is a second year in this masters). This summer break has been so long and boring that I feel like a middle schooler, with my backpack all ready and still pondering on an outfit, even though I know it’ll be just a couple of teachers talking to us, slightly skimming through the syllabus and probably letting us out after a half hour because no one has anything to say. But still. I’m starting class on Monday and I already received a text from an undergrad acquaintance telling me that she, R. and I will be in this class together! 

Have a great day, 

ID #84210

Name: Andy
Age: 19
Country: USA

I’m a community college student majoring in Psychology. I could talk about psychological theories all day long, but don’t worry I won’t bore you if that’s not your thing. I also love art, movies, and music.
I love movies that go all the way from Marilyn Monroe’s musicals to Harry Potter to the Breakfast Club.
And my music taste revolves mostly around rock and punk (Halestorm, P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, Muse), but I also throw in some random 50s and the 80s forever have a place in my heart (the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks give me life).
Also, going back to Harry Potter: I LOVE it. I’m a Slytherin and I will cry all the way from the Order of the Phoenix to the last scene of Deathly Hallows.
Also with that, I’m a bit of a nerd. Just a bit. I’ve gotten my feet wet in anime, though I know there’s a lot I still need to watch (and I need to stop letting Yuri On Ice consume my life), so if you have any suggestions to force me to watch, that’d be cool. I also love every Marvel movie, and again I’ll still count that as “a bit” of nerdiness because I just got into the movies, not the whole Marvel Universe or the comics or anything.
Okay last thing I promise:
I’m also a pansexual female and I would love to have someone to talk to that is also part of the LGBT+ community, but it’s not required if you’re really open to all of that.
So that’s it! I’m open to texting, emailing, video chatting, or snail mail, whichever you’d prefer, so just message me if you’re interested!

Preferences: Ages 17-21, any gender, LGBT+ friendly


Charlamagne Kindly Got Tomi Lahren’s Ass Together

“If you go to a HIV/AIDS rally and the protest is about HIV/AIDS, do you Tomi stand there and say ‘What about Cancer’?” 

Now when I first heard Charlamagne had a debate with this bleached blonde dumbass (no that’s not a stereotype she has proven that she is slow) I was giving major side eye. The first thing that ran across my mind was, “who volunteered him as negro tribute?” but once I sat down and listened I was blown away. 

He kept his composure the entire time. Never once raised his voice, called her out her name, or threatened her; which is something I could not have done. He brought up great points, offered sound rebuttals, AND educated her ass all at the same time. This is a side to him many people have not seen. He is not only funny but a very intelligent black man and he represented our community as a whole very well. Now whether the message made impact is another story because it seems like Tomi didn’t hear a thing.

Her major argument was basically that Beyonce shouldn’t even be allowed to speak about the injustice in the slaughter of black people in this country because her husband used to sell drugs. HUH???? excuse me, but what the fuck does that have to do with anything!? The point she was trying to make was that it’s not ok for black people to pick and choose what to be mad about, and that we should be focused on the drug and violence issues in our community. Charlamagne shut her ass down with this perfect analogy, "If you go to a HIV/AIDS rally and the protest is about HIV/AIDS, do you Tomi stand there and say ‘What about Cancer’?”.

Another one of her arguments was that the “black lives matter” movement is violent. Citing the incidents of violence a SELECT FEW used during the protests. But these comments came directly after she said it wasn’t ok to label all police offers as corrupt murderers. Pardon me?? I can’t even take her seriously. She is a walking contradiction.

Her arrogant ass just doesn’t get it. She is still hooting and hollering that the black panthers were a terrorist organization and as a 23 year old woman she should be ashamed. This is a direct reflection of the failures in our education system and it is really disheartening. I don’t think they’ll ever truly get it.

This is a must watch. Thank you Charlemagne for a great debate and putting on for us!