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And All This Devotion (1/1)

Happy Valentine’s Day, @once-upon-a-captain-swan!

Hi, dollface! I’m your CSSV and had so much fun writing this for you. I’ve enjoyed our little chats over the last few weeks and I hope you enjoy the story. I tried to put as many little touches of you in it as I could. 




The knock came at 2:05. It was tentative, barely pulling Killian out of a dreamless sleep and for a moment, he thought he’d imagined it. Fuzzy-brained, he was a second away from chalking it up to a rattling pipe or noise from the street when another knock came, this one more insistent. 

Tossing the covers off and cursing as he kicked his feet free from the tangled sheet, he padded through the living room, throwing the deadbolt and dramatically pulling the door open, ready to give his untimely visitor hell while wearing nothing more than a pair of boxer briefs and a scowl.

The piss and vinegar was short-lived when his eyes fell onto the figure standing in the hallway. 

Her face was red and blotchy with strands of blonde hair sticking to tear tracks. A cheap diaper bag, stretched to the limits and overflowing, was slung over her shoulder, one of those infant car seats designed for carrying at her feet, the baby inside asleep. 

Chin lifting just enough to convey some measure of pride, her eyes wouldn’t rise enough meet his. When she spoke it was to the dog tags resting on his chest.

“We didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

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Breakfast… 🤗🍧
Just blend frozen bananas and fresh strawberries with a cup of @purecocobella coconut water to get the best ice cream-like consistency… I am obsessed 💫 #raw #vegan
Topped with muesli, strawberries and a touch of maple syrup🤘🏼

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anonymous asked:

Hi, first off I love your blog! Next, I work full time at differing hours and am having a hard time with breakfasts lately. When I work late I have no issue eating some cereal in the morning, but whenever I'm working early its pop-tarts or McDonald's. Do you have any tips for a healthier start? I love breakfast but I'm tired of these pop-tarts lol.

I can relate so much to this!

Breakfast on the Go

1. Breakfast Burritos. Cook these in bulk during your downtime and freeze them all! Defrost them and throw them in a microwave on your way out the door. BOOM.

2. Granola/Cereal Bags. One of my favorite quick breakfasts. Buy your favorite granola and/or cereal and divide it into plastic bags. Are store brands too expensive or not to your liking? Make your own granola with dried fruit, nuts, protein bites, flax seeds, etc. It’s okay to put a handful of chocolate in, just so long as you make your mix 95% healthy. My favorite brand is Bakery on Main (they’re gluten free btw).

3. Yogurt. Buy yogurt in bulk and top with your favorite granola or fresh fruit. My boyfriend loves the Siggis brand. This particular greek yogurt is packed with a ridiculous amount of protein and not overly sweet.

4. Bagels/toast. Bagels/toast literally take five minutes to prepare in the morning, and can be topped with anything from cream cheese to peanut butter. Buy bulk and freeze what you’re not eating immediately. 

5. Smoothies. Smoothies are a wonderfully healthy alternative to most of your other breakfast options! Blend your favorite fruits and veggies, most smoothies will keep for 48 hours. If you would prefer the easier route of a pre-made smoothie, I recommend Bolthouse smoothies. These will keep in your fridge for up to a week!

6. Oats. The sensation that is sweeping the nation! Click here.

7. Health Food Bars. You know the ones I’m talking about- Cliff Bars, Luna Bars, etc. While these can get pricey, they require no effort on your part and can be stored for upwards of six months. 

8. Fruit. There is nothing that I love more than a cut up apple and a spoon full of chunky peanut butter. Keep your fridge stocked with all your favorite fruits. Apples and bananas are delicious all year long and easy to eat on the go, because they require zero preparation. Add peanut butter to give yourself an added dose of protein.

9. Hardboiled Eggs. I would recommend preparing these in bulk when you have time. Hardboiled eggs will last in your fridge for up to a week! Buy yourself a handy dandy egg slicer and sprinkle with your favorite seasonings. 

10. Leftovers. I love eating leftovers for breakfast- just throw them in your microwave or oven and they’re ready to go in no time. I particularly love eating leftover pizza, salad, and sandwiches for breakfast. 

Also please check out my favorite food-related infographic! Excellent suggestions for meals/snacks on the go.

Hope this helps!

Pancakes for breakfast this morning 😋 just blend together ½ cup oats, 1 mashed banana, 1 egg, cinnamon, and a splash of almond milk. Cook like regular pancakes and top with lotssss of melted peanut butter and @purely_elizabeth granola 👌

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Did you know that drinking tea can actually improve your physical and emotional health?

Confession: I’m not a huge fan of black tea. This came as both a shock and a disappointment to many of my relatives, especially since I live in the Deep South, where most people take their sweet tea through an IV. It’s just not my thing. I can enjoy a cup of English Breakfast blend if I’m say, at a tea party or a fancy-ish breakfast, but I definitely don’t see the appeal drinking it cold, and sweet tea has so much sugar in it that I may as well be eating a cupcake or something. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just not my thing, as I said. 

Herbal tea, on the other hand, is a different story. First of all, it doesn’t taste like tea. It tastes the way flowers smell, and it’s usually loaded with different health benefits, depending on the combination of herbs. My mom always had a couple boxes of the stuff in our pantry when I was growing up, and now we have an entire cabinet dedicated to our impressive collection of herbal blends. I was shocked when I entered the real world and learned that normal people didn’t end every single day with a big ol’ mug of Sleepytime Tea. And because beauty and self-care has just as much (if not more) to do with what you put into your body as with what you put on the outside, I thought I’d make a post about my favorite teas, and the wonderful things they do for your health:     

For Comfort and Stress-Relief: Chamomile

If you asked me what home tastes like, I’d tell you that it tastes like chamomile tea. Chamomile is a daisy-like plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for a really, really long time. There is significant evidence that it has anti-anxiety properties, and it is often used as a natural remedy for stress or even insomnia. As you’d expect, it’s very soothing. If I ever have a particularly rough day, am really worried or stressed, or am having trouble sleeping, this is the stuff I reach for. 

Personal Favorite Blend(s): Celestial Seasonings’ Sleepytime blend (a very calming and slightly minty flavor) or Tazo’s Calm blend (a sweeter, more floral flavor with rose and hibiscus)

For Stomach-Aches, Nausea, and Headaches: Peppermint

I’m sure you’re all familiar with peppermint, or at least with its flavor. What you may not know is that peppermint is one of the best natural remedies for an upset stomach, and recently people have been praising it as a cure for headaches as well. I had someone recommend it to me a few months ago when I was having random migraines, and ever since then I keep a box of it in the house just in case. Bonus: It tastes like candy canes! 

Personal Favorite Blend(s): Celestial Seasonings’ Peppermint tea (the only ingredient is peppermint: you can probably guess what the taste is like) 

For Sore Throats: Licorice Root and Slippery Elm Bark

First of all: this tea does not taste at all like licorice! A few years ago, I came down with strep six times in one winter, and Throat Coat (see below) became my best friend. It was the ONLY thing that made my throat feel less raw and painful. Especially effective when you use honey instead of sugar to sweeten it. 

Personal Favorite Blend(s): Traditional Medicinals’ Throat Coat blend (an earthy, almost spicy flavor)

For Cold and Flu Symptoms: Elder Flower

Elder flowers are actually the flowers of the Sambucus plant, which is similar to honeysuckle. Elderberry and elder flowers are often used in folk medicine to treat the flu, alleviate allergies, and improve overall respiratory health. It also smells and tastes nice, and makes a very warm and comforting tea. 

Personal Favorite Blend(s): Traditional Medicinals’ Gypsy Cold Care blend (slightly sweet and spicy with a hint of mint)

For Menstrual Cramps and PMS: Dong Quai, Chaste Tree Berry, and Organic Raspberry Leaf

(Sorry to any male readers, but this one is too much of a lifesaver not to share.) Ladies, listen up. “Dong Quai” (otherwise known as female ginseng), chaste tree (also known as vitex or monk’s pepper) berries, and raspberry leaves have all been used to treat premenstrual symptoms and improve women’s health for hundreds of years. And here’s the amazing thing: they all work. After drinking just a few sips of this tea, my cramps started to get better within minutes. Also, if your PMS mood swings can get really crazy, this can help with regulating your moods. I literally have about fifteen boxes of this stuff in my cupboard right now, just to make sure I never run out. It’s life-changing.

Personal Favorite Blend(s): Yogi’s Woman’s Moon Cycle blend (a very tasty, cinnamon-y flavor)       

For Better Digestion: Dandelion

I think just about everyone remembers wishing on dandelions as a kid, but those fluffy little weeds are actually full of pharmacologically active compounds and have been used for quite a while to treat infections and liver problems, and to improve digestive health. Who knew, right? It’s great for a detox, or for drinking every day to help keep your digestive track healthy and toxin-free. 

Personal Favorite Blend(s): Traditional Medicinals’ Dandelion tea (a very mild and delicate flavor) 

For All-Around Better Health: Green Tea

I’ve saved the best for last. This one is quite possibly my favorite on this list; it’s definitely the one I drink most often. And I know it’s not technically an herbal tea, as it is made from actual tea leaves, but green and black teas are VERY different (green is much better for you, from what I understand). To me, green tea has a taste that’s kind of halfway between herbal tea and black tea, and it’s very satisfying. And it’s literally overflowing with health benefits. It’s high in antioxidants and contains a variety of helpful enzymes. It can actually help improve the clarity and overall-appearance of your skin, lowers cholesterol levels in your blood, has been clinically proven to speed up your metabolism almost immediately after drinking it, reduces your risk of death from cardiovascular disease, may reduce your risk of stroke, and has been proven to gradually lower blood pressure if consumed on a daily basis. I’m absolutely in love with green tea: I tend to drink 1-3 cups of it every day, and I can literally feel an improvement in my health since I started drinking it. It also contains a small amount of caffeine, so if coffee makes you jittery you might want to give this stuff a try instead.       

Personal Favorite Blend(s): Stash’s Premium Green tea (a slightly herbal flavor that reminds me of my favorite veggie rolls for some reason) and Yogi’s Skin DeTox blend (a sweeter, more floral flavor with hibiscus and rose petal: tastes more like an herbal tea than an actual green tea)

What we put into our bodies is reflected in how we look and feel. I know that, personally, I’m much happier to sip on a nice, steamy mug of one of these teas than on a can of soda, which I’m sure my body is thankful for. They just taste so good! I love when healthy things happen to be delicious, don’t you? :)   

Green Smoothie!
Might not look pretty, but this is definitely my new go-to breakfast!

Blend (I used a NutriBullet):

1 big handful of de-stemmed kale
1 big handful of spinach
A few raspberries and blackberries
Scoop of protein powder (I used Quest)
Scoop of Light Activia Greek yogurt
Splash of heavy cream
3 ice cubes
1 tsp chia seeds &/or hemp seeds
Unsweetened coconut milk

To my surprise, this tastes NOTHING like spinach or kale, is very creamy, doesn’t need any added sweetener, and is filled with protein, healthy fats, and Omega3’s! Perfect way to start your day!

About 5g net carb total (if you go easy on the berries! You only need a few!)

anonymous asked:

im an american and i drink pg tips tea, am i totally doing a disservice to actual english breakfast tea or this okay i really need to know

i have no idea dude, most of us just drink tesco own brand breakfast blend made with water that we’ve boiled 4 times over the course of 2 days because no one ever empties out the kettle

Trying to watch what I eat today and avoiding sweets.
Breakfast - vanilla Shakeology blended with coffee and a banana.
Lunch - mushroom barley soup and some roasted pork with beets & horseradish.
And now I’m having a cup of Tazo Zen tea.
So far so good.
Let’s see how the rest of the day plays out.

Bad Communication: Part 1 (Bias x Reader)

You wake up releasing a groan as you stretch across your queen sized bed. The spot beside you is empty and cold. You sit up, thinking nothing of it. It’s Sunday. Lazy day. You know what that means.

You wipe your eyes and puff out your cheeks, believing this was a way to get the circulation in your facing running again. That theory has yet to proven.

You brush your teeth and wash your face, lathering Shea butter on your brown skin to combat the cold air you will face this winter. Finally you smooth some coconut oil through your hair and shake out your curls. There, your seven minute morning routine was complete.

Slipping on socks, you made your way to the kitchen of your apartment when you hear B/N’s voice. You pause, curious as to why his tone of voice was so edgy this morning. You walk up behind him, slipping your arms around his waist. You stand on your toes, planting a kiss at the back of his neck as a way of saying, “Good morning” since he was on the phone. You would’ve stayed there had he not patted your hands, indicating for you to let him go as he walked away to continue his conversation.

You make a face, speaking to yourself, “What has him so upset?”

You grab a few fruits and vegetables to wash before you cut and toss them into your blender. B/N was off in another room as you pressed the button to blend your breakfast together.

“Yah!” you heard him yell and you turn off the machine expecting that something had happened, “I’m on the phone, do you mind?”  

“It’s not even that loud,” you mumble to yourself. You wait a few seconds when you still hear his voice speaking. You look in his direction as you slowly press the button down, as if that will make it any quieter. The machine is on but he doesn’t yell again. You test the smoothie and find that it needs something else, perhaps a bit more mango, but since B/N seems too grumpy you can’t bother.

You pour the contents into two glasses and walk towards the bedroom where he retreated from the blender’s noise. You’re sipping from your smoothie when you hear him, “No, you listen to me. I want nothing to do with you or anyone else from your side. You made it clear years ago that you didn’t want me to be a part of it. I have my own now, I don’t need you.”

He pauses, listening to what the other person was saying before angrily tapping his phone screen and tossing it on the bed. You slowly make your way towards him and nudge his arm with your shoulder, “What’s that all about?” you ask.

He throws his hands up and you lose balance of his drink. It shatters on the hard wooden floor while spilling over your gray rug.

“Damn it, Y/N,” he muttered as you both bend down to pick up the broken glass.

“I got the towels,” you say as you roll up the rug. You won’t try to save it. With broken glass imbedded in unknown parts of it, it wouldn’t make sense to keep it. By the time you came from dumping the rug and getting paper towels, the mess was already clean. The shower was also running and you took this time to finish your smoothie, while making another for him.

But when he emerged from the bathroom dressed in a pair of jeans and a dark blue sweater, you questioned him, “Where are you going?”

“Out,” is all he says.

You throw him an obvious glance, “Clearly,” you slide the smoothie towards him across the counter to where he sat at the stool. Resting your chin on his shoulder you say, “It’s Sunday.” He gulps down the smoothie you made him, Adam’s Apple bobbing. He made no comment on it, “It’s Lazy day,” you pout. “I have some important things to do,” his voice is still tense. His phone rings right then and you glance at the caller ID that was written in Hangul. You narrow your eyes, “Who’s Nari?”

He doesn’t reply to your question. Instead he plants a quick kiss on your cheek, lips still cold from the smoothie. He grabs his coat and heads out the door saying, “I’ll be back in an hour,”

Now you weren’t one for just sulking around like a lost puppy when your significant other left you alone. You immediately got on your laptop and worked on the next story you planned to send it to your broadcasting station. You were working on getting their approval to investigate a story on elephant abuse in Thailand. Many of the locals were trying to raise awareness to the treatment of their animals, but no one wanted the story. You sure did.

You hear the door to your apartment open and there B/N walked in, as promised within the hour. But looking at him, he looked more irritated than before. You were sitting at your desk, legs folded beneath you when he arrived. Usually when he arrives home and you were sitting there, he’ll greet you with a kiss on your head. Today, he walked right past you. 

 “Well hello to you too,” you say. You type in your last thought before getting up to follow him, which resulted in him entering the bathroom and slamming the door, locking it.

Oh hell no, this is my place.

You take in a deep breath, praying for patience, “Babe…open the door,” you try the door again only to have it yanked from your hands as he moved past you towards the kitchen.

“B/N, can you just stop for a second and just let me know what’s going on?”

He gulps down a glass of water, “Who was that on the phone earlier that had you so upset?” Your voice is calm and understanding as you gently prod him for answers. But he doesn’t answer you, which only fuels your ongoing annoyance further.

He releases a big sigh, “My father.”

“Okay…” you say once he doesn’t continue. 

You’ve never met his father. Now that you think of it you’ve only met two of his family members. His grandfather, whom you found adorable and who treated you with surprising affection. And you’ve met one of his brothers, except that was an awkward accident between the three of you. 

“What did he say?” you ask which result in him sighing again.

“Y/N, I really don’t want to get into this now.” 

You stand in front of him, his knees at your waist from where he sat on the stool. “I just want to know what has you so upset…” you tuck his hair behind his ear and rub your thumb against his cheekbone. You usually do this when he’s stressed, resulting in him letting you in a bit. But this time he won’t even make eye contact with you. 

His phone rings again right then but he picks it up. It’s the same name from earlier. He stands up, causing you to back away. His tone of voice has switched from stressed to light hearted. Now you were annoyed and confused…and annoyed. 

Here I am trying to be understanding and he’s giving me attitude, but when this Nari calls, he’s all cheery. What in the actual hell is happening right now? 

His conversation ends and you’re back at your computer, finishing up your report. He’s in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge singing softly.

Someone’s in a better mood than I could’ve put him in. You close your laptop once you’ve sent off the report and make your way to the kitchen. 

 “Now that we’re both free,” and you’re in a better mood, “do you want to do something? Go somewhere maybe or just stay here?” 

During the week you both were incredibly busy, so you sometimes only saw each other one or twice a week, which never truly bothered you. With all your stress on work and pent up emotions on missing him, you were always glad to see him and him you. 

He’s on his phone again as he responds to you, “Not today.” is all he says. 

You cross your arms over your chest, “Not even an explanation?” 

He slams his hand on the counter resulting in a loud clap. You jump slightly at his outburst. He narrows his eyes at you. The nerve. You glare right back. “You want to go somewhere Y/N, then go. You don’t need me to tag along with you. What do you want, me to buy you everything?” 

You almost laugh at the audacity of his choice of words. You bite your lip, nodding your head. “First of all smartass, I’ve never needed your money. Second of all…you’re absolutely right.” he looks up at you in surprise. 

You head towards the bedroom and change into a pair of jeans and a white sweater. You put on some quick makeup and grab your black coat by the door. You feel his eyes piercing the back of your head. 

 “Where are you going?” he demands. 

 “Out,” and with that you slam the door and wait outside for a full thirty seconds. He doesn’t come after you, instead you hear him talking into his stupid phone again. You fight frustrated tears at his insensitivity and your sensitivity.