the breakfast bachelor

a Halloween catering menu I just pitched
This globally inspired dining experience will, in the true spirit of Halloween, force you to confront your greatest fears and dive head first into a satisfying, bone chilling, shudder inducing meal that you won’t be soon to forget.   You will begin with some “Liquid Courage,” an original cocktail designed to brace you for the six sensual courses to follow, and red wine will be served throughout the duration of the meal.  You will continue to engage with each course in new ways, working your way up to the intimate and primal act of the main course, whereafter an equally bloodcurdling dessert will be served.  The meal will be served exclusively by candlelight.     BEVERAGES: Liquid Courage: an original cocktail served in a glass vial, featuring chartreuse, gin, lime, and a brandied cherry Nero D'Avola: a dark Sicilian red wine with tasting notes of black licorice and leather 1ST COURSE: RAW QUAIL EGG SHOOTERS each shell nested in a bed of sea salt and stuffed with one of three savory surprises 2ND COURSE: ROASTED BEEF MARROW served in the bone with grilled rustic bread, lemon, capers, and anchovy 3RD COURSE: GRILLED CHICKEN HEARTS on bamboo skewers with a shallot-parsley vinaigrette 4TH COURSE: OCTOPUS RISOTTO NERO a braised octopus tentacle on squid ink arborio risotto with sea beans and controne pepper MAIN COURSE: LAMB’S HEADS halved and roasted on a bed of purple fingerling potatoes, tomatoes, and saffron DESSERT: SANGUINACCIO DOLCE sweet chocolate pudding with cinnamon and orange zest, thickened with pig’s blood