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Hey Auntie! I have a character who ODs himself with sleeping pills that he washes down with vodka. His friends find him just before he goes into CA, they call an ambulance and do CPR. (One is a nurse.) After following you for a while I’m sure what I wrote is a medical BS Trope, so what actually happens when the Paramedics arrive? (I have a DeusExMachina to save him and everything after he arrives in the ICU falls under the I-break-it-I-buy-it-rule, so I just need to get him there.) Thank you!

Hey there! Welcome back!

Okay. Your character surviving a cardiac arrest from sleeping pills washed down with alcohol is, unfortunately, a slim shot. (Fiction writers live for long shots, so no judgment.) The reason for that is that most sleeping pills, in overdose, suppress cardiac function, which means that even if they get his heart beating again, it won’t be beating well.

So here’s what happens when EMS roll up on a cardiac arrest. I’ll give you a few high-tech and low-tech options, because of course I will!

1) They get their stuff off of the truck (usually 2-3 bags and a cardiac monitor).

2) They come in, ask a few questions – “What happened? Did you see him stop breathing? How long has he been down? How long have you been doing CPR?”

3) They’ll take over CPR, and hook up their monitor to check a rhythm. If it’s a shockable rhythm (V-tach / V-fib) they’ll shock every 2 minutes, though rhythms can change with no rhyme or reason. They may need a few rounds of CPR before they’re “shockable”.

           a) Chest compressions may be done by a device such as a LUCAS or AutoPulse, both of which wrap around the chest and do CPR for you. This is the “high tech” option, if you want a touch of sci-fi. It really does free up providers to do the non-mechanical stuff. With the AutoPulse, you basically haul the patient up by their arms, wrap the device around their chest, lay them down, and it just goes to town.

4) In addition to CPR (hands-on-chest), they’ll use a bag-valve-mask to “bag” the patient / breathe for them.

5) One of the EMSkin will start an IV and start giving drugs. If you want to be fancy, have them have trouble finding a vein, and use an IO gun – basically a hand drill – to put a needle in the lateral shoulder. It works like an IV, it’s just infinitely more brutal.

          a) Sample meds might include epinephrine (1mg, every 3-ish minutes), D50 (25g, usually just called “1 amp”, sugar water, given once); if the person has been shocked  more than twice, a med called amiodarone (300mg, given once).

6) Another will perform intubation, place a breathing tube, by putting a metal blade into the mouth and sliding a plastic tube down the throat and into the airway, then secure it with tape. It’s a thousand times harder than that description makes it sound.

7) Moving a cardiac arrest patient to an ambulance is a theatrical production of its own. The medics will bring a stretcher to the front of the house and, if there are no steps or just one or two, into the house. If there are steps or the patient is upstairs, they’ll grab something called a scoop stretcher, which is a metal carrying stretcher that literally breaks apart, “scoops” under the patient, and then they’ll be strapped down (with the cardiac monitor and oxygen tank), and carried down the stairs. The scoop will likely just stay under them for transport, because taking it off with all that stuff strapped in is a pain in the ass.

8) The beatings CPR and bagging will continue until morale the patient improves.

You ultimately wanted the resuscitation to be successful. So let’s have it be successful. At one point during a pulse check someone should, in fact, find a pulse! This can happen on the scene or in the ambulance, up to you.

Once pulses come back, they might – actually will probably – need to give a drip of a vasopressor like Levophed (norepinephrine) to maintain a blood pressure.

Alternatively, you could have them go to the ER, and have the ER put them on a type of heart bypass called ECMO, which will do the circulaty bits for them while the heart itself recovers. This is, again, the super high tech road, and involves putting some VERY BIG LINES into the leg and the neck.

Whew! That was a lot of work! And, if you’re following your EMS characters, they’ll be sweating, tired, etc. – it’s pretty back-breaking. 

I hope this gets you down the right road!!

Oh, one note: you say once the Paramedics arrive, but it’s actually just once the paramedics arrive. Professions aren’t capitalized unless they’re being used as part of a direct call-out of a particular person’s name; for example, Scripty is a paramedic, but you might refer to her as Paramedic Scripty (the same way Jackie is a nurse, but she might be Nurse Jackie). Capitalization FTW!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Okay, so, not sure if this has been asked before. If so, sorry. But, looking through Chara's Origins and Dogs of Future Past, I have to ask. Is "The Player" an actual entity? An entity that has been controlling Frisk throughout their time in the Underground? Is "The Player" us? the ones who play Undertale? Or, to avoid breaking the fourth wall too much, is "The Player" Frisk? They are the one who's choices ultimately effect the world, after all.

Well…you did play the game, didn’t you?

  • Him: Okay but when we break up, I still don't want you to have sex with anyone else
  • Me: WHAT WHY
  • Him: You can like call me. And I'll do the same
  • HAHAHAHAH of course it's hard to believe these things right but it's cute that he was the one initiating things like this and not the other way around. cause usually i say shit like this hahHAHA

You don’t want to fall for her.

She will shower you with words, some of which you don’t even know the meaning of.

She will give you the whole universe even when you only asked for the stars.

She will exert every effort she have for you and it will be okay with her even if you do not do the same.

She is extraordinary. She is indeed one of a kind. She’s not “just another girl”.

You do not want to fall for her. She is rare. Don’t you dare break her heart once you get her, because if you do, it would be like wasting a precious gem.

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Top 5 books

Okay wow I am going to just go off the cuff and do the first ones that come to mind otherwise this will take eight years because I’ll try to rearrange it too many times, so. Again, in no particular order: 

  1. Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell): The adorable novel about fanfiction that owns my entire soul.
  2. Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie): This book makes me weep. I made the mistake of reading it over the christmas break in high school when I was applying for colleges so I was already a little sensitive about the whole “growing up” thing and oh my god was that a poor choice.
  3. The Poisonwood Bible (Barbara Kingsolver): I adored everything about this book, what a phenomenal read.
  4. Americanah (Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie): Everything she writes is amazing, but this book was a complete revelation. Thoroughly recommended.
  5. Spoiled (Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan): These two write Go Fug Yourself, which is a hilarious fashion blog, and this YA story is just so cute and funny and smiley.
Since I Don't Have You (Achy Breaky Heart Part 2)

Pairing: Dean x reader (Y/N) kinda???

Word count: 750

Warnings: angst, kinda :) sad Dean and mentions of break-up…. I think that’s it?

Summary: If i write a summary, I’ll just spoil all the fun….

A/N: Okay so I wasn’t actually gonna write a part two for this fic, but then @msimpala67​ asked and I had a couple ideas for it soooo it kinda happened… It’s loosely based on Guns N’ Roses’ version of Since You’ve Been Gone, and written from Dean’s POV :) 

Read part one here :)

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Our love should have been eternal, everlasting, just like in the stories. It wasn’t. She was gone now, had been for a while, though it wasn’t long since I saw her last. She comes to me in my sleep, haunting me in my dreams, her tear-stained face looking at me, her red eyes staring into my soul, a single word slipping through her quivering lips: “why?”

It was always the same question, but for her, I had no answer. I could lie to myself, lie to Sam, tell him that it wasn’t my fault, tell him that she had left while I was sleeping and that I didn’t know why. That she hadn’t even bothered to leave a note, just slipped out of the door in the dark of night, but to her, I couldn’t be anything but honest. I know what I did, know what kind of pain I’ve caused her, and I regret it all. She deserved none of it.

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(the start of a fic that’ll probably be called ‘the life of kit purrson’ and will probably outline the life of kent’s cat, while him and swoops also fall in love in the background)

The day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent stayed in bed.

He was exhausted and his entire body hurt and technically speaking, he had a million things to do, but being eliminated meant that he finally got a bit of a break, so he decided to take advantage of that.

The second day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent headed to the arena and cleared out his locker along with the rest of his team.

He shook hands and pulled his guys into hugs and held back his tears, and it was fine. He pretended that he was okay and so did every other man in that room, and he knew that they all would be one day soon. Some of them would be back next year, some of them would get traded, and some of them would retire, but they’d all be fine eventually.

The third day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent finally started pulling his shit together.

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In a lifetime, love is a multiplicity - so many valid forms and potential manifestations.

But the meaningful ones are those you love so much- that no matter what, you always want and support the best for them.

I’ve had a few of those. And in every case so far, the best for them- eventually -wasn’t me.

That’s okay. It’s okay to break up or be broken up with when it means letting the other person fly. Let them go.


And currently- my heart is mostly melted by someone to whom it simply doesn’t belong. But I want the best for them. And the best isn’t me. I love them. I will encourage and support them as best I can. But I won’t be with them, because I don’t want to wreck their life right now. … And yes, I absolutely would.

Maybe in the near future the situation will change, but probably not.

That’s okay. It’s okay to fall in love with someone if they’re not an option for you. Because nobody is for you. Let them be a muse, but don’t ruin or manipulate their lives. Be positively inspired until maybe, something with reciprocity will come your way.

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W A I T I M F U C K I N G C O N F U S E D!!!!! Is NU'EST breaking up or something? Like why are they on produce 101. They are already a group and have been one for 4 or 5 years. Sorry i know this isnt about BTS. Love ya❤🍪❤🍑




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okay here’s my recollection of last night’s events aka my 19th bday aka my weed awakening. so i stayed at my friend’s apartment yesterday and we woke up from a 5 hr nap at like 6pm because we slept like 2 hrs the night before. we ate dinner and then went to go do hw in the lobby of the apt complex. after a while we took a break and one of our mutual friends who lives there too came down and i got some candy as a bday present which was gr8. then out of nowhere my friend starts to tell me that she wanted to get my drunk because we didnt really do anything fun for my bday so i was like ‘mmkay’ and she starts to ask people she knew for a hook up but everyone either had none or was busy and not home. so she started to give up a bit and said that she could get me some marijuano instead if i wanted and i said 'sure why not.’ so she called this dude and asked him if he could bring some and he said yes so we waited for him for like 20 mins since he lived far. we were gonna smoke at my friend’s apartment but her roommate was probably coming home that night so we decided to go to the top floor of this parking garage across the street to do it. and so we went and it was completely empty because the rent for a parking spot is extremely expensive lol anyways we found this little ledge overlooking this church and some frat houses and proceeded to smoke. the guy we were bumming off (ill call him joe) started to pack a bowl and showed me and my friend how to smoke it correctly and i eventually got it on my 3rd try lol. we talked for a bit and joe asked if we heard of the strokes and i wanted 2 die because this was literally a fucking teen movie but we all said yes and i was getting cold because of the wind so i huddled next to my friend as the music played. joe packed another bowl and i took like 3 more hits ( prob like 6 in total for me lmaoo) and i started to feel it so i told them i wanted to walk around the garage. me and my friend talked about some drama about another other friend and we made it to this other ledge with the view of our uni. and we just talked and laughed about the people walking along the street and a bunch of other dumb shit lol. we eventually got hungry so we walked back to my friend’s appt and sprayed some fragrance on our clothes to mask the smell and then got a bunch of junk food and ate in the lobby and i got a small cake because i didnt get a bday cake this yr lmao. there were some other people in the lobby too but they were drunk and this one girl that my friend knew came up to us and gave me a sip of her smirnoff and then she told us about some douchey dude on tinder. my friend apparently didnt like her but omg she was hot as hell. so we eventually got sleepy and i headed back to my friend’s place and joe got his stuff and left and i kept talking even though i was sleepy as hell lol. it honestly was the sleepiest i felt in a loooong time. but in a good way. so yep that was my lame ass cliche weed nite in college

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Okay but selena recently said that she was taking a break from her music to concentrate on the more important things. More important things like what? Being Abel's fucking tail? Being shoved up his ass? Following him around the world for no damn reason? That doesn't sound like something an independent woman does. I thought she was one smh. I love her and all but this clingy attitude she has has been pissing me tf off.

I love Selena too,we all do.But damn,Selena is being  a mess.I will never be ok with a woman put her carrer of side for only a man.Specialy if is a man that she not love and don’t give a shit about her.

The Major Misunderstanding Between Yuri and Viktor

I’m just going to get this one out of the way now: Viktor and Yuri are NOT going to break up and no one can convince me otherwise!

Okay, with that out of the way… This show has been setting up a major misunderstanding since episode one. 

Yuri doesn’t think he can hold onto Viktor, and Viktor has no intention of ever leaving Yuri’s side.

Yuri and Viktor are a fantastically portrayed couple: They respect each other, and support each other, and sometimes it feels they don’t even need words to understand each other. Even when they fight they use good communication, and are considerate of the other’s feelings. But we already had one major misunderstanding between them revealed last episode: That Viktor fell in love with Yuri first, Yuri was the one who asked Viktor to come to Japan and be his coach in the first place, that Yuri didn’t remember any of it, and Viktor didn’t know Yuri didn’t remember any of it.

It’s already been established that despite how wonderful their relationship is, there is a significant lack of proper communication on some very important fronts: 

  1.  When Yuri actually plans to retire.
  2.  Whether or not Viktor actually wants to return to skating in the first place.

Yuri has already made his decision regarding the first point as of episode 9, and has not informed Viktor yet. 

And I’m convinced Viktor has known the answer to the second point since episode 9 as well, but has yet to actually voice it to anyone.

These conversations have been avoided up till now, but they have to happen eventually. They can’t be avoided forever. And I think this is what Yuri’s line sets up at the end of episode 11: The resolution of this huge misunderstanding that has been building since episode one. 

Viktor has no intention to leave Yuri’s side. No matter if Yuri retires or not.

With the development we’ve had in their relationship since episode 7, especially with the airport scene in episode 9 and the ring exchange in episode 10, it’s become obvious that Viktor has no intentions of leaving Yuri. Ever. Yuri is home to him now. In episode 4, he becomes nostalgic for the beach in the only city he’d ever called home, St Petersburg. But in episode 10 it’s Hasetsu’s beach that he’s reminded of.

Viktor no longer identifies home with Russia. Hatsetsu with Yuri is home for him, now. It’s only been 8 months, but Viktor has finally found a place that he belongs, where he is accepted as the man he is and not the man people expect him to be, a place that he feels free. And that place is with Yuri. In episode 9, he was miserable just being apart from Yuri for 48 hours. And it seems to solidify for him that he doesn’t want to part from Yuri again, that home is with this Japanese ball-of-anxiety on skates.

So no matter what Yuri is about to say to him at the end of episode 11, there is no way I see Viktor letting him walk away for good. Viktor, and Yuri too, are in way too deep. Those rings symbolize something very profound and meaningful for them as evidenced by the attention they receive from the animators, and the kissing of the rings before Yuri’s SP. They’re both emotionally invested in whatever they have together, and I doubt Viktor is going to let Yuri be a martyr - if that is what Yuri is planning. 

But Viktor still hasn’t told any of this to Yuri. We know this from his voice-overs, but none of this has been voiced aloud to any character on the show.

Yuri doesn’t think he can hold onto Viktor indefinitely.

Not once in this entire series has Viktor ever expressed any desire to leave Yuri or go back to skating. However, Yuri still feels like he’ll have to give Viktor up eventually even when he is out to prove his love for Viktor to the world and even though he has expressly stated he wants to hold onto Viktor. 

 Yuri decided in episode 9 that he was going to retire after this GPF and:

But his train of thought is cut off by a flying kick from Yurio. We don’t get the end of this thought. And… what? The implication is “and he’ll leave Yuri to go back to Russia and competition”. Yuri has decided that no matter the outcome of this GPF he’s retiring after it’s over, and that Viktor will go back to Russia even though we have no indication from Viktor that this is actually something he wants. Even though he asks Viktor to coach him until his retirement Yuri has yet to tell Viktor his true intentions. Yuri has spent the better part of this season fighting to demonstrate his love for Viktor to the world, and has expressly said that he wants to hold on to Viktor. But he doesn’t think he can. 

A repeated theme this series has been Yuri assuming that after the season is over, Viktor will go back to Russia and competing even though we have nothing from the man in question suggesting that is the case. 

We know what Yuri thinks of the situation, but we only get hints of what Viktor thinks. 

We never get to know what exactly Viktor was planning to say here. Only that he is pleasantly surprised when Yuri asks him to stay, and implies that he never wants to leave. So we can extrapolate from there what Viktor might have decided to retire as coach and stay by Yuri’s side as something more. But I don’t have much evidence for this, it’s pure conjecture.

Anyways, Yuri has convinced himself that Viktor wants to go back to skating, or at least that Viktor should go back to skating, once the GPF is over despite not ever having discussed this with Viktor himself.

Viktor actually doesn’t want to go back to competing.

Viktor Nikiforov is dead. He’s not coming back to competing. He’s discovered life, and love with Yuri in Japan, he has no reason to go back to competing.

Let’s discuss the part of episode 11 that I think demonstrates this: Viktor watching the competition from the stands.

First, there is Yurio’s performance which is introduced like this:

Russia’s “next generation”. He’s Viktor’s successor, and he’s doing a kickass job at it already. This scene: Yurio’s record breaking SP, Viktor watching from the stands,

Yakov seeing a young Viktor in Yurio

It’s set up as a “passing of the baton” moment, or at least that was the vibe I got from this scene. It shows that Viktor isn’t necessary anymore, he’s not missed as much. There are new, younger, talented skaters to take his place and carry the baton for Russia. Yurio’s got this. And I think it needs to be pointed out that this is reflected int he fact that the reporters aren’t flocking all over him this time around asking if he’ll be returning. People aren’t harassing him about coming back anymore. He’s able to slip away from the cameras to watch his successor skate without anyone noticing, even Yuri. 

This scene of Viktor watching Yurio has a melancholic vibe. It feels like we’re watching an era end in real time. It’s like Viktor watching “the death of Viktor Nikiforov” play out before him on the ice. But after Yurio’s program finishes, and Yuri finds him in the stands, this rest of Viktor watching the competitors skate doesn’t strike me as one where Viktor is anxious to get back out onto the ice and reclaim his crown. 

The announcers ask this question while we get to see the answer: How does Viktor Nikiforov feel about watching from the stands?

He’s smiling. He seems okay with it. He does’t seem anxious. He’s cheering on his old rivals, and looking like he’s enjoying being a spectator. I only took one screen shot for the sake of the length of this post, but this entire scene after watching Yurio’s performance, Viktor is smiling. They’re more muted than usual, like he’s watching something that makes him a little sad, but happy all the same. Like watching something you love grow, and evolve, and change from what you once knew, but for the better. The skating world doesn’t need him anymore, but he doesn’t look full of regret, or like he’s itching to get back out there into the spotlight. He looks content.

And this is probably why:

Viktor has found a new strength with Yuri in Japan. He has experienced a whole new world, full of new emotions, and life, and love, by becoming Yuri’s coach and cheering him on from the sidelines. He gets visibly excited watching Yuri, 

he can’t contain himself and even jumps along with Yuri,

 and gets upset along with Yuri when Yuri fails. 

and this is his reaction to the prospect of seeing Yuri land a quad-flip in competition:

He feels an emotional connection when Yuri skates. He is invested in this performance, something he’s probably only felt for his own programs. This is something he’s never experienced before becoming Yuri’s coach. 

This, for me, demonstrates that Viktor is content with staying on the sidelines and not competing. I don’t see this, as some have suggested, as evidence that Vitkor wants to be back out on the ice in Yuri’s place. I see this as Viktor getting so wrapped up in Yuri’s performance and excited he literally cannot contain himself. I do something similar when I watch sports, even if I don’t play the sport. I jump up and do the “force hand wave” trying to influence the direction of the ball. Viktor’s actions here, in my opinion, more closely resemble that. Like a dance mom doing the routine in front of the stage, not like a man who wants to get back into the game himself. He’s probably more excited watching Yuri than he ever was performing. Viktor described his career as a shackle around his neck. Competing, and skating, isn’t something he desires anymore. He’s been freed from his chains, from the high stress life of competing, and has found pure happiness in something new: coaching and being with Yuri.

This line from Lilia is pretty poignant, I think.

Yuri’s love is what sustains Viktor now, not his love of skating, or his fans, or surprising people. Yuri’s love has reinvigorated him. And he understands that. Especially after episode 9. He is shining brightly here coaching Yuri, as himself and not the idol. He is showing real, deep emotions and he looks so damn…happy.

Viktor Nikiforov the idol is dead, and that’s okay. Because Viktor the human being has found a new life to live, and a new love to sustain him, one where he’s not bound by the pressure to surprise the world each season, or be perfect. One with Yuri. And I can’t see him giving that up for anything.

The Miscommunication

Yuri spends most of episode 11 watching Viktor’s reactions and progressively growing more anxious by what he sees. I believe that this is because Yuri isn’t interpreting Viktor’s reactions correctly, as he is coming from a place where he assumes that he cannot hold onto Viktor forever. Instead of seeing Viktor as calm and content as well as solemn, he is seeing Viktor as only being contemplative, and regretful.

Like in episode 9, we don’t get the end to this thought. But Yuri looks upset. He’s probably interpreting Viktor’s reactions as evidence of Viktor wanting to go back skating and competing against the likes of Chris, and Yurio, when there is nothing there to suggest such a thing. Again, Viktor is smiling that soft smile. He doesn’t really look like he regrets his choices. Yuri is interpreting Viktor’s reactions incorrectly because Viktor hasn’t told Yuri he has no intention to leave. Viktor probably figures it’s so obvious he doesn’t need to. On multiple occasions he has implied he wants to stay with Yuri forever, and that he would marry Yuri. But Yuri still thinks he’s going to have to give Viktor up. 

And Viktor doesn’t know that Yuri is planning to retire after the final. He probably thinks they’re going to finish out the season together, at least. That there might be another year, or two of Yuri competing and Viktor being his coach. He might suspect Yuri’s retirement could be sooner than later, but Yuri hasn’t told him his plans yet. So he doesn’t feel the need to be more explicit in his desire to stay for good.

But Yuri is still that little ball of anxiety, even if he is more confident in his choices on the ice he obviously isn’t when it comes to being able to keep Viktor. No matter how big he talked about how he was going to show the world only he knew Viktor’s love, or how he wanted to hold onto Viktor for good, he still doesn’t think he can. Like in episode 7, where he admits that he still asks himself if Viktor secretly want to quit even though he knows those fears are irrational, and that Viktor doesn’t want to go anywhere. That’s the scourge of anxiety: Even fears you know have no basis in reality can eat away at you, and cause you to interpret things in the most negative light. So he has convinced himself that Viktor wants to go back to skating, even if part of him knows that to be untrue. And that’s only reinforced by the fact that Viktor has never come out and explicitly said otherwise.

This miscommunication was going to have to be resolved sooner or later, it’s been set up as early as episode 2, and it looks like the writers saved the resolution for the finale. And I see this conversation going one of two ways:

1) Viktor finally tells Yuri what he’s been alluding to in his voice-overs: that he doesn’t want to go back to skating and he’d much rather stay next to Yuri for good and they go back to Japan together regardless of Yuri’s retirement.

2) Yuri convinces Viktor to go back to skating for one more season, and either they compete against each other on the same playing field like Yuri always wanted, while remaining “rival husbands” or Yuri does retire and Viktor moves his home rink to Japan so Yuri can be his emotional support/source of inspiration.

Honestly, I think the first option is more convincing. But maybe that’s just me. Either way, we’ll be getting a happy ending. Because that’s the kind of show this is. This show isn’t a tragedy, it’s not a tear-jerker. It’s a story about love, and how embracing it makes you stronger. 

I really love the trend in post-finale fics of the Russian skating family just ADORING Yuuri, to the point where they pretty much like him more than they like Victor.

Like they’ve known Victor for years, but they give HIM the shovel talk. 

When Yuuri’s anxiety flairs up and he starts thinking that he doesn’t deserve Victor, they’re like “Nah, dude, he doesn’t deserve you.”

(Victor wants to be offended, but honestly he agrees with them)

When Yakov starts threatening bodily harm to Victor for being stubborn, Yuuri protests with “Please don’t break my fiancé!” and Yakov replies with “Don’t worry, we’ll find you a better one. Trust me, there’ll be plenty of volunteers.”

(And Yuuri just blushes and stammers “Okay, but I like this one!”)

An actual cinnamon roll that’s too precious and should be protected at all costs, Kim Yoosung. 

Like, look at his smile: it’s so pure, so genuine, and he just GLOWS okay?

Originally posted by bestboy-oftheday

Depressed Yoosung is a heart breaking Yoosung.

But expect sweet, honest phone calls from him:

And cute chats:

Especially this one: 

Because bashful Yoosung is adorable 

+ More phone calls because he is just too sweet.

He is also quite selfless at times, to the point where he pretends to be okay so the MC doesn’t worry about him: 

A true gentleman:

That’s terrible cheesy. 😂😂

But is nonetheless loveable:

Happy birthday, Yoosung!! 💕

Okay but what about after Yuuri finally wore himself out from all that dancing:
- Victor got away from him for all of maybe 30 seconds to catch his breath and sit down for a minute to try to process what just happened
- but Yuuri isn’t giving him a break
- oh no
- he comes right over and plops himself down on Victor’s lap and starts happily chatting at him in Japanese
- Victor doesn’t understand a goddamn word but holy shit this man is too cute even with the language barrier
- at one point Yuuri boops Victor on the nose and then lapses into uncontrollable giggles
- Victor almost cries
- oh fucking god this is too much for his glass skater’s heart
- eventually Yuuri starts really wearing out and is leaning his head on Victor’s shoulder and probably could have fallen asleep right there on his lap
- and Victor would be 100% okay with this
- but then Celestino sweeps in and apologizes for this drunk mess that’s draped all over Victor and tries to get Yuuri up, come on, time to go back to your room before you pass out on the leading champion of men’s figure skating
- Yuuri makes this more difficult because he latches on to Victor like a barnacle and almost has to be pried off
- Victor does not help at all
- really it’s okay, you can leave him here, i don’t mind
- Celestino thinks Victor is just being polite
- Celestino eventually does get Yuuri up and shuffles him out the door
- Yuuri blows Victor a kiss on the way out
- ‘well Mr Nikiforov it was kind of hard to make out because he was slurring so much but he was definitely talking about your eyes a lot. He, um. Also said some things that. Shouldn’t be repeated in polite company.’
- ‘um. He said he. wanted your. Um. A piece of your anatomy. In his mouth. Are you okay Mr Nikiforov. Why are you lying down on the floor.’
- Five minutes later Victor realizes that he didn’t get Yuuri’s number and tears the room apart trying to find someone who knows it
- but Yuuri didn’t have any good friends at that Grand Prix and he’s not very social at this point so no luck, no one has his number
- and Yuuri isn’t very active on social media so that’s another dead end
- god it’s like Cinderella showed up and got drunk and then just took off after stealing the prince’s heart and left his pants behind instead of a glass shoe
- Victor is so frustrated
- Yuri and Yakov have to deal with a sad mopey Victor all the way back to St Petersburg
- BUT THEN!!!! THE VIDEO!!!!!! ITS DESTINY CALLING!!!!!! time to drop everything and run off to japan to find his true love ❤️
- who still doesn’t remember shit 💔
- but it’s okay. love will win in the end

anonymous asked:

hey, can you break down the differences between the adventure zone and critical role for me? i haven't listened to either and now i'm curious

Oh gosh, okay. They’re delightful but… very different approaches to the same general idea (broadcasting a D&D game), and I think the fans of one show tend to have a sort of skewed impression of the other show, so here’s my thinking.

Just the basics, to begin with: The Adventure Zone started running in late 2014, and it’s an audio-only podcast in which the McElroy brothers and their dad start a brand-new D&D campaign from scratch. Critical Role started running in early 2015, and it’s a video podcast in which a bunch of best-friend voice actors started filming the D&D campaign they’d already been playing for years at home with the same characters. TAZ is (generally) prerecorded and lightly edited down, CR is 100% live. Both have a lot of howlingly funny and surprisingly touching moments, both get a lot more intense the more you get into them, and both are good shows that are a Good Time, especially when they make you feel things you didn’t sign up for. The main canon of TAZ is currently 56 one-hour-long episodes, with new episodes every two weeks, and CR is currently 85 four-hour-long episodes, with new episodes every week. Most of the reason for CR’s absurd length comes down to (a) three times as many players, and (b) no editing.

The DMs both put a ton of work into the world, but they also have very different approaches. Griffin (TAZ) is DMing for the first time, while Matt (CR) has talked about how DMing D&D games for the past 20 years is what got him interested in acting in the first place. The world of TAZ is much more of a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, while CR sticks more to traditional fantasy.

TAZ plays fast and loose with the rules, which can be both a delight and a frustration for storytelling reasons—for instance, until the latest arc both spell slots and HP were not really tracked, which means (a) Griffin has had to come up with incredibly creative ways of introducing risk and limitations to the game, and (b) those incredibly creative ways can start to get pretty damn brutal. The mechanics of the game feel like an imposition on the story, most of the time—it’s rare that you get a dice roll that makes a huge difference to the plot (but when you do, as in the most recent episode, it’s pretty darn cool). As a result, the biggest spanner in the works of Griffin’s plans tends to be in the form of out-of-the-box thinking from his players, which they excel at; I think there is a tendency to railroad the plot as a result, but it’s a good story and it’s well worth a little bit of elbowing to keep everyone on track. Magical items also play a huge role, with viewers of the show submitting awesome new trinkets for the heroes of the story to use/abuse/completely forget about.

Because CR tilts more towards the rulebook (although Matt gets more than his fair share of shit for homebrewing and letting things slide and defaulting to the Rule of Cool), chance plays a much bigger role in the story. Matt’s simultaneously battling some incredibly creative players and dice that seem determined to roll as dramatically as possible. Entire subplots have been wiped out by a strategic roll, and in order to be able to adapt to that on the fly, Matt has to be hyper-prepared and have a lot of possible branching points. It’s absurdly open-world, especially now that the characters have the ability to travel instantly through different planes of existence, and Matt keeps pace with a story that feels more character-led than DM-led; railroading is practically nonexistent, which means you get incredible plot developments and super-deep characterization… but it also sometimes leads to long circular conversations trying to figure out what to do next. Because the players are all actors, there’s also a lot more that’s just straight-up improv theater: it’s not unusual (especially lately) to go for verrrry long stretches of riveting conversation without anybody rolling dice (I can think of a moment where Matt could’ve just had everyone fail a charisma saving throw against an NPC but instead just straight-up charmed them all in real life with words).

I’ll put it this way: CR is a basketball pickup game between friends who’ve been playing together so long that they kind of have their own home rules going and stick to them. TAZ is out there playing fuckin’ Calvinball. Both are great fun, but if you go into one expecting the other you’re in for a bad time.

Both shows have a lot of great NPCs, although Critical Role’s format gives them a lot more time and depth to shine (there are episodes where an NPC will have as much or more “screen time” than some of the player characters). Both shows have LGBT representation among player characters and NPCs alike that, while not perfect, is generally improving as the show goes on. For me personally, one of the more frustrating things about going from CR to TAZ was going from three female player characters and a metric fuckton of extremely deep characterization for all the female NPCs to no female player characters and many great and memorable female NPCs who nevertheless don’t get too much screentime or development just because of the the structure of the show.

TAZ is pretty shaky throughout the first arc (Griffin’s fighting a bit of an uphill battle getting everyone to sit down and actually play the game, which is funny in and of itself), but things slowly start to come together and the real potential of the show becomes clear once they break the heck out of the 5e Starter Set. I think the “Murder on the Rockport Limited” arc is what started to pull me in, and it’s not until the latest arc that I’m starting to get the character development I really crave in that show. Critical Role also takes a little while to find its footing, and to me the Briarwood arc (starting around episode 24) is where the mood of the show starts to solidify, with episode 40 and beyond really pushing from “this is cool, I’m enjoying how these interpretations of fantasy tropes are sometimes kinda unusual and off-the-wall!” to “how is this the most honest and genuine character development I’ve ever seen in media what the heck is happening here”.

So yeah. TAZ isn’t total chaos with no plot or effort put into it, CR isn’t a humorless wasteland of mathematical minutiae and rigid formulaic approaches. Both shows are great fun, both are IMO in an upswing and getting better and better as they go along, and I heartily recommend them both if you know what you’re getting into. Have fun!

Okay, let me put this in the clearest terms possible:

Yuuri and Victor are not breaking up.

I know that no one can think rationally right now and everyone is panicking, but step away from the anime for a moment and look at the bigger picture.

What do the authors want to do by having Yuuri say “Let’s end this” and ending the episode right after that? Because this isn’t just Yuuri’s words - it’s the context in which they are said that matters.

They’re purposefully trying to make you feel a certain way. I think we all know what way. Remember the episode with Maccachin’s accident? Or shall I say: the episode that ended with Maccachin’s steamed buns incident that shook all of us but was resolved the next episode with everything being fine?

It’s their way of making sure you keep watching, and yeah, it’s absolutely shitty of them, but they love playing with our feelings, I mean that’s sort of their job.

What I’m saying is: The end of ep 11 will not impact the anime negatively as it is merely a trick of the authors to make sure you worry and return to watch next week. It hardly has anything to do with the actual story.

I mean, of course, Victor and Yuuri’s heart to heart will be absolutely relevant and important, but I wouldn’t get hung up on the “let’s end this” line if I were you. That’s what they want you to do. It’s not worth the stress. They’re not sinking this ship now - they know exactly what they’re doing.

Don’t let them play you. Believe in the power of Victuri.

Things I wish somebody had told me in the beginning: witch edition
  • This is not a competition. Take it slow, enjoy the journey. You do not need to learn every crystal correspondence within a week.
  • Keep a journal/Grimoire/Book of Shadows if possible. Fill it up as you go. Do not just put the information somewhere to wait until you “have time” or “have more energy” (although these, and many more, are understandable reasons). It is less work to do a little all the time than try to catch up all at once.
  • You don’t need to be anything to be a witch. You are one, regardless of your gender, skin color, religious interests… If you think you’re one, you are. Witchcraft is a path, a tool, not a religion.
  • Wicca and witchcraft are not the same.
  • It is totally okay to take breaks. Setting aside your craft doesn’t mean you can’t come back and continue where you left off.
  • YOU are the most important tool. You do not need that expensive cauldron, or those rare herbs that have a double-digit price. Of course, supplies are needed for more complicated/powerful spells to help you out, but they are not necessary.
  • If your path changes, that is okay! If you were first interested in spells but then decided to focus more on deities and their worship, that’s okay!
  • On that note, it’s also okay to not know what your path is.
  • Like all people, witches have their opinions about various things. Listen carefully to both sides, research, but in the end make your own opinion that fits with your morals and worldview. Neither side is necessarily wrong, but both can be true.
  • Trust your gut/intuition. It knows a lot. If someone says X has Y correspondences, but in your opinion has Z, then this is true to you.
  • When researching things, remember to be critical and not trust everything you read blindly. Cross-reference.
  • Educate yourself on closed religions, slur words, racist symbols, appropriation of cultures and their words (see:smudging, chakra…) Do not be angry at yourself if you have used them before - you are always learning and growing as a person.
  • When in doubt, ask. The community is friendly and many are more than happy to help you. Asking never hurts, but don’t treat others as your Google.
  • Do not abandon science nor common sense. Witchcraft is powerful, and certain areas have direct influence (using herbs, for example), but it does not replace healthcare, therapy, or otherwise being healthy.
  • Practice safety. There is a reason why people tell you in rituals/spells/etc. to do things to protect yourself. When doing witchcraft, you are dealing with great powers and energy - sometimes that might be malicious.
  • Also, some general things like fire safety, checking for crystal toxicities in various substances, and herb properties are important to keep track of - these are physical things that can seriously harm you; and definitely work. Do not doubt that.
  • Do not lose yourself. While witchcraft gives us great power, it sometimes makes us lose ourselves. One might become so absorbed in their path that they forget things like eating, checking on friends, doing hobbies, and so forth. This path is part of your life, but your life does not consist only of the path.
  • Have fun! I believe this is one of the most important things. Witchcraft does not need to be serious; it can be Legos, glitter, pop-culture gods, sigils doodled with eyeliner… The possibilities are limitless!