the brazilian prince

Rapunzel AU where Miles is an Asian Rapunzel with long silver hair who is the prince of an asian kingdom. Gregory is the king of that kingdom and he is currently at war with another kingdom, where a Brazilian Prince Phoenix and his father rule, because Gregory believes that they had kidnaped his son. In truth, the wicked Manfred von Karma had kidnapped Miles as revenge against Gregory Edgeworth for idk humiliating him or something, and keeps Miles locked up in a tower hidden by the forest, which looks kind of like this:

Anyways there’s Gumshoe the Dragon, who is terrified of flying, and is probably Miles’ only friend, and there’s Kay the Rabbit. If you couldn’t tell at this point, this is the Barbie Rapunzel movie that I’m basing this off of. I love that movie.

IN ANY CASE. I’d also like to point out that Franziska starts off being on Manfred’s side AT FIRST, but then she realises that her father had literally kidnapped a kid and that Miles isn’t her biological brother at all, and she doesn’t know what to do with that information. Instead of really doing anything she decides to tell Miles about the basement of the tower, where a gift from Miles’ father lay. It’s a silver hairbrush, which for some fucking reason, idk, turns into a paintbrush in the middle of the night. Probably because Manfred destroyed all of Miles’ art supplies, and the brush felt Miles’ pain because he just wants to fucking paint man. Let him paint.

Anyways, backtracking because I went too far ahead, Miles goes down to the basement, and Gumshoe jumps and is so heavy that he busts a hole into the wooden flooring, revealing a hidden passageway that leads all the way to Phoenix’s kingdom. Miles is wandering around, taking in the beautiful sights, and comes across a scene where a young girl named Pearl is crying out from within a hole in the ground, brimming with deadly thorns. A little girl named Trucy is also there, crying out in frustration because she can not reach down far enough to save Pearl. Miles immediately dives into the scene and tells Trucy to get help while he tries to reach Pearl. Miles does, eventually reach Pearl and saves the damsel in distress, and just then, in comes Prince Phoenix, riding on a horse with Trucy in his grasp, looking panicked. 

So. They meet.

In any case, I’m like, way too tired to finish this, but if you watch the movie you can see where this is going.