the braxton sisters

anonymous asked:

do you have any songs that remind you of tokyo ghoul or specific characters?

I have a few. But personally i either really love music or i absolutely fuckin hate all sound so its not often that i listen to music and ‘immerse’ myself y’know?

For quinx, i guess…

Song for Shirazu : Shut me up- MSI
Song for Urie : Daughter - Human
Song for Haise : Black Lab - This Night
Song for Mutsuki : Mother Mother - Body
Song for Saiko : You reposted in the wrong neighbourhood

Song for other stuff

Donato Porpora : Daddy song - The Braxton sisters
Seidou to Akira : Keaton Henson - You
Chateau : In love with a Ghost - We’ve never met but, can we have a coffee or something
Shirazu’s motorcycle : She - Headshot
Arima’s Death : Sleeping at last - Saturn

Two of these are memes. not sorry. the rest are idk


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