the brave little toaster [gifs]


30 Day Disney Challenge - Day #13: Your Favorite Villain Song

“It’s A B-Movie” (The Brave Little Toaster)

Does this count as a villain song? I’m gonna count it as one cause the whole point of it is all these appliances trying to scare the circuits out of the main characters. XD And it goes flawlessly into a Halloween music compilation. And my mom blames me when it gets stuck in her head. :D

If you grew up with The Brave Little Toaster, you KNOW the chilling, scarring moments it seems to have in abundance. I’ve heard a lot of people claim that their fear of clowns stemmed from that WHY-IS-THIS-EVEN-A-THING nightmare scene with the firefighter clown. However, in a later scene where our five heroes are brought into the parts shop of a quirky collector (voiced by Pixar’s Joe Ranft, and considering this movie’s parallels to Toy Story is probably Sid’s crazy uncle) who removes parts from appliances and sells them as if they were new.

Unlike Toy Story, however, this movie takes the whole mutilation-and-dismemberment-of-inanimate-objects to a bit of a higher level. We at least saw the mutilated toys in Sid’s room okay again. I think we can just assume that that blender we saw running from his fate just……died when his motor got cut out. Ya know, rated G and all that. O_o And after that, a Peter Lorre lamp and his cohorts go on to sing a song to the heroes that they’re on appliance death row and they ain’t getting out anytime soon. THANKS GUYS.

As a villain song (or maybe I should say antagonist song), this one goes under the radar of Disney fans way too much and that’s gotta be fixed. I especially love how this song gives homage to campy old horror movies - the ones that were kinda cheesy but they had a certain air of chill and spookiness to them. Like the old Dracula and Frankenstein movies of the 30s. Which when it comes down to it, is kinda what this song is (they even give a shout-out to Vincent Price. XD Classy move, song). These guys seem awfully giddy for being at risk of losing their brains/hearts/whatever vital organ they need at any moment. And the classic horror sound of a deep-keyed organ completes it all. My favorite part?

You can’t get out, you are out of your mind!

Seriously, if you’ve never heard this number or it’s just been ages since you have, do yourself a favor and relive the nostalgic creep factor below. XD


“So, it’s back to that stupid static again. You think I don’t know what’s going on in here? I know what goes on in this cottage. It’s a conspiracy…and every one of you low-watts is in on it. Just cause you can move around, you think you’re better than I am. I’m not an invalid. I was designed to stick in a wall! I like being stuck in this stupid wall! I can’t help it…if the kid was too short to reach my dials! It’s my function!”