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Lindsey was a fricking POWERHOUSE tonight. Just as good, if not better than last time I saw her! Will definitely go a third time if she comes again! 💖🎻🎫 #lindseystirlingtour #braveenoughtour #lindseystirling #concert #concertvideo #violin #music (at Astor Theatre Perth)

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5SOS Preference : Studying


I closely examine my reflection, my eyes travelling up and down the length of my body. My eyes skim over breasts enclosed in baby pink lace and down my torso to the matching briefs. I turn around so that I can see the way the lace cuts across my arse and smile wickedly. I’d bought these for Mikey’s birthday, but seeing as he’d been so busy studying lately I thought I’d bring them out early.
I wasn’t often a jealous person, but recently I’d been a constant second preference to his books. I wanted his attention but I was a bit nervous putting myself out there like this. Despite the beautiful lingerie, I still noticed the wideness of my hips and legs: how my waist wasn’t as hour glass as so many fans I’d seen while snooping through his twitter.
I took a deep breath, smoothed my hands down my stomach and set off to steal my boyfriend back from his books.

I walked in to the kitchen and puttered around looking for the ingredients for pancakes. I thought seeing I’d woken up to an empty bed, I decided I deserved an excellent breakfast. I wandered around, not trying to be quiet but not being obnoxiously loud. I didn’t look at Michael, although I knew he could see me over the breakfast bar in their shared tour apartment. I wasn’t quite brave enough to check if he was watching me this early in my plan.
Upon collecting the milk, I saw it was in the bottom draw of the fridge so I took the opportunity and bent to reach it with only my waist. I knew how good my arse looked in these panties and I was also aware of Mikey’s preference for this colour against my skin.
I found a wooden spoon to combine the mixture before pouring it in the pan and finally, turning around to look at him.

He had completely abandoned his books and was unabashedly devouring me with his eyes. I basked in his attention: leaning back on the counter causing his eyes to snap back up to my waist, my breasts and finally my face.
Feeling slightly cocky now that I had his attention, I gathered my hair on to one shoulder and said, “See anything you like, Mikey?”

He was on his feet, in the kitchen and up in my space before I could laugh at his eagerness.
“You look fucking fantastic,” he says in to my neck, his hands  on the counter next to my hips. He began taking advantage of the exposed skin of my neck and shoulder while pressing me back further in to the counter.

“Why thank you babe.” He almost growls in to my neck, and grinds his hard-on against my leg.

“Someone’s eager.”
“Well, you’ve been wandering around the kitchen in just this,” he reaches around to smooth his hand down the edge of the lace on my knickers, “for fucking ages.”
“Well, that was the plan. I’ve been feeling a bit neglected baby. Thought I’d show you what you were missing.”
“It’s not like I wanted to study babe, I always want you.”
“Well, then you know what the solution is, don’t you?”

I step out of his reach and flip my pancakes on to my plate, spooning some fruit salad on the top before turning around.
Hiss pupils are blown wide and he reaches out for my waist, I elude his hands and pop a grape in to his mouth, followed with a quick kiss.

“Finish your homework babe, I’ll be waiting.” I say, scooping up whipped cream on to my finger and wiping it on my lips: my tongue darting out to clean it up with kitten licks.

“And make sure you’re properly done, I don’t want any interruptions.”  I continue, walking back in to the bedroom feeling very smug. Mission accomplished, confidence boosted and hopefully a smart boyfriend would be along any minute now.


“Yeah, thanks so much for that - You’re a lifesaver – thanks again, bye.”
I hang up and tuck my phone in my pocket while sliding the key in the door and pushing it open with my hip.

I drop my keys in the dish near the door and swing it shut with my foot, dumping my bags on the bench near the entrance. I continue towards the living room peeking in to find my boyfriend in exactly the same spot I left him. Four hours ago.

“Luke, have you moved since I last saw you?”

“I just have to get this done, and I had a wave of inspiration just after you left.”

“I know you’ve been so stressed about this, but you have to take study breaks.” I walk over behind him, hands moving to massage his shoulders and lean my chin on the top of his head. His hair is hidden under a thick knitted beanie, fringe poking out where he must’ve moved the beanie around while thinking.
I turn my head so my cheek rests on his beanie and say, “Come on babe, come sit on the sofa. We’ll have a hot chocolate, you can tell me about what you’re doing or I can tell you about my day.”

I feel him sigh and bring my hands down to his waist for a short squeeze and drop a kiss to his hair before letting go and heading in to the kitchen.

I hear his chair draw back and his sock clad feet pad in to the kitchen. His hands wind around my waist; fingers playing with the hemline of my tee shirt as he rests his chin on my shoulder.

I continue making the hot chocolates with a boy wrapped around me, reaching up for the coco, adding two heaped teaspoons before turning around to face him.
“We need milk,” I say smiling softly at him, Luke’s leant back to allow me to face him and then tucked his head back in to my shoulder.
I walk the two of us towards the fridge, back to the counter, over to the microwave, back to the counter.
He’s attached himself to me like a limpet, the feeling similar to standing on the feet of an uncle when learning to dance. I unwind him from me to hand him his drink and link our fingers as I lead him back in to the living room.

Once I’m settled on the couch I grab a pillow and gesture for him to lie with his head in my lap. He curls up on my lap lying on his side with his long legs tucked up and his hand drawing circles on the inside of my knee.
One of my hands settles in his hair, slowly dragging my nails over his scalp with the other holding my mug on the opposite knee, closer to the back of the couch.

“Is it okay if we just lay here for a while?” Luke says, voice slightly muffled by the pillow and my leg.
“Of course love,”
It’s really nice to just be for a while: both of us so busy with our lives and the band that sometimes we don’t get much time to just be together.
I trace the outlines of his face and tap his nose playfully in reprimand as he goes to bite at the finger.
I listen to the sound of his breathing and become lost in my thoughts, when I re-join reality I look down to see his eyes have drifted shut.
I smile down softly and run my fingers through his hair, styling it in different ways, braiding the long bits.
He’s worked so hard, my studious boy so I decide to allow him this nap and lean my head back against the back of the sofa and close my eyes as well.


“Aaarrghh,” I said exasperatedly, drawing big lines through the essay outline I had on a note pad and throwing it off the edge of the table. Not placated I stand up and storm to the kitchen for a glass of water before stomping back to my study cave. I have been stuck here for the last week or so, with exams coming up and assignments in seemingly infinite numbers that were due like yesterday.

I sit down, re arranging the multitude of sheets covering the table in order to re plan my essay. Resigning myself to sitting in this same damn spot for the rest of the afternoon, I shoot a forlorn glance at the sun outside and silently curse everyone who is allowed to enjoy such nice weather.

Ash wanders in rubbing his eyes and stretching his back, just enough that his shirt slips up to reveal his golden skin and a hint of abdominal muscle. I can’t decide if I want to yell at him for not having work to do or climb in to his lap and cuddle for hours and ignore everything. In the end, when we make eye contact I do neither of these things.

 My whole face crumbles and I sag in to my chair and just cry: all the stress of the last couple of weeks being released at once.

Ashton looks shocked for a second, he’d obviously not expected to see me bawling my eyes out when he first woke up.
“Oh babe,” he says striding over to take my face in to his hands and place a kiss to my forehead.

I continue to cry and he scoops me up bridal style and takes to the couch where he sits down and deposits me in his lap. He smooths the hair out of my face and wraps his arms around me while I clutch at his shirt and just let it all out. He whispers sweet nothings in to my hair and rubs my back while he waits for me.

When I manage to calm I immediately start apologising, he shushes me gently and kisses my nose.
“Hey, you’re alright, it’s all good. Don’t apologise, to be honest I was waiting for something like this. You’ve had your nose to the grind stone for weeks now, eventually something had to give.”
I looked up at him with still wet eyes and nodded slowly, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to explode like that. I thought I was doing okay.”
“Yesterday you were in a huff for an hour because I drank all the chocolate milk. I know you’re passionate about your choc milk  love but normally it doesn’t bother you so much”
He smiles and brings his large hand up to cup my face; his thumb tracing my cheek bone as I smile a little embarrassed by my antics.

“What do you say we get some fresh air, huh? Maybe you should get out of here for a while, spend the time in the sun and recharge your batteries.”
“But I don’t have time Ash, I have so much to do and not enough time and I –“
He cuts me off with a press of his lips, his hand still cupping my face. I relax in to it and open my mouth a bit, we kiss lazily for a few minutes before he pulls back.
“Shoes, bra and a jacket please, we’re going for a walk.”
“What do you mean I can’t go for a walk in your too big band shirt and no bra?” I gasp, and he laughs.
“Think of the children!” He says, giggling “Well, you could of course go how you are but I’d have to bundle you up in my clothes so that other people don’t walk in to things while gawking at you. Plus you’d be a bit cold.”
“Fine,” I say, lengthening the word and smiling at him. I hop off his lap to go get dressed but stop before I’m even half way across the room.
“Thank you,” I say.
“For what?” He says, having not moved from his position on the couch watching me absently.
“For being you.” I say, blowing him a kiss and heading off to get changed.

I return and see that he has done the same, just lacing his shoes up. When his shoes are safely secured he offers me his arm.
“Would you care for a walk, m’lady?”
I laugh and accept his arm, “I think I might, but only to enjoy the quality of your company.”

Together we head off outside for a short walk and much needed study break. We don’t return for two hours, having played in the autumn leaves and chased each other around the park before collapsing on our back and naming cloud shapes.


I stand in the main room having a stand off with my text books. I know that I should study, but I’ve studied for weeks and despite the fact that this is my favourite subjectI I just don’t want to. Additionally, I feel as though if my brain gets filled with anymore useless information then essential stuff will leak out my ear as compensation. Surely, there’s no room left for facts and statistics otherwise I’ll forget how to brush my teeth or tie my shoes.
Just as I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will still be able to tie my shoes even if I study another day I hear the shower shut off.

I sit down and open my text book and smile as Calum’s singing grows louder as he opens the door. Just as I’ve finally focussed and started re writing a core concept he bounces through the door to the living room and enthusiastically guitar solos  to music that only he can hear.
I ignore him and continue to write. I feel him come up behind me, not saying anything and not touching me, just standing in my personal space. I can feel the heat from the shower radiating off him.

“Hey babe,” He says, the words so close to the back of my neck it send shivers down my spine.
“Hey,” I say, not taking my eyes off the page, reaching up to hold the text book still in order to precisely copy the complicated diagram.

“Whaaatcha doing?” He says, I can tell that he’s wiggling behind me: an irrepressible ball of energy.
Despite the fact that he knows exactly what I’m doing, I reply “Studying”
“That’s boorring.”

I sighed, Calum was in one of those moods and he was not to be stopped. Sometimes he was sensible and mature far beyond his years, and then days like today it was like dating the combination of a Labrador puppy and an excitable four year old.

“Yes well, not all of us can be pop punk rock stars Calum, give me forty minutes please and then I’ll be done.” I knew as soon as I said it that I’d never get forty minutes without distraction, but it was better to ask for more time than try and extend.

“Foorrtttyyy. That’s so long. Oh! I could keep you company!” He says, bounding around the table and plopping himself in the chair directly across from me: laying his head on folded hands atop the table.
 I re focus my attention on the text book and resume writing, a small smile on my face as I count in my head. My bet is that Calum won’t be able to go five minutes without interrupting. Sure enough, three minutes later there’s a muffled “Are you done yet?” from across the table.

“You have band mates and friends, don’t they want to see you?”
“I see the boys all the time, I want to spend time with you right now.”
“You can have me in thirty five minutes.”

He huffs and picks up some of my papers, shuffling them around noisily and upon discovering that he has no interest at all in what’s written on them, he puts them back in the wrong order.

I take a deep breath and say, “Calum, can you please go Skype Liam or Niall or go for a run or something? You’re going to drive me up the wall. I just need a tiny bit more time and then my whole afternoon is yours.”
I look up at him imploringly, it’s not like I want to be studying either but I also would like to not fail this exam. His face falls slightly and I immediately feel bad, he’s only home for so long and it just happens to be right in the middle of exam prep.

“Please? Please, I love you and I don’t want to be angry at you.” I lean over to brush his cheek bone. He sighs dramatically and I ignore his puppy dog face as I finally complete the diagram and flick through other key exam components.

I study in near silence for twenty minutes, concentrating so hard on the topic content so I can finish quickly that I forget I had an audience. When his arm twitches on the table it startles me and my elbow slips off the table. He opens his eyes sluggishly and reaches across from my hand still holding my pen. I smile softly at him and drop the pen to squeeze his hand back.
“Alright, I’m finished or finished enough. I feel like I know all of this anyway. Do you wanna go for ice cream? You look exhausted.”

At the mention of ice cream he leaps up, face lit up like a kid being offered sweets – which is exactly what I’m offering. 

“Oh my gosh, yes ice cream. No I’m not tired: no one’s ever too tired for ice cream! Let’s drive to that place just near the bakery. Oooh, I want to try their new flavour, it’s supposed to be like rich chocolate cake. Yum.”
I smile him indulgently as he pulls me to the door, stopping only to put on shoes and pick up keys.
I try to remind myself why I’m so far gone for this boy and he practically skips to the car with a chorus of “ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM.”

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SCANDAL HALL TOUR 2013 - 11/3 @ Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall - Fan CAM version

04. Orange Juice
05. Houkago 1H
06. Uchiagehanabi
07. Hachigatsu
08. Koe
09. Metronome

^^ Not in a good quality, but at least i could feel Koe live. Thx to the uploader. Coz he was brave enough to record this hahah ^^