the brass bottle

submitted by Morgan

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I look for products that hold up to my everyday life in the restaurant and bar, but also carry a little swagger–most definitely a blend of old, new, and highly functional.


Apie waterproof Bluetooth mini-speakers
These are nice! I just connected to my iPhone 6 and clipped the speakers to the basket in my Schwinn Meridian tricycle. I then rode around the neighborhood listening to Irma Thomas. The mini-speakers are nice and loud and surprisingly have bass.
I got these for my tricycle, but I may take these anywhere with me. I no longer have to use headphones for everything.

Brass Keychain Pill Bottle
Sadly my Gabapentin does not fit inside this pill bottle. I was going to replace the one I currently use for this one. I like brass. I hope to find a larger one someday. I will probably give this to any family member or friend who needs it.

Goulet Pens Ink Vials
I now may set up the Dr. Ion Multibox for my traveling dip pen kit. Since I currently have no car I am not in a hurry, but once I am more mobile. I will be able to do traditional pen & ink drawings and calligraphy on the go.


Recycled EDC .

Recycled brass perfume bottle insert into a small EDC gear capsule .

Friction fit cap and body were hammered then etched and stonewashed for an aged effect  as was the Ti and brass caribiner.

Used to carry a 10 hour mini chem light , Baddest bee fire fuze and micro fire-steel in heat shrink wrap and x3 strands of wax coated hemp twine with enough room to slot in a small surgical blade.

(please note blade is not carried in UK for EDC purposes)

 Custom knives, sheaths and gear from Submitted by Chuck

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Designer, Photographer, Hiker. The Midori notebook has really been great. I have made some of my own inserts and their paper does well even with fountain pens. Atwood tools are a great story of a one man business, harder to get a hold of these days tho. The light is simple and inexpensive, but it’s a small enough company that they pick up the phone if you have a problem. I’ve already had one replaced for free after the bulb on the first one went out after a few years. The knife is simple and nonthreatening. I went through five or six iPhone cases before I found the Magpul. I used my previous one for three years solid. It’s the right amount of rubber without being obtrusive and the rubber is the right amount of sticky, but not so sticky you can’t get it out of your pocket. Hudsalve is amazing stuff, if you don’t know about it look it up. Hillside, Filson, and Tanner Goods are classics in the making. The Leica, Rolex, and Montblanc are about having usable pieces of art in my life every day.

Even [fifteen years previously while living in the U.S.] I had a vague notion of an Irish boy, born in India and mixed up with native life. I went as far as to make him the son of a private in an Irish Battalion, and christened him ‘Kim of the ‘Rishti’— short, that is, for Irish. This done, I felt like Mr. Micawber that I had as good as paid that I.O.U. on the future, and went after other things for some years.

In a gloomy, windy autumn [in England] Kim came back to me with insistence, and I took it to be smoked over with my Father. Under our united tobaccos it grew like the Djinn released from the brass bottle, and the more we explored its possibilities the more opulence of detail did we discover. I do not know what proportion of an iceberg is below water-line, but Kim as it finally appeared was about one-tenth of what the first lavish specification called for.

As to its form there was but one possible to the author, who said that what was good enough for Cervantes was good enough for him. To whom the Mother; ‘Don’t you stand in your wool-boots hiding behind Cervantes with me! You know you couldn’t make a plot to save your soul.’

So I went home much fortified and Kim took care of himself. The only trouble was to keep him within bounds. Between us, we knew every step, sight, and smell on his casual road, as well as all the persons he met. Once only, as I remember, did I have to bother the India Office, where there are four acres of books and documents in the basements, for a certain work on Indian magic which I always sincerely regret that I could not steal. They fuss about receipts there.

…At last I reported Kim finished. ‘Did it stop, or you? ‘the Father asked. And when I told him that it was It, he said; ‘Then it oughtn’t to be too bad.’

He would take no sort of credit for any of his suggestions, memories or confirmations — not even for that single touch of the low-driving sunlight which makes luminous every detail in the picture of the Grand Trunk Road at eventide. The Himalayas I painted all by myself, as the children say. So also the picture of the Lahore Museum of which I had once been Deputy Curator for six weeks — unpaid but immensely important. And there was a half-chapter of the Lama sitting down in the blue-green shadows at the foot of a glacier, telling Kim stories out of the Jatakas, which was truly beautiful but, as my old Classics master would have said, ‘otiose,’ and it was removed almost with tears.

—  Rudyard Kipling, on the construction and writing of Kim (from the autobiography Something of Myself)