the brain power

I love how my Shepard would have never been ok with ANY of the nonsense Ryder has thrust on them. Like if Shepard woke up with an AI in their head, they would have lost their mind and there would have been so many issues with that

Ryder’s just like “yeah ok, this is my pal SAM. He lives in my brain and has the power to kill me at any moment and I think that’s real cool. I love him”

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what books do u recommend ?

the four agreements by don miguel ruiz, love freedom and aloneness by osho, just kids by patti smith, m train by patti smith, many lives many masters by brain l weiss, the power of now by eckhart tolle

First Date: Bowling Part 2

(I’m sorry it’s so short I had a tiny bit of motivation and then my brain went on the fritz. So enjoy. Maybe at some point there will be a part 3.)

As she watched muscles flex and fingers slip delicately into smooth holes, Cat Grant’s brain fizzled out for a second. Her mind had jumped into the gutter and had she had the current brain power to realize that bowling lanes had gutters, she probably would have laughed. But right now, her eyes were trained on Kara’s arms, fingers, and hands. She wondered what those super powered extremities could do to her. Cat imagined those fingers going into other holes and soon had to shake herself of the thought as the sounds of screaming children floated past her. When she looked up, she saw Kara staring back at her, though wearing a smirk. Cat blushed deeper than she would ever admit to.

But Kara had seen it; the want and the desire. She knew what Cat wanted - needed. But right now, Kara wanted to kick her former bosses’ butt at bowling. But who said she couldn’t have a little fun too? She stood up, flexing her muscles way more than necessary but it seemed to do the job as Cat’s eyes roamed over her body. It would seem that the skinny jeans and open top were the way to go. Kara turned her attention to the lane and walked over, making sure she give her hips just a little extra swing.

Cat’s eyes followed, tongue darting out to lick her dry lips when Kara turned. Oh boy was she in trouble. Never before had just staring at a woman’s body turned her on this much. But Kara wasn’t just any woman. She was the strongest, fastest, and most beautiful woman that Cat had ever had the pleasure of being around. Which was also yet another thing she would never admit to. Though, maybe one day she would to Kara. If things ever got to that point.

Cat was so distracted by her own thoughts that she completely missed Kara taking her turn and when she came back, she found Kara standing there, arms up and smiling at her. Cat blinked confused but then looked past Kara to see all the pins knocked down. She smiled up at her and stood on shaky legs, going to the hopper to get her own ball.

listen sometimes ur brain just comes up with ridiculous AU ideas & you can either ignore them or roll with it long enough to share it with the world

that being said

Elle Woods as Captain America. 


GRIMM | 5.03

I’d never seen a Grimm before.

I wish your dad were good

I wish grown-ups understood!

I wish we met before they convinced you life is war!

- Veronica (Heathers the Musical)

you know those times when it’s past midnight and you’ve burnt your brain out so much with the amount of stuff you’ve done in the day that you can’t quite tell if you’re awake or asleep and then you see some random but honestly perfectly ordinary thing that just seems really out of place and you have a moment of not-at-all-clarity like yeah the only explanation can be that I’m hyperrealistically dreaming like welcome to the matrix this is my life now


Bernie Sanders interviews Bill Nye about climate change and alternative energy, and it’s as adorable as it sounds.

EPCOT geeks will be pleased that, when Bernie bemoans Big Oil’s fixation with money, Bill replies:

“Well, that’s what I don’t get! […] They make a lot of money, and as I told the people at Exxon in 1994 when I did a job with Exxon and Ellen DeGeneres and the Walt Disney Company, ‘You guys should be in the energy business, not the oil business!’ […] They would get even richer!”

So there you have it: behind the scenes of Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Bill Nye was trying to persuade Exxon to use the one source of energy that will never run out: brain power!

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First of all I want to say happy 2017! May it bring you guys everything you ever wished for and far more 🌟

Second, due to my ever so exhausting university life and upcoming exams I won’t be posting much during the next month. Though I’ll try my best to post new messages, keeping you guys motivated as always !

Lots of love, L. 😘