the brain power

starts reorganizing chrome bookmarks

why am i reorganizing my bookmarks right now?

I should tweet about how I got here

opens to compose this tweet

hm. too long to tweet, guess I’ll post to tumblr

this is hard to follow and not as funny in reverse order

reverses order of bullet points

I still don’t know how I got to reorganizing chrome bookmarks. I told myself I need to update my bullet journal at noon, it’s now 1:25 PM. whatever… I’ve already committed to writing this post with no foreseeable end or long term value aside from the possibility of others relating to my struggle, might as well keep going

realizes the format looks weird in

considers opening tumblr to finish this post out on the web app

heart rate momentarily spikes over the idea of tumblr eating this stupid post after I’ve already put time into

continues typing in

okay. now. why the fuck did I end up reorganizing my goddamn chrome bookmarks?

scans open tabs in the window visible behind

eyes stop on the shortened tab that reads ‘ADHD and–‘


the irony is not lost on me

googles “irony”

just making sure I was using the phrase correctly, okay?

returns to, feeling judged

right. okay. so. why did I wanted to bookmark this article?

opens article tab

sees section called “How to Stop Hyperfocusing on the Wrong Task”

how am i not surprised?

considers posting this drawn out story to r/adhd

jesus, it’s 2:00 PM already? whatever. I might be hyperfocusing on the wrong task, but at this point I gotta see it through.

back to

bookmarks. get it together, self. oh, oh, okay. I was reorganizing my bookmarks because I wanted to bookmark this article, but it need to be somewhere I would actual reference, instead of getting buried in the depths of chrome. cool. not mad about it… but… how did I get to this article?

opens proceeding tab

right. a different article about ADHD that came from a mailing list, which came from my email. BOOM. GOT IT.

clicks the open email tab

ah. I had started unsubscribing from email lists, and opened this email when I didn’t recognize the author.

why was I in my email in the first place?

clicks back to email inbox

scans recently opened mail

a ha. it’s all coming back to me.

“it’s all coming back, it’s all coming back to me nooooww

brain, I’d really appreciate if you could save the celine dion sing-a-long for another time. thanks.

eyes narrow on the “Finish creating your account on Medium”

ah yes. I created an account on Medium, because I want to use the platform to post about the case studies I’m going to create for the Daily UI challenge

clock reads 2:23 PM


minimizes chrome window

two more windows with 17 tabs each come into view


open tab is a google doc titled “Daily UI Challenge” with links, notes, and references

stomach grumbles

i’m too hungry to finish this right now.

that’s not true.

i’m just grumpy for wasting time. but it’s not really wasting… I’m enjoying this…

remembers the title of the article trying to bookmark in the first place





scans open tabs

Ohhhhhh. Oh. Oh okay. I had gotten so excited about the Daily UI challenge, I forgot why I was doing it– which was to have process and case study work that could add to my UX portfolio since so much of my current work is under NDA.


that was anti climactic.

clock reads 2:44 PM


thanks brain.



opens tumblr

could you imagine being jean grey… arguably the most powerful woman in the universe… sought after by men and women and a mythical fuckin alien bird… she was an original x-man. she can do whatever the fuck she wants with just sheer brain power… but the b*tch cannot dress herself

“Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain. The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale may be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us.”  
 ~ Philippe Grandjean

listen sometimes ur brain just comes up with ridiculous AU ideas & you can either ignore them or roll with it long enough to share it with the world

that being said

Elle Woods as Captain America. 

Tips for when studying is the last thing you want to do!

1. Write out on sticky notes the name of objects in your room, then go ahead and stick them on everything. Next time you turn on your light, make yourself look (or at least glance) at the word. Next time you open your drawer, look at the note. Any time you turn on your lamp, your laptop charger or your speakers, you’ll always have that vocabulary there and you’ll learn each of them in no time.

2. Play the radio/podcasts or a Korean show for background noise. Most of us don’t like to sit and scroll through Facebook in total silence. I recommend 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 (which is available on youtube!) as it is centred around children and any vocabulary you pick up will be helpful. Others include:

• 2 Days 1 Night

• Hello Counselor

• 이웃집 찰스

• Hello Baby

3. Write down phrases on flash cards. Break down the words. Some people have more success reading phrases on flash cards rather than just single vocabulary. Stick these in a place you’ll sit at often, or you could also stick them on items they pertain to just like in tip #1.

4. Just once a day, when you’re out and about or even just at home, search the dictionary for a word. Say you’re out eating, and you don’t know the word for “to order”. Whip out that phone, search it up and try to commit it to memory. One word a day is 365 words a year, and odds are you’ll pick up more than that anyway!

5. Google Play has a selection of multi-language books. Buy a Korean and English children’s book and try to read it (if you’re up to it). The English translation will always be there, so it’s less brain power for you to go and search up everything you don’t know! Plus, you might learn some small phrases in the process.

6. Watch Korean YouTubers. YouTube is fun to watch, so why not watch it in Korean?
- 영국남자 (Korean Englishman) is an English man who is great at Korean, he always has English and Korean subs on. By the end of a few episodes you’ll know what “ 남자답다” and “살아 있네!” Means!
- Pony’s Makeup is a great channel if you love makeup. You’ll pick up makeup related vocab and phrases, as well learn new techniques and styles.
- Maangchi is a Korean lady who teaches you how to cook Korean food. It’s mostly in English but she talks about Korean words sometimes.
- 꿀키 is another cooking channel, however there’s no talking, only the blissful sounds of soup boiling and onions frying! She puts small instructions on her videos in both English and Korean. Take notes!

7. Download a widget on your phone that gives you a new word every time you swipe to unlock. Simple, easy and there in your pocket.

8. Fill your social media with Korean. Follow Korean study blogs (though don’t rely on them 100% as most are run by non-fluent speakers), follow Korean daily vocab twitters and Facebook pages. Everything you see will be Korean and you’ll start to pick up on words that you see all the time.

9. Don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t studied for a week. Don’t feel like you’re the worst at Korean, or that you’re so far behind everyone else. Everyone learns differently and at different paces. Me, I’m competitive and need to absorb as much as is humanly possible in a short amount of time. Others stick to a schedule. Some learn stuff here and there. There is no right and wrong way to learn.
Do you.
Remember, just one word a day equals 365 a year. 2 words a day is even more!


GRIMM | 5.03

I’d never seen a Grimm before.

Dress Code (m)

Originally posted by gotjhope

➾ reader x CEO!jimin

➾ word count: 6.3k words

➾ warnings: incredibly filthy smut with no plot at all | cumplay | dirty talk | tit fucking | slight demeaning names/ name calling | face fucking | oral sex | unprotected sex

➾ summary: ceo!jimin takes it upon himself to discipline you when your attire doesn’t exactly adhere to HR regulations

➾ a/n: okay look this is just my excuse to write a ceo!jimin smut… i just felt like i owed him big time after what i did to him in instant gratification :”) i speed wrote this in a day and didn’t proofread whatsoever rip…

The clattering sounds of typing, clicking and pages flipping lull you into a state of lethargy as your eyes flutter half-shut in your cubicle. Having graduated as an arts major two years ago, you’d never imagine being holed up with a mundane 9-5 office job that had almost nothing to do with your major. But bills needed to be paid and rent had to come from somewhere, so you find yourself trudging to work soulessly every morning, day in day out.

“Hey, are you almost done with those files I gave you this morning?” The voice of your co-worker Mingyu in the next cubicle jolts you into awareness immediately.

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