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Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 11 Intros, [Part A]


Mike g Bean asked “What are your favorite B horror films”?

OK-Good question! I like BAD movies!

1.BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1955)-starring Bela Lugosi and Tor Johnson-directed by Ed Wood!

2.BLOOD FREAK (1972) A biker smokes pot and turns into a blood drinking turkey. No-really.

3.The BRAIN THAT WOULDN’T DIE  (1959) Jan inna Pan!

4.the WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMAN (1971) Paul Naschy and sexy vampire chicks!

5. DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN (1971) Al Adamson! Lon Chaney Jr! J. Carroll Naish! Angelo Rossitto! Frankenstein shrunkin punkin head monster! Dracula with a Mike Brady perm! Nuff sed!

6.the ASTOUNDING SHE MONSTER (1957) I really don’t know why I really love this movie-is it the drunken moll? Is it  Keene Duncan? Is it the glowing Shirley Kilpatrick in her skin tight one piece? Is it the rubber snake?

7.PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1959) You know why

8. ROBOT MONSTER (1953) Because I am a Ro-man

9.EQUINOX (1970) Before there wa the EVIL DEAD-there was EQUINOX!

10.GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA (1975) Because it’s Mechagodzilla,man!

and exscuse my spelling errors cuz I’m still drunk from last night!

Home Runs & Ice Cream - Brady Skjei #5

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about/request: Brady Skjei brother and sister imagine, where he gets overprotective because your dating Aaron Judge. Got to live those New York guys

warnings: cursing

authors note: i feel like this is a bit all over the place, idk sorry. im always here for my new york boys though. honestly just don’t make me write about brady as a brother anymore though, that was painful.

word count: 1189

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Top 10 quotes from serial killers

1. Ted Bundy - “I just liked to kill, I wanted to kill.” / “You learn what you need to kill and take care of the details…Its like changing a tire…The 1st time you’re careful…By the 30th time, you can’t remember where you left the lug wrench.” 

2. Richard Ramirez - “You maggots make me sick, I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within us all.” / “We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.” 

3. Jeffrey Dahmer - “I’ve got to start eating at home more..” / “My consuming lust was to experience their bodies. I viewed them as objects, as strangers. It is hard for me to believe a human being could have done what I’ve done”

4. John Wayne Gacy - “A clown can get away with murder.” 

5. Charles Manson - “I’m nobody, I’m a tramp, a bum, a hobo, I’m a boxcar and a jug of wine and a straight razor… if you get too close to me”

6.  Ian Brady - “We do whatever we enjoy doing. Whether it happens to be judged good or evil is a matter for others to decide.”

7.  Albert Fish - “I like children, they are tasty.”


I’m refusing to acknowledge certain things, therefore here’s a gifset I’ve been intending to make for about half a year. :-)

Updated Queue!

Ok guys thanks for being so understanding about the break! I’m working as fast as I can, but I’m afraid I might have to close the requests for a bit. Get them in now if you have them. I’ll let you know when I close them! Anyway… happier topics! Here’s the updated queue!

Today (what isn’t posted today I’ll add on to tomorrow)- Tyler Seguin- picks on insecurities accidentally

               Andre Burakovsky- broken up but dance at a party

              Miles Wood- smut

              Tom Wilson- DWTS jealousy

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Updated Queue

Hey guys! It’s Wednesday! You guys over the weeks my queue has GROWN so much that some of y’all wanted dates added so you’ll have a better idea! Some may change due to more/less productivity, but I’m trying to keep on schedule! So I hope there’s something on here you’ll like! Thank you so much for all of your love and support guys! It means a lot!!!! Love you!!!

Today- Sebasatian Aho- Hell and Back by Andrew Garcia

            Adrian Kempe- Somebody Else by The 1975

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Updated Queue!

Happy Saturday! Playoffs are in full swing and the Worlds have started so hopefully you have some hockey to watch! And I’m working on the imagines to read! Thanks y’all for being so patient with me! Love you!!!!!

Today- Auston Matthews- smut

              Ben Hutton- reads to kids

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