the boysar


“You just go out on stage, you see a room with a thousand, two thousand or how many people who know every word to every song and it like re blows your mind, The fact that y'know…and like you said people queuing outside like i just wanna take them cup’s of water, they must be, they must be fucking thirsty, um, sometimes you have to not think about it cause you’d probably go a bit mental.”

Shout out to wlw who…

  • Have a certain label (lesbian, bisexual, etc.) and wear that label proudly
  • Have a certain label but are struggling to accept that part of themselves 
  • Want to call themselves by a certain label, but are too scared to/are worried it doesn’t fit 
  • Are out to everyone
  • Are out to some people
  • Are closeted
  • Want to be out, but can’t
  • Don’t want to be out
  • Consider their labels a large part of who they are
  • Only consider their labels to be a small part of themselves
  • Want to find a label that fits them, but haven’t yet
  • Struggle to find a label that resonates with their experience
  • Are deciding between two (or more) labels and figuring out which one fits them the best
  • Identify with multiple labels with similar meanings (bisexual + pansexual, gay + lesbian, etc.)
  • Prefer not to label themselves
  • Used to label themselves but no longer do
  • Never find a label/never stop questioning their sexuality
  • Have labels that aren’t well known
  • Have changed their label over time
  • Have changed their label multiple times
  • Have always stuck with one label
  • Knew their sexuality early on
  • Didn’t know their sexuality until later in life
  • Consider their sexuality to be fluid/changing over time
  • Consider their sexuality to be static and unchangeable
  • Identify as lesbian, bi, pan, etc. and also asexual or aromantic/on the aro and/or ace spectrum
  • Have complicated relationships with sex and/or romance
  • Have complicated relationships with their sexuality due to internalized lesbophobia, homophobia, biphobia, etc.
  • Have complicated relationships with their sexuality due to mental illness/neurodivergence
  • Have complicated relationships with their sexuality due to their gender identity, gender related confusion, or dysphoria
  • Are unsure whether their feelings for boys are genuine or due to compulsory heterosexuality
  • Have complicated feelings about boys
  • Know they like girls and can’t be bothered to figure out how they feel about boys
  • Are attracted to boys but choose not to date them 
  • Aren’t attracted to girls exclusively/doesn’t date girls exclusively but know that being attracted to/dating other genders doesn’t devalue their attraction to girls
  • Date/are attracted to girls and non-binary people but not boys
  • Used to be attracted to boys but are no longer
  • Have dated boys in the past but no longer do
  • Forced themselves to be into boys
  • Are still struggling with forcing themselves to be with boys

Shout out to wlw in general and their beautifully varied experiences regarding their sexualities


modern peter pan au: the lost boys

are we truly lost; if no one is looking for us?

tootles flops onto the grass, pulling daisies up to make a flower crown. wendy sits beside him, leaning back on her hands and digging her nails into the soft, damp earth.

laughter echoes across the lawn: slightly and curly have roped john and michael into an impromptu game of tag. nibs combs the flowerbeds for wild strawberries, depositing his treasures into wendy’s lap before scaling a nearby tree, searching for birds’ nests.

the twins alight either side of wendy, crosslegged like mirror images.

“will you tell a story, wendy?” they implore.