the boys' expressions made me laugh so hard

So, watching that Keith Vlog was really interesting and cute *laughs* I can see the boy having some attachment issues there. But the thing that made it touching to me is the implicit fact that Shiro is VERY important in Keith´s life, in many more ways than we thought. 
For someone with the attachment issues he sure has (I see an avoidant personality in his character), being able to express, talk about feelings and openly state they need or love someone is a huuuge thing. Someone must have made a hard work “rehabilitating” Keith (hope that person is Shiro!). 
If I remember correctly, Shiro is constantly asking Keith if he is Ok, probably because he knows him too well and knows that he must keep remembering Keith to express his thoughts, to talk, to not keep things that bother him to himself.
I can see Keith being really hard to reach when they first met, but Shiro never gave up on him and eventually earned his trust.

smh characters as things i've done
  • jack: hit on a boy by asking him to help me stretch before exercising; made sure to stretch so as to show off my ass
  • bitty: baked six dozen cookies, four pies, and three pans of brownies for a church potluck w my grandma, all the while talking shit abt the people we would see there
  • shits: caused a scene at thanksgiving with my dad’s family by showing up with dyed hair and pierced ears; walked (was escorted) into a different room while shouting abt gender identity & expression
  • ransom: laughed so hard at my chem teacher’s bad chemistry pun that i almost had a panic attack
  • holster: belted “don’t rain on my parade” at three in the morning while drunk off my ass walking thru town w my friends
  • lardo: walked into my first party at a new school (the only out queer kid, small, effeminate, part asian), chugged half a bottle of fireball, took three shots, grabbed a beer, and said, “‘sup, boys?”
  • dex: hit my best friend (whom i had a crush on) in the arm with a baseball bat because he wouldn’t stop telling me to calm down, then punched him in the other shoulder when he said it again
  • nursey: said, “i’ll have you know i’m very graceful” before tripping on nothing, skinning both of my knees, & running into a wall
  • chowder: casually dropping into the splits in the middle of conversations; constantly showing ppl that i can put my legs behind my head
  • tango: stayed up for the first three days straight of one of my summer vacations reading wikipedia articles
  • whiskey: showed up to a frat party specifically to hit on athletes & mooch booze
  • ollie & wicks: dated the boy who had the locker next to mine for five years (& we’re still together)
  • alicia (bonus): showed up to a photoshoot 15 minutes late in three-day-old sweatpants w spiked starbucks
The Marauders discovering that you're not virgin
  •  Sirius talking about how the 7th year girl was so damn good
  •  "I don’t want to hear that"
  •  "You don’t want to. But you will"
  •  Rolling your eyes
  •  Deciding to come back at him by talking about the last time you had sex
  •  "YOU WHAT"
  •  Peter tripping over his feet
  •  Remus shifting uncomfortably on his feet
  •  Sirius and James staring at you with wide eyes
  •  "You’re- you’re not a virgin?“
  •  "Me? A virgin?”
  •  Smirking
  •  Remus being so overprotective of you
  •  "I will murder him"
  •  "You don’t even know him"
  •  Peter gawking at all of you as all of you talk
  •  "Did he use protection?“
  •  James asking stupid questions "Are you pregnant?”
  •  Remus clenching his fists so hard that his fingertips turn white
  •  Sirius still can’t believe that his little sister made the deed!
  •  You teasing them! A lot!
  •  "Oh god, and the way he made me feel-“
  •  Sirius: "STOP”
  •  James *covering his ears*: “LALALALLALALALALALALA”
  •  Remus: “Okay, I think I’ve heard enough”
  •  "Stop being such babies. It doesn’t bother you when Sirius does it"
  •  A lot more teasing
  •  "Well, if you’d excuse me boys, I got someone that needs to have sex"
  •  You’re actually going to the library
  •  "You’re not going"
  •  Laughing at Sirius’ disgusted expression
  •  "I am joking boys"
  •  "Haha. Really funny"
  •  Flirting with guys in front of them on purpose
  •  The boys following you around everywhere
  •  Sirius still shell shocked after months
  •  "I thought you were innocent"
  •  "Sirius, get over it"
  •  Them just being so damn protective and not allowing any boy to be with you alone for a second



Hope you guys liked this! Let me know what you think and if I should do more of these :)

My contribution to the Descendants fandom

I’m Huma Trash, and i haven’t seen any fan fiction of the deleted kiss, so i figured that I might as well do it.


The very thought of Auradon had always made her furious. Every time the chip shop’s TV mentioned the royal family or any of their subjects, Uma fought the urge to break the TV. Rage boiled in her whenever the Beast King or his bookish queen made proclamations about how good, how perfect, how happy everyone was on that island. He always credited the isle of the lost for his peaceful country, saying that trapping every villain to have ever lived and thousand of minions was a good idea. He never talked about the children. Uma was basically a slave to her mother, she worked and managed the shop with no pay, and no recognition, while her mother sat on her tentacles all day threatening to strangle her or her sisters if she didn’t buy potion ingredients. Harry and his sister constantly compete for their father’s attention and affection. They definitely got some sort of attention. Uma flinched at the memory of Harry, coming to her as she’s closing up the chip shop, with a split lip and a black eye. And Gil…Uma knew very little of Gil’s home life, but she was sure his father was too busy admiring himself to teach Gil or his brothers about life on the isle. God knows the poor child lacked any street smarts. God knows He would have gotten himself Killed If Uma didn’t protect him.

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Turn in events

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Y/N finds herself dwelling on being the only girl in the pack that has never had a boyfriend or kissed a guy. But that soon changes one day after school, when she least expects it.

Pairing: Theo X reader

Warnings: make out session, couple of swear words. Sorry if I missed anything!

Authors note: thank you to @dontmakemekickyourass for encouraging me to post it and reading it for me! Hope you all enjoy it x

You pull up outside Beacon Hills in your car. Turning the engine off, you make your way to the school entrance. The pack weren’t anywhere to be seen so you shrugged it off and walked to your locker.

Rummaging through it, you grabbed all the books you needed. You sense someone behind you, so you turn around to find Theo at his locker not too far from you. Man, Theo was smoking hot but he was bad news you thought. Things don’t end well when you trust the bad boy. You forgot that you were still staring at him when he turned around and gave you his signature smirk. Turning round awkwardly, you felt your cheeks burn red. You close your locker door and head to your first lesson, maths.

After two periods, it was time to have a break which meant meeting Lydia and Malia in the library. As expected there they were, sitting in the centre table. You walked towards them and took a seat next to Malia, Lydia was opposite you.

“So, what’s going on in Y/N’s life at the moment?” Lydia questioned. You sighed deeply.

“Nothing as always Lydia, still single and hating the fact I haven’t been in a proper relationship before” you replied. Lydia and Malia were aware of your non existent dating life, they really did try to help you by setting you up with good guys. However they just weren’t your type.

“Oh Y/N! Stop dwelling over that again. We are all single at this table so we feel your pain” Lydia said, placing her hand over yours.

“Yeah but you have all been with someone and it wasn’t that long ago since you both broke it off” you replied, removing your hand that was underneath Lydia’s and looked to the ground.

“It doesn’t matter, you just haven’t met the right guy yet Y/N! Plenty of guys out there that would want to date you” Malia added wrapping her arm round your shoulder, giving you a hug. You turned to Malia and Lydia nodding your head and smiling at them. You hear the door open which was very rare as not many students come in the library. You glanced at who walked through the door and as if right on queue, it was Theo. He didn’t seem to notice you so you turn, facing your friends. Lydia and Malia were smiling largely at you, you gave them a confused look. In sync they both look away from you, you follow their gaze and they were looking straight at Theo. You were shocked at them even thinking about considering being with him.

“No, not him. He’s the bad boy and it doesn’t end well with guys like him”. You state staring at your maths equestrians.

“Oh I don’t know Y/N, he’s got something” Lydia smirked. You sigh, dropping your pen dramatically.

“Lydia, please just drop it. Yeah I know he’s insanely hot but he’s just not the right guy. I need someone who surprises me, catches me off guard and someone who leaves me wanting more” you explained. No one said anything, so Malia brought up a different subject which made you and Lydia laugh so hard. You look up to see Theo leaving the room, his expression unreadable.

You change your interest to Malia’s conversation which you engage yourself in and before you know it, it’s back to class. Just before leaving Lydia and Malia say they’ll wait for you after school, by the entrance.

The day was long and boring, you had to stay behind your last lesson because your teacher had to discuss work with you. Which made you late for meeting Lydia and Malia. Walking down the corridor, you text Lydia.

Y/N: hey sorry for the hold up, had to stay behind after my last lesson. Heading outside now.

Lydia: ok, see you in a bit.

You put your phone in your pocket and carry on towards the school doors. The hallway is empty, seems like everyone was eager to get out of school as quick as possible. You aren’t even sure if teachers are still around as it’s Friday.

You continue to walk down the hall when you feel someone shove into you and pin you against the lockers. You gasp and swear that you nearly got whiplash from the sudden movement. You exhale loudly.

“Theo, you scared me” you say trying to steady your heart rate. Theo smirked and moved closer to you. You gave him a confused look.

“Theo, what are you d-” you are interrupted when Theo kisses you. You freeze for a second, not knowing if this is actually happening. You follow his rhythm, it seemed to be rushed at first but that soon changes when he deepens the kiss. You run your hands through his hair, in complete bliss. Theo was the total opposite of what you thought he’d be at kissing. He was gentle and sweet, as if he didn’t want to break you. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you -if that was even possible- His hands graze your waist making you shudder under his touch. You start to feel your lips swell when Theo lowers his hands and rests them on your ass. You pull away, smirking and biting your lip.

“That’s off limits” you struggle to say caught up in the moment. He leans in.

“You sure about that?” whispering in your ear. You feel his breath on your skin making you all hot and bothered. He starts to leave kisses across your jaw, taking his time to cover all areas. He leaves wet kisses down your neck and over your collarbone, making you hum in pleasure. Theo’s hands travel further down and settle just below your ass whilst bending his knees slightly. You break away for some air and you immediately react by jumping up and wrapping your legs around his waist. You look down at him and run your thumb across his face, smiling. Theo balances you against the wall and you feel his lips connect to yours again.

Theo starts walking towards the chemistry lab, he reaches the doorway and you knock your head on it.

“Ouch that hurt”

Pulling away from Theo’s lips, you ensure to rub the part of your head that was throbbing.

“Sorry” he mumbles.

Theo looks deep into your eyes, his eyes are full of lust and passion. Something you’ve never seen before. His eyes start to glow bright yellow, you place your hands next to his eyes. Admiring how fluorescent they were. Theo shut his eyes and shook his head, when he looked back at you the glow was no longer there.

His eyes didn’t leave yours when he set you down on a table and went to close the door. You whimper at the loss of contact. He soon returns, your legs are spread so Theo can be as close as possible to you. Whilst Theo leans against the table you’re sat on, you lean down to kiss him. Ensuring for the focus to be on him this time. You start to kiss his lips and slowly make your way to his jawline. You hear him hum to signal he was enjoying it. You smirked and carried on. Theo put his hands on your cheeks, bringing you back to his level and wasted no time getting back to your lips. Your hands started to play the hem of Theo’s black t-shirt and soon find themselves on his waist under his top. Feeling contact with his skin, ignited your body. Theo grimaced and pulled away from you.

“Your hands are freezing” he chuckled. You blushed intensely.

“Get over it Raeken” you started to lean in but he stopped you by putting his fingers on your lips. Theo backed away and headed to the door whilst you sat there not knowing what was happening. He turned the doorknob and looked back at you, his hair was so messy from your fingers running through it which was a complete and utter turn on. He smirked at how he left you.

“And that’s how a guy surprises you, catches you off guard and leaves you wanting more” Theo stated and left the room.

You sat there for a couple of minutes in shock. You bring your hands up to your lips, feeling how swollen they were. All of sudden you caught on to Theo’s last words…. Shit! He heard you earlier in the library talking to Lydia and Malia …. Shit! Lydia and Malia are still waiting for me outside, you run out the room and head for the exit of the school. Maybe today wasn’t as bad as you thought.

Ads overload and darn internet connection

Usually here in the PH, commercial breaks runs for about 5-10 minutes but damn i am watching the Livestream of the BTS at Knowing brothers right now and istg the ads been running for 15 mins already.. 😄😄😄 the anticipation is killing me..


And yes I know that I wont be able to understand a bit of what they are saying but I just love watching them (with or without subs).. And Jin’s freaking facial expressions just made me laugh so hard.. 😅😅😅 and of course i was looking forward to all the subtle Jikook moments.. I saw how Jk just stared at Jm (not just stare but his eyes followed Jm even as he move), i saw that they share a bottle of water, and the way he celebrated when Jm did that 40+ thing with that soccer ball…

I’ll be patiently waiting for the subbed episode (paging @bts-trans 😄😄😄 love u guys!!)

I didnt get to watch the whole episode coz honestly internet connection here in PH sucks 😡…

Have a good night/day everyone…


First Kiss and First Date - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Prompt by @penguin-moiCould you do an imagine where you and the pack are having a Fourth of July or Christmas or Halloween party and they trick you and Liam into kissing or hugging or something along those lines because they think you two would be a good couple and then you guys end up falling for eachother dispite being friends since like 1st grade… PS: I really really love your blog and imagines sooooo much!!!

Word Count: 2,334

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader 

Author’s Note: Yes, I totally use a small A Walk to Remember line/moment for this but I couldn’t help myself because it was perfect for this prompt. 

@penguin-moi let me apologize for taking so long with your prompt. I tried to incorporate everything you asked and I hope you like with what I came up with. Thank you for loving my imagines. xoxo.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist 

Group Text: Banshee, Alpha, Werecoyote, Kitsune, & Human

Banshee: What do you guys think of Liam & Y/N?

Human: I like Y/N. She’s a cool girl. Liam, eh, he can b an annoyin little runt sometimes 

Alpha: I don’t think she meant individually

Human: Oh… 

Werecoyote: wat did she mean?

Banshee: Together. Romantically.

Kitsune: Awwwwww they b super cute 2gether

Human: No. Absolutely not!

Werecoyote: she does like him

Alpha: he likes her 2

Kitsune: They only give each other the heart eyes. It’s obvious to every1 but themselves.

Banshee: Exactly. Which is why I have an idea.


Alpha: wats the plan? 

Werecoyote: R u sure we should play matchmaker w/ these 2???

Kitsune: Leave it to Lyds. She knows what she’s doin

Banshee: Get here an hour before the BQQ party to go over the plan.

Alpha: Sounds good 

Werecoyote: c u then

Kitsune: can’t wait!

Human: still don’t like this….

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Beneficial Teaching Methods

Fic Request: a Stydia fic, with an established relationship? Stiles or Lydia having to study for an anatomy test, and the other becomes their model, as they memorized the bones of the human body by giving kisses to each of the bones? (ie, mandible, cervical vertebrae, ribs, ilium…)

Rating: M

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Established Relationship

Author: holdyourbreathuntilyouseelight

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