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BTS As: Things I’ve Overheard In The Bar This Month (Feb.)


Yoongi: Sorry for yelling. This full moon has me really spicy lately. 

Hoseok: Knobs are like nipples, they’re meant to be played with.

Namjoon: I slipped a disc in my back by sneezing too much.

Jimin: *pulling on locked door* Are you open?

Taehyung: Sometimes I sit on the floor and eat my grilled cheese so the boss doesn’t see me.


Let’s play a little Game

This fanfic is based on this prompt I got a while ago:

19.“Let’s play a little game.” - Otayuri

A/N: Since this is under 2000 words I decided to not use the “read more” -thingy because I think it’s short enought to just post it like this. I am sorry if Otabek seems a bit OCC I tried my best. Hope you’ll like it :D

Summary: Yuri is in the middle of one of his infamous rants when Otabek comes to the conclusion that there had to be a way to keep his lover from swearing so much. Otabek takes measures in his own hands to change that.
Warning. This fanfic contains lots of fluff and tickling

Word count: 1277


“Shitty Katsudon is posting again some of these stupid chick pics! They’re not even married yet but posting tons of stupid lovey dovey pictures, seriously get a life idiots-”

Otabek raised an eyebrow while listening to one of his lovers rants where the blond threw colorful insults around himself, sometimes even in Russian and Otabeks eyebrow raised even higer because wooow those insults weren’t pretty. He actually didn’t mind Yuri swearing much, it was just a part of his character but sometimes the Kazakh wished that his boyfriend wouldn’t let everything go under his skin so easily and relax a bit more. A smiling and happy Yuri was still his favorite after all.

But maybe there was a way to change his lovers bad attitude a bit, thought Otabek and a plan started to take form in his head.

“Yura.” said the dark haired man and pulled Yuri out in the middle of his little rant.

“Ah, yes?” asked the blond, completely thrown out of his speech by suddenly hearing Otabek using his nickname, his green-blue eyes now directed at the man next to him, a questioning gleam in them.

“Come here.” Otabek patted at the place between his legs, signalizing the teen to come over and sit by him.

Yuri raised his eyebrows in surprise but then stood up and walked over to his waiting partner before dropping down in front of him. Arms instantly circled his waist and pressed him softly against a warm chest.

Yuri relaxed quickly in his lovers warm embrace and when Otabek lifted a hand and started softly scratching at his scalp he could swear that he turned into a fricking puddle. Otabek in the meantime smiled at how the young man he loves so much had changed from being in half rage into a nearly purring kitten in his arms in a matter of seconds. God, could his lover become any cuter?



“Let’s play a little game.”

“What kind of game?” asked the blond who opened his eyes which has closed a few moments before due to the relaxing position he was in.

“You aren’t allowed to swear for five minutes.” answered Otabek simply and took his hand back down to hug Yuri from behind.

“Why would I swear Beka? I don’t know what you me-AHA FUCK NO!”

“Well that was quickly.”, chuckled the Kazakh and tilted his head a bit to the side when the squirming teen in his arm throw his head back against his chest, nearly headbutting his chin with the back of his head.

“BEKA STOAHAHAP!” Yuri jumped and cackled instantly when the hands of his lover had suddenly started kneading his sides, completely catching him unguarded. The small blond couldn’t even try holding back because of the surprise attack from Otabek and now he was squirming and trashing heavily in Bekas hold while the bigger teen tickled up and down his sides, making him scream in laughter.

“Oh I forget to tell you, with every swearword you might drop I add one minute of tickling.” stated Otabek calmly as he tightened one arm around Yuris chest, the other spider-tickling over his stomach, fingers fluttering over the thin fabric of his shirt which was only a little protection against the teasing touch that send a madly tingling sensation all over his skin.

“Thahahat rule suhuucks, ahahaha nohohooo!”

“And that’s another minute of tickling for you.” Otabek grinned in amusement when Yuri tried to go for his hands and push them away but the Kazakh was way stronger and his hands stayed attached to the blonds body. He placed his hands on Yuris sides and kneaded, his thumbs digging in the Russians lower back from which he knew was pretty ticklish, making circling movements here while the rest of his fingers kneaded into his sides, making the teen double over in laughter.

“Fuhuhuck I gehehet you bahaahck for thihis Bekahaha. AHAHA OHOHNOOOO STOPSTOPSTOOOP SHIHIIIT!”

Yuri squealed, a really embarrassing high-pitched squeal that let the blood rush into his face, coloring it in an even deeper shade of red since it already had being pink from laughing so much and he arched his back when Otabek dug his fingers into his hipbones, one of his biggest weak spots.

Otabek chuckled while tickle-assaulting his boyfriend a bit more, enjoining the cute sounds and hilarious reactions the boy between his legs made when being tickled and honestly he couldn’t think of anything else which he would love to do more at the moment than tickling his cute little kitten to pieces.

“Three minutes are over but you have still six to go.”

“Nohohohoo thahat’s stuhuhpihid!” yelled Yuri but then widened his eyes when he realized that he made a pretty stupid mistake right now and he would have given himself a big facepalm if he wouldn’t lay half on top of his lover and being nearly tickled to death at the moment.

He and Otabek had slid from a sitting into a half laying position due to his heavy struggling and when a hand slipped under his shirt and clawed at his stomach Yuri screeched and rolled completely down from the couch. With a small “Uff” he fell down onto the carpet which had softened his fall but before he could take a break the air got knocked out of him when suddenly a great weight fell down on him.

In the next second the hands were back on his body, exploring every ticklish bit of skin they found (which was a lot since the young ice skater was practically ticklish all over) and Yuri found himself soon hysterically laughing and trashing, pinned under his grinning boyfriend.

“Bekahahaha stahahahap pleaahahasee!”

“Hmm, you still have two minutes to go…” said Otabek, a fake-thoughtful expression on his face as if he would really think about showing mercy while his fingers dances up and down Yuris sides and the sides of his toned stomach before he reached behind and scribbled them skillfully over the blonds inner tight, leaving the small teen in a hicuppy giggle fit.

Yuri gasped for breath between his giggles. He could feel his body growing tired with every new second and he weakly pushed with his hands against Otabeks chest, a big smile plastered on his face and tears of mirth in the corner of his eyes, threatening to spill and roll over his rosy cheeks.

“Mehehercy plehehase Bekahaha.” pressed the teen weakly out between his giggles and a sigh of relive washed over him when the hands stopped with the tickling and started gently rubbing the tingly feeling of off his skin.

Yuri closed his eyes, catching his breath, his heart still beating like crazy in his chest.

Otabek smiled down on his lover before bending down and placing a small kiss on the top of Yuris cute nose.

Yuri opened his eyes at the kiss, looking into Otabkes soft expression and the kind smile he showed him before letting himself be pulled up into a tight embrace.

“You’re a dork.” huffed the green-blue eyed teen and squeaked when he earned himself a warning tweak in the side but then got only pulled even closer against Otabeks chest, latter ruffling Yuris hair lovingly before laying his chin on the teens shoulder.

“And you swear too much.” he chuckled before pulling back a bit so they could press their lips together in a chaste and sweet kiss, both of them smiling after pulling apart. Seriously, Otabek didn’t know what he would love to do more at the moment than to stay like this with Yuri forever.

bulletfrootboyzz  asked:

U know ur blog is like crack to jk/jm shiippers, rt?? Luv it! Pls give me your thoughts on 2 elements of the butt fondling on 12/31 that I haven't seen mentioned. 1) Even after this sneak attack JM still has to "assume the position," legs spread, bent forward and vulnerable EVERY SINGLE TIME they do BST and JK will ALWAYS be right behind him, I wonder about the dom/sub implications here 2) the unsurprised reactions of the other boys; rather they seemed to find it hilarious, why do u think? tx

Even outside of that choreography though, you can see JK doing his satellite thing and kind of.. hovering behind Jimin. There’s like a 50-50 chance that whenever Jimin bends over, JK will show up and slowly start draping himself over his body. I’m not saying Jungkook’s dick is magnetically drawn to Jimin’s ass or anything, but let’s be honest… this entire blog was founded on that principle.

He jumps with great power indeed

Jokes(?) aside, I’ve gotten used to JK wandering hands and weird behavior and I don’t even live with them. Now imagine seeing that 24/7. I’m sure nothing fazes them anymore. As long as, I don’t know, Jungkook doesn’t do anything too crazy offensive (not yet, but we’re getting there!), I’m sure the hyungs will continue to just 1) laugh or 2) quietly judge them from a distance.


Stage Door photos from the cast change of Harry potter and the Cursed Child on the 21st May 2017.

The last four pictures are when Tom came out with his head shaved. Noma face was pure shock and she then hugged him and said ‘Baby boy’ she then called out to Jamie saying 'Jamie, look at your boy’.Jamie was completely shocked, everyone reaction was hilarious. There is so much love in this company.

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You know what would be hilarious? B.i.g reacting to being at a family dinner and you say 'daddy can you pass the salt' and they and your father reach for the salt. 10/10 best comedy.


He immediately bursts into laughter

“I was joking, of course…”


Blushes intensely, he’s embarrassed of what your dad might think

“I can explain”


He’s so used to hearing it that he doesn’t even notice, until everyone is starring

“Here you go-”

He looks up and it’s silent


If the tension in the air wasn’t high enough, this was the thing that set it off


He then looks down awkwardly


He’s unfazed and continues to pass you the salt

“Here you go, baby”


3 which hoseok finds himself frick fracklin hilarious

BTS catching BTS masturbating

REQUEST: What would be the boys reactions to another member catching them masturbating? Somehow I find this concept hilarious

A/N: I find this so god damn funny as well! ahah enjoy!

- Sky x


Jin: *scared out of his mind* AHHHHHHHHHHH GET OUT

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Suga: *lifts hands above sheets* you speak of this and you’re dead

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Jhope: …There’s a door

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Rapmon: don’t look at me!!

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Jimin: *shy chimchim activated* ahh you didn’t see anything right??

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V: *when hyung catches him* Soooo…. 

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Jungkook: *nervous smile and begs* PLEASE DONT TELL MUMMA JIN 

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J’s favorite gifs: Lay edition

The boy of a million expressions and hilarious reactions - I really don’t know how I’m going to pick only six.

His face is so beautiful, even when dressed up for Peking opera - actually, that lipstick just shows off his gorgeous thick lips. Hell, I’d get makeup all over my face to get a kiss from him.

Beautiful woman, cute baby, what can’t this boy do?! Let me pinch his cheeks!

Okay, I know he’s supposed to look intimidating with his archery skills, but that little nose scrunch is so cute.

In the long list of funny things Yixing has done in Go Fighting, this might still only break top 5 with pretending to be a mouse, a killer, a princess…

Oh. That look is dangerous.

Classic spit take while stalking someone. Nicely done, Xing.

- Admin J

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(*Grabs ur face and hugs it* Hello mun!! Im fucking happy as hell today and I hope you're having a great day too!! Excuse my weirdness, I'm on cloud nine) Anyway a reaction from the boys walking in on their crush changing would be hilarious. Por favor y gracias!!!

(*hugs you back* hi there, cutie! i’m glad you’re having a great day! > w < ahaha, your weirdness is gladly accepted here. thanks for sending an ask!)

**Friendly reminder that if you only mention “the boys” I’ll have to assume you mean Iwatobi by default. If this isn’t what you wanted, please read the rules and guidelines next time, or send an additional ask. v u v**

Makoto: He’d stand in the doorway for only a second before letting out a scream of “S-S-S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I-I’ll leave now, sorry!” After slamming the door behind him he’d slide down in a melting puddle of embarrassment, hiding his extremely red face behind his hands and cursing how stupid he must have looked. The next time he sees his crush he’d definitely start apologizing multiple times, too, and still be blushing around them for a few hours afterward. 

Haruka: In stark contrast to Makoto’s outburst, Haru would also stand for a second before blinking, realizing what was going on and then excusing himself. “Oh. Sorry.” He wouldn’t dwell much on it, opting to forget about anything he saw and carry on as usual, but he’d be a little embarrassed and make sure to check nobody was in the change rooms next time before going in. 

Nagisa: The second he sees a flash of skin he probably isn’t meant to, he’ll jump up in the air with a loud “UWAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! ______-chan, what are you planning?! Did you really want to show me your body that badly?”, which will ultimately result in him getting hit in the face with an oncoming brush or shoe before he actually leaves. He wouldn’t be embarrassed at all, and it would most likely end up being his crush who gets more flustered about it than he would due to his teasing about it weeks after the incident.

Rei: The poor boy would let out his infamous shriek, dropping everything he was previously holding and freezing up like a statue. “P-P-P-Please put on some clothes, _____-san!” His crush would have to be the one to un-freeze him and yell at him to get out before he remembers he shouldn’t be there and sprints right out of there like he’s in a track race. Chances are he’d forget to close the door on his way out, leaving his crush very embarrassed and frustrated around him for a few days.

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