the boys reactions are hilarious

3 which hoseok finds himself frick fracklin hilarious

BTS catching BTS masturbating

REQUEST: What would be the boys reactions to another member catching them masturbating? Somehow I find this concept hilarious

A/N: I find this so god damn funny as well! ahah enjoy!

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Jin: *scared out of his mind* AHHHHHHHHHHH GET OUT

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Suga: *lifts hands above sheets* you speak of this and you’re dead

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Jhope: …There’s a door

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Rapmon: don’t look at me!!

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Jimin: *shy chimchim activated* ahh you didn’t see anything right??

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V: *when hyung catches him* Soooo…. 

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Jungkook: *nervous smile and begs* PLEASE DONT TELL MUMMA JIN 

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J’s favorite gifs: Lay edition

The boy of a million expressions and hilarious reactions - I really don’t know how I’m going to pick only six.

His face is so beautiful, even when dressed up for Peking opera - actually, that lipstick just shows off his gorgeous thick lips. Hell, I’d get makeup all over my face to get a kiss from him.

Beautiful woman, cute baby, what can’t this boy do?! Let me pinch his cheeks!

Okay, I know he’s supposed to look intimidating with his archery skills, but that little nose scrunch is so cute.

In the long list of funny things Yixing has done in Go Fighting, this might still only break top 5 with pretending to be a mouse, a killer, a princess…

Oh. That look is dangerous.

Classic spit take while stalking someone. Nicely done, Xing.

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BTS Reaction of you Accidentally Touching Their boner

can you do a reaction of you accidentally touching the boy’s boner ? that’d be hilarious thanks

~Of course darling! I hope you like it~

~If this isn’t what you wanted you can request it again~

~If you like this feel free to request one~

Suga:  According to this fanfiction we are supposed to have sex now.

Jungkook: YOU FELT NOTHING!!!!

Jin: Well…young Y/G….you shouldn’t of wore that…..

Rapmonster: I’m only a man


Jimin: Lets act like that didn’t happen

V: IT’S ONLY MY BANANA!! *Pulls out banana* SEE!?!

J-hope: You want some hope?

~Credit to gif owners*