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a late night group chat after going to the amusement park where y/n teased Jungkook by calling him oppa☀️☀️

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This is what he’d do with a fidget spinner-

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U know ur blog is like crack to jk/jm shiippers, rt?? Luv it! Pls give me your thoughts on 2 elements of the butt fondling on 12/31 that I haven't seen mentioned. 1) Even after this sneak attack JM still has to "assume the position," legs spread, bent forward and vulnerable EVERY SINGLE TIME they do BST and JK will ALWAYS be right behind him, I wonder about the dom/sub implications here 2) the unsurprised reactions of the other boys; rather they seemed to find it hilarious, why do u think? tx

Even outside of that choreography though, you can see JK doing his satellite thing and kind of.. hovering behind Jimin. There’s like a 50-50 chance that whenever Jimin bends over, JK will show up and slowly start draping himself over his body. I’m not saying Jungkook’s dick is magnetically drawn to Jimin’s ass or anything, but let’s be honest… this entire blog was founded on that principle.

He jumps with great power indeed

Jokes(?) aside, I’ve gotten used to JK wandering hands and weird behavior and I don’t even live with them. Now imagine seeing that 24/7. I’m sure nothing fazes them anymore. As long as, I don’t know, Jungkook doesn’t do anything too crazy offensive (not yet, but we’re getting there!), I’m sure the hyungs will continue to just 1) laugh or 2) quietly judge them from a distance.

3 which hoseok finds himself frick fracklin hilarious


Stage Door photos from the cast change of Harry potter and the Cursed Child on the 21st May 2017.

The last four pictures are when Tom came out with his head shaved. Noma face was pure shock and she then hugged him and said ‘Baby boy’ she then called out to Jamie saying 'Jamie, look at your boy’.Jamie was completely shocked, everyone reaction was hilarious. There is so much love in this company.

BTS catching BTS masturbating

REQUEST: What would be the boys reactions to another member catching them masturbating? Somehow I find this concept hilarious

A/N: I find this so god damn funny as well! ahah enjoy!

- Sky x


Jin: *scared out of his mind* AHHHHHHHHHHH GET OUT

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Suga: *lifts hands above sheets* you speak of this and you’re dead

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Jhope: …There’s a door

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Rapmon: don’t look at me!!

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Jimin: *shy chimchim activated* ahh you didn’t see anything right??

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V: *when hyung catches him* Soooo…. 

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Jungkook: *nervous smile and begs* PLEASE DONT TELL MUMMA JIN 

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  • I’m happy because Keith is working with the Blade bUT HE LEFT VOLTRON AND MY HEART CAN’T TAKE THAT
  • I still believe that there’s a Shiro clone but I’m more confused than ever and I don’t know what to think
  • Episode 4 was hilarious I can’t
  • Voltron has fangirls
  • “Voltron On Ice”
  • Pidge, Matt and Hunk the best nerdy trio
  • The Rebels and the Coalition !!!!!!!!!!
The Boys Tease Him For Liking You // 4/4 5SOS Preference



It was a little thing you and Cal did almost as often as you could. You two would facetime just before you slept or around then. He didn’t care what time it was where he was, he made sure it was always a perfect time for you.

One night it was a perfect time for both of you. You both lying down, just talking on your phones. Cal had this goofy grin and his eyes had a glint of something. He facetimed you while in the common room with the boys. He wore earphones so the boys were curious to who was making him smile like an idiot.

“Who you talking to?” Mikey said loudly to catch Cal’s attention.

“Oh piss off.” Cal waved him to shut up.

“Oh you’re with the boys! Tell them I said hi!” You got excited.

Calum rolled his eyes and was just about to tell them for you but Mikey was already behind his shoulder. “Oh it’s Y/N!!”

This got the other boys to come join the facetime to wave at you. You didn’t mind but Cal wasn’t exactly good at a poker face.

Michael wasn’t an idiot and knew you could hear him but he just wanted to annoy Calum. “Cal, aren’t you going to tell her we said hi as well? Or are you too busy secretly admiring her by yourself?”

Cal just responded by throwing something nearby. He then dropped his phone and you just listened to what was happening. You head a bit of shouting and some snickers and laughter.  In the midst of everything you just heard, “For Christ’s sake Hood, just tell her you like her.”

You blushed slightly and was glad Calum didn’t see that. After a few moments Cal would come back and he’d notice your red face.

“You heard?” He mumbled.

There was a short silence and he didn’t look up at you. You didn’t know what to say either. But he cut the silence and said, “Well… when I get back from tour in a few weeks I wanna take you on a date.”

“I’d like that.”


Michael would be on twitter doing whatever he usually did. Something a fan asked him caught his eye. The fan was asking if you and Mikey were a thing yet. His response was simple, ‘Nah, we’re just friends.’

The boys knew that was a total lie. So they thought they would be cheeky and prove to you that Michael was lying.

Cal would tweet back to Michael a photo of you two sleeping on the couch after a day of performances. Along with the photo would be the tweet saying, ‘I can’t hear you over your bullshit’.

Ash would add the embarrassment by posting a photo as well. It was of you smiling at the camera and him smiling at you with that look. Luke added as well just a smiple way of saying how you and Michael were his ‘OTP’.

It took a while for Mikey to realise what had happened all over twitter. But when he walked in the room with you, he saw the other three boys laughing while on their phone.

“What’s so funny?” Michael asked.

Ash kept giggling and Luke was nudging him to act cool. Cal just grinned and said, “Oh nothing. But twitter’s getting a bit crazy isn’t it?”

Mikey would be so confused but take out his phone and check his twitter. As soon as he noticed everything his eyes widened and he started to worry. “Guys! Take it down before she sees it!”

The boys just laughed harder at his reaction. You had your chance to look over at his phone and at yours and just giggle yourself. “Too late.” You said.

Michael went into worry mode and started rambling. “… They’re only joking I swear… so sorry but they’re just trying to annoy me with this joke.”

You gave the boys a cheeky smile before turning to Mikey and saying, “Yeah I get it. But Luke’s right, we’d make a cute couple.”

He would be so confused up to this point. When he didn’t say anything Cal spoke up. “She likes you too, dumbass!”


Even though it was like any other concert night, Ash noticed Luke’s nervous behaviour. He found it odd until he realised why. Luke had invited you to watch this show backstage. You were going to watch it from the sidelines, just so Luke could look over at you.

Ash would fill in the other boys about Luke’s little change of behaviour because of you. So before the show they planned just to play the cheeky best mates to help Luke get the girl.

When they went on stage and you stood on the side, the three boys shared a funny look. Luke was a little distracted by you encouraging him to notice.

As the night went on you, as well as the other boys, noticed how stiff and nervous Luke played. It wasn’t his best night of performances. The boys found it funny while you worried a little. You caught Ash’s eyes in the middle of a break and mouthed to him, “Is Luke alright?” Ash just laughed and continued to get back at the performance.

But half way through the night your question was answered.

“Luke! That was horrible!” Ash joked after they had finished a song.

“Sorry.” He mumbled into the mic. “I didn’t mean to mess up.”

“No one ever means to.” Cal added.

Luke glanced at you and you gave him a supportive thumbs up. While he was looking at you for reassurance the boys were talking.

“Hey Luke, what’s up with the playing tonight?” Mikey said.

“Luke?” Ash said.

“Lucas Hemmings, you there?” Cal went up to him an waved his hand.

Luke just blinked and gave a nervous chuckle. “Oh sorry, I was a bit distracted.”

Cal gave Ash a knowing look before Ash spoke into the mic. “You mean you were distracted by her.

“What? No.”

“Oh please, you’ve been tripping over your own feet this whole night because of your little crush on Y/N over there.” Ash said.

Before Luke could say anything Michael just laughed and said, “This next song is…”

Even though Michael was introducing the next song you were too busy watching Luke blush and sulk his way over to the mic.


You loved watching the boys rehearse because you felt as if it was your own personal show of 5 Seconds of Summer. Ash knew that so he invited you to watch them and to just be a little encouraging and cheer them on.

During rehearsals Ash would be trying to flirt with your subtly and he acted a little different towards you. Of course the boys would notice and it clicked easily to see that Ash had a massive thing for you. They took this as a way to annoy Ash.

Luke was the first to initiate a plan. He would get Mikey to ask you if you wanted to learn how to play the guitar. You took the free lesson and let Mikey teach you. Luke couldn’t help but laugh at Ash’s jealous expression.

“Why does he have to do that?” Ash said when he sat down next to Luke and continued to watch you and Mikey on the guitar.

Luke rolled his eyes, “It’s not any different from when you try to teach her how to play the drums.”

“But still…”

When Luke noticed his little plan working he got the other two boys in on it. They would be trying to chat you up and being purposely flirtatious with you at any chance they got. The boys found Ash’s reactions hilarious

After watching they trying to piss him off, Ash would tell them to back off.

“Sorry mate, didn’t know she was your girl.” Luke laughed.

Ash just gave you a glance to see if you heard. He went red a little when he noticed you did. “Look… she’s not my girl…”

Mikey butted in, “Sure seems like it though.”

The moment that the boys left after rehearsals you went over to Ash to ask him if he was alright.

“I know the boys were just trying to annoy me but it worked.” He said.

“Why what worked?”

“I like you… and they know that I haven’t had the guts to ask you out. They were trying to annoy me.” Ash said and you noticed his nervous tone.

You didn’t say anything and neither did he. But you thought of something perfect to say.  “If it helps, I like you too.”

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(*Grabs ur face and hugs it* Hello mun!! Im fucking happy as hell today and I hope you're having a great day too!! Excuse my weirdness, I'm on cloud nine) Anyway a reaction from the boys walking in on their crush changing would be hilarious. Por favor y gracias!!!

(*hugs you back* hi there, cutie! i’m glad you’re having a great day! > w < ahaha, your weirdness is gladly accepted here. thanks for sending an ask!)

**Friendly reminder that if you only mention “the boys” I’ll have to assume you mean Iwatobi by default. If this isn’t what you wanted, please read the rules and guidelines next time, or send an additional ask. v u v**

Makoto: He’d stand in the doorway for only a second before letting out a scream of “S-S-S-Sorry! I didn’t mean to! Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I-I’ll leave now, sorry!” After slamming the door behind him he’d slide down in a melting puddle of embarrassment, hiding his extremely red face behind his hands and cursing how stupid he must have looked. The next time he sees his crush he’d definitely start apologizing multiple times, too, and still be blushing around them for a few hours afterward. 

Haruka: In stark contrast to Makoto’s outburst, Haru would also stand for a second before blinking, realizing what was going on and then excusing himself. “Oh. Sorry.” He wouldn’t dwell much on it, opting to forget about anything he saw and carry on as usual, but he’d be a little embarrassed and make sure to check nobody was in the change rooms next time before going in. 

Nagisa: The second he sees a flash of skin he probably isn’t meant to, he’ll jump up in the air with a loud “UWAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! ______-chan, what are you planning?! Did you really want to show me your body that badly?”, which will ultimately result in him getting hit in the face with an oncoming brush or shoe before he actually leaves. He wouldn’t be embarrassed at all, and it would most likely end up being his crush who gets more flustered about it than he would due to his teasing about it weeks after the incident.

Rei: The poor boy would let out his infamous shriek, dropping everything he was previously holding and freezing up like a statue. “P-P-P-Please put on some clothes, _____-san!” His crush would have to be the one to un-freeze him and yell at him to get out before he remembers he shouldn’t be there and sprints right out of there like he’s in a track race. Chances are he’d forget to close the door on his way out, leaving his crush very embarrassed and frustrated around him for a few days.

J’s favorite gifs: Lay edition

The boy of a million expressions and hilarious reactions - I really don’t know how I’m going to pick only six.

His face is so beautiful, even when dressed up for Peking opera - actually, that lipstick just shows off his gorgeous thick lips. Hell, I’d get makeup all over my face to get a kiss from him.

Beautiful woman, cute baby, what can’t this boy do?! Let me pinch his cheeks!

Okay, I know he’s supposed to look intimidating with his archery skills, but that little nose scrunch is so cute.

In the long list of funny things Yixing has done in Go Fighting, this might still only break top 5 with pretending to be a mouse, a killer, a princess…

Oh. That look is dangerous.

Classic spit take while stalking someone. Nicely done, Xing.

- Admin J