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Warning: Once I hit 50 requests (if that happens) i will close requests until I catch up.

This prompt list is the same as the last, half being quote prompts, the other half situational prompts.  I hope there’s a little something for everyone :) Quote prompts will somehow incorporate in the storyline and situational prompts, of course, will be the general, loose plot line of the story.

As always…

A GENTLE REMINDER: You can submit whatever request you want! It doesn’t have to be one of the prompts listed! This list just makes it easy and fun to see something you want to read.

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  1. “You can’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm.”
  2. “Okay…so like…there’s only a 30% chance that we’ll die.”
  3. “It’s not too late to start again.”
  4. “Why can’t you look at me the way you look at food?”
  5. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
  6. “My nightmares usually involve losing you.”
  7. “Please! Can we keep it?”
  8. “How did you get in here?”
  9. “I have a question that can make or break this relationship.”
  10. “How long are we going to keep pretending that nothing has changed?”
  11. You live across the street from your bias group’s dorm and they still haven’t invested in curtains
  12. Soulmate AU: when you sleep you see the world through you bias’s eyes
  13. You realize you’ve been casually dating two members of the same group
  14. You and your bias have been broken up for over a year when he shows up on your doorstep
  15. Your bias asks to share a table with you at a busy cafe
  16. A party with your bias group ends with a game of seven minutes in heaven
  17. Just plain fluff cuddling with your bias
  18. Being a makeup noona for your bias group isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
  19. You and your bias are rival idols forced to work with each other on a collaboration
  20. Sleepover with your bias (platonic or romantic)

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I'm so emo right now because I'm super excited for a sana season cause she's amazing but I'm also sad that this is the last season. I just hope that we still get to see lots of the boy squad and evak because the girl squad is amazing but 3 seasons of them vs 1 season of the boys is kinda a bummer. I really wish they had done jonas or even and then sana or the other way around so we got more of the boys :( I'm just not ready for skam to be over!

i know, i know, we’re all pretty sad that it’s the last season, especially since we just assumed that there would be six, we were so sure 

i don’t think this season is going to be exclusively a “girl squad” season, though? not as much as it was in s1 and s2, because sana connects with quite a lot of people, not just the girls, which is something we already saw in the trailer. so we’ll do of course see her interact with the girls, which is absolutely great and i cannot wait to see the girl squad again and to see it from her pov. but i do think we’ll see her interact with other people as well, which is going to be awesome too. i personally reaaaaaally want to see her interact with her brother :) 

the most important thing is for sana to learn and grow in the following three months, to see the people around her learn from her, for the viewers to learn from her and her story. it’s a story that’s so needed right now, and if there’s one season left of the show, i’m really really glad it’s going to be about sana

i have faith in julie, i know she’s going to give us a great ending and she’s going to give all the characters we’ve grown to love (AND the characters we’ll grow to love this season) closure. it’ll be sad when it ends because we won’t have new content, because we won’t get to see them graduate. but i do 100% believe that the ending is going to be wonderful. this season is going to be absolutely wonderful 💝

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Guys. so many of our boys won tonight. i am so proud to be a






Being multifandom is so tiring sometimes, but on days like today, I think we can all agree on how rewarding this is. Bless these boys, these men. They deserve every accolade and congratulations directed their way. 

Hopes for them to eat good food and get lots of rest <3

#195: How You Sleep In The Bunk


So I think this will be one of the last times I will be adding The Math Teacher Masterlist link to my preferences?? Remember to tune in Friday night for the last part of it! :-) x Also this could be a potential tour series coming up…

Find my Masterlist here // Read The Math Teacher here


There was no doubt that with his long legs, broad shoulders and large body in appearance that it was always a huge battle how to situate yourself. It seemed easy because there was enough space but the second you were resting next to each other one would have an elbow pressed or a leg that was starting to cramp. It was to the point where Luke almost wanted to curse because in the end this couldn’t be that hard, you had shared a single bed once at a hotel! But also battling with the fact that he constantly would bang his head against the roof even if he knew that it was there he was about to give up on anything. You didn’t even get the chance to complain because all of the sudden you were pulled on top of his chest, legs tangled together and your ear pressed against his heartbeat. You had sworn you wouldn’t be able to stay in that position all night but Luke was stubborn and in fact finally in a comfortable position where he still had you as close to him as was possible. It was his all-time favourite position, getting the chance to whisper in your ear and run his fingers up and down your spine. And at the times where it would become too hard he would just remove the sheets because you were in fact each other’s secure blankets. His body was radiant and warm against you, making it easier to sleep also by the small sound of his wonderful voice.


He didn’t care if the bunk was 100 degrees warm along with sweat building on his skin and barely having the ability to breath. Because sleeping in the bunk was the opportunity for him to hold you as close as possible without hearing you complain. And if you did he would start the air-condition that was only supposedly used for cases where the heat was too outstanding. It meant that you anyways would creep closer to him if it was even possible. He had made sure that you were sleeping with the curtain behind you so you did get some air, but still close to him with your cheek pressed against his warm chest. His hair all over his face and the pillow while holding you close, one hand in your hair while the other one was lazily draped over your waist. He could sometimes also be teasing and ghost his lips up and down your neck, but only on the days where he would have a day off. After shows he would literally be out like a light the second he would hit the pillow. That could cause trouble sometimes because when Calum was sleeping he was getting this secure instinct that meant letting go of you wasn’t an option. And when you were in a huge need of a pee it was a mess trying to wake him up again because he was so into his sleep and so into cuddling you that he didn’t care about anything else around him.


There was only one position that worked in his mind for this because it worked no matter where you were sleeping. You already knew before pulling your suitcase inside the tour bus that Michael had already suited himself for the spooning position. It allowed him to hold you close to his heart while pressing his back against the wall behind him, one leg tangled with yours and his head pressed on the pillow. He even made sure to position his arm so your neck was resting on top of it with your head on the pillow because in his mind men who were claiming that sleeping in spooning position only left a half awkward boner and dead arm were nonsense. By finding the right position allowed him the best position ever and if he wanted to be cheeky he would place his hand on your chest instead of your waist. And with one being cheeky, two were formed. He would widen his eyes when you would ‘accidentally’ press your bum further against him, the friction being much more effectively because of the wall behind him and the tight space. And when the place was getting too tight he wouldn’t hesitate to pull you to the back of the bus to sleep in there instead with blankets all over the place and taking the teasing to a whole new level. That could lead to bummers through in case one of the other boys decided in their minds to play some video games and witnessing you instead. But it was all a part of the journey on the tour bus.


If there was one thing he saw as the top of the list when sleeping in the bunk, it was the security over you. Just the thought of having you to be the one facing the curtain almost left nightmares in his mind and he couldn’t take it. He was so afraid that not only would you fall out from the top bunk in clumsy habit but also the fact that he could be the source of it in his sleep. He was never the one to rest without movements, in fact the whole bunk was literally shaking every time he would turn around. But with you lying next to him he was forced to stay in the same position and knowing he would get a dead hip by resting on his side, he situated himself on his back. That allowed you rest half of your body on top of his, your cheek pressed against his chest and one of his arms wrapped around you. It gave the space you needed, the protection and the satisfaction in Ashton’s veins of not having to worry. And if you didn’t want to rest on his warm burning chest you could turn around but still having his arm around you. It gave you the air you needed but also gave the comfort that you always sought in each other no matter if you were sleeping at home, napping backstage or sleeping on the bus. It was wonderful.

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Sleepy time headcanons for Josuke, Okuyasu, and Rohan please?

Sure! I’m meant to be asleep right now but I’m house patrol since my dad isn’t home yet but sure, kitten!

“Dream About Your Superhero”; Sleep time with Josuke Higashikata

  • Josuke definitely likes to wear purple boxers with his yellow shirt
  • No slippers. Being predominantly Asian, he always has to walk around the house in socks or barefoot (I feel the struggle of bamboo/wooden flooring that feels like concrete in the Winter..)
  • This boy was so hyped to bring s/o or Okuyasu for sleepovers. Extra more hours to stay up and play video games!
  • He sleeps in his pompadour sometimes. It ends up all damaged and feeling like it’s dry so he has to rush himself and have a quick shower before forming his pompadour again!
  • Josuke listens to Prince on his Walkman before passing out
  • He’ll also probably wake up in the middle of the night to sneak downstairs and eat his mom’s leftover sweet baked goods
  • If he’s still hungry, he’ll make himself cup ramen and eat at the couch with the TV on
  • When he goes back to bed, he rests until he has homework he hasn’t even started. Bummer!
  • When this boy does sleep, he snores quietly with the mouth open but doesn’t drool
  • He’s always woken up by his mom who yells and nags at him to be on-time for school

“You Don’t Need Blankets to Feel Warm”; Sleep time with Okuyasu Nijimura

  • He probably has a teddy bear, given to him by his father
  • Okuyasu doesn’t brush his teeth or wash his face because his abandoned house doesn’t have clean running water
  • He makes sure himself and his father have full stomachs before they sleep
  • With no working TV or radio, he probably reads comics to sleep
  • He sleeps in the living room downstairs on the couch so that his dad can take the bed
  • This boy flexes his arms and shoulder blades before bed
  • Before he heads home, he probably asks Josuke if he could use his bathroom to brush his teeth, shower, and wash his face
  • He snores and drools by his chin. So tired!
  • Okuyasu sleeps contently if he doesn’t hear his father suffer and cry from nightmares about the day he transformed because of Dio’s flesh
  • He wakes up groggy, feeling like poop with a bad back

“Beauty Sleep”; Sleep time with Rohan Kishibe

  • Rohan always takes two hours of applying lotions, de-aging creams, and essential oils on his face, neck, hands, and arms before getting ready for the next beauty routine
  • He listens to relaxing music as he lays down with a face-mask and cucumbers on his eyes. He’ll remain like this for another hour
  • After the face-mask and cucumbers, he reads the fan-mail he got in the mail to read what his audience’s opinions. He takes some critiques as reference to improve his writing
  • When he gets hungry in the middle of the night, he probably drinks tea or makes himself a healthy salad
  • This boy takes off his fountain pen earrings before gently and carefully placing them in a little jewelry box by his drawer
  • He wears a white, men’s night robe with a golden “RK” at his shoulder
  • When he finally sleeps, he put’s those eye-covers over his eyes
  • Rohan wakes up exactly at 6:30am to shower and make breakfast before starting on his next chapter of Pink Dark Boy
The signs from the point of view of a Pisces sun, Leo moon, Leo rising.

Aries: I work very well with these people. I’ve never met an Aries that I hated in fact I can have a very nice conversation with any of them. I enjoy their company a lot. Definitely one of my favorite signs.

Taurus: I love you but I can’t help but feel like I annoy you. You guys are really good to talk to though. You are one of the only signs that actually listens, wow.

Gemini: Honestly some if my best friends. You are all so funny and sweet. Your all very smart and don’t give yourself enough credit for it. My best friend is a Gemini. I also feel though that some of you can be manipulative and rude but for the most part y'all are great.

Cancer: You can be really brash, you tend to put out my flames and it’s a real bummer! Some of the boys are such fuck boys. I get it, y'all are smart but you don’t need to throw it in everyone’s face.

Leo: I can’t talk to you. I feel like you are always trying to take away my limelight. Share the spotlight with someone else for once, it’s not all about you. P.S. You look great, stop caring what others think!

Virgo: You’re really adorable, but can be really annoying sometimes. You’re so confusing! Whenever I wanna hang out you never do, and when I want some alone time, you want to be all over me. You have to learn to compromise!

Libra: Look, I’ve never met a libra that I hated but never one I loved either. Its like we can have nice conversations but whenever you don’t like something I say or do you get all mad and start yelling?! That’s not gonna fix the problem. Also please, stop trying to act like your better then everyone.

Scorpio: You get boring after a while. You never want to take any risks or chances, and I can’t handle it. You also get really possessive over people your not even dating. Dating a Scorpio is a no-no for me.

Sagittarius: Female sag-yes, male sag-no. I get along so well with female sag in fact one is one of my best friends. However, male sag I can never get along with. Learn to compromise, your so aggravating.

Capricorn: Maybe? I mean you can be nice but also you can be a bitch. I try so hard to talk to you and you just ignore me. Some of you are really sweat though.

Aquarius: Yes, yes, yes! Tbh my partner in crime, we have the same sense of humor and can agree of most things.

Pisces: I get along way better with Pisces male than female. I can play fight with Pisces male and joke around but with Pisces female, their is always this sense of competition with them.


rating : pg

word count : 2507

characters : you x vernon ft. mingyu & joshua

genre : fluff, angst

requested by : @kyungsoobootycheeks


s/n : this was kind of a continuation of “adore u” so you should read it before this one

Late in the night, you rushed to Seventeen’s dorm with two cakes in your hand along with a large handmade placard wedged between your elbow and torso, gasping for air vigorously as you took the stairs instead of the elevator because it had took too long.

With no free hands or air in your lungs to scream for the boys to open the door, you kicked the wood with all the might you had as if you were going to knock it down. Shuffling of feet and confused “huh’s"  sounded from the other side of the door until it creaked open slowly reveal Seungkwan’s cautious face until he recognized you.

“Why’re you here?” He asked, coming out slightly ruder than he intended for it to be. You exhaled loudly and held the two cake boxes out towards him so that he could take them and set them on the table for serving.

In a matter of seconds of opening and revealing the beautifully decorated pastries, the rest of the members had left their bedrooms to check out the commotion. As their eyes wandered towards the food laid out for them, they hooted and cheered at you as a sign of thanks.

“What’s all of this for?” Dokyum beamed while extending his hand to taste the whipped cream with his finger as a spoon until Woozi slapped his hand away.

You unfolded the placard and spread it out, holding it over your chest so they could see it clearly. The sign read “Congratulations on your comeback!" Your eyes scanned their reactions; a row of 13 boys with smug, modest, and proud smiles spread across their face.  With the same expression as theirs, your eyes landed on Vernon and your face slightly fell when his wasn’t nearly as happy as the others.

It’d been a couple of months since you two had seen each other due to the fact that you were back in your home country and he was preparing for his comeback. You’d been staring at him in awe and disappointment at how unenthusiastic he was to see you, wondering if he considered the time you two spent apart a breakup.

The corners of your lips dropped as he turned away from your gaze and sat down next to Mingyu who was placing slices of the cake onto paper plates. You watched him as Mingyu handed him a plate, and then shaking his head and pushing it away coldly without a word.

You must’ve been wearing your emotions as Joshua saw the expression on your face. He took a lone slice on the table and stepped in front of you so that your view was blocked of Vernon who was giving everyone and especially you - the cold shoulder. Joshua held the plate out to you while shaking it to persuade you, "have some.”

You pursed lips and shook your head slightly, “I think I’ll pass.”

Joshua’s eyebrows knit together in disappointment, he definitely knew what was going on. He looked down at the floor, trying to think of something to say before he lifted his head up again. “You’re right, you’re already sweet enough.”

His lame joke to try and cheer you up made you laugh and roll your eyes. “Then you shouldn’t have some either,” you said back, taking the fork out of his mouth after he took in a dollop of buttercream frosting.

Mingyu’s voice deep voice rang out as Vernon stood up and started to leave. “Why’re you leaving? Aren’t you going to stay for your girlfriend?” Joshua coughed into the back of his hand as he heard what you had. When Vernon stopped in his tracks with his head to the floor, Mingyu kept going. “Well, do you want to lose her?”

“I’m just tired,” Vernon said before slamming his bedroom door, shaking up the whole dorm.

You were glad that only you, Joshua, and Mingyu heard the confrontation as Soonyoung, Seungkwan, and Dokyum were keeping the other boys entertained. The three of you stood there in silence, not knowing what to say in that situation.

“What a bummer,” Joshua blurted out with his hand scratching the back of his neck nervously.

“Yeah,” you sighed while staring blankly at his bedroom door. “Bummer." 

After all of the boys cleaned up their cakes and Joshua helped you tidy up, they went to their rooms and passed out into a food coma.

You leaned against Joshua’s bedroom door frame as he apologized and thanked you for what had happened. "It’s fine, at least I got to see you guys right?”

He shrugged while nodding his head at the same time, “I guess.” His slender arms reached up and grabbed the door frame as he looked down at you. “So…”

You pursed your lips due to the awkward atmosphere,“ so…”

Joshua moved down swiftly and kissed your cheek. A bold action that made your eyes widen at him in confusion. You laughed and pushed him back a little, “I’m still together with Vernon.”

“I know,” he said and ruffled the top of your head. “Get home safe kiddo. Remember to brush your teeth after eating ice cream.”

Before you could ask about the random tip about ice cream, he pushed you out of the way so that he could slam the door on your face slightly. For a second you stood there to process what had happened, your mind a big mess of scribbles if someone had to draw it out.

You shook your arms and wiggled your fingers to clear your thoughts before turning off every light in the dorm, to ensure a goodnight’s sleep for the boys. A slight pang of sadness hit your chest as you took a last glance at Vernon’s door before taking your coat off of the hook and putting it on.

As you were putting you shoes on, you felt a light tap on your shoulder, making you jump as you heard no sounds behind you while you were getting ready to leave. You whipped your head around quickly but not being able to see the culprit’s face as you lost your balance and landed on the person. Both of you crashed in a loud thud, the warm body wrapping their arms around you as you both fell.

Your head was dug into the member’s large chest, finally realizing that it was Vernon after he softly swore with his lips on your forehead. “You okay?” You asked quietly, making him pull away to face you.

“Yeah,” he mumbled while arching his back slightly to realign it. “Are you?”

With a purse on your lips, you nodded while looking down. Not being able to bare the awkward atmosphere, you were about to stand up until he pulled you down by your hand. “Come with me.”

You knitted your eyebrows together,“ where?”

“Come with me,” Vernon repeated. His voice was more gentle this time to persuade you. His thumb rubbing circles into your hand and his eyes staring vulnerably into yours.

“You didn’t seem to want to hang out at the party, so why now?” You grumbled, bringing you knees into your chest and resting your chin of your overlapped arms.

“Please,” he whispered, his hand trailing from your knees to your chin. You shivered under his touch and with the want of more, you caved in. Without a sound, you nodded and began to put on your shoes. After he slipped on his Converse, he helped you tie your laces, making you hold back a smile.

He stood up and swept off any dust that was on his black jeans and dress shirt. The cords of his earphones clicked together when he leaned downed and extended his hand out to you. You took your hand into his, and as soon as he had a hold of it he pulled you out of the door and down the stairs into the crisp night air.

“Where are we going?” You huffed while still getting dragged by him.

“You can trust me.” Vernon shouted through the empty streets. Even with his back facing you, you could see a wide smile on his face. Nostalgia washed over you, he had ran through the city with you the day you left and said for you to trust him. With memories flooding your mind, you hadn’t even noticed that you had stopped running until he sat you down on a bench.

You looked around at your surroundings and found that you were at the exact spot where you had last met up with Vernon, the place where you two had ran away from his middle school’s security guards. “Why’re we here?”

“I wanted to give this to you,” he answered, putting his “adore you” ring into your hand.

Though you didn’t want to say it out loud, you managed to croak out the question. “Are we breaking up?” Vernon ran his hand through his hair and shrugged, looking around blankly without responding. “You can’t just ignore me, drag me here with a big smile on your face, and then take off!” Your shouting echoed, the blood rushing in your ears almost blocking it out.

He didn’t even flinch, only a smirk emerged on his lips, angering you to the point of your whole face going red and where tears were forming in the corners of your eyes. “Have a nice night,” was the only thing he said before walking away and disappearing behind the convenient store.

On impulse, you took your “adore u” ring off-almost throwing it off-but then shoving it into your coat pocket when you realized that you weren’t ready to let go of him. I’m not going to cry, you told yourself repeatedly with your knees hugged so close to your chest that they were basically suffocating you. You looked up and down continuously, trying to keep the tears in so that you didn’t look that pitiful.

After a few minutes of trying to compose yourself, you started to stand up to go home and try to sleep your breakup off. As you started walking, you saw Joshua and Mingyu walked out of the store, making you stop to look at what they were up to. Behind them was Vernon, one hand under a cake box and another protecting the lit candles from the wind.

They walked slowly towards you while singing “Mansae,” taking small steps to prevent the flame from going out or so that the cake wouldn’t tip over. You covered your mouth with both hands as it was agape from shock. When he finally made it to you he tried his best to sing Dino’s line. “From now on only look at me, my lady.”

You closed your eyes and blew out the candles quickly, causing everyone to look at each other in surprise. “That was a short wish,” Mingyu stated with his eyebrows knit together in curiosity.

“I don’t need to wish when everything around me is already perfect,” you winked, making the boys laugh and shake their heads at your cute response.

Your head whipped towards Vernon when he cleared his throat loudly to get your attention. “Welcome back babe.” Mingyu and Joshua groaned while you scrunched up your face and slapped his arm lightly multiple times before pouting. “What was that for?” He chuckled, handing the cake to Joshua so that he could hug you.

His arms wrapped around your waist as yours gripped the material of his dress shirt. “For tricking me and making me cry,” you sniffled into his shoulder as small tears began rolling down your cheek.

He pulled back slightly so that he could kiss your cheeks and rub them with his thumbs to wipe off the sadness that he caused to well up in you. “This is the first and last time,” he smiled.

“Promise?” You asked with your eyebrow raised.


“Gross.” The boys behind you yelled simultaneously as they removed the candles from the ice cream cake. They had jabbed four spoons into the cake messily and waved the both of you over, “eat before it melts.”

When the cake was half devoured and the latter had melted away onto the pavement, Joshua rubbed his stomach and groaned. “I had to eat twice the amount of cake because of you two.”

“I’m perfectly fine,” Mingyu exclaimed, jumping off of the bench and pulling his elder up by his hands. I’ll take him back to the dorms, have fun!“ He wrapped Joshua’s arm around his neck and started to drag him away. Your vision of them slowly getting faded as the street lamps no longer illuminated them.

You looked down at your lap when Vernon placed a small booklet onto it. You cocked your head to the side but began reading it when he nudged you to. The contents of the book were the layout of the plan of your welcoming back party. Joshua and Mingyu were the only ones that were in on your boyfriend’s plans as the other members would have spilled the beans if they’d saw you sad. There were many polaroids of the three at acting lessons and of them picking out the cake.

"This is so cute,” you whispered while flipping through the pages again after finishing the book. While you were admiring Vernon’s hard work, he had noticed the two rings in your coat pocket and pulled them out. “Oh, I forgot about that.”

“I really thought you were going to throw them away for a second,” he laughed while taking your hand into his. Instead of putting your ring on normally, he took his own ring and put it on your thumb. “They say if a man’s ring fits perfectly on a women’s thumb, they’re a perfect match.”

“What if my ring fits of your pinky?” You asked.

“Even better,” he said, putting his hand out so that you could slip your ring on his finger. It slid on like a charm, making both of you look at each other in surprised happiness. “I guess we’re a perfect match then,” he spoke softly, placing his hand on your chin.

“I guess so,” you nodded, overlapping his hand with yours before he kissed you. Vernon inched closer to you so that he could have better access of your lips. His over hand that wasn’t on your face was propped on your thigh so that he could support himself.

His lips separated from yours when “Mansae” started to play on the radio outside of the shop. “What a great song,” he joked. You rolled your eyes and pulled at his collar so that you could prevent him from saying any more but he would pull away and continue to kiss you while saying his lines. “Uh I aimed for her. If I pick one yeah I gotta slam dunk – if you become my female star, this will become a classic.”

You pursed yourself after laughing and shaking your head at him. “Just kiss me already.”

Before he lowered his lips down to yours he whispered, “gladly.”

a compilation of avengers getting political

@arukou-arukou​ take these with a grain of salt, i have not read most of them

MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN by imafriendlydalek

The Morning After by shethinksshesabard

Little Bummer Boy (Fuck Trump) by WillowPerpetua

Protest by Meilan_Firaga

Plant Yourself Like a Tree by Darth_Claire

United We Stand, Divided We Fall by buckyjerkbarnes

you’ve got the world planned in your mind by stars_inthe_sky

American Values (podfic) by  cassandraoftroy, Liara_Shadowsong

Make Our Voices Heard by stuckyfeelings

Soapbox Steve by Perpetual Motion (perpetfic)* 

Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York City by hetrez*

Captain America is not a Republican by shadowen

Oncoming Storms by inkykeys

family will follow you anywhere and back by pastelfalcon

but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for by verity

Known Associates by thingswithwings

Stephen Colbert is the Avengers’ Favorite Interviewer by TheoMiller

The Spaces Between My Fingers are Right Where Yours Fit Perfectly by holliswrites, sidium 

We Gonna Be Alright by mikeymagee

Veterans against the Black Snake by HadschiHalefOmar

The Hawkeye Initiative by Ysabetwordsmith

Tony Stark Has Had Worse Ideas by TheoMiller

Do Not Go Gentle by Gryffindancer

I’m your national anthem by 100indecisions

Steve Rogers Takes Offense and the World Gets Schooled by RurouniHime

Tony Stark Takes a Liberty and the Universe Thanks Him by RurouniHime

#StandWithWendy by shell

Green Chaos by Ikol

Election Day by pineapplesquid

History Doesn’t Punish Enough by asimplewalk

Tell Me Why… (AKA Black Superhero Support Group) by SimpleSisypheanTask

He’s Allowed to be Mad This Time by crookedcig

Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers’ Public Relations Manager by scifigrl47

*I have read these two and they are AMAZING

please let me know if any of these are gross and need to be removed