the boys dont get enough love

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This is somewhat relevant to what you're talking about today. I feel like these lines from getaway car dont get enough love: "But with 3 of us honey it's a sideshow/ and a circus ain't a love story". Its such a clever lyric and perfectly sums up how she felt about all the 2016 boy drama. It's also really telling to what her mindset is now and why she's prioritized privacy so much with Joe

yes!!! that’s my favorite part of the song actually. she knows that for a love to work it needs to be about her and him, not her and him and an ex or her and him and the entire world. just two souls.

as of now on v channel+, this is the amount of “hearts” the boys have on their solo videos from the bts home party:

  • jimin - 13.7 mil
  • jungkook - 10.6 mil
  • jhope - 2.6 mil
  • rapmon + v - 498k
  • suga - 452k
  • jin - 439k

and to put it into perspective

i mean in a perfect world the chart above should like this

but we dont live in a perfect world and tbh, im kind of getting sick and tired of the hyung line not being appreciated enough and the clear favouritism in this fandom for the maknae line. dont get me wrong, i love them too and i have nothing against jimin, jungkook or tae, but i do have a problem when fans shit on the rest of the members when they are just as talented and hardworking. like it truly baffles me how jhope, as the main dancer/choreo leader of bts, someone who lives and breathes dancing, who’s acknowledged by his members almost 24/7 as being bangtan’s best dancer, ended up getting such little attention on his video? 11 and 8 million difference in “hearts” compared to jimin and jungkook respectively? this is actually worse than when billboard did that dumb poll and asked who our favourite member in bts was and surprise surprise, the ranking was as follows:

  1. v - 32%
  2. jungkook - 23%
  3. jimin - 12%
  4. jin - 11%
  5. suga - 9%
  6. jhope - 7%
  7. rm - 6%

and stuff like views and votes may not matter to some of you and may not seem important or a true representative of this fandom or a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but these are only 2 of the many examples. from the number of fansites each member has to the popularity of all their individual merches. to the likes/views/ reblogs of their teaser photos/videos and status updates across all social media platforms. its hard to miss that there is an obvious difference between the popularity of all the members. 

i dont know why people think whenever hyung line stans bring this up, its us trying to create a divide in the members and us competing them against each other when, some of you guys have already done that? we’re actually trying to stop exactly that.

ps. if you guys have v channel+ and have the time, please help bring up the “heart” count for hobi, jin, yoongi, namjoon + tae’s solo videos. also, that billboard poll is old but if any of you can hack into their website and just remove it altogether than that’d be very much appreciated

I love the fact that Merlin was allowed to cry. He didn’t just get the typical single little man tear rolling slowly off a melancholy face. This character was SO good because he cried and wept and sobbed. He was ugly when he cried. His face was all scrunched up in sorrow when he cried. This character was REAL when he cried. We need more boys that cry. 


okay maybe y'all don’t know what’s going on but there’s been a stupid false baseless rumour of donghyuck dating a sasaeng or some nonsense and there’s an audio clip but it sounds NOTHING like him so here’s my input on this whole fucking stupid situation

1) what did he do to deserve this nonsense???
2) there were only 30+ fansites of him before this whole situation blew up and now only 8-10 are active because the rest are resting/closing??
3) why are people so stupid to believe this rumour coming from an EGG ACCOUNT THAT DOESNT PROVIDE PROOF AT ALL

what i’m pissed about is that many people just think that haechan is savage, naughty and mischievous, and they don’t know that he is one of the most sentimental members of nct?? he wants people to tell him to be strong, he isn’t confident about his looks (because people say that he’s a visual hole WHAT THE HECK GET OUT) etc and he has such a weak heart and some “fans” just believe that he’s dating a sasaeng?? i’m pretty sure he knows that this nonsense is going on??

do y'all actually want to see him not be his usual self anymore???

next, at those fansites closing, why did y'all even become a haechan fansite if you don’t trust and support him? at the next fansign, he will obviously know that he has lost fans because which idols can’t recognise their “loyal fansites”? those who appear everywhere they go? they’re always thankful for such fansites, but no, y'all are turning your backs on him just because of baseless rumours, how wonderful lmao

he’s already underrated enough, getting hate from “fans” saying that he’s a visual hole although he’s a talented vocalist, variety king and a package full of everything an idol should have. i don’t understand why people are pitting themselves against him over this matter. if you want to leave, just leave right now, even if donghyuck is sad and as much as i dont want him to be sad, now fans will know who are the real ones and the fake ones.

to everyone else: please continue supporting our boy donghyuck, he needs all the love in this world

bts as boyfriends (taehyung)

♡ definitely a PRANKSTER


♡ he pulls off surprises sO WELL bc of his acting skills

♡  super red lips esp during winter!!!!

♡ talks to literally everyone

♡ “babe who’s that?” “just someone i met in the bathroom

♡ museum and art exhibit dates!!!


♡ walks on heels better than u

♡ fancy dinner dates that involves orcHESTRA AND SUCH


♡ grumpy mornings esp when he hasnt gotten that much sleep

♡ compliments u a lot!!

♡  but gets shy when u return the compliment

♡ an!!1 expensive!! man

♡ the type to give u gifts from gucci and ysl just bC HE CAN

♡ your very own fashion critique while u guys are shoPPING

“i think the yellow one would suit u, bc it makes ur skin color pop” 

donates to charities!!!!

♡ loves nuzzling on ur neck when sleeping

♡ buys u household things such as toothbrush sterilizers

♡ really rEALLY REALLY REALLY!!! clingy boi

♡ “just a few more minutes Y/N ~”

♡ “i’m alreaDY LATE TAEEE

♡ “that’s the point..”

♡  he likes to smell ur hair bc of ur strawberry shampoo

♡ lots and lots and lots of silly faces


♡ customized shirts with split latin quoteS

♡ “i’d never get tired of seeing your face everyday” moments

♡ “how many kids do u think u can bear?” 


♡ “i think 5 is enough?? dont u think?” 

A Passive Agressive Rant about Eunwoo and his talent

Well, for those of who dont know, this is Cha Eunwoo (Lee Dongmin) from Astro. As you can see by the beautiful gif im going to put in underneath this introduction, he is a beautiful ray of sunshine.

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And also, if you´you didnt notice, he is also really handsome.

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Like really really handsome

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And everyone keeps telling him this, which is really nice, cause that makes him smile. Like, one of the first things Jackson from Got7 said when they met each other on a show Eunwoo was MC for was that Eunwoo was handsome. So clearly, the point has been made.

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And the point of this post is NOT for people to stop telling him he´s handsome, its a good thing, trust me. The one thing we need to do though, is to comment on something other than his looks; his talent.

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This boy is so fucking talented and he works so fucking hard all the time to keep us arohas happy, and still, I see so few people talking about how much better his singing and dancing has gotten. His voice is so beautiful, I mean, wtf, how does he not get recognition for it? 

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And another thing is how many lines he gets compared to the other boys in Astro. He gets so few lines compared to the other boys, and it makes my heart hurt because thats a problem in a lot of other groups as well (not naming names, but #GiveJinMoreLines2k17)

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And then, to the worst part; He feels like a burden to Astro. He dosent feel like he deserves to be part of Astro, that he is talented enough to be part of the group. He has on several occasions explained that he dosent feel like he deserves to be part of Astro. If you dont believe me, Im going to leave links below.

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Eunwoo deserves more love and appreciation for his talent, the reason why hes in Astro at all. No one seems to notice his voice because it isnt as present as Moonbins or as high as MJ´s, but that dosent matter. His voice is original, cute, soft, vulnerable and supporting. It deserves to be recognized, loved and cherished by aroha, much more than it is right now.

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I personally do not want to ever witness this cutie being sad because of under appreciation ever again. He is too good to us to ever be treated like this by anyone, especially not aroha.

Thank you for your attention.

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As team manager, Lardo is used to looking out for certain signals from her boys.
Shitty swears the most when he’s happiest, but if he says “damn” more than “fuck” then his family probably called, and he needs to come “help her work” (also known as, “watch her work while holding her paints and unironically listening to Black Parade”).
Jack muttering in French isn’t a problem, unless he’s staring into space at the same time. Then it’s time to get Shitty and make a run to the library for a WWII documentary.
Ransom and Holster have been tending to each other’s needs from the moment they met, so it’s just a matter of listening to what they say the other needs.
Bitty’s moods are as transparent as his crush on Jack, so it’s just knowing when to turn the oven off or when to ask him what’s up.
She and Dex have an open-door policy: any time he needs to vent or get angry or just talk without fear of judgment, consequences, or well-meaning advice, he comes to her, and she takes care of him however he asks her to, no questions asked.
She reads Nursey’s poetry on a daily basis. For all his “chill” exterior, his poetry shows a range of passion and emotion that is almost too intense, even for her. She’s still experimenting with reactions - autumnal themes sometimes mean he wants to spend more time with Dex, but sometimes it means he just wants to get away from everything for a while. She’s planning on taking a poetry class next semester as an elective to try to get a better understanding of the boy.
Chowder, though. Chowder is a mystery. When she first met him, she started to treat him like Bitty, expecting his emotions to be just as close to the surface and obvious to understand, but it took her one week of practice to change her mind. The boy had anger, the deep, quiet kind that was all the more deadly for its stillness. On the ice, his eyes were colder than the surface he skated on, and she reconsidered.
She’s not ashamed to say that she stalked him on Facebook (especially compared to the amount of research she did for Jack, and is doing for Nursey). She dug up everything she could find on him, and still came up empty, so she returned to basics. She did what every art major does best; she watched.
She watched how his babbling was broken up by bursts of silence, his enthusiasm by periods of narrow-eyed concentration, his joyful exuberance by naps on the couch. Most of all, she watched him on the ice, how that seemed to be the only place he let the cold take over, the force and ferocity with which he repelled the pucks shot his way. She watched, waiting for the moment she understood what was happening inside his head, until the moment she realized she never would.
“Where are we going?” Chowder asked as they left the Haus, toward the end of the semester.
“The counseling center,” she replied, “but only if you want to.” She swallowed when the boy - the man, she corrected herself, spotting the ice and weariness that did not exist in children’s eyes - pull up short.
“Why?” One word, not particularly angry, but not particularly forgiving, either. Lardo drew herself up.
“Chowder, it’s my job to look after my boys,” she started. “I make sure everyone is okay, and everyone has what they need to get through the season. Maybe this is hubris, but I kinda think I’m good at it.”
“You are,” Chowder interrupted, and Lardo smiled at him.
“Maybe, but even I have my limits. You’re hurting, Chris, in ways I don’t have words for, in places I don’t know how to get to. You don’t have to go into it, but am I wrong?” Silence greeted her, and she watched Chowder’s shoulders slump. “I may not be able to help you, but at least let me get you to someone who can.” After a long moment, Chowder nodded, and they took off again.
“I thought I was hiding it,” he murmured after a minute, and Lardo looked up at him.
“You were, quite well, actually,” she replied. “I never would have seen if I hadn’t been looking. But that’s the point; you didn’t need to. You never need to. Everybody needs somebody sometimes. That’s what I’m here for.”
“Because it’s your job.”
“Yes,” she agreed. “But also because I’m your friend.” They had reached the front of the counseling center. She looked back up at him. “You want me to wait for you?”
“No,” he replied, his eyes already far away, on ice. They cleared for just long enough for him to look down at her. “But can you get Bitty to make me a blueberry pie, for when I get back? I think I’m going to need one.”
“Yeah, course.” She watched as he walked away, before putting in the order with Bitty and sidestepping his concern via text. He didn’t thank her, they never do, but she didn’t need it anyway.
As team manager, Lardo is used to looking after her boys. And in the case of her Californian goalie, that means a weekly walk to counseling and a pie order for afterwards.
God, she loves her job.

trans girl pidge and agender hunk being the best of friends and working together to form a robot to help around the castle, and more specifically clean up their leftover messes because coran has finally had enough. hunk does the engineering and design work, trying to replicate the robot to look like coran. pidge codes and programs the robot to say ‘get reked scrub’ every time it registers lance’s voice in the premises. they’re the trans science duo who hates cleaning up after themselves and i love them (◡‿◡✿)

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Would you ever draw Horrortale Sans?:o sorry if you don't like him I love him to bits! Also look out if you look him up. His art gets gorey.

oh yessss, horror, dust and murder sans are one of my top. i just dont have enough time for these boys

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Do you do ko-fi, patreon, or commissions?

Hi nonny!!! I dont have those >o< tbh, i burst out laughing when i read this! i was like…. “for what??” xD 

But i do know some people who you can totally support on ko-fi, patreon, or commission!!! 

For ko-fi: 

@mavilez (who has amazing art) is currently drawing characters in exchange for 3 coffees! she’s such a sweetie and drew me this! (link for mavilez’s kofi

@yunyin is just plain amazing and sweet and lovely and ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this entire fandom owes her one million coffees alone for her amazing feat of drawing something for everyday of adrienette month!!! (link to yunyin’s kofi

@sweet-childhood-dreams is THE SWEETEST BEAN!! the only thing cuter than her is her adorable art! for a limited time, shes offering chibi commissions for the cost of 3 coffees, and fancier chibs for the price of 5!! (link to sweet’s kofi) **edit** just look at the cute cherry tomato baby bee twins she gave me!!! 

@edendaphne is amazing, i love her. she has a ko-fi (link to eden’s ko-fi)–she takes payment in hot chocolate xD and she also takes commissions!!! (link to her commission page) ngl ive been wanting to commission eden for sooooo long, but its almost like i have to find the right thing!!!! and the pressure is paralyzing!! >w<!!!

@lunian is the greatest, i love her so much and fjalksjf;laksdfjal;skfdj i got noooooo words except BUY HER COFFEE (i know you dont like coffee…BUT THIS IS THE KIND OF KO-FI SHE LOVES!) >o< (link to luni’s ko-fi)

@ceejles if you’re in the miraculous ladybug fandom, and haven’t already bought ceej a coffee than IM CALLING THE POLICE //dials 911 on the microwave// youve seen her art, you love her, give her coffeeeeeee (link to ceej’s ko-fi)

@kittykichi is another amazing artist!!! you should totally check out their stuff and consider buying them a coffee!! (link to kitty’s ko-fi) **edit** kitty also has a doodle deal, if you buy a coffee you get a dood!!! (link for more info here) (also look at this beautiful beenath i got ;o;/

//cracks knuckles// oKAY NEXT!

For Patreon

there are a lot of amazing content creators on patreon! and i highly recommend taking a look around to find people to support…here’s some suggestions!

@shishitsunari is amazing, and really deserves more patreons!!! their art was some of the first i saw of the ml fandom, and its stunning!!! without the support they aren’t able to fanart as much as they’d like, so my dream is that one day they are able to!!!  (link to shishitsunari’s patreon

@nokkiart HAS THE GREATEST MOST MAGICAL STYLE!!! and one day i will own a picture book of their art, i dont even care if there are puns involved, I LOVE IT THAT MUCH!!! and damn, three lucky butts–if you donate enough–can get a custom paper cut out piece, and oh boy are they stunning!! (link to nokkiart’s patreon

@portentous-offerings is amazing at running her patreon, ;o;/ its full of amazing content and goodness do i love all her stuff! she also has a lot of tiers to choose from and makes them all worth it!! (link to dire’s patreon

@hchano you’ve seen h’s art…but have you read her COMIC!??!?!!? FREAKING WHATj;lfjas;ldfjkas;ldkfja!??!?! its good!!! ITS AMAZING!! SHES AMAZING!! and you should totally check out dream*scar and consider supporting her on patreon!!! (link to hchano’s patreon

For Commissions

@twindoodle (Happy Birthday Twin!) does commissions!!! AND I LOVE HER BRIGHT COLOURS AND STYLE!!! she did this awesome buzzkill piece for me, and im obsessed! (link to twin’s commission page

@bichatnoir AKA @sealfarts also has such a distinct and lovely style! (i got an amazing piece done by them and its just so lovely!!!) also their prices are criminal….so please be sure to tip !!! (link to seal’s commission page

@chalala-chan created ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE PIECES EVER! ACTUALLY TWO OF MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE PIECES EVER! everything about lala’s style is perfection! (link to chachachahahahhaaa’s commission page

@smiling-grouch is a genius and master of traditional art, she murdered me with her style and it blew my mind when i realized that it wasnt digital art! LOOK AT THIS! (link to grouch’s commision page

and there’s so many more creators that im so sure im missing >O< !!! you just gotta keep your eyes peeled and on the look out! 👀 


if you’re looking for another place for some awesome content, can i suggest (AND ALSO HIGHLY RECOMMEND) the UP to the Test! Miraculous Ladybug Zine for disaster relief

donate to a charity of your choosing and email your receipt to @ml-disaster-relief-zine (instructions here

In return for donating to charity you’ll be given the zine when it comes out!! so preorder today!!! remember portentous offerings? well she’s offering access to her Marinette and her Romeo FULL COMIC for donations of $5!!! its quite the deal, tbh, not only do you get to help others in need (like seriously earth CAN YOU JUST CHILL FOR A MINUTE?!?!?!) but you’ll be rewarded with amazing content!! 


Part 2- oof: massive info dump

Voltron High:

Shay- Junior (17 years old)

-first chair floutust

-really good? hot damn honey

-straight A student

-really big and buff,

-catchphrase is “big, black and beautiful”

-gOD i love her

-her n allura are friends n have sleepovers occasionally

-practically adopted into colorguard everyone loves her

-literal sunshine

-can carry hunk

-shes HELLA strong

-that actually makes him blush so hard he loves it

-pining over hunk but its not a secret lol

Matt-Senior (18 yrs old)

-tailback/halfback on the football team!!

-shiros best friend tbh

-the boy FAST AS FUK

-hes number 69 and when he picked it coach was literally like “i dont get paid enough for this shit wtf”

-couldnt see mostly anything sophmore yr bc he was blind af and couldnt play with his glasses but he got contacts and thats all he uses now

-he thinks it makes him look cool.

-has to listen to shiro rant abt allura in the locker room ALL THE TIME

-tutors all the other fooball players bc hes SO FUCKKN SMART

-got accepted into 2 ivy leage colleges

-im so proud

-teases pidge all the fuckin time lmaooo

-loves his lil sis tho awe

-hes on the football team and hes super nice so all the ladies love him but lmao this bih gay asf

-also? huge nerd. watches naruto every morning. has at least one anime boy body pillow. mr&mrs holt are concerned

-bullshits all assignments/sill gets an A

Shiro-Senior (18 yrs old)

-quarterback on football team

-everybody loves him bc he singlehandedly won the cif championship 2 yrs in a row

-has football scholarships to literally 10 different schools

-actually wants to go to school to study space?? fuckin nerd

-anyways hes built like a TANK

-ladies and gents swoon alike at the sight of him

-colorguard was once practicing during football practice and allura and fuckign DIED when he took off his shirt

-like, seriously?? youre too buff to be a highschool student

-cannot do math to save his life tho

-gotta get tutored by matt

-matt is his BEST friend goes to him for ANYTHING

-they might be a lil gay for eachother but in the “if u werent pining for allura id suck ur dick” way, yknow?

-his lil brother keith always rolls his eyes whenever he talks abt allura but shiro patiently listens when keith rants about “cute colorguard boy”

-oh yea hes fucking pining as shit over allura

-who can blame him? shes so pretty

-shes also principal alford daughter

-coach is instructed by alfor to always make him run extra laps

-it doesnt help, he just gets more buff and sweaty by the time they all go in to change and allura always waits around to see him

Allura-Senior (18 yrs old)

-colorguard captian

-fucking LOVES colorguard like this is her CALLING

-really REALLY good at makeup?? like wow

-as much as she hates to admit it, lance would probably be her bff in colorguard

-always hangs out in the band room during lunch, meets pidge, instant friendship

-really regal and very ladylike

-until you get her to a sleepover

-bc shes a teenager ok snd just bc shes the principals daughter doesnt make her straight edge

-last colorguard group sleepover, she stayed up all night drinking monster and playing call of duty with lance

-throws house parties when her parents leave on vacation snd they never find out?

-its come close tho

-she cussed for the first time when she dropped the flag and everyone looked at her bc “holy crow allura just said “shit”“

-tries rly hard to not cuss ("quiznack”)


-hes so cute?? she thinks

-tries to convince her dad that hes a good guy so he’ll let them date

-has to convince coran to convince her dad

-(coran is her uncle)

-he actually manages to convince alfor

-it takes a while but he does and they go on a cute milkshake date and allura is so happy her cheeks hurt from smiling

-shiros do too

-alfors actually super into football like shiro

-(turns out allura is too)

-but shiro comes to pick up allura for a date and shes not ready so when she finally comes downstairs she sees her crush and her dad sitting on the couch yelling at the game on tv

-human embodiment of the heart eyes emoji

-bullshits finals week so hard. shes stressed. poor girl.


“hey can i have some of your water?”

“its not water”

“wh— what i-“

“its vodka.”

(more to come, hit tumblrs post limit lol)

(sha/la/dins dont interact)

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I still laugh whenever I draw the dick pouch thing on boys undies. Do u also get this feeling as well?

you know i haven’t gotten an ask that actually made me snort laugh in ages, so thank you. i dont draw boys undies enough to think about this honestly. Are they really called dick pouches? 

but after 5 years of drawing i am so, incredibly desensitized to all things to do with nudity and human genitals!!!!!!! You stop laughing after the 15th dick sketch and just start cursing at the foreskins

honestly, who designed these things. 

(Also on a side note, why is ‘sexy life model and artist fall in love’ a fanfic trope because I have taken a decent amount of life drawing classes and none of them were sexy. Absolutely none. Unless inhaling charcoal while staring at 80 year old testicles is your kink?)

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How intense would it be to make love to them Could you put porn gifs?❤❤💚❤💚 Omg I'm so ashamed: x

no problem! don’t be ashamed everyone needs to have butterflies in their stomach from time to time ;)  (p.s. if anyone wants me to make a gay porn version just message me saying so)

Mark - he would be gentle, making sure that he follows what to do by the noises youre making. he would love to hear you gasp and moan. listening to you would signal him to go faster or slower. he might even try eating you out if youre up to it.

Jaebum - (this kinky shit) he would be into love making, but he’d rather just fuck. of course he wouldnt just fuck for no reason, he would only do it with you. he would be into a lot of breast play, making sure your nipples are hard and sensitive to the touch. he would graze his fingers over your skin, loving the feeling of you shiver under his touch.

Jackson - he would make it as intimate as possible. some nights he would convince you to wear lingerie and do some roleplaying: making you the sexy nurse while he’s the horny doctor. watching you slowly undress would turn him on so fast he has problems containing himself.

Jinyoung - he would be like jaebum; wanting to be super kinky. watching you squirm and twitch while you ride him would make him even more excited, reaching up to massage and squeeze at your arms, breasts, anything he can get his hands on. his favorite thing to do is to talk dirty. “why are you so breathless? tell me what to do next baby~ ill do anything to please you.”

Youngjae - youngjae would be a lot more hesitant on how he makes love to you. it would be a lot of holding eachother and cuddling. while he slowly makes love to you he kisses you tenderly, making sure hes not forcing you to do anything you dont want.

Bambam - like jaebum he would rather fuck hard than to be super intimate. not that he wouldnt know how to be intimate, its just easier to have quick hard sex than to drag it on forever. he’s not quite skilled enough like his hyungs to know how to have passionate long lovemaking. but by no means would he be bad at sex.

Yugyeom - (dont even get me started) this boy would be so good with his mouth. if he could he would just spend the whole night eating you out, sucking on your breasts, anything with his tongue. hearing you moan he would be happy with his work, not caring if he ended up with a sore jaw for the rest of the week.

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do you have any pictures of emre can with his hair unstyled

ok first off this is an unholy question cus mr perfect??? with his hair anything but perfect??? and correctly styled??? and not falling all over the place?? impossible 

but actually possible heres what i found, there isnt alot which tells u something doesnt it 

anyway wet emre can, with no gel, u are welcome, lets totally focus on the wet part hehe 

sweaty can celebrating like he saved the universe,

those two tufts of hair out of place, is this even emre???, 

EMRE CANS PRODUCT WASNT STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD HIS HAIR IN PLACE, what is this indecency, i bet u he threw that pot of gel away cus it wasnt good enough for his luscious looks 

this has nothing to do w unstyled hair but i love how he does this hand thru his hair thing, like we get it, ur hair is perfect, ur the poster boy for shampoo ads leave us be emre , i just like it ok

Originally posted by griezmanny

Originally posted by prince-dybala

get u a man who looks good while his hair is wild and floppy 

Emre Can can even beat the mancs with his hair ungelled and messy and sweaty, dont let anyone tell u he aint the greatest player in the world ok, 90 million who 

his hair is a mess, he is half contorted, but he somehow still looks good, 

this is styled but still ungelled, and its the softest ive ever seen his hair look kinda ungelled, it looks v v soft ok so im taking it as ungelled

emres ungelled messy hair > man utd 

wonder goals, wonder hair, he can do it all

edit thanks to my savior ruby, lo and behold the greatest pic ever 

mr perfect is always perfect but when he sweaty and messy and wet??, hes still perfect but his locks are something to behold, truth be told he always looks like hes modelling, 

emre can is an art form, u heard it hear first, 

hope u enjoyed this experience, feel free to add more 

Real reason why markhyuck aren't roommates anymore:

Taeyong: mark i noticed you dont get enough sleep at nights. Is it because of donghyuck ?

Mark: *blushing* *nodding*

Taeyong: oh boy…wanna talk about it ? I mean i have an idea what you two do but in the room but i would rather not to say it.

Mark: we uhmm *blushes more* we cuddle

Taeyong: you cuddle ???

Mark: yeah. I love cuddling with hyuck so i don’t wanna fall asleep while cuddling so i don’t sleep till he sleeps too.

Taeyong: ……


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Top 5 movies!!

Just because you were struggling- heres mine.

Top 5 Movies:

5. La La Land (2017)

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This film made me understand what emotions were made for and how to use them to their full potenital…Ive never laughed or cried so hard in my life. I’m proud to say I saw this film 3 times, I own the DVD, the vinyl record of the soundtrack and the soundtrack is on my phone.

4. The Theory of Everything (2014)

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This film is just everything to me (excuse the pun), but my god it is. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones nailed their roles as Stephen and Jane and I’m so upset that Felicity didnt get any awards but 

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And again I also own the DVD, soundtrack on vinyl and the soundtrack is on my ipod.

3. The Parent Trap (1998)

I have loved this film ever since I was a small child and it’s become my go-to film when I feel like absolute sh*t. It never fails to make me laugh or make me have a good cry. Poor sweet Lindsay Lohan, if only she stopped there.

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And Natasha Richardson…she was so beautiful :’( (even when stressed about seeing Nicholas Parker after 11 years)

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And we all need a butler/friend like Martin

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2. Beauty and The Beast (1991)/The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015)

So I couldnt exactly choose my second spot, so I went with two (haha, oh god I’m loosing it). Beauty and The Beast (1991) is not only my second favourite film but also my all-time favourite Disney film. I’m just sad I dont own enough BatB merchandise :(

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I’m so sad this part wasnt in the new film…

Now- The Man from U.N.C.L.E, when I first saw the trailer I was itching to see it. I never did get to go to the cinema and see it, but my Mum bought it for me as an Easter present…and I still love it. And I love the soundtrack.

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Now, my number one favourite film has been a solid for the last 3 years. 5,4,3 will probably change but I doubt this one will ever change…

1. The Guest (2014)

Oh boy! Where do I begin? I find it strange how I saw this film with my ex girlfriend and it’s my most favourite film in the whole world. Apart from the fact it has Dan in it…

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But I also adore Maika Monroe…I somehow think it will be hard to find a better horror duo than these two…

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And the soundtrack is such a huge part of what makes the film so great. I have the OST and score on vinyl and on my phone and I have the film on DVD. And I will also state that David Collins is my favourite film character of the last 5 years and he can come and be a guest in my house anytime to recover.

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I just cant go without mentioning this film because I love it so much and the concept is absolutely fabulous and the play still needs to do a UK tour…

12 Angry Men (1957)

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