the boys dont get enough love


okay maybe y'all don’t know what’s going on but there’s been a stupid false baseless rumour of donghyuck dating a sasaeng or some nonsense and there’s an audio clip but it sounds NOTHING like him so here’s my input on this whole fucking stupid situation

1) what did he do to deserve this nonsense???
2) there were only 30+ fansites of him before this whole situation blew up and now only 8-10 are active because the rest are resting/closing??
3) why are people so stupid to believe this rumour coming from an EGG ACCOUNT THAT DOESNT PROVIDE PROOF AT ALL

what i’m pissed about is that many people just think that haechan is savage, naughty and mischievous, and they don’t know that he is one of the most sentimental members of nct?? he wants people to tell him to be strong, he isn’t confident about his looks (because people say that he’s a visual hole WHAT THE HECK GET OUT) etc and he has such a weak heart and some “fans” just believe that he’s dating a sasaeng?? i’m pretty sure he knows that this nonsense is going on??

do y'all actually want to see him not be his usual self anymore???

next, at those fansites closing, why did y'all even become a haechan fansite if you don’t trust and support him? at the next fansign, he will obviously know that he has lost fans because which idols can’t recognise their “loyal fansites”? those who appear everywhere they go? they’re always thankful for such fansites, but no, y'all are turning your backs on him just because of baseless rumours, how wonderful lmao

he’s already underrated enough, getting hate from “fans” saying that he’s a visual hole although he’s a talented vocalist, variety king and a package full of everything an idol should have. i don’t understand why people are pitting themselves against him over this matter. if you want to leave, just leave right now, even if donghyuck is sad and as much as i dont want him to be sad, now fans will know who are the real ones and the fake ones.

to everyone else: please continue supporting our boy donghyuck, he needs all the love in this world

I love the fact that Merlin was allowed to cry. He didn’t just get the typical single little man tear rolling slowly off a melancholy face. This character was SO good because he cried and wept and sobbed. He was ugly when he cried. His face was all scrunched up in sorrow when he cried. This character was REAL when he cried. We need more boys that cry. 

bts as boyfriends (taehyung)

♡ definitely a PRANKSTER


♡ he pulls off surprises sO WELL bc of his acting skills

♡  super red lips esp during winter!!!!

♡ talks to literally everyone

♡ “babe who’s that?” “just someone i met in the bathroom

♡ museum and art exhibit dates!!!


♡ walks on heels better than u

♡ fancy dinner dates that involves orcHESTRA AND SUCH


♡ grumpy mornings esp when he hasnt gotten that much sleep

♡ compliments u a lot!!

♡  but gets shy when u return the compliment

♡ an!!1 expensive!! man

♡ the type to give u gifts from gucci and ysl just bC HE CAN

♡ your very own fashion critique while u guys are shoPPING

“i think the yellow one would suit u, bc it makes ur skin color pop” 

donates to charities!!!!

♡ loves nuzzling on ur neck when sleeping

♡ buys u household things such as toothbrush sterilizers

♡ really rEALLY REALLY REALLY!!! clingy boi

♡ “just a few more minutes Y/N ~”

♡ “i’m alreaDY LATE TAEEE

♡ “that’s the point..”

♡  he likes to smell ur hair bc of ur strawberry shampoo

♡ lots and lots and lots of silly faces


♡ customized shirts with split latin quoteS

♡ “i’d never get tired of seeing your face everyday” moments

♡ “how many kids do u think u can bear?” 


♡ “i think 5 is enough?? dont u think?” 

trans girl pidge and agender hunk being the best of friends and working together to form a robot to help around the castle, and more specifically clean up their leftover messes because coran has finally had enough. hunk does the engineering and design work, trying to replicate the robot to look like coran. pidge codes and programs the robot to say ‘get reked scrub’ every time it registers lance’s voice in the premises. they’re the trans science duo who hates cleaning up after themselves and i love them (◡‿◡✿)

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do you have any pictures of emre can with his hair unstyled

ok first off this is an unholy question cus mr perfect??? with his hair anything but perfect??? and correctly styled??? and not falling all over the place?? impossible 

but actually possible heres what i found, there isnt alot which tells u something doesnt it 

anyway wet emre can, with no gel, u are welcome, lets totally focus on the wet part hehe 

sweaty can celebrating like he saved the universe,

those two tufts of hair out of place, is this even emre???, 

EMRE CANS PRODUCT WASNT STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD HIS HAIR IN PLACE, what is this indecency, i bet u he threw that pot of gel away cus it wasnt good enough for his luscious looks 

this has nothing to do w unstyled hair but i love how he does this hand thru his hair thing, like we get it, ur hair is perfect, ur the poster boy for shampoo ads leave us be emre , i just like it ok

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get u a man who looks good while his hair is wild and floppy 

Emre Can can even beat the mancs with his hair ungelled and messy and sweaty, dont let anyone tell u he aint the greatest player in the world ok, 90 million who 

his hair is a mess, he is half contorted, but he somehow still looks good, 

this is styled but still ungelled, and its the softest ive ever seen his hair look kinda ungelled, it looks v v soft ok so im taking it as ungelled

emres ungelled messy hair > man utd 

wonder goals, wonder hair, he can do it all

edit thanks to my savior ruby, lo and behold the greatest pic ever 

mr perfect is always perfect but when he sweaty and messy and wet??, hes still perfect but his locks are something to behold, truth be told he always looks like hes modelling, 

emre can is an art form, u heard it hear first, 

hope u enjoyed this experience, feel free to add more 

Real reason why markhyuck aren't roommates anymore:

Taeyong: mark i noticed you dont get enough sleep at nights. Is it because of donghyuck ?

Mark: *blushing* *nodding*

Taeyong: oh boy…wanna talk about it ? I mean i have an idea what you two do but in the room but i would rather not to say it.

Mark: we uhmm *blushes more* we cuddle

Taeyong: you cuddle ???

Mark: yeah. I love cuddling with hyuck so i don’t wanna fall asleep while cuddling so i don’t sleep till he sleeps too.

Taeyong: ……


Sometimes Lukas will get like this. He’ll kiss Philip slow and sweet and then break it off and place quick little kisses on his cheeks and jawbone and nose and grin when Philip giggles. He’ll curl his fingers under Philip’s chin, tilt his head up and press soft kisses right on the apple of his cheek and the corner of his mouth and on his cupid’s bow. He can’t stop. In these moments all he can think about is leaving trails on Philip’s skin with his lips. Hearing Philips breathy, contented sighs as Lukas’ fingers press harder on his face, grounding him. He’ll tease Philip like this for hours, just sweet kisses and smiles and peacefulness, needing to taste him like he’s air, like Lukas could keep running his lips across Philip’s cheek and never get enough of his soft skin, his tiny little whine that means he likes it. The points where they are connected feel electric and he loves him, he loves him.

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i know u guys don’t know any of the songs so i’ll explain everything i mention under the cut!!!

Song I wish was longer: Luke’s Good Kid Reprise (listen i know it’s part of The Last Day of Summer but like. It should get to exist in its own right). but if we’re talking full songs, probably Strong. 
Song I wish was shorter: The Last Day of Summer (except Luke’s part)
The one song I always skip: um there’s no soundtrack yet but i could probably go without Drive. or The Oracle. 
Song I sing the best: Good Kid is the only one I’ve tried but i sound p good i guess. I’ve also sung the only 3 words of Son of Poseidon that i know and they are right in my range god bless
Song I still don’t know all the words to: fucking….all of them. i want to know the words to my grand plan tho
Song that honestly deserves an award or five: my grand plan
Song that’s terrible but I still love: Lost! (it’s not bad at all it’s just a little cheesy haha. honestly one of my favorite songs) 
Song that’s really good but I hate: i loved them all! 
Song I think could change the world: good kid
Song I wish I’d written: the tree on the hill 

Also shoutout to other songs that were great but i didn’t mention: DOA, The Campfire Song, and Another Terrible Day! 

send me a musical!

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As team manager, Lardo is used to looking out for certain signals from her boys.
Shitty swears the most when he’s happiest, but if he says “damn” more than “fuck” then his family probably called, and he needs to come “help her work” (also known as, “watch her work while holding her paints and unironically listening to Black Parade”).
Jack muttering in French isn’t a problem, unless he’s staring into space at the same time. Then it’s time to get Shitty and make a run to the library for a WWII documentary.
Ransom and Holster have been tending to each other’s needs from the moment they met, so it’s just a matter of listening to what they say the other needs.
Bitty’s moods are as transparent as his crush on Jack, so it’s just knowing when to turn the oven off or when to ask him what’s up.
She and Dex have an open-door policy: any time he needs to vent or get angry or just talk without fear of judgment, consequences, or well-meaning advice, he comes to her, and she takes care of him however he asks her to, no questions asked.
She reads Nursey’s poetry on a daily basis. For all his “chill” exterior, his poetry shows a range of passion and emotion that is almost too intense, even for her. She’s still experimenting with reactions - autumnal themes sometimes mean he wants to spend more time with Dex, but sometimes it means he just wants to get away from everything for a while. She’s planning on taking a poetry class next semester as an elective to try to get a better understanding of the boy.
Chowder, though. Chowder is a mystery. When she first met him, she started to treat him like Bitty, expecting his emotions to be just as close to the surface and obvious to understand, but it took her one week of practice to change her mind. The boy had anger, the deep, quiet kind that was all the more deadly for its stillness. On the ice, his eyes were colder than the surface he skated on, and she reconsidered.
She’s not ashamed to say that she stalked him on Facebook (especially compared to the amount of research she did for Jack, and is doing for Nursey). She dug up everything she could find on him, and still came up empty, so she returned to basics. She did what every art major does best; she watched.
She watched how his babbling was broken up by bursts of silence, his enthusiasm by periods of narrow-eyed concentration, his joyful exuberance by naps on the couch. Most of all, she watched him on the ice, how that seemed to be the only place he let the cold take over, the force and ferocity with which he repelled the pucks shot his way. She watched, waiting for the moment she understood what was happening inside his head, until the moment she realized she never would.
“Where are we going?” Chowder asked as they left the Haus, toward the end of the semester.
“The counseling center,” she replied, “but only if you want to.” She swallowed when the boy - the man, she corrected herself, spotting the ice and weariness that did not exist in children’s eyes - pull up short.
“Why?” One word, not particularly angry, but not particularly forgiving, either. Lardo drew herself up.
“Chowder, it’s my job to look after my boys,” she started. “I make sure everyone is okay, and everyone has what they need to get through the season. Maybe this is hubris, but I kinda think I’m good at it.”
“You are,” Chowder interrupted, and Lardo smiled at him.
“Maybe, but even I have my limits. You’re hurting, Chris, in ways I don’t have words for, in places I don’t know how to get to. You don’t have to go into it, but am I wrong?” Silence greeted her, and she watched Chowder’s shoulders slump. “I may not be able to help you, but at least let me get you to someone who can.” After a long moment, Chowder nodded, and they took off again.
“I thought I was hiding it,” he murmured after a minute, and Lardo looked up at him.
“You were, quite well, actually,” she replied. “I never would have seen if I hadn’t been looking. But that’s the point; you didn’t need to. You never need to. Everybody needs somebody sometimes. That’s what I’m here for.”
“Because it’s your job.”
“Yes,” she agreed. “But also because I’m your friend.” They had reached the front of the counseling center. She looked back up at him. “You want me to wait for you?”
“No,” he replied, his eyes already far away, on ice. They cleared for just long enough for him to look down at her. “But can you get Bitty to make me a blueberry pie, for when I get back? I think I’m going to need one.”
“Yeah, course.” She watched as he walked away, before putting in the order with Bitty and sidestepping his concern via text. He didn’t thank her, they never do, but she didn’t need it anyway.
As team manager, Lardo is used to looking after her boys. And in the case of her Californian goalie, that means a weekly walk to counseling and a pie order for afterwards.
God, she loves her job.

Lance feeling insecure

Just the thought of lance feeling like he is the 5th wheel and feels alone and feeling worthless breaks me because the creaters of the show dont even dive into lance further and we just get a keith finding out about his family. Lance deservs more credit and more love then we give him! This is why i feel that lance will hurt us in season 3 because his team didnt get too see what he was going threw. The worts part is….he would probably get shit for acting out of his “pretty/flirty boy” character when he finally has enough and douse something that he thinks will prove his worth by maybe even helping or joing prince lotor!!!

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Iwa's the best boy so when he feels down daichi makes sure to give him head rubs

hnmfmfmf iwadai taking care of each other!!! (º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ) ♥ ♥ ♥ Iwa will have his head in Daichi’s lap (them comfy thighs hohoho) while Daichi massages his temples. They’ll chatter about their day or Iwa will rant about whatever is bothering him. Daichi always knows the right things to say to comfort him and Iwa gets absolutely smitten, tilts his head back to meet Daichi’s eyes, and tells him i love you as a thank you. It gets Daichi grinning wide. He leans down and kisses Iwa on the forehead then trailing down his nose and to his lips ;;v;; (ok frick hold on i totally have to sketch this now)

don’t wanna cry theory

they said that “dont wanna cry” is a continuation of “smile flower” so i looked at the both lyrics and there is really a story;

also this is long ass af but it really brings everything to it’s due place !!

hope u enjoy reading ♡

part 1 // smile flower

✿ smile flower talks about seventeen starting to develop underlying fear of the girl leaving even in the happiest points of their relationship. There is insecurity of losing their special someone because they don’t feel enough.

✿ Carats know that seventeen is so precious to them, the same way carats are precious to seventeen. So simply put, even though they are doing well now and have a good relationship with carats (srsly i love this fandom), they are scared because it might change any day. ( it might be because looking at nu’est and after school and how they are from the same company )

✿ They however don’t want carats to think this way, they want carats to be happy, that’s why they always show us their cheerful and bubbly side.

“For some reason, sometimes, suddenly

I keep thinking these days
How happy I am, how beautiful you are
About us, who is second to none

If we ever become unhappy
Some day
If we become apart
What do I do?
Of course, that won’t happen

I don’t even wanna think about this
But sometimes I do
I hope you don’t

I can smile because we’re together
I can cry because it’s you
So what can’t I do?
Whenever, wherever
Even if we’re not together, just like always
Our smile flowers bloom
I’ll be the spring to your smile”

✿ Throughout the songs they give a glimpse of why they feel insecure, they feel like they are not giving enough for the love they receive. This coincides with how seventeen says they will work hard;; ( they just get better and better like looking at “don’t wanna cry” sobs )

“I always

Only receive from you
So I’m so thankful and sorry
To the point of tears
I wanna hug you
But I feel nervous for some reason
Why am I hesitating?
I don’t wanna be like this

Just like the sky is high and the wind is cold
Like the ocean is wide and blue
I’m afraid that
I’ll take you for granted
I think that’s why I’m being like this
I’m nervous about that
What if I lose you?
I hope you don’t feel the same

I can smile because we’re together
I can cry because it’s you
So what can’t I do?
Don’t say it’s the end
Because I’ll stay by your side"

part 2 // dont wanna cry

☁ dont wanna cry is about this underlying fear developing further to the point they feel sadness; so much sadness it fills the tears in their eyes to the brim. Even if so, they are trying not to let it take over. To feel a sense of reassurance, they have to be constantly around the girl.

“Because I love you, because saying I love you
Isn’t enough. no matter what word I say
Leaving me, who cherished only you, where did you go
Did you go far away because you didn’t like me any more"

☁ like how we know, they love carats a lot: from how they always mention their fans first when they get awards, in vlives and whenever. they show us their love by putting in their utmost effort in every album, in practices, in giving energy and updating carats constantly.

☁ however, the lyrics tell us that sometimes they worry that what they do isn’t enough (srsly u are boys, dont worry :’~) carats’s hearts are going to explode if they love u more ) 

“This road that doesn’t seem unfamiliar, feels unfamiliar

Asking me once again if this is a road I know of
Could that person be looking for me
I’m looking for you right now”

“I’m okay (I’m not okay)
I don‘t want to see you (I really want to see you)
I have to say these lies that
Don’t even come from my heart

Because my heart won‘t listen to these words as I thought
Come back, come back, come back
When half of me is gone, how can I live as one
I don’t want to cry”

☁ i guess this part is a dwelling deeper into the hypothetical situation and if carats and seventeen were to part, they hope that carats will think of them as much as they know they will think of us. There is a sense of self deceiving to make these thoughts less painful. This fear is so strong they might be not functional (emotionally maybe) if this relationship is lost. 

☼ thats why they are trying so hard and “dont wanna cry” and their every comeback come gets better and better; they will always shows us their brightest sides and keep the trying to be our strength, to be beside carats. Thank you seventeen for always trying your best, carats will always, always support you!!!! I hope they will always put their health first though aaa they more I know them the more I love them!!

Topp Dogg Reaction: When their recently deflowered girlfriend get openly horny

P-goon: you walk in the living room swaying you hips and boldly say “let’s go in the back and f*** like bunnies baby”

“I don’t know what you did with the shy Little virgin mary i had two days ago but i kinda want her back now……”

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Sangdo: Not even a day to recover ,and you’re on his lap wanting more

“dang child was it that good? *clears throat* i mean yeah yeah cool okay

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Hojoon: its been a week since you decided that Hojoon was the one you wanted to make you a….”grown”women for the first time but, you were very stand off-ish about it before until you got a change of heart from this Lovely book called ‘Kama Sutra’. “babe i got us a new book”

“what do you want me to do with this? I’m not lumber enough for this. im one leg kick from pulling a ligament, im so stiff”

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Xero: You were still shy to ask for it but you know that if you dont sat anything know you wont be getting any. “You. Me. Bed. Now”

“you and me are gonna have a great relationship. I can See that now”

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Hansol: Its your baby boys birthday and you decided to surprise him with cupcakes and a little challenge that he needed to help you fix*wink wink*. Who knew this boy would be going in with tools

“when i know how i like to eat my cupcakes now”

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A-tom: so you two were walking and talking and you just couldnt stop think about that one special night and just out of nowhere you got this burt of confident and say: “you know what? we should f*** when we get home” and A-toms playfull ass says 

“Only if you beat me home! better hurry i dont want my little kitty to get dry”

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Bjoo: Two weeks after you two were intimate for the first time Bjoo was of couse asking to for another go at it, to where you replied jokingly “sounds like a personal problem” but after a while you were the one hit with the horny stick and to that he replied mockingly….

“awww you poor thing, Sounds like a personal problem soooo” (you still got the D later soooo)

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Nakta:Aww this little peanut wants it just as much as you but is more worried about your well being than his plesure (so sweet) “i you sure? your not sore? arent we suppos to wait more days? what if something cramps?”

you: “boy if you dont bury yourself in me now imma find something else to do it”

“ohh….. are you sure?”  (and nakta was never laid again jk jk)

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Jenissi: before you were quite shy when it came to sex, but one night with jenissi turned you into sexy beast (in a good way)”so you wanna have a little fun tonight?”

“ohh i see~ the saying is true! feed a kitty once and it will always come back for more”

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Yano: you wanted to tease him with some sexy dancing but you forgot that your dancing skills are weaker than a kpop fans knees when jimin and jungkook danced for “bts birthday”. “you want some of this baby boy?’

“yeah sure, but please dont do that ever again”

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okay okay yall know im lazy and im so sorry for that. Im getting things done graduatlly so stick with me and hold my clamy hands as we get through this together. okay 

here is the MASTER LIST this needs to be updated and ill get to doing that probily tonight sooo yeah 


I feel like we should start a project for Jin to show him we love him. Like honestly he deserves so much more than he gets. I dont want to say this but sometimes I think it would be better if he left BTS because he could do so much more and be what he is worth. They don’t give him enough lines, or screen time.The third muster just pissed me off.Like what the fuck was that? He was so hurt that he didn’t even have a single line. He literally gets overshadowed at every single thing. I am not going to call other members out but seriously bighit needs to come to their senses. When I read the awake lyrics I really felt so bad that he feels so left out, and that he can’t be as good as the other members. He has so much potential. I was just told that SM tried to scout him and get him to join them but he refused. I really wish he would have joined with them because things would probably be different. He is such a humble and sweet guy and he always tries to keep a smile on his face no matter what goes on inside him. I really do feel for him. He shouldn’t have to feel like this. He shouldn’t have to feel like he isn’t good enough, because damn HE IS. He needs to be shown more appreciation by A.R.M.Y. I have honestly heard so many people say he doesnt get lines because his voice isn’t as good as Jungkook’s. Ok people JK is my bias and I love that boy so much but I COULDNT DISAGREE MORE. Jin IS NOT less than anyone. He is good and amazing as he is. Just stop with demeaning the guy ffs. Sorry for the rant but I literally saw these comments on twitter, and other pages on fb and I had to share my thoughts. 

Plus dont get me started on the cjen banner. That was totally bullshit on their part. like utter crap and 100% absolute disrespect towards Jin. I felt so disgusted by that move like honestly. How can they do that? I can’t even imagine how he would feel if he saw it. He would be so hurt like thats insulting.  BTS IS NOT BTS WITHOUT JIN. There is no BTS without jin or without any member. They should really apologize to him because HE DESERVES THAT APOLOGY. That was the last straw for a lot of ARMY’s and it should be. Jin has been disrespected, sidelined, and made to feel like shit for a long time now. It should change and its time we showed him just how worth it he is and just how much we care about him.

friends with benefits w/ten
  • let’s start with the names he calls u it can range from kitten, princess to slut tbfh
  • it all depends on the mood and you don’t mind whatever he calls u bc it turns u on 
  • but anyway unlike the other boys ten kept things secretive (he wants this to be a secret bc he likes challenging both u and him to keep quiet when u two are doin it while the rest of the boys are in the dorm as well)
  • he likes taking that LV bandana of his and placing it over your mouth or tying your wrists together w/them and sometimes he lets u do the same for him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • you two actualy almost got caught bc of it 
  • someone wanted to borrow it and basically walked right into the room (ok knocked first so ten had time to push u into the closet) and strolled in lookin for it
  • but he couldn’t lend it to them bc it was holding ur wrists together ?? so he’d just be like “oh sorry i was plaNNiNG to usE it tomorrow or some dumb excuse to get them to leave) 
  • and it worked so u two went back to sexy time
  • anyway when the boys are gone tho sex=time to practice w/ur vocal cords
  • making u scream his name at the top of ur lungs as he pounded into you would make him weak
  • but most of the time he liked receiving (he can be kinda lazy but thats ok and he aLSO LOVES IT WHEN U TAKE OVER FOR THe DAY)
  • theres something about you crawling on top of him that made him want more and times like these made him forget you two were only just friends
  • he cherished every second even if you two were in a bathroom stall holding onto dear life as he fucked you
  • ten was the sweetest guy (or should i say charming i mean look at that smile) as we all know and sometimes he’d make fuck sessions romantic
  • he’d prep rose petals and scented candles but it would all be ruined as you two tried to strip each other before getting to the bed (it almost caused a fire once yikes)
  • sex with ten is usually vanilla except for when hes stressed he wants to take over he wants to forget about all his worries and focus on u focus on the moment instead
  • his favorites r ur boobs he loved them the most and burying himself in them, leaving marks etc etc
  • it was chill too bc most of the time ppl couldnt see and it made the secret even easier to keep
  • onto the next point: giving and receiving this boy is the whiniest brat ever 
  • if you dont give him what he wants he whines if it doesnt feel good enough he whines
  • it takes u a while to get the hang of it and adapt to what he wants but in the end u get it and those whines turn into loud moans and groans
  • giving tho he would be just as strict he would stop touching u if u looked away he loved eye contact more than anything else and loves how embarrassed u get
  • tbfh he’d also be into thigh riding he likes seeing u w/o anything on except ur underwear and riding his thigh 
  • if he was tired (super tired) it’s what he goes for @ first u were a bit iffy about it but he begged and who on earth can resist ten
  • he may seem super bossy when it comes to fwb sex but there are times where he’d ask “hey kitten are u feeling ok? is this ok? tell me when u get uncomfortable ok?” he’s caring alright
  • but being fwb with ten almost feels like ur in a secretive relationship
  • but u two were just friends and thats chill between u two
  • and as for the other members they’d only start questioning when they see u two come out from some place u two have been hiding with disheveled hair and wrinkled clothes

johnny ver. doyoung ver. taeyong ver.  jaehyun ver. 

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hi im jeremy smileknife and im a good christian boy who follows every single rule also i love vore a whole heck of a lot its literally my life if u dont vore get the fuck out also this is a christian blog so no swearing please im a good good christian boy and gay

1/10 bc while im not christian i am mormon and Close Enough

20 reasons to love min yoongi

1. his super gummy smile

2. I mean, have you seen him in skinny jeans??????

3. lets not forget his mega pale but super adorable knees

4. if you still don’t love him after seeing his blue hair then literally just block me

5. or his pink hair????

6. or his blonde hair????

7. or any other hair colour for that matter

8. look at this little bare faced muffin

9. his laugh will make you weep

10. and lets look at that smile just once more

11. so even when he’s grump he is still cute AF

12. SEE?!??!?!

13. SEE?????????????

14. his profile can revive the dead, i s2g

15. dont even get me started on his aegyo 

16. his forehead is sacred

17. LEATHER PANTS!! enough said.

18. he is super cute with the other memebers

19. n lets face it, he’s hot as hell

20. But honestly, there are so many more reasons to love this boy. He is more talented and hardworking than you’ll ever be able to comprehend and he never fails to show us how passionate he is about what he does. He cares about every single fan and always wants to please us. Even though he can seem grumpy at times he is actually incredibly thoughtful and loving, especially with the other boys. He looks after hobi as if he were his own brother and wouldn’t let anyone give any of his band members a hard time. Honestly if you don’t love and appreciate this boy then thats you’re loss because he’s so so so so precious, please show him all of your love, he really does deserve it.

honestly its not even that i dont like senpai i dont like this anti-igarashi rhetoric that the shippers have developed because they’re mad that igarashi x kae is the most canon pairing at the moment and their excuses are terrible and completely false

Most people like senpai bc he has always been nice to kae and they were friends before which is 100% true!! but you cant pretend that it wasnt igarashis case as well when it was?

From the pilot it was established igarashi and kae were already close as classmates enough to where kae was headcanoning things about igarashi and nanas relationship (5x7 v 7x5) and was fighting her friend that she her headcanons were right.

After nana accidentally injured Kae, immediately after she got out of the infirmary Igarashi was worrying about Kae, being sweet, making nana apologize and even apologizing himself, which Kae becomes flustered by because it wasn’t even igarashi’s fault in the first place

On Kae’s first school day after her transformation, when her classmates were attacking her and pestering her, it was igarashi that got them to calm down and helped her get out of that bad situation. THEN Igarashi noticed the difference in her appearance.

This implies that Igarashi would help Kae out even before her transformation and that he cared about her enough before to save her!

The point of chapter 12 is Igarashi confirming this for himself, that the reason he is in love with Kae is for her personality, not her looks, which should come as a surprise to no one considering how he acted in the pilot. Igarashi has always loved Kae for who she is.

So, this isnt meant to be a anti-senpai x kae post but just a pro-igarashi post because this boy gets hate?? for no reason. He is cinnamon roll child please dont hate on him because he is interfering with your ship!!