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I'm hoping the Obi Wan film turns into an Obi Wan + Baby Luke go on an adventure movie.

This is literally the opposite of anything I want.

It’s extremely important to me (not to mention heavily implied by ANH canon, but who even cares about that anymore) that Obi-Wan was not really a figure in Luke’s life prior to ANH. He was “that crazy old wizard” that Luke had heard a few stories about, and was vaguely aware of where he lived, but that was it.

Obi-Wan spent 20 years in the desert being depressed, growing mushrooms on his vaporators, practicing his dragon calls, and learning to brew his own moonshine (and then drinking it, in impressive quantities). Nothing Disney does will ever convince me otherwise.



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dont you know its transphobic to have genderbent characters? fuck off before i get my girls to do a callout post

Your girls? And what girls would that be, perchance? I doubt someone like you, hiding behind the safety of anon, would have any spine, let alone any friends.

And furthermore, yes, I know all about the heated issues behind having genderbents and how the fandoms are generally split in half in these sorts of issues. But, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, my boys, my beloved characters, have been rewritten and reworked so that they’re so much more than their original genderbent designs. I’ve given them backstories and traits that separate them from JUST duplicates of their originals. They have their own personalities and traits that set them apart from their originals, and had you lingered and read what I wrote, instead of rashly going, “Oh, this motherfucker,” and getting your panties in a bunch, thinking you could deliver justice to me, you would have realized that they’re so much more than just genderbents.

But, hey, you’re welcome to do whatever you want, if it suits your prerogative. I can’t give any more of a shit with someone who hides behind anon. But, thanks for the good laugh you’ve given me, on my first night back on this blog.  Good to know that some people still have a sense of humor about these sorts of things.

can we get rid of the concept that boys don’t like mushy romantic lovey-dovey shit? boys can like dates. boys can like flowers. boys can like gentle kisses. boys can like rom-coms. boys can be overwhelmed with adoration and appreciation. they need to be taken care of emotionally just as much as anyone else does. spoil them, treat them like kings. let them cry without having to worry about judgement. play with their hair. be the big spoon sometimes. give them spontaneous gifts. let them rant and whine. comfort them. guys have emotional needs. they need to be taken care of, too. love your boy the way you want your boy to love you y'all

JIN taking care of hurting Taehyung and  Namjoon quietly:

At the ending (SBS Inkigayo Super Kpop Concert in Daejeon), Taehyung couldn’t stand upright anymore so Seokjin supported him by grabbing him by his pants, then rubbed his back. Namjoon slipped and braced himself on his knee, so during their performance Seokjin kept glancing at him and nodding vigorously to inquire if he really was okay. These are the details outside the camera. if there wasn’t fancams from all angles maybe no one would have noticed it. The responsibility Jin showed toward the younger members, and the loving care he had for his group mates, he’s a very competent eldest brother.  

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Whenever it’s a birthday or a celebration they never forget about each other. For example, when Jin wasn’t able to attend his graduation ceremony (they knew he was sad) so they celebrated with him

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When one of them stops acting his usual way they know it. 

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They are always silently taking care of one another, be it when they are awake or asleep.

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When one of them cry the others run to hug him and console him. 

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Even if it is just a small task they offer a hand

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Be it singing, dancing or producing, they are always teaching and assisting one another where they lack. 

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When they get each other gifts even if it’s not their birthday

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When they feel the pain of each other with just a glance. There was a time Jin hurt his neck and Jimin saw that he was struggling so Jimin kept cheering him up.

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Even before debuting they stood by one another at hard times

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Even Bang Pd and the staff at BigHit can’t believe how much love they have for one another

These boys don’t see BTS just as a business but as a family who holds each member dearly. 

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So how much do BTS care for one another? I don’t think even words like “greatly” or “remarkably” can describe it well. But I will let their deeds define it better than any speech.

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“why do you love lance so much?” why do you NOT?! look at him! this boy can light up any room he enters


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i made these for personal use but i thought other cc artists might find them useful too 😭