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Is it okay if I ask if you can do Lukas, Kliff, and Tobin (Or just one of them) to taking care of a sick! Ava?

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Lukas: “That’s quite a nasty cough you’ve developed,” Lukas’s voice carried into your tent with a gentle softness, taking care not to exacerbate your headache. You groaned anyways, the miserable feeling all over your body not making you particularly welcoming.

“Don’t have to tell me that.” You grumbled, pulling the thin blankets over you as best you could. Lukas smiled at your pitiful attempts, setting aside the bowl in his hands to help you.

“Are you feeling any better than before?” He questioned you next, reaching down to properly tuck the blankets around you. You hummed a sound that was akin to a “thank you”, and shook your head.

“Everything s-still hurts.” You stuttered, burying your face in the pillow. Lukas sat down by your head, gently carding his hand through your hair. You weren’t one to get sick often, but when you did, it hit hard.

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I'm completely alone at home today
  • guess what I just got done doing... ;) ;) ;)
  • ... Singing the entirety of Folie À Deux by Fall Out Boy by memory.

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Meme: To ensure your Optimus is taken care of provide with plenty of readings, midgrade, and energon cakes. For exercise the Optimus will require an Elita One (sold separately) to maintain cardio and endurance levels

Forgive the flustered huff and heating of his fascia.

but, yes. All of the above is definitely required.


SOMEONE: “Suga is cold hearted”

That time Jungkook fell asleep and Suga held him. Yoongi stroke his hair as he smiled

That time he held Jhope when he cried and patted his back

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The time he reassured Hobi when he was scared

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That time he stared lovingly at this puppy doll given by an ARMY. Then got a dog that looks exactly the same

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That time he tried to hide Jimin’s underarm hair to protect his image

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That time Yoongi bought Rapmon a wallet when he lost his


That time he showed how much he cared about International ARMYs as he watches their reactions

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And all these, are just a few. Suga really shows his affection in a subtle way

So have you fallen for  this man yet because I did”

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Suga genius jjang jjang man bong bong! Hope you like it ^^. 

more than a few taz moments have been drawing me in to draw or animate them. for some reason i chose an early season moment i didn’t even remember happened until the second time i listened to the series.


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 

Riverdale, “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”

shoutout to trans guys

mid-transition trans guys don’t get nearly enough recognition on this site. it feels like all trans guy positivity is either geared towards pre-everything Soft Boys™ or towards ‘fully transitioned’ cis-passing men, so here’s a shoutout to all my in-betweeners.

here’s to the guys who are out but aren’t respected.

to the guys who are on T but still don’t pass.

to the guys who work out but don’t see any results.

to the guys who have binders but still don’t feel flat.

to the guys who have the right legal name but the wrong legal sex.

to the guys who still aren’t sure which bathroom to use.

to the guys who are impatient about their patchy facial hair.

to the guys who are insecure about how their top surgery scars are healing.

to the guys who feel stuck in the gray zone between ‘boy’ and ‘man’.

to all the trans guys waiting, it’s okay. you are worthy of respect.


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧

Help me feel little

Sometimes, even when I really wanna be little, I struggle to get into that head space. So I made a list of things that help me feel little, as a reference for caregivers.

- Tie my shoes for me

- Tell me I’m too little to do things

-  Put my paci in my mouth

- Use my little plates and silverware for meals and snacks

- Cut up bigger foods for me

- Order for me at restaurants

- Use my sippy cup for drinks

- Pick out my clothes for me

- Hold my hand when we’re out so I don’t get lost

- Bring me my blankie and teddy if I’m sad or sleepy

- Be silly with me in public when I’m feeling self conscious

- Play with me

- Read me story books

- Pick me up

- Tuck me in

- Push me on the swings

- Wait for me at the bottom of the slide

- Anything that can be more childish, get it for me (toothbrush, silverware, plates and bowls, bandaids, etc)

- Help me change out of my big person clothes and into my onesie