the boys break their necks

  • I wanna make you smile whenever you’re sad 
  • All I wanna do is grow old with you.
  • I’m sorry… I just couldn’t do it.
  • Well, if you need more time, I guess I could wait.
  • No… I don’t need more time, _____. I don’t ever want to marry you.
  • Gee, you know that information… really would’ve been more useful to me *yesterday.*
  • I’ve still got the Spandex; I’ll put ‘em on right now.
  • Once again, things that could’ve been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!
  • But it all was bullshit.
  • It was a goddamn joke
  • All right, remember - alcohol equals puke equals smelly mess equals nobody likes you!
  • Hey, buddy, I’m not paying you to hear your thoughts on life. I’m paying you to sing.
  • Well, I have a microphone, and you don’t, SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!
  • He’s losing his mind.
  • Oh, I don’t think anybody could puke more than than kid. I think I saw a boot come out of him.
  • You hit two cones back there. Those could have been people… they could have been guests at her wedding!
  • Hey, psycho - we’re not gonna discuss this, OK, it’s over. Please get out of my ____ t-shirt before you jinx the band and they break up.
  • Oh, man, I heard what happened to you at your wedding, that was so cold! You must’ve felt like shit!
  • No, sir, I have no experience but I’m a big fan of money. I like it, I use it, I have a little. I keep it in a jar on top of my refrigerator. I’d like to put more in that jar. That’s where you come in.
  • That’s not nice… Very creative, though.
  • No. Your penis is too small.
  • Sir, one more outburst, I will strangle you with my microphone wire. You understand me.
  • Excuse me! Just because he’s going out with me doesn’t mean he’s going to get laid.
  • If you find somebody you can love, you can’t let that get away.
  • What I’m saying is all I really want is someone to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be all right.
  • Hang on, hon! I’m watching Dallas! I think J.R. might be dead or something - they shot him!
  • I don’t know, man. I would lose that glove. You look nuts.
  • This is a great idea. I’m glad you came around. You want to do some gambling and have some fun right away, or you just want to get married?
  • Hey. I kissed her, but it didn’t mean anything, I just brought her the jacket.
  • We’re living in a material world and I am a material girl… or boy.
  • How about this? You talk about her ass again, I’ll break your neck.
  • I don’t. I think she’s a beautiful girl, but she’s about to marry that jerk-off.
  • Listen, I know you’re shy and I know you’ve been hurt, so I’m going to make this really easy on you. If you come upstairs, you’re gonna get laid.
  • Oh man. You know what sucks though? Once you get married, the party’s over, right?
hideously green jacket

sooooo i went back to writing because she @k-raftboeck made me. also those two posts: 1 & 2

The sun had disappeared some hours ago, even before the start of the competition, so it not only was pitch dark but also very cold. Andi zipped up his jacket and pulled his purple beanie over his ears, walking from the hill towards the parking where the car, that would bring them back to the hotel, was waiting. He already was a bit late, coming from the victor´s ceremony as he had ended up 3rd in the competition, and hurried past the little huts and containers for the equipment, the media and the jumpers. The buildings were throwing shadows on the already poorly illuminated, gravelled way and the boy was careful not to trip. A few metres in front of him, next to a white bungalow, he spotted someone in a green jacket, just as ugly as his own, standing with the back to him and slightly leaning on the wall of the building. He just could make out the outlines of the person waiting because there were no lights at all but the silvery light of the moon and the pungent blueish light of a phone illuminating the man. Andi could make out rumpled brown hair and a slender silhouette but nothing more. Approaching the boy in front of him, he remembered that earlier Stephan had said something about waiting for him after the ceremony but due to all the action before and during the victor´s ceremony he had not thought about it until now. A smile appeared on his face thinking about his teammate, his warm brown eyes, his messy hair, the dimples that appeared every time he laughed (and he often laughed when he was with Andi), his clumsiness in the mornings when he still was tired. Andreas chuckled silently when he remembered how his room-mate had tripped over his luggage this morning, searching for socks, the toothbrush in his mouth and how he had almost spit the toothpaste on his shirt. He heard a sudden cough and blushed; he felt caught even though no one could have known what he was thinking. Andreas looked around but saw nobody but the boy in the green jacket still standing in front of him. He must have been the one to cough. Approaching the person Andi grew surer that it was Stephan; the way he was leaning on the building seemed familiar and weren´t those the shoes he had worn today? He slowed down and made sure his steps were as silent as possible. In this manner he sneaked up to the boy in front of him. Andreas had just intended to scare him but he spontaneously changed his mind and quickly put his hands in front of the other boy´s eyes. “Domen? To ti?” At the sound of those words, Andi drew his hands back in surprise. The man in front of him turned around and they both stared at each other for a while until Andi´s stuttered “uhm… sorry” broke the silence. He had blushed to the roots of his hair and avoided eye-contact with Peter, who smiled awkwardly. “Did yo-,” he began, but the German boy interrupted him. “I´m terribly sorry, I mistook you for someone else, my bad. Those terrible jackets… look the same,” he mumbled, nervously adjusting his beanie – that´s what he did in awkward situations. “It´s alright,” the older boy giggled, “I agree though, the jackets are terrible. Seems we have the same sponsor this year.” Andi sighed in relief that the embarrassing situation had passed and Peter had handled it so well. “Whom did you expect to find though?” the Slovenian asked. The question immediately made Andi stutter again and he nervously licked his lips as he was searching for an innocuous answer. “Uhm… I just w-” “Sorry, have you seen And- oh! There you are, I´ve been searching for you.” Stephan had appeared behind Andi and just recognised Peter at the first moment but then spotted his teammate. “I have been waiting for you, where have you been? The car is going to leave soon,” he asked Andi who just was relieved to take the excuse to escape the situation. “Sorry, I´m coming. See you tomorrow, Peter.” The two Germans said goodbye to the other jumper and hurried towards the parking. After a few steps, Andi couldn´t help it any more and burst out into laughter. “Oh dear,” he sighed, “you´ve just saved me from quite a situation.” “What kind of situation,” Stephan asked, slowing down his steps. They had reached the end of the jumper-area and the following meters to the parking were completely dark as no lamps illuminated it and the moon had disappeared behind the clouds. “Well,” said Andi, “I remembered you said you´d be waiting for me.” “Which I did,” the boy walking next to him replied, “Why didn´t you come to the press-room though, didn´t we want to meet there?” “I´m sorry, I must have overheard it over all the fuss before the ceremony…” “It´s alright,” Stephan chuckled and jokingly poked Andi in the arm. “But back to that situation you were having with Peter.” “It´s your fault actually,” Andreas giggled. “I remembered you would be waiting for me and when I saw someone in a hideously green jacket standing in front of me with uncombed brown hair a-,” “Hey,” the smaller boy exclaimed in fake disapproval, “my hair is not as messy as yours!” “Not sure about that,” Andi snickered and tried to pull down Stephan´s beanie over his eyes. “Just because your hair is covered by a purple million dollar cow shitting chocolate doesn´t mean it´s better,” Stephan joked. “What did I do that you´re always so terribly nice,” Andi laughed but added “noo, I love your hair.” There was a moment of silence and their steps on the stony way were the only sound disturbing it. Andi cursed himself for his last words and in the darkness he couldn´t see how Stephan had blushed and now had a little smile on his face. Suddenly there was a sound of shoes slipping on stone and Andi heard Stephan breathing in sharply and the he felt his hand on his arm. “Uh, shit, it´s so dark I think I tripped over something,” Stephan mumbled and was about to remove his hand from Andi´s arm but he seemed to hesitate. “You better continue holding onto me or you will break your neck,” the taller boy giggled, “I just want to remember you of this morning when yo alm-” “Oh shut up, “ Stephan answered but then moved his hand from Andi´s upper arm, that he had held onto when he stumbled, down to his hand and almost shyly grabbed it. At first their grip was weak but it grew firmer and their fingers entangled. “I still sometimes can´t believe someone as clumsy as you makes it down the hill safe and sound,” Andi giggled and stroked the back of Stephan´s hand with his thumb. Again they fell quiet and just walked; the lights of the parking already appeared at the end of the way. “Anyway,” Andreas cleared his throat, “back to what I was telling earlier. So I spotted this person in the green jacket and with messy hair,” he gave Stephan a cheeky look and felt him slightly squeezing his fingers, “and somehow was very sure it was you. So I decided to scare you and put my hands over the person´s eyes… well turned out it was Peter…” “I imagine he was quite flabbergasted,” Stephan giggled and then grinned cheekily as he asked his next question. “But what were you going to do then?” “Huh?” The boy walking next to him looked at him doubtfully. “I mean,” Stephan stopped and turned to Andi, a smirk on his face, “ what would you have done if it had been me and you had put your hands around my eyes?” Andi, who now understood where this was going, grinned. “Well,” he began, “I guess you would have turned around.” He came a step closer to Stephan, their faces were just a few centimetres apart now. “And then?” Stephan whispered, his voice slightly trembling from excitement and maybe fear. “And I would still have my arms around your neck,” Andi breathed and hesitatingly lifted his free hand to Stephan´s face, the other one still was tightly holding his hand. “I would have been surprised but then I would have realized that it was exactly the situation I had been waiting for and imagining all this time,” Stephan said softly and put his free hand on Andi´s waist, slowly pulling him closer. Andreas just had the time think how small Stephan was next to him and how he had never realized it until their lips touched. He felt Stephan´s lips slightly trembling and as if to calm him he put one hand on the back of his head, minimizing the distance between their bodies, and with other one, that had been holding Stephan´s hand until now, he slowly moved up his arm. Stephan had now put both arms around Andi´s waist and lifted himself a bit on his toes. For a second, Andreas pulled back to catch his breath and looked into Stephan´s face. His amazingly cute dimples had appeared and he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Is this what you imagined,” Andi asked tenderly. “No,” Stephan sighed and chuckled at the look on Andi´s face. “This is so much better!” And with this words he pressed his lips on the other boy´s lips again. Andi gasped and slightly opened his mouth; the feeling of Stephan´s soft lips on his, of his hands holding him tightly made him forget everything around him. He felt like falling and flying at the same time, it was like ski flying only so much more intense. Eventually, Stephan gently pulled his head back and whispered:”We should really hurry now if we don´t want the car to leave without us.” They still were standing tightly hugged and Andi was softly stroking Stephan´s cheek. “Alright,” the taller boy sighed, “you´re probably right. Let´s go!” “I am right,” Stephan grinned cheekily, “but before we do go I think I´ve got to fix you up a little because you look like…,” he examined Andi´s face, searching for the right phrase. “Like I just heavily made out with somebody?” Andi laughed. “I suppose so,” Stephan giggled while adjusting the other boy´s purple beanie. “Well, lucky for us that it´s so dark,” he smiled. They continued walking towards the parking, their hands subtly touching. Just as they reached the light of the first lamp illuminating the parking place – they could already see the car and their teammates waiting impatiently – Stephan leaned over to Andi and whispered:”We definitively have to repeat that.” “Yes, we do,” Andreas giggled and both smiling they hurried up to the vehicle. “What have you two been doing? We have been waiting for hours!” Richi complained. “Sorry,” Andi mumbled, “the interview took a bit longer.” As they already were sitting in the car, Markus turned around from the front seat. “Why are the two of you smiling so mysteriously all the time anyway? Stephan and Andi looked at each other and trying to contain his laughter, Stephan said: “Nothing, really…”

Touken Fic: A touch

Title: A touch

Requested by Anon

Kaneki gets in fight with Touka’s boyfriend and later she tends to his wound and now he’s in love.

* * *

He sat with his back against the wall, hissing in pain. There was blood dripping from his hand and it fell on the ground. He had thought he wasn’t capable of getting hurt like this again, not after he became a … ghoul.

The boy shouldn’t have done it. If he had behaved himself, Kaneki wouldn’t have ended up sitting here and cursing in his mind. He stared at the blood after raising his hand. So, so red. Yet it wasn’t the pain that made him angry, it was that stupid boy’s face and his words.

Kaneki had been making coffee when he had noticed the boy dragging Touka with her arm outside the shop. Unease had flared up inside him as he made a decision of following them. He was in a dilemma since he knew Touka could handle whatever situation it was and was more than capable of smacking someone to their senses if she needed to.

When he had set the cup down and made it to the door, he had realized that the reason he was following them was not just because he was worried about her but…he was curious too. He had seen her with that boy before as well, when he had come to the shop and drank latte and had made her laugh at a very stupid joke.

He had found them at the back of the store and he had heard that boy yelling at Touka about something. Kaneki had stood by the wall and heard him speak for a minute or so before he had lost it.

‘’I didn’t date you so you could whore around and-’’ Kaneki and rushed towards the boy, whirled him around and punched him straight in the face. What happened after that resulted in Touka yelling at both of them, the boy almost breaking Kaneki’s hand and Touka getting close to breaking her boy- no, ex-boyfriend’s neck.

‘’You shouldn’t have done it.’’ He didn’t heard her coming there but when she spoke, he looked up to find her staring at him, there was a box in her hand and frown on her face.

‘’I’m sorry’’ He replied as she sat down beside him, so close that their shoulders were touching. He didn’t move and a part of him was glad that she didn’t either.

‘’For what?’’ She asked him and opened the box,

‘’For you having to deal with a person like that.’’ He looked at her and their gazes collided, suddenly he could hear his heartbeat a little louder than before and suddenly, her stare became too intense.

When she finally looked away from him, he let out a sigh of relief. Touka snorted, ‘’You should worry about yourself idiot.’’ She told him but this time her tone was soft. No sarcasm or hatred or annoyance. She unrolled the bandage and cut it with a scissor.

‘’You need to disinfect it first.’’ Kaneki told her, holding out his hand and trying to hide his smile.

She glared at him, ‘’I know that!’’ He felt a laugh bubbling inside him from her reaction. But he didn’t laugh because he didn’t want her to get angry at him. It was one of those moments when she was talking to him - actually talking with him. He wasn’t going to let himself ruin it.

She disinfected the would, grabbing his hand first and cleaned the blood. Some of it smudged on her hand as well, red against her cream ones, but she never complained. As she dressed his wound, her face was bent and her eyes were trained on his hand with focus. But his eyes…he couldn’t take them off her.

He noticed that her hair were really dark without being black and it was a color of midnight and her eyes were like jewels. He noticed that her lips were pink and soft and he could have -

Shit! No! What was he thinking? This was Touka, this was a ghoul and she probably hated him.

When she was done, she looked up and Kaneki quickly averted his gaze, scared of being caught. She was way to perceptive.

‘’Its done’’

‘’Thank you’’

‘’I’m the one who should say it,’’ she replied, surprising him. He turned to face her, unable to hide his shock, ‘’but what to do? I’m not good at words.’’ No she wasn’t.

She didn’t thanked him at all, instead she closed the small distance between them and planted a kiss on his cheek. Her lips made contact with his skin and something inside him exploded. She didn’t pull back right away and let her soft lips linger there and Kaneki swallowed, acutely aware of his impossibly beating heart.

And he realized why he had followed her and that guy out.

Because he was jealous.

anonymous asked:

I still can't believe how easily henrik spit the water out of his mouth mid kiss (when they resurface, in the pool scene).. I'd drown to death if I had mouth full of water while kissing someone :( kissing with mouth full of water and not dying? Check. Going up the stairs while looking backwards and not breaking neck? Check. This boy is gifted as fuck.

big mood

HamilSquad™ - Chapter 1

Tags: College AU, Hamilton Musical, Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan/Lafayette

Story Summary: Alexander Hamilton is a freshman in college, and when his roommates Thomas, James, and Burr kick him out within the first month of him living in New York, Alexander needs a new home, and new roommates. Luckily, John Laurens is a dork and hangs flyers around school stating that he and his two other roommates (Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan) are in need of a fourth person to pay rent, and Alexander hits them up. They’re all hilarious and click really quickly, the triplet easily becoming a quartet. Plus, Alexander would get to live with three attractive guys, including one REALLY cute John Laurens. Definitely a welcome bonus.

Words in Chapter 1: 1076

Story Rating: T (Teen and Up) for the reason of curse words, terrible innuendos, and alcohol mentions in much later chapters. All TW listed at start of chapter.

TW for Chapter: Mention (very very briefly) of Hamilton’s mother’s death, food (only coffee and flan are mentioned but I thought better be safe than sorry), and homelessness


Chapter 1: The Roommate’s Pamphlet

           As of 5:00am this morning, Alexander Hamilton was homeless. Burr always told him that his mouth was going to be the thing to get him in trouble, but he never guessed Burr would actually be right about something for once. He had been dorming with a three guys from the debate team for the first month of his college career when they suddenly decided they’d had enough of him. Ok so, maybe it wasn’t so sudden. Alexander just could never resist his constant urge to roast Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. They’re both assholes, Alexander told himself. They deserved it.

           But, understandably, one could only take so much roasting, and Jefferson and Adams soon reached the end of their ropes. Aaron Burr, never one for confrontation, tried to remain completely impartial to the quarrel going on between the three; the only opinion he voiced being that they were all being extremely immature. His un-alignment shattered, however, when Alexander got fed up about having no one on his side and accused Burr of having no opinions on anything. Alexander could remember exactly what he had said to the stoic man clear as day. “If you stand for nothing Burr, what do you fall for?” Burr immediately chose a side after that and, unsurprisingly, it sure wasn’t Hamilton’s.

           So that’s how Alexander Hamilton, Political Science major and straight A student, ended up on the streets after only a month of living in New York. It’s not like Alexander was super worried. It was summer still; classes hadn’t started yet for people who took the summer semester off. Plenty of freshmen were moving in soon, Alexander just happened to be early. Surely there’s going to be plenty of people in need of roommates. Alexander told himself as he approached Starbucks, in desperate need to put his duffle bag down (with everything he owned in it, he never was a man of many belongings) and a break.

           Alexander ordered himself a Caramel Flan Frappuccino (he deserved a break, sue him) from a cheery barista named Maria and sat down at the booth closest to door. It was situated against a large window, which Alexander ended up people watching out of when he decided it wasn’t worth digging through his duffel bag for his laptop. It was really just an excuse for Alexander “Non-Stop” Hamilton to actually relax for once. The coffee was nice. It reminded Alexander of his life in the Caribbean.

           More specifically, it reminded him of the flan his mother used to make for family dinners before his dad left. The flan his mother used to make for the two of them before they both got sick. The flan Alexander learned to make in the days he had gotten better, the days before she died. The flan Alexander made for his cousin the night before he-

           “JOHN NO GET BACK HERE!” Alexander is shocked out of his revere. A boy comes running down the sidewalk, looking to be about Alexander’s age, all mischief and freckles, his shoulder length brown curly hair bouncing wildly behind him as he runs at a break-neck speed. The boy stops abruptly in front of a lamppost, whipping out a bottle of superglue and a piece of paper from god knows where, and expertly glues the edges perfectly to the post in record time just to take off again. Another boy, more of a man really, comes running up just as boy number one (John, Alexander assumes) disappeared around the street corner.

           The second guy stops at the lamppost just like the first one, but doesn’t seem to have anything to add to it, laughing (why was he laughing?) at the paper as he attempted to take it down. The paper holds fast. As the guy struggled with the paper and shook his head in disbelief, Alexander got a good look at him, much better than the glance he’d gotten of John. This guy was tall, really tall, and really buff. He had his small afro contained in a headband stretched across his forehead, and he was dressed too fashionably to be chasing someone. Clearly he hadn’t planned on it. He had on nice white jean jacket over a navy blue t-shirt (matching his headband) with a pattern of tiny white stars. Not to mention the widely ripped blue jeans, showing off large expanses of his chocolate colored skin. “John I swear to god!” The guy takes off again, still laughing without a care in the world.

           Alexander shook himself out of his staring, closing his mouth all the way, realizing he had been gaping the slightest bit. He decided to take his coffee to go, the air conditioning was making him rather cold anyways, and walked outside to see just what, exactly, was this mysterious John posting around town that had his friend so hysterical.

           When Alexander made it to the post, he leaned in closely to read what seemed to a letter of sorts. This should be good. What Alexander got was even better than good, better than great even. The letter stated:


           Hey! Are you looking for a roommate? How about 3 obnoxiously loud males who occasionally drink too much and have board game night on Wednesdays and movie night on Thursdays? Don’t like cooking your own meals and enjoy having a 6”2 burly guy constantly doting on you and forcing delicious food down your throat? Don’t mind a French foreign exchange student walking around in his underwear 24/7 because he doesn’t understand American culture? (It’s all a lie he just wants an excuse to not put on pants.) Have enough sanity to listen to a college student rant about how cute turtles are, how amazing Disney is, and how fun football is? Then you’ve come to the right place!

           But in all seriousness though, we have a room open in our four-bedroom apartment and we could use the extra person paying rent. It has a big living room and Frenchy bought a giant flat screen TV with a Netflix we all use and a sweet kitchen. You’ll even get your own bathroom! That has to sound at least a little bit enticing. Right?

           Call us @ (431) 591-3332


John Laurens <3 (And Hercules and Lafayette who didn’t agree with the beautiful and extremely elegant choice of words in this flyer but were too lazy to write it themselves so they can deal with it)


         Perfect, Alexander thought.

[Chapter 2]


Summary: Daryl gets jealous and makes his feelings known .
Warnings: Swearing, smut.

You and Daryl were…well you didn’t even know what the hell you were. You weren’t together, you hadn’t even kissed, yet you were somehow more than friends. You both liked each other, you didn’t want to make the first move and scare Daryl off, so you were happy just to wait until he was ready to do it. Everyone in your group knew of your weird bond with Daryl, they all knew you liked each other and were rooting for you both to get together. You didn’t know but it was some unspoken rule in Alexandria that you were his, he’d made it clear that if any of the guys so much as looked at you longer than necessary, there would be hell to pay. One person who wasn’t aware of such fact was Jake, a new member of Alexandria with his small group, and of course yourself. Even though you knew Daryl liked you, you had no idea he had claimed you. You had to admit Jake was attractive but he wasn’t as rough around the edges as you liked, he wasn’t Daryl by a long shot, but you enjoyed his flirting and attention. You weren’t getting it from Daryl and it boosted your ego a little to have such attention. You never thought of yourself as overly pretty but you thought you were ok, yet no guys ever seemed interested and they stayed away from you. You didn’t know Daryl had put the fear of God into them. You’d been helping Denise out and was now walking home, Jake had seen you and decided to walk with you, just chatting about random stuff. He kept flirting and touching your arm every now and again. Daryl was sat on the porch with Rick and they saw you both down the road.

“The fuck does that prick think he’s doin’?!” Daryl seethed whilst glaring at Jake, making Rick smirk a little at how jealous he was.
“He probably doesn’t know Daryl, he’s new around here.” Rick explained, trying to ease his brother’s mind.
“Look at ‘im! Fuckin’ touchin’ ‘er, got his dirty fuckin’ paws all over ‘er!” He snapped, his southern twang getting stronger with his rage. They both watched as Jake continued to touch you and make you laugh.
“Daryl, I hate to say it, but you aren’t technically together and she doesn’t seem to mind the attention.” Rick said apologetically, he didn’t want to piss Daryl off but he hoped this would be the push he needed to finally make a move. Daryl just grunted in response whilst glaring at Jake so hard, Rick thought he might spontaneously combust. Daryl knew Rick was right, even though you were his, technically you weren’t. He knew what he needed to do to rectify this but he was always too scared to take the next step, but maybe it was time. He knew you liked him, he knew what you wanted, that was never the issue, but he felt like making it official would make it hurt worse if anything was to happen. You and Jake had now reached the house and he had his arm around you as you walked up the path to the porch. Daryls jaw was clenched and he was trying his hardest to keep himself in check, but when he saw Jake’s arm around you he couldn’t control it anymore. He jumped up and stalked over, Rick right behind to make sure Daryl didn’t lose it.

“Get yer damn hands of my woman boy, ‘fore break yer neck,” Daryl growled menacingly as he got in Jake’s face. Rick grabbed Daryls arm to pull him back a little. Your eyes went wide, his woman , you had never heard him say that before and you would be lying if you said it didn’t make your lady parts tingle. Daryl grabbed your wrist and pulled you out of Jake’s grasp and possessively put his arm around you.
“I-I didn’t know man! I’m sorry! I didn’t know she was taken!” Jake stuttered, he was shitting himself, he managed to piss off the one guy he knew he shouldn’t have.
“Well she is, she’s mine! So fuck off!” Daryl barked, and to make his point he grabbed your jaw and forcefully kissed you. He wanted to drive home the fact you were off limits, he would piss on you if he fucking had to, he was publicly claiming you once and for all. You were shocked at first but then kissed back, it was only a short kiss but its meaning was clear.
“Go on, tell ‘im who ya belong to.” Daryl told you as he smirked at Jake.
“I belong to Daryl.” You said, trying to hide your smile as you were desperately turned on by Daryls public display of possessiveness. People were watching and you couldn’t help but love it. Daryl looked at Jake with a ridiculously smug face and Jake put his head down and walked off.
“C’mon.” Daryl growled as he pulled you into the house and up to his room. He shut the door behind him and backed you up to the bed.
“What are you doing Daryl?” You asked amused and slightly nervous.
“Claimin’ ya.” He stated, like it was painfully obvious.

Before you had a chance to respond he caught your lips with his own in a passionate kiss, his tongue tangled with yours as one hand gripped your hair and the other your waist. You couldn’t believe this was finally happening. His touch sent fire through your veins and you couldn’t get enough. You let out a little moan and he growled and pushed you onto the bed, he slowly crawled over you biting his lip. You ran your hands through his hair and he closed his eyes and made a satisfied noise. He pulled your shirt and pants off leaving you in just your underwear, he licked his lips and then stood up to remove his own clothes. When he removed his pants you realised he wasn’t wearing boxers and his impressive dick sprung free straight away. Your breathing hitched and he smirked as he crawled back over you.
“Like what ya see baby?” He asked raising his eyebrows suggestively, you couldn’t help but blush which made him smirk more. He reached round your back to unclasp your bra and chucked it across the room. He admired your soft globes as he caressed them appreciatively, earning a moan from you.

“These are mine.” He growled as he started to bite and suck your soft breasts, purposely leaving marks behind. The sensation had you squirming and you felt yourself get even wetter.
He hooked his fingers in the waist band of your panties and slowly removed them, never breaking eye contact. Once he removed them he kissed your stomach, getting lower and lower, he reached your mound he kissed it and inhaled deeply. Your scent filled his nostrils and he released a deep growl, his inner animal being released. The primal need to take you and make you his was even stronger.
“Fuck, ya smell so good baby.” He purred as he placed small kisses on your wet lips.
He ran his tongue along your wet slit and groaned.
“Taste so damn good too.” He hummed as he started to mark your thighs, growling “Mine.” Every time he left a mark.
He crawled his way back up to your face, placing kisses and marking you anywhere he could as he went. He lined his hard dick up with your centre, rubbing your wetness around a little first, making you moan in desperation. He slowly pushed in savouring the feeling of your velvety walls against him, groaning as he filled you to the hilt. He rested a forearm next to your head whilst his other hand gripped your thigh as he pulled your leg up to get in deeper.

“Yer mine.” He drawled as he started thrusting deeper and faster, making you arch your back and moan. Your moans were making his head spin, it was the best noise he had ever heard and he didn’t want it to stop. He was grinding down when he was fully buried in your warm wet core, rubbing himself on your clit. Your eyes rolled back as the pleasure consumed you, making you feel like you were floating.
“Say it.” He commanded as he pinned your arms above your head lacing his fingers with yours, making you moan even louder.
“I’m yours.” You whimpered, trying not to give in to the pleasure, you never wanted this to end.
“Mine.” He growled as his thrusts started to get faster.
“Cum for me baby.” He moaned as he started sucking your neck, marking you on every piece of flesh he could. The pleasure crashed over you like a tidal wave and you came hard shouting his name. Watching you in ecstasy pushed him over the edge as he started to wildly buck his hips and find his release as he growled and cursed.
You both lay there panting heavily, coming down from your highs.

Daryl looked you in the eyes and smiled before giving you a slow and tender kiss.
“Yer mine.” He whispered softly against your lips, making you smile.
“All yours.” You said softly.

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haha! really?? you??? little boy i can break your neck easily

Sure, dude. If I can’t beat you, Cel can. You don’t realize what my girlfriend is capable of. She’s not exactly a wimp. She’d probably kill you before you had a chance to touch her. I’ve seen her hurt people before since they’re douches to her. You don’t want to anger her, dude, it’s for the best.

You know that one word that'll turn you off from reading a fic, even though it is well written?

Apparently that word is “bluenette” for me.

Just Kids in Love

Genre: fluff

Warnings: cursing, derogatory word used like twice, tiny bit of bullying (only for the plot nothing srs) I think that is it 

Words: ~3,200

Summary: Dan and Phil grow up together and stuff it cute

a/n I think this is my favorite oneshot i’ve written so far which is weird because I usually hate these kinds of fics so pls love it :)) <3

Dan, 9; Phil, 10.


Phil ran excitedly over to his friend, hugging him enthusiastically. Dan giggled wildly as Phil toppled him to the ground. “I missed you, Dan.”

“I saw you yesterday!” Dan said, still being pinned to the ground by his friend.

“And that’s simply too much time away from you.”

He continued hugging Dan for a few seconds, still on the floor, before Dan carefully pushed him off of himself. He stood up and pulled Phil with him. “We have to go inside now, I heard Miss yell for us. Meet me after school by the gates, okay?” Phil nodded before they made their way into the school.

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  • Newt: *pins Janson against the wall*
  • Newt: call them subjects one more time and i'll break your bloody neck!!!!
  • Me: YES NEWt
  • Me: YES BOY
  • Me: *pulls out a huge poster of Newt's face*
  • Me: *waves it in the air*