the boy with the jaw

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🎈 omg,,, it's ty and josh's first time and Ty's making cute little noises and whimpering as Josh is slowly thrusting and they're kissing and it's soft, Josh tells Ty how good he is and how lucky they are to have each other it's so nice,,

tyler’s legs tremble around josh’s waist, perfect lips fallen open as he whimpers and makes these cute little “unh” noises.

“unh, joshie.” his hands are light on the back of josh’s neck, cupped there as his fingers thread through josh’s bright, curly hair. “joshie.”

“my good boy,” josh sighs, gives a damp kiss to tyler’s jaw and rolls his hips in such a way that tyler gasps and arches under him. “so lucky to have you, ty. my beautiful boy.”

“ah, joshua…’s so good. can’t tell, but my…my toes are curlin’.”

he drags josh down for a proper kiss and josh thinks that’s so cute that he has to see, ghosts a hand from tyler’s side to his waist, down his thigh and back to his calf, ending at his toes, curled in toward the bottom of his foot.

tyler giggles and flushes and josh flicks his toes. “that good?”

“really good, josh. like…so good. can’t you tell?” he waggles his brows, gives a meaningful glance down between them, where he’s hard and leaking on the tan swell of his stomach.

“you’re so beautiful,” josh says, and kisses him again.

What bighit does when all the knives are broken

Bighit: Jimin come here

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Noah fence, but like you know what’s really great? trans boys. mlm trans boys. and trans boys with floppy hair. trans boys with colorful hair. trans boys who get really excited when they talk about their binder, but also trans boys who don’t feel like they need or want a binder. trans boys who wear t-shirts and jeans every day. and trans boys who wear eyeliner and lipstick. trans boys with big eyes. trans boys with arched eyebrows. trans boys with strong jaws. trans boys with big lips. trans boys who use the butterfly snapchat filter and excitedly send you photos because look how handsome they look. and trans boys who don’t know what to do with their hands in pictures. trans boys in backwards snapbacks and trans boys in button downs and trans boys in joggers. wow I love boys so much. and trans boys are so pure and perfect.