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when are people gonna realize that carefree black boys is for BLACK BOYS. if a black boy’s idea of being carefree is just wearing a flower crown, why are you condemning them? do you see the irony of you being mad that their standard of carefree is the standard you had in mind? for some black boys wearing flowers in their hair is a big step in breaking gender barriers. let niggas be carefree in their own way. damn.

So far away.

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Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Request:  Can you write a angst/fluff story about Jungkook based on their song Butterfly? Pleeeeaaasssseeeuu~?

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“Be by my side
Will you promise me
If I touch you I’m afraid you’d fly away or break
I’m afraid afraid afraid”

Jungkook knew that entering a relationship while being an Idol was going to be difficult but he couldn’t resist you. He had met you at an arcade after your boyfriend had broken up with you and he had seen you looking lost and upset and he had abandoned the boys during they’re break in filming and approached you “Hey, um are you alright?” He asked nervously.

You looked at him tears stinging your eyes. The only reason you were allowed in the arcade was because your sister was the owner and today was you anniversary with your boyfriend but he had called you while you were waiting and left you alone. “I’m alright thank you.” You whispered knowing if you spoke any louder your voice would crack.

He looked around trying to think of what to do or say to help. “I’m on a break right now do you wanna verse me? My friends are to competitive.” He asked biting his lip.

You saw the genuine concern in his face and looked at the nearest game which was just a shooting game but you nodded anyway without feeling the need to respond. You both had a wonderful time and you stayed to watch them film something before getting a ride home with your sister where you continued to talk to Jungkook through the night.

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i am seriously freaked out by guys earnestly saying they’re “homosexual but heteroromantic”. like that breaks my fucking heart. boys, boys, you can love another man. you’re allowed to. it’s beautiful and precious and one of the best things in the universe, romantic love between two men. it’s possible, i promise you. 

i think us gays might want to sit down and talk about compulsory heterosexuality too, before this shit gets out of hand.

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okay, so you know how nct is a rotational group and all that,, but what if sm decides to make the rookie girls into a female nct unit? Do you think it'll be cool?

as a person who anticipated sm rookie boys for years and got the bomb dropped about nct— MY HEART WOULD BREAK IF THE GIRLS WERE PUT INTO A UNIT GROUP LIKE NCT 💔 i know nct’s concept of units and rotations isn’t confusing for us, but nct isn’t as strong in korea due to this! if it does happen i wouldn’t mind but if it can be avoided i hope it is…especially with how tough the girl group market is becoming they’ll need to be managed carefully and yeah :( for that same reason people didn’t put up so much on after school and in the beginning suju was formed to become a fixed group bc of it haha idk i just hope sm focuses on our few princesses and make them a good strong group 💓

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So there's this guy that always calls me babygirl , but he has a gf yet he's been calling me this since day one of school and it's getting old because I can't tell if I like him or not😪

ooooo yikes, he sounds like a FUCK BOI TO ME!!!! i know soo many guys who flirt with other girls when their gf isn’t around. think of it this way: pretend you went through with ur ‘possible’ feelings for him and you were his gf, how would that make you feel, of him flirting with other girls and calling them babygirl? not good i’d suppose so if i were u i would stay CLEAR not only for the drama but for ur own heart lol, we don’t want boys who break hearts as bfs!


she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco


Please, please, please think before you burden Jared (or Jensen) with something that might be difficult for them to hear. Tell them thank you, let them know you appreciate what they’ve done for this fandom, but please don’t do this to them.

Autographs have already been taken away from everyone but Gold and Silver ticket holders. If this continues, we are going to lose all access to the boys.