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George Washington x Reader, Bro!Alex x Reader’s Daughter

Modern AU

Sequel to: Meeting the Family, Becoming Part of the Family, Baby Washington

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 1392

Warnings: Babies, inexperienced baby sitting, swearing, I don’t know very much about babies sorry

Request: Have you considered writing another sequel for Meeting the Family? Where Alex and the baby bond or going to the distant future where her big brothers beat up boys that flirt with her or the guy who broke her heart? Or both? It’s always up to you, but I would love to read it! -anon

A/N: So, I just did the first part of this with the bonding and I will do another one probably on Tuesday with the boys beating up people that break the girls heart. Sadly, this doesn’t have too much reader in this and I’m really sorry for that. And it’s also more of a Fem!reader and I apologize for that because I do like to make things as unisex as possible. Hope you guys enjoy this though and have an amazing day! Love y’all!

Eleanor was growing quickly and Alex had made it painfully obvious by staying away from her. He still wanted nothing to do to her, meanwhile the other boys couldn’t leave her alone. Besides all the attempt you and George made, Alex refused to spend anymore time with Eleanor than he needed to. That was until he was stuck babysitting her.

“Why am I babysitting her? Can’t someone else do it?” Alex whined, watching you and George get ready for a business party he had that night.

“Sorry Alex, but everyone else is busy tonight.” You smiled sympathetically, ruffling his hair as you walked past him.

“I’m busy tonight too!” Alex exclaimed, glaring at you and George.

“Really? Doing what? This afternoon when I asked, you said you were going to be staying home tonight.” George said, trying not to lose his patience with him.

“Yeah, until I found out I’d be stuck with her.” Alex growled, just the thought of the baby making him even more angry.

“Alex, what do you want us to do? Make one of the other boys cancel on their plans?” You asked, slowly growing exasperated with the complaining boy.

“That sounds perfect!” Alex nodded, looking at the two of you expectantly.

“That’s not fair to the others. They have been babysitting her every time we go out for the past six months of her life. It’s time you helped out Alex.” George said, pulling on his suit jacket as you grabbed your own coat.

“You can’t leave me with her!” Alex cried, following the two of you into the little play pen where Eleanor was crawling around.

“You’ll be fine Alex, she’s just a baby.” You said, picking up Eleanor from the play pen. “She already had dinner so there’s not much you have to do. Just let her crawl around and play for a little bit, maybe you could read to her and put her to bed at 7:30. Remember to keep the baby monitor next to you at all times.”

“I don’t think I can do this.” Alex gulped as you handed him Eleanor to hold.

“Call us if anything happens.” George said to Alex, before softening slightly as he turned to Eleanor. “Bye bye sweetheart. Be a good girl for Alex!”

The two of you hugged Alex and Eleanor before leaving the house and the two of them alone.

“Ugh, it’s just me and you now.” Alex sighed looking down at the girl who was just staring at the door her parents had just gone through.

“Dada?” Eleanor asked, her eyes starting to well up with tears.

“Yeah, he left you kid.” Alex said, not noticing that Eleanor was on the verge of crying.

“DADA!” Eleanor started to scream and cry making Alex jump.

Alex had no idea what to do. Sure, he had seen the rest of the family take care of Eleanor, but he had never done it himself. He had no experience with babies and started to look around frantically for something to calm her down.

“Um…you want your blanket?” Alex asked, trying to hand the girl he favorite blanket that she quickly denied. “Okay, how about this teddy bear?” He tried again only for the crying to get louder.

He started thinking really of hard on what he had seen the others do. Hercules would usually start humming a song. Thomas would usually started bouncing her and talk in a soothing voice. And Aaron would usually hand the baby to anyone else before running out of the room.

Deciding to follow the other boys example, besides Aaron, he started to bounce Eleanor gently as he paced the room and sang one of his favorite songs very softly. Eleanor slowly began to stop crying and instead look up at the boy that was holding her. Eleanor had only been held by Alex once but, found him very safe to be around.

“See? There’s no need to cry.” Alex said in almost a whisper, the girl in his arms starting to smile up at him.

“Okay let’s go down to the living room so I can watch a movie while you play with whatever the hell these toys are.” Alex said, grabbing a few of Eleanor’s toys before taking her down to the living room.

Alex placed her inside another one of her play pens with her toys. Alex turned on a movie and almost forgot about the small girl crawling around. That was until she started throwing her toys at him.

“What do you want?” Alex snapped, Eleanor giggled at his unamused expression. “Oh, you think it’s funny when I’m upset do ya?”

Eleanor crawled the closest she could to Alex while staying within her play pen. She held up her arms as a signal to be lifted up. Alex sighed and rolled his eyes before picking the small girl up.

“You’re needy, did you know that?” Alex asked, Eleanor snuggling into his chest as he sat back down on the couch.

Alex looked down at the small girl in his arms and couldn’t help but smile. He wouldn’t admit it, but he was warming up the girl. Looking at her smiling up at him, Alex could feel his heart break a little. He had been ignoring this little girl for the first seven months of her life. Strangely enough, Alex hadn’t done a lot with Eleanor that night but he felt a bond with her. She was his baby sister and he felt the need to protect her.

“Ellie, you’re making me go soft. Stop looking at me.” Alex grumbled, hoping to make these feelings of love for her go back to hatred and envy. “Oh god, I used a nickname.” Alex huffed, realizing his mistake.

Eleanor giggled, making Alex look back down at her.

“Well, since we’re going to be here a while, I guess you may as well learn something.” Alex sighed, before moving Eleanor onto his lap to face him. “Repeat after me, Alex.”

Eleanor stared up at him blankly as he looked at her expectantly.

“Okay, we will try again. Alex. Al-ex.” He tried pronouncing out the syllables more clearly only to be met with silence again. “Come on! It’s not that hard, Ellie. If you can say Dada and Mama then you can say Alex. Al-ex, Alex, Al-ex.”

Eleanor smiled not even opening her mouth for an attempt.

“Well, I guess some of us are slow-” Alex was stopped mid sentence by the little girl in his lap.

“Awex! Awex! AWEX!” Eleanor started yelling, Alex grinned widely.

“That’s my girl, now let’s teach you what you need to call Thomas.” Alex smirked before pulling a picture of Thomas in front of the girl.


You and George walked slowly into the peaceful house. It was almost too peaceful. You could hear the sounds of a movie coming from the living room.

“Do you think Alex got Eleanor to bed fine tonight?” You asked, the two of you walking down the hallway towards the living room.

“I’m sure he did great. I mean he didn’t call us at all.” George reassured you.

“Okay, I just hope this didn’t make him dislike her anymore.” You said, peeking your head into the living room before giggling. “Actually, I think Alex may have made a new friend.”

“What do you mean?” George asked, following your gaze before starting to laugh.

Alex was lying on the couch fast asleep with a Eleanor snuggled into his chest. He had one arm wrapped around her to keep her from rolling off of him and the couch. The two of them had a happy expression on their face as they slept.

“Should we wake them?” George asked, a large smile on his face.

“No, let’s let them sleep.” You smiled, leaning into George.

“I told you Alex would eventually get over it. He just needed some time to get to know her.” George said, pressing a kiss to your cheek before the two of you headed to your bedroom.

You and George were ecstatic that finally all of the boys loved Eleanor just as much as the two of you did. Everything seemed to finally fall into place. At least until the next morning where Eleanor would start to call Thomas some things you’d rather not repeat. Well, at least they bonded.

Fangirl (Or Boy) Problem #3
  • Parental unit: So are they gay?
  • Me Externally: lol i wish

idk how anyone could find renaissance history boring. raphael was italy’s biggest playboy and died b/c he got a fever from having too much sex and wouldn’t tell the doctors the cause. michelangelo was a bitter and angry old man who took to mocking others like da vinci publicly, and da vinci himself was the world’s worst procrastinator and never finished anything.


The Blind Boy - Phanart - @jilliancares

Okay, first before we start, let’s please give my poor pens a big round of applause bc poor things I thought I would lose them on the way.

This is the phanart i made for the phanfic The blind boy by jilliancares (which if you are part of the phandom and you haven’t read. Just. Why. Go. Now.) There were so many more parts I wanted to drawwwwww, I actually had more but after a tiny accident in my kitchen (kids, don’t eat while drawing), well, stuff happened, but i really want to draw moreeee. Who knows maybe i’ll do a part two.

hEY jILLIAN. I managed to finishhhhhh. Wuhuuuuu. Pls don’t stare at it too much or else the mistakes are going to reveal themselves. Jk stare at it as long as u want hujujujuuuu. Getting to the important bit, I LOVE YOU AND YOUR STORY WAS AWSOME AND I CAN’T WAIT TO READ MISPLACED (im saving up the chapters, why do i do this to myself) AND JUST LET ME TELL YOU THAT I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE AND sorry if i let you down with the drawings I TRIED MY BEST. I LOV U



Nina’s Fic Recs

Week 2 - In which Nina realizes she reads way too damn much oops

Date Night by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, bit of angst, smut.  Man, when Sam apologizes, he really brings out the big guns… HOO BOY.

In The Beginning by @cleverdame - Daddy!Sam x Reader drabble of sorts, heartbreakingly cute fluff. Just… sweet, loving, gentle, nervous first-time Daddy!Sam. IM NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING

Escape by @lipstickandwhiskey - Sort of Dean x Reader, kind of angst. Warnings for some torture/violence. Reader is an absolute badass, and while we all like the idea of being badass enough to save ourselves, who wouldn’t want knight-in-shining-armor Dean Winchester riding to the rescue??

Just Another Monday by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing - Dean x Reader, fluff. Oh Dean… so oblivious. Your feelings aren’t gonna bite ya know… 

All Is Beautiful Pt.1 Pt.2 by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader series, Angst, smut, and fluff (the whole shebang lol). Some sexual themed violence, so heed the warnings. This is just everything Sam is, all wrapped up into one fic… the sweet, sensitive, fierce, amazing protector and hunter we all care about. What I wouldn’t give to be able to run away with him.

Close Every Door by @jotink78 - Dean x Reader series (completed), mostly angst with a happy ending.  Some heavy descriptions of torture, so definitely heed the warnings.   I just started reading this series the other day and ITS SO GOOD I blew through the whole thing in a day I just COULD NOT put it down. 

First and Last by @scorpiongirl1 - Sam x Reader, A/B/O dynamics, SMUT. Uhmm. Holy fuck. Dayummm. Just… damn. Stock up on batteries/towels/water bottles/what-have-you before you read this one, kay?

Mysterious Hazelnut by @deanwinchester-af - Sam x Reader, fluff. This story is the kind of coffee shop AU that gives me unrealistic expectations about coffee shops…. like, WHY CANT THIS EVER HAPPEN TO ME ITS SO CUTE AND PERFECT 

This gif drabble by @cleverdame - Sam x Reader, smut. Ok so I know her writings are on here like 3 times but I just discovered her this week so I’ve been slowly reading over her Master List so forgive me… And uhhhh for this one, I’m gonna need a minute over here… and maybe a change of undies.

Laundry Day by @moonlitskinwalker - Dean x Reader, maybe a little bit of fluff, and smut. Domesticity looks DAMN GOOD on Dean Winchester. Also, WHO WOULDNT WANNA WEAR HIS SHIRT… AND ONLY THE SHIRT???

This gif drabble by @impalaimagining - Sam x Reader, smut. No one in their right mind would consider that either Winchester would ever have trouble… ya know…. getting the job done… But man, do you have all kinds of fun finding a workaround ;)

Wanna Build A Snowman? by @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog - Sam x Reader, fluff. We just had a huge snowstorm here and now I’m so sad that there’s no Sam to come and play with me

The Oldest Man In The Room by @winchester-with-wings - Steve Rogers x Reader, fluff. Oh my god I have never heard of anything more romantic than Steve Rogers, dressed as Captain America, being dropped from the sky practically into your lap by Tony Stark (as Iron Man). WAY better than flowers and chocolate :D

A Time To Celebrate by @littlegreenplasticsoldier - Cas x Reader, fluff. Oh my god, Cas, could you BE any more adorable??? I just love how seriously he takes things; this man does not know how to do (or more importantly, FEEL) anything halfway. One can only hope that intensity and passion will eventually translate into the bedroom…..

Sweet Relief by @winchestersnco - Nurse!Sam x Reader, fluff, smut. Another “oldie” but definitely a goodie. Just…. 10,000k+ words of PURE AMAZINGNESS 

The Fair Sun by @lipstickandwhiskey - Dean x Reader, slight angst, fluff.  I will literally NEVER tire of the trope where boy and girl are so totally in love with one another but are SO BLIND to the fact that their love is most DEFINITELY not unrequited. Like it’s just SO DAMN OBVIOUS and yet they still need a friggen Norse god to literally beam down from the sky to tell them to get their heads outta their asses. Amazing. 

And that’s it for this week! Now go read these - y’all have a lot to catch up on ;)

finally.. ........ the truth about the miraculous ladybug fans

Ladynoir Fans: watched too much anime when they were twelve

Adrienette Fans: see a cute boy in the soup aisle and start designing wedding invitation covers

Marichat Fans: who cares they’re not reading this they’re too busy writing porn

Ladrien Fans: like to suffer™

Dj Wifi Fans: pretend they just like the dynamic but are secretly crushing on Alya

Nathanette Fans: aren’t even pretending anymore like. they have like five homemade Nathanael plushies

Julerose Fans: everyone pretends Adrienette is the purest ship but these guys got it figured out

Heartrate Fans: they are definitely reading this since they’re on tumblr searching for another gif of the one scene they have

I’m reading an interview with Phyllis Smith and I’m gonna c r y

This is her talking about her cats names:

“Don’t laugh, because I’m not very inventive when it comes to cat names. They’re grey cats, so I have Shy Boy, I have Little Grey — those are the two twins — then I have Sweet Face, who has a very sweet face, and Princess, who turned out to be a prince. Those are my four babies. They went to New York, too. They all went to New York when we filmed The OA.”

I love her so much

My Best Friend’s Brother Part 6

Title: My Best Friend’s Brother

Summary: Back in college you and Sam Winchester were the best of friends, you had even introduced him to Jess and became the official third wheel, the three of you were inseparable until Jess’s death and then your best friend just disappeared from your life. A few years later living in New York City you run into your ex best friend and piece some things together about his mysterious life. You and Dean grow close, he becomes your best friend too, but can you keep your feeling platonic and brotherly like they are with Sam?

Pairing: Eventual Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam x Reader (Best friends)

Warnings: language, eventual smut in future parts

A/N:  Thank you everyone who has been reading these and giving feedback, it means so much to me<3 hope y'all enjoy this part, things are starting to heat up;)

You settled in your usual seat in the Impala between the boys. You were reading your book but found yourself re-reading the same line over and over. You were too distracted by every little movement Dean made. You kept sneaking looks at him from the corner of your eye, he was completely focused on the road though. Getting agitated you pulled your legs up criss-cross and pushed your reading glasses up that had a tendency to slide down your nose trying to re-focus on your book. The case was in New Mexico so you had about a 10 hour drive and were only on hour 2. You had put on a pair of black leggings and one of Dean’s white t-shirts tying it so a sliver of your stomach showed. You’d hoped to get some flirting or something from Dean on the car ride, with the two of you sitting so close but with Sam being there Dean wouldn’t even look at you. You’d even started to wonder if you’d made up all that stuff that happened today. You also didn’t know what you wanted it to mean. Dean was your best friend and you lived and hunted with him, you had a good thing going, but you couldn’t ignore the way he gave you butterflies or the heat between your legs from earlier…

“You ok Y/N?” Dean asked never taking his gaze from the road.

“Umm yeah I’m fine” you said quickly trying to focus back on your book.

“Sweetheart you’ve been reading the same page for the last thirty minutes” as he said this he moved his hand to rub your knee. You looked over at Sam and realized he’d fallen asleep.

“Well I’m a little distracted, have a lot on my mind…”

“Are you thinking about what happened earlier?” his grip on your leg tightened and moved up your thigh.

“Mmhmm” your heart beating faster, this man could make you lightheaded with just a touch.

“And what are you thinking about it?” He looked at you questioning.

You looked into his eyes and tried to decide what direction to take this conversation.

“Listen sweetheart if youre uncomfortable just tell me we can pretend nothing happened…” he looked away from you and removed his hand and you could see his hands tense as he spoke.

You turned and scooted closer to him, “No Dean that’s not what I want, I guess I’m just wondering what it will mean” you bit your lip and looked trying to figure out what you wanted

“I don’t know, I mean you’d still be my best friend, it just ya know would be a friendship with sexual benefits I guess”

You felt your heart sink at that, of course he didn’t want to be with you, at least not in any other way than sex and friendship.

“Or I mean maybe something else…” Dean continued, you looked at him and could tell he was uncomfortable and was trying to figure out what to say, “ or we, we could just act on what we’re feeling and just see where it goes from there”. Being Dean’s best friend you knew this was his way of saying that he wanted more than a friends with benefits set up too, but that he was just as confused as you were on how to go about this.  

You smiled up at him and he placed his hand on your leg again rubbing his thumb in circles, you wrapped your arms around him hugging him tightly, “ that sounds like a good plan to me Dean”.

“ You know I really care about you Y/N, whatever this is, it wont be just physical, at least for me, I just don’t know yet what all I can offer you, I don’t really do relationships”

“Whatever this is, it wont just be physical for me either. And I don’t have any expectations, I just know how you make me feel and I want to explore that,  we can take things slow and figure it out together”

“How slow exactly are we talking?” you could hear it in his voice that he wasn’t asking about the relationship aspect.

“Oh my god Dean that’s not what I meant” you said laughing and sitting up to look at him, “just the relationship side of it we’ll take slow”

“Thank god, because you are driving me crazy in my shirt, I won’t be able to keep my hands to myself” He said practically fucking you with his eyes.

You let out a loud laugh, “Well you’d better not keep your hands to yourself, after this morning my thoughts have become explicit fast and I don’t know how much longer I can wait” you turned bright red as soon as it left your mouth.

Dean chuckled, “Glad you enjoyed yourself” his hand creeping up your leg as he spoke.

You rested your chin on his shoulder and put your mouth next to his ear and whispered, “I just wish we were still back at the bunker so you could show me what exactly you meant when you said I was yours, and maybe mark me in a few other places…” referring to the bruise his mouth had left on your throat. You’d worn your hair down so Sam wouldn’t see it but you pulled your hair to one shoulder to give Dean a good look at it.

“Baby girl the things I want to do to you” he growled moving his hand to the top of your gripping hard enough that you knew youd have finger shaped bruises. You leaned in a little closer and pressed a kiss to Dean’s throat and feeling alittle brave by how excited he seemed you leaned in again bit down and sucked a love bite like he had done to you. Dean moaned at that sensation and you smiled, “well don’t stop now” he said wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you even tighter into him his hand then traveling down and giving your ass a squeeze.

“Dean we can talk but we cant go any further your brother is asleep less than an arm’s length away” you giggled at his frustrated groan.

“But that felt good you cant just tease me like that and then stop” he pleaded.

You lifted an eyebrow and smirked at him, “That’s exactly what you did to me earlier I think its only fair”

“You liked me teasing you and you know it” and before you could respond he pulled his hand back and landed a nice smack right on your ass and you couldn’t help the moan that escaped. You looked up at him wide eyed embarrassed and hid your face with your hands, “whoa there baby, maybe you’re a little kinkier than I thought” he said with a huge smile on his face, “I knew we should’ve watched 50 Shades together, a little more info on your kinks would come in handy know” he pulled you into his side and placed a kiss to your forehead.

Your embarrassment subsided a little and you said, “I’d rather you figure them out than me just tell you, it’s more fun that way, but yes I can definitely promise you I’m kinkier than you think” you said a little quieter feeling a blush spread across your face but you didn’t avert your eyes this time.

Dean looked down at you like he could devour you and you could feel the warmth and wetness pooling at your center, ”Sweetheart I cannot wait to discover every little thing that makes you squirm”. You smiled at him and snuggled into his side, you needed to calm yourself before Sam woke up. A few minutes passed and you and Dean had just been sitting in comfortable silence wrapped up in each other as much as you could and Dean still drive safely.

You were thinking again about everything that had happened and realized that through all of this the two of you still hadn’t kissed yet.

“what are you thinking about princess?”

“You haven’t called me that before” you said looking at him with a big smile, he blushed and looked forward shrugging, “I like that one too but my favorite is baby girl”

He smiled at that, “Well baby girl you still haven’t answered my question”

“I was just thinking about everything that’s happened between us the last few days and how its escalated yet we still haven’t kissed’’

Dean looked down at you and moved his arm to rub your side,”Don’t worry, you wont have to wait too much longer for that” you were at a stoplight and he leaned in like he was going to kiss you but he dipped his head down and placed a sweet kiss on your neck. He placed several kisses down your neck to you shoulder, moving your(his) shirt of out the way to place kisses on your collar bone back up your throat. His movements were so slow and tender you didn’t know if  you preferred this or the heated lustful fast moments. You just hoped you’d get to feel both to their fullest extent. He placed one last kiss on your jaw, and looked back into your eyes you could melt into those emerald eyes, his eyes dropped to your mouth and you hoped he didn’t hear your heart beating, but then the light turned green and he went back to driving with a smirk on his face. Right as you were about to get upset with him about getting you excited and leaving you again Sam started to stir.

“Mornin’ Sammy” Dean chuckled. Sam glared at Dean and started to sit up and reach for his bag to do some more research for the case. He was oblivious to the looks that kept passing between you and Dean.


“Sweetheart we’re here” you’re not sure when but you’d fallen asleep some time after you and the boys had stopped to get food and had slept through the rest of the drive apparently curled up in Deans lap. You looked up and Dean was smiling down at you and rubbing your shoulder.

“Im sorry I didn’t mean to sleep all over you” you said rubbing your eyes.

“Its ok sweetheart, Sammy is actually going to go do some interviews with Cas and so we can go rest in the motel room”

“Castiel is here!?”you shot up, you adored to awkward angel and hadn’t seen him in a while

“Yes Y/N, I am here” you looked out the passenger door and saw the trenchcoated angel.

“Cas!” you yelled crawling out of the car and almost knocking him over with a hug, “I’ve missed you Cas! Where have you been?” you asked smiling up at him, Cas still wasn’t great with physical contact but he always smiled and blushed whenever you hugged him like that.

“I had to take care of some things in heaven and it took a while, I am sorry I haven’t been in touch” Dean got out of the car and grabbed the bags and looked over at you impatiently, he was probably just tired from driving all night and wanted to get to the room to sleep.

“Alright well you two be safe and call us if you need anything, we’ll just be in the room resting and since I got a little nap in I’ll try and dig up some info” you said hugging Sam and Castiel and then walking towards Dean.


“Hey Dean I’m gonna grab a shower” the two of you had been sprawled out on the bed watching tv and coming in and out of sleep.

“Want some company in there princess?” Dean smirked at you as you felt your cheeks blush, he was trying to get to you.

Deciding that two could play at that game you turned around in the bathroom doorway, “If you think you can handle me Winchester you’re more than welcome to join.” You raised an eye brow at him while you said this and giggled at the expression on his face he looked surprised and flustered. “Hmm that’s what I thought well I’ll be in here if you decide to join me” winking at him and turning into the bathroom.

You were washing the shampoo out of your hair when you heard the bathroom door open the sound of a belt being undone. You couldn’t believe Dean had actually decided to come in. You were extremely nervous but also very excited, “Dean?”

You felt strong arms wrap around you and pull you back, “Mmhm babygirl” Dean said as he placed a kiss to your neck and then turned you around to face him, you were standing to close to him to see anything below his stomach but you could feel it.

“Hi” you said reaching your hands up caress his cheek.

“Hi” he said back leaning his head down to press his forehead against yours, “so beautiful…” he whispered running his hands down your back. You looked up into his green eyes and you swear in that moment your heart stopped. Finally he leaned his head down and pressed his lips to yours. At first it was just a chaste kiss, but then his hands wandered down to your ass and he gripped you tight deepening the kiss. You reached your arms up around his neck and pulled him down further to you until the two of you were making out in the shower that had long turned cold but neither of you had noticed. Dean then went for your neck biting and licking turning you into a moaning mess, “babygirl the sounds you make drive me crazy, I can’t wait to feel you everywhe-“

“Dean, Y/N, where are you guys?” Sam called out

“Shit” you and Dean said at the same time wondering how to talk your way out of this.

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The CEO And The Secretary (M)

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Word Count: 1k
Author’s note: Enjoy the last part of my BTS smutty AU drabbles series, especially you Taehyung stans! This was inspired by that Taejin scene during this year’s MAMA, lmao. I’m still not over it and it’s been weeks. 😂 Thank you so much to every single person who read this series. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! ♡ The GIF isn’t mine.

You’ve always been there for his father and an in a way, for him too.

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Brown girl, 
be quiet, quieter,
softer. Dumb 
yourself down, read less,
don’t think so much
about the knots in your belly. 
How it hurts when they 
tell you brown girl
don’t laugh too loud,
don’t say too much.
Brown boys don’t want it,
don’t like it. 
All your dance, all your giggle. 
Your spine or your knuckles, 
those boldfaced ugly opinions. 
How dare you, brown girl, 
put your chin up, meet their gaze
head on? 
Where is your shame? 
Who will want to marry you,
with that attitude?
With that snake tongue?
With all your fire and your venom.
Brown girl keep your eyes down,
brown girl keep your legs shut,
brown girl, disappear,
slowly, gently,
so they don’t see you dimming. 
Turn in on yourself.
Switch the lights off, 
cast your eyes down. 
Brown girl, listen.  
When your auntie tells you
when your mama says 
your hips are too big, 
your mouth is too wide, 
and those words, the bite of them, 
how could you, brown girl, 
be more than that, how could you?
—  Azra.T., “Brown Girl” After Meghan Falley’s ‘Fat Girl’ and all my endless disappointment and frustration at my culture and what it does to our women 
  • Boy at my school: You read too much, and love books too much. It's embarrassing.
  • Me: Yes. It's humiliating that I'm more educated than you.

yoyiloveall  asked:

I finally could go to my house (I live in Spain) and read Reindeer Boy and all I have to say is that oh my gosh you are amazing I love the story, the characters, the illustrations... I LOVE IT ALL you are the best, I'm reading cukoos 3 too and I really love it too, i'll be waiting more of you're awesome art. Love you

and I love you! It always means a lot to hear nice things from people who read RB ;o; it really really does!! 

Thank you for reading ;_; I can hopefully start work on Reindeer Boy volume 2 soon! (after a certain other project is finished) and will keep updating Cuckoos Three as much as I can!! 

“This is the story of when stars meet the ground. This is the story of when Plant boy Phil met Space boy Dan”

Here you have, I did a thing. I just love this AU so much!!! And I have like this huge plot with this AU maybe one day (after I finish all those requests) I’ll develop it, who knows.

Well, it’s late here for me so im gonna sleep.

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I've been thinking, there is a very distinct difference between my ships

I ship Drarry bc I think they’ll be cute together. Bc I love Draco. But I know it isn’t canon (and I know it never will be) and I’m fine with that bc it doesn’t really matter. I think it’s cool, I think it’s cute, so I ship it

I ship destiel bc I think that dean is Castiel’s entire world. I think thy make each other happy. I’m not sure if it really could be canon, but I just want my sweet boys to be happy so I support what I THINK makes them happy

But I ship johnlock bc it is canon. The writing is that of a romance story. A love story between those two crazy, broken men who run around saving each other.

I know the difference between these ships bc I know what I am seeing. So don’t tell me I’m reading into it too much or blatantly say I’m making things up. And DO NOT tell me this is all a joke

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Hello, Admins~ Could I ask for a scenario for Semi and Tendou where they keep receiving different bouquets of flowers from a secret admirer? After awhile, they become determined to find out who it is and it turns out to be one of their quiet classmates who was too shy to confess directly so she used the language of flowers instead?

I got all of my information from an official gardening website so all of the meanings of the flowers are accurate that’s how much I love this scenario request p.s. Semi’s is under the cut because they are like really long scenario’s - Admin Hope

Tendou Satori

Dear Tendou Satori
 If you are reading this small note then you have gotten the bouquet of the flower sweet pea that I had managed to sneak into the boy’s locker room, that sounds a bit odd but I didn’t know any other way to give them to you. These flowers represent shyness, as in my shyness to come forth and even just talk to you. We are two very different people personality wise and I don’t even begin to understand my feelings for you. Yet, I hope you enjoy these flowers.
Sincerely, your secret admirer ♡

Tendou stopped in his place from walking holding the flowers in his arms as he held the letter in the other. His cheeks were burning as bright red as his hair was and he couldn’t get the thought of himself having a secret admirer in the first place. “Who are they from?” Ushijima asked looking back at the boy who had stopped walking and Tendou shrugged.

“I have no clue.” He says simply smelling the flowers that were held in his arm. “The letter didn’t say.” He adds and Ushijima nods. 

“I guess you’re going to have to look for them huh?” He smiles and Tendou stands up straight and nods. He absolutely wanted to find out who his secret admirer was if it was the last thing he was to do. 

Tendou twiddled his thumbs in the middle of class, a week went by and he still had no idea who it was. Little did he know that you were in the back of the class sketching out what you thought was to be the next bouquet that you were going to give to him. 

“Tendou-kun! Doesn’t the boys volleyball team have a game this weekend?” A girl asks and Tendou nods a huge smile on his face. 

“Hell yeah! We’re really excited to play and were are going to beat the other team easily!” He says confidently and your eyes widened. Turning the page of your sketchbook to write the two knew flowers that you were going to get him. You had seen the boy play before and it was hard to miss him, the thoughts had clicked in your mind when he brought up things about volleyball.  

Dear Tendou Satori,
Hello again, sorry for not getting any flowers sooner but I had a change in what to get you last minute so you have them today on monday rather than friday. As you can see you have a smaller amount of red and yellow carnations this time. The red one’s remind me of your hair and signify how sometimes your volleyball moves tend to be a bit flashy. Yet the yellow ones represent how cheerful you are and how when you talk about volleyball you always seem to have a smile on your face. I hope you enjoy them, I wonder if your Sweet Pea flowers are still alive?
Sincerely, your secret admirer ♡

Tendou wanted to scream at that moment. Who ever his secret admirer was he wanted to meet them automatically. Just reading what his mystery person had to say about him made his heart skip a beat. He gripped at his uniform shirt and rested his head against the lockers. 

“Do you still not know who the person who is sending you the flowers are?” Ushijima asked and Tendou shook his head looking down at the small arrangement. “Do you think they will send more?” He asks and Tendou just shrugged.

“I have no idea but I want to find them, I just want to know who they are.” He sighs.

“Maybe it is someone in your class, I mean, they know you or see you daily to be able to know some things about you, or maybe they are a first year who has came to some practice matches.” Ushijima says and Tendou sighs. 

“I don’t know I just really want to find out already.” He exclaims.

“Not everyone is as outgoing and loud as you tend to be Satori. Give them some time.”

And he had, almost two weeks of it. You were completely stumped on what the next flower to give to him would be. You had sketched out so many but they weren’t right, they didn’t portray the emotions you were feeling for the redhead at all and it was driving you insane.  

Tendou was close to going insane, he just wanted to find this person and be able to go on a date with them or something. This anticipation of when he was next going to get a note was driving him crazy. 

Your hand was aimlessly drawing something without look but looking at Tendou. You glanced back down at the makeshift flower and your eyes widened as a small smile formed on your face. 

Dear Tendou Satori,
I’m sorry I couldn’t buy you flowers sooner but I wasn’t scheduled for work that much for the past couple of weeks so I didn’t have enough money for what I normally buy plus your flowers on top of it. But today I had chosen sunflowers, when I picked them up they had just been cut and there was a wide array of them, I hope you are okay with the four that I had got you. Sunflowers are a symbol of adoration, although you don’t exactly know who is writing this I just want to let you know that I adore you in a sense. I know I like you that is for sure, but I feel a bit more than that lately, I’m also sorry that I still haven’t been able to give the flowers to you personally I’m still way to shy. I hope you have a good night.
Sincerely, your secret admirer ♡

“They come while we are in club.” Tendou says and everyone nods.

“Well obviously, they don’t put them here in the morning because we would have seen them before morning practices.” Reon says. 

“Now how badly do you want to find them huh?” Semi asks a smirk on his lips. “Pretty bad I bet, you’re in so deep and you don’t even know who the hell the person is.” He chuckles. 

“I’m going to find out soon!” Tendou says looking at the flowers. “I can feel it.” He says softly, but the boy couldn’t have been more wrong. He almost gave up all hope of even finding out how his secret admirer was in the first place. A month, a whole month he had to go without a single note, his sunflowers had died long ago and his room felt empty without the flowers in them. 

You on the other hand were having an emotional roadblock, constantly questioning yourself and almost confessing every day to him until you backed out in fear. You did everything that day on a whim. No planning, no note, no going out for lunch and buying the flowers, nothing. 

You bought the red tulips a very nice and sunny morning. After staying up almost the whole night before Tendou consuming your thoughts you figured it was time. Time to come clean and tell him that it was you giving him the flowers and after so long you may have even found yourself in love with him. You took a deep breath walking in school the flowers held carefully in your arms. You tucked a piece of hair behind your ear as you walked to the gym the boy’s volleyball team was surly practicing in. 

What if he didn’t like you? What if this was a complete waist of your time and he had never felt any kind of way for you since the beginning? Why spend all of this time falling in love with someone who wasn’t going to love you back?

Your thoughts consumed you as you stood outside the door tears pricking your eyes. “(L/N)-chan?” You heard Tendou’s voice ring out and you froze in your spot. You blinked away your tears which actually caused them to roll down your cheeks. “Hey are you going to talk to me or?” He asks trailing off and putting a hand on your head as he saw the flowers in your arms. His eyes widened as you slowly turned around. 

“A declaration of love.” You said softly looking up at him. Your cheeks were painted pink and his hands immediately went to wipe at the wet spots down your cheeks. “Because Tendou-kun I’m pretty sure I have fallen in love with you, long before I started giving you the flowers.” You said and before you knew it Tendou had pressed his lips against yours. 

You were a bit taken by surprise but wasted no time kissing him back. He pulled away and gently ran his hand through your hair. “Do you want to go on a date sometime?” He asks and you couldn’t help but laugh. 

“Of course I do.”

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If you like OnS, check out these other vampire-y manga series!

Because they’re pretty underrated at the moment and deserve more attention :)


Shoujo, Action, Supernatural 

this is the story of a boy called Mahiru Shirota who takes home a stray cat one day, only to realise that it isn’t a cat at all…it’s actually a vampire.

 this series also kinda reminds me of Black Butler (even though I haven’t read much of it ) because of the servant-demon thing…but with vampires instead. 

 Also, this series has an anime due to air this summer! 


-lots of cool action

-bishounen vampires (too many to process)

-vampires and humans working together :D 


-main character called Mahiru (that counts right?)

-Suzuki Tatsuhisa is a VA in the upcoming anime :3c (ironically though, he’s a vampire this time haha)

-no but seriously, just look at this god tier cast what more could you ask for

Bagjwi Sayug a.k.a Raising a Bat

Shounen ai, Psychological, Drama, Comedy

Okay, i lied, this is a korean webcomic not a manga but yOU SHOULD STILL READ IT. This tells the story of the relationship between a boy with hemochromatosis, and a vampire.   

don’t be fooled by the comedy tag listed (I don’t even know why it’s there) because the author loves to cause INTENSE PAIN AND SUFFERING to both the characters and the reader…


-excessive amounts of angst 

-main characters that you just want to protect

-also gay

-really pretty art (also–it’s coloured!) 



The Greek Hall of Fame: Apollo’s kids. Of course after the mortal Apollo, I had to draw his boys. I’ve been waiting too long to draw my beloved Will, but after reading Trials of Apollo, Austin was just so lovely? :((( Can we discuss the fact that Apollo conceived a child with a guy? HAHAHHA And that he loves his kids so much he kisses them and calls them beautiful (because they are)? Apollo kids should be protected at all cost. They are so precious. <3

Storytime! Obizenyuki HC's

Prompt: Every Friday and Sunday, Obi, Zen and Shirayuki have a Story-telling competition! Whoever loses has to serve the other two.

May the best person win!!


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o Zen is the worst at this                                                          

  - It’s already canon he is bad at writing letters so this makes sense

  - he’s just terrible at interacting with people who want to hear zen speak, not prince zen.

  - ends up serving Obi and Shirayuki every saturday and monday



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o She is really good at this!!

   - She’s taking inspiration from books she’s read in the past, adding magical herbs and such.

  - everyone loves shirayuki so her social skills are pretty high

  - she can read people well, so she knows what her boyfriends want

  - she just wants to spend a day with zen and obi, is that too much to ask Izana??






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o boi knows shit

  - he’s just telling them about his adventures as an assassin

  - he scares the shit out of zenyuki

  - but he wins

  - every time

  - obi you’re worrying ur boyfriend

  - and shirayuki too

  - never lets Zen live it down

  - ten years from now: “remember when i beat you at story telling, babe?”

  - “yes, obi. now, let me take care of this paperwork.”

Idea by @akai-vampire brainstorming with me :D

sometimes i’m like *record screech* wow. regina adopted a baby because she was literally just… bored

of course she couldn’t have a child with graham because he was just a boy toy, and she couldn’t like, wait. so she went to the Shady Adoption Agency of New England to purchase her (probably trafficked) child as quickly as possible

but when this poor infant child cried too much her first instinct wasn’t to read self-help books or find another mother in town to ask advice, but to yell SHIT SHIT I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO, TAKE IT BACK

i guess she made it through that and loved him and stuff and he was well-fed and clothed and had a nice physical existence

but then when he grew up and developed a little conscience of his own and became a smart, curious, lonely little boy who solved a mystery and came to her about it - instead of ‘fessing up and admitting she had done something wrong, her first instinct was to gaslight her ten-year-old child into thinking he was crazy

….anyway like, all the fairy tale stuff aside, regina was a super fucked up mother